08.12.3013: The Hussy And Her Brothers
Summary: Viannea talks to her brothers about such things as her growing feelings for someone. She gets called a name for doing so.
Date: 12 Aug 2013
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Resident Chamber — Nether Keep - Khar-Mordune
Carved from the living rock, the chamber would be resonant if it weren't for the thick carpets layered across the floors in a melange of colors. Sconces of bioluminescent ooze glow on the walls, providing a cool, steady light. Tall tunnels lead off into the stone, cracks in the rock that have been expanded and laced with bioluminescent veins to provide additional lighting. The chamber itself contains a cluster of chairs around a long, low table of carved wood, made of a single slab of old-growth brought up from the Arborenin Woods. Shelves of holobooks and terminals connected to the InfoSphere line the outside of the room, but there are no decorations on the walls save for several areas of bare stone which have been intricately engraved with landscapes of the upper world.
12 Aug 3012

It is a quiet afternoon and it finds Viannea at home, content to do some reading it seems as she has a small device in hand. If one is to look they'll find information on Oculus and Nubilus as well as House Larent. And there is also a few pages of information on Lord Antaeus, one of the officers of the Navy, mostly his service history and whatever else that can be found on the Infosphere. A glass of wine and a plate of food sit near by, close enough for her to partake in as she remembers.

Brigham is out and about the Keep, a strange state of affairs to being with. Not unheard of of course, just not frequent. Walking the halls he's accompanied by the soft metallic rolling sound of Wrecks the dog Brigham built for himself when he was eight, after the real puppy Father got him pooped near one of Brigham's 'experiments' which back then were mostly just colored waters and what not in plastic containers. Contamination like that was unacceptable and so Aidan got a puppy, and Brigham, having enjoyed the companionship if not the clean up, and knowing Father wished he were more 'normal' /built/ himself a dog. If one uses the term /very/ loosely. Wrecks has been a part of the household for nearly a decade at this point, and the slightly rusted, dented, scraped and scratched sphere has, in it's own unique way, become a beloved if annoying fixture about the Keep. "I know right!" Brigham says, tossing his arms in the air as he goes, "I mean, sure I made the mess, but I cleaned it up too! A week suspension from the Academ, just because the cleaning microbs had a /little/ side effect that leached all of the chlorophyl from the grass… I just don't get it. They're an institute of higher learning! Why weren't they excited and just /study/ what happened?? Besides," he taps his bottom lip with a fingertip, "I rather think white grass is fetching. New and exciting."

Viannea looks up upon hearing Brigham's voice and she can't help but to grin, what she has been reading forgotten for the moment. "Hey, you," she calls out, raising her voice so she might be heard over his rant. "Come and eat lunch. I'll have your favorite brought up." Even as she makes the offer she is using the device in her hand to contact the staff, asking them to bring up a second plate of food and more wine. "So you had an other accident, huh," she asks once done, her tone playfully chiding. "When will you grow out of that?" There's no real expectation that it'll happen but she can not help but to make light of the fact that yet another mishap has occurred.

Brigham grins and heads his sister's way, "Naw. This was a test, totally on purpose. The clean though had… um… unforeseen side effects. The quad's a bit paler then it used to be." he holds his fingers up an inch apart as if from white to green was a matter of just a little bit. He flops into a seat and sprawls a bit, his hat sliding down over his forehead, nearly swallowing his eyes. He doesn't bother to fix it, "Wrecks, sit." the ball comes to a stop as his feet and sits there with the infinite patience of a robot.

Brig might not be inclined to set his hat straight but Vi does, the way she moves as instinctive as everything else when it comes to taking care of him. "Ah. And it sounds like they don't approve," she says with a snort. "Oh well. You can stand the break from there anyhow." That's right. Viannea's more inclined to find fault in the Academ's response to it all than she is to her brother's actions. There's a pause and then she smiles, looking at her brother fondly. "So… Brigham. Can we talk a moment?"

Brigham is innocent in all things!! He eyes her from beneath his now fixed hat brim, "Well, be honest. They suspend me for a week from there every few months, it never last more then a couple days before something comes up and I'm back there again." He's not staff, but he /does/ teach a couple classes and he's /technically/ a TA. Sort of. Kinda. And he does run that lab for the graduate students working on their computer te'chnologies… and suspending him means all that becomes someone else's job. "Talk? Sure I guess." he sits up straight then, "Oooo! You've decided to come back to the Academ!" he guesses, suddenly excited, "This'll be great! I'll get to show you around again and I could tutor you!" cause that's not terrifying at all.

"Well… no, that's not it," Vi tries to speak quickly to stave off his rambling but he continues on, causing her to have to continue to speak over him, "although I could be convinced to take a few classes although I don't know what in…" Her eyes roll and she reaches out, trying to clamp a hand over her brother's mouth to silence him. "Brig. Listen to me." Pausing, she steels herself for his reaction to what she's about to say next. "Brigham, I've met someone. A man. A very nice man. Lord Anaetus of House Larent."

Brigham blinks at her, shutting up when she gags him, then his brow furrows, "Mrph mm hmm phffrmm mphfft bbthffm." he states, nodding sagely.

Viannea removes her hand and looks at Brigham intently, her eyes holding to his. "Are we alright to continue?"

Brigham nods. Then he smacks his lips, "Your hand tastes like grape." he states flatly. "Okay, what I was saying was, 'Well that's great! When does he move in?'" Because obviously this 'guy' whoever the hell he is, is moving to the mountain to live with the Peakes. Because Viannea isn't moving away. Ever.

Damn. That's not exactly what Viannea was hoping he'd say although Brigham's taking the news reasonably well so far. "Brigham, that isn't how things work, usually, and you know that," she points out gently while looking at her palm. Maybe she got some wine upon it. It's a musing that's interrupted, however, when one of the staff comes over with her brother's lunch. "I'll be going to live with Antaeus and his family when the time comes, most likely," she adds, looking over the selection of food. Hopefully there is nothing sugary on the plate. "But it isn't like I'd be a prisoner. I'll come home as often as I can."

Brigham's eyes narrow and his mouth sets in a hard little line. Brigham only pouts when his experiments fail or something goes wrong. If he doesn't get what he wants, he'll makes it, and in the rare occasions something happens that's so vastly against his view of Order that it sends him tumbling… He gets angry. Angry Brigham burnt down the East wing of the Keep when he was young, and … and then there was the Autumn Festival that shall go down in infamy forever, and for which he's still not well beloved by most of the women of Khar-Mordune. "What." he says sharply. It didn't /sound/ like a question.

Temper tantrums have never been fondly looked upon in the Peake household. Not when they're from Brigham who has a destructive streak several miles wide when he doesn't get his way. And all the tell-tale signs of an impending one are there, right own to posture, expression and tone. It gets Viannea defensive immediately and she bristles almost visibly. "You do not get to behave like the petulant child this time," she warns, her tone stern in counterpoint to his displeased one. "You will behave and be happy for me and understand that this changes nothing between us. I still love you, dammit. And no one will change that. I just won't be a daily presence here. That is all."

Brigham's eyes narrow a bit at her tone and her words. Tantrums are less dangerous then cold anger when it comes to the young prodigy, though he's rarely been coldly angry in his life. He doesn't usually hold the capacity for it, he's to hyper, to chaotic to be that controlled. "It changes a great deal." he points out. "Because now I will be alone here." he states it simply and without any heat or a rise in tone, as if saying water was wet or the sky blue, "But that's okay. I've always liked being alone."

Viannea rolls her eyes. She was expecting a fight, not cool detachment, and she finds herself more hurt by how he's currently acting than she would have been if he were to be angry at her instead. Tears welling up in her eyes, Vi stands up and then moves, pulling Brigham onto his feet so he can be crushed in a big hug unless he somehow stops her. "Aidan will still be here, silly," she whispers even if he won't allow the embrace, "and I'll be home as often as I can. It isn't like House Larent will be keeping me hostage."

Brigham accepts the hug and even reaches around her waist to hug her back a bit, "Of course not." he says into her shoulder where she's mooshed his face, "Cause I would kill them all." this is said in the same 'Duh' tone as the previous statements. Though the image of Brigham riding up on a steed with a big sword and waving it about is hilarious, that isn't likely what he meant. Heaven only knows what he could have meant. Crazy little nutter. "Aidan's going to be here? Great. Why doesn't /he/ get married and go make someone a good wife and /you/ stary here? I get shot with lightning less that way."

There has always been a closeness between the Peake siblings but Vi has always felt a stronger bond with her younger brother, something that she can't explain but is grateful for despite the lack of understanding it. "I wish it could work out that way, kiddo," gets whispered against the top of his head once she gets that hat of his knocked off, Vi's mouth held in a grin. "Would it help if I were to introduce you to Antaeus? That way you can see he's a good man and wants only the best for your big sister?"

Brigham snorts, "That depends. Can I blow him up. Or poison him. Or set him on fire. Or give him a rare exotic disease and study him. Or feed him to a drake to watch their eating habits. Or feed him to my carnivorous plants. Or use him as live fire target for my gause cannon. Or the warbots that never work right. Or tell father he hit you?" he blinks, "Ooo. That last one. Can I do that last one??" this thought perks him up a bit.

"That is not funny," Viannea hisses, her reaction obviously made to the last idea of her brother, the rest taken as a joke up to that point. "No, you may not tell Father that. That could have very serious results -" which Brigham undoubted already knows, hence why he asked, "- and you'd make me sad. Would you want to make me sad?" Vi's learned that sometimes a little emotional blackmail works wonders when dealing with him.

Brigham's eyes narrow again and he stares at her, "You've been taking lessons from Mother." he accuses gnawing his bottom lip. "Well played. But I reserve the right to not like him and should he ever hit you to infest him with the most horrible flesh eating disease I can genetically modify to start it's work in a persons pubic region."

"Not directly, but I have seen Mother use such tactics on Father and seen it work." She shrugs and beams, showing no shame in how she just manipulated Brigham into behaving. Viannea gives him one last squeeze and then releases him so she can let him eat if he wants to. "Antaeus will not be hitting me, Brig. He's a gentleman. But if it'll make you feel better, you can do something horrid to me if he does."

Brigham snorts, "Yes, I'm sure you've had time to get to know him extremely well in the…" he glances at his sister, "Three weeks? A month? You've been courting? Or, has it been less time then that? I'm merely curious."

"It's been… um, not that long." Crap. That gets her to anticipate violence and Viannea covers her head with her arms, her eyes wide. "I met him the day of Chiron's squiring," she admits then, her face bright red. "But there's a chemistry, Brig. And we've grown close…. ah… real close." Just don't ask how close, Brig. Please.

Brigham stares at her, "So like a week." he says in a deadpan voice, "And did you just try to tell me about the chemistry of attraction, because honestly, I can /literally/ write a book on it. You've known the guy a /week/, and you think you're in love because he," he glances at his sister up and down this time, "I assume, got your bloomers off?" he just stares at her, incredulous. "You know, I used to joke about getting all the brains in the family. It's seeming less funny now."

Oh hell. This is fucking great. Viannea's trying very hard to be honest with Brigham and what does she get in thanks? Scathing sarcasm and retorts that are anything but funny. "Yes. I lost my virginity to him. But that isn't why I feel the way I do, Brigham. I felt attracted to him…" Matters of the heart. So not an easy subject to talk about to most anyone and especially difficult when trying to talk to her science-minded brother. "I felt attracted to him before that," she sighs, her tone sad. She wishes he'd understand but she knows that unless it's something pertaining to math, science or any of the other subjects her brother's knowledgeable in he probably won't get it. "You'll get what I mean when it happens to you."

Brigham just eyes her, "You do realize that I can actually recreate the feelings you had for him with science right?" he says flatly. "Look, you do what you want, no one listens to me anyway. I mean, I'm only the smartest person you've met, what the hell do I know about it." he shakes his head again and reaches over to the plate that showed up and pops a fruit in his mouth, "And you have The Look, which means nothing I can say to you will make you change your mind, no matter how much sense it makes or how founded in reason or logic it is. Because you have a 'feeling'. Which is history is any judge, rarely does anyone any sort of favors. So go on, get hitched, whatever. But I wasn't kidding. If he touches you I'm going to let microbs eat off his penis first before they devour the rest of him while he sits by powerless and watches it happen." he munches more fruit, "If he cheats on you though that's all on you. And I reserve the right to hum a few bars of I Told You So. Fair enough?"

"Brigham, you're very smart. You are the smartest man I know and you'll always be the smartest man I know. But there's a difference between book smart and being smart where romance and stuff goes. And I'm not smart in that subject, yet. I will make mistakes and I'll learn from them." Vi's features soften as she says that, her warmth for her brother and his protectiveness returning. "Now, please stop with those threats and let's enjoy each other's company. Tell me. What have you been up to in your lab?" Hopefully that'll distract her brother from any more plotting against Antaeus.

Brigham plops down in a chair and picks up more fruit, munching it noisily, "I was working on a flesh eating bacteria that was extremely resistant to antibiotics," sound familiar? "working up a mock up plan for a planet wide genocide of all Hostile life on their home world, mostly logistical as the actual act would be remarkably, stupidly, easy I believe, though that was all in my spare time. Mostly I've been working on something for Aidan, creating the greatest, most difficult map ever made." he omnomnoms some more and eyes her, "You?"

"I've been busy myself," and not just with Antaeus, thanks, "trying to figure out what to do with the poles I bought. I got them because I was thinking they'd work better than wooden spikes. They shouldn't collapse under the weight of whatever armor they might be wearing but the diameter isn't so great that the wounds will necessarily be fatal automatically." Aidan did ask that she keep in mind that they want alive Hostiles and that was kept in mind. "I think we might need a metal smith to help me with the shaping of them, though. Do you know of any?" She can't think of any, herself.

Brigham blinks and looks at her, "You mean do I know of a smith." he says this with a straight face, then he leans over slowly and presses the back of his hand to her forehead, "Funny, you don't seem to be running a fever. Hold on, let me check properly." and he summons up his HUD with it's medical processes and starts to scan her.

"Crap… get that fucking thing away from me," Viannea grumps while swatting at his hand, not in the mood for his playfulness despite the fact that she can be relieved that he's in a better mood now. "Okay. Fine. I can't do anything with them until the spikes are made. So I'll let you deal with that part and once it's done I can get back to work." And that is when she tells Brigham where she has the poles stashed, the hiding place being one they used to keep secret stuff… well, secret as children.

Brigham snorts, "You know when we played those games we never stashed /real/ weapons there." he pauses, amends, "You and Aidan never stashed real weapons there, they were only pretend. The times," he munches another strawberry, "they are a changin'."

Vi nods, her eyes lowering. "Yes they are, Brigham. And I, for one, will be rushing forth as they do to make sure you and the rest of our family stays safe." Her wine is remembered and she takes it, the sweet liquid drank swiftly. It's filled again and drained just as quickly.

Brigham reaches out to take her cup away, "Stop that." he chides. Brigham has only once drank anything alcoholic, finding that it dulled his senses it terrified him to the core and he's not touched the stuff since. "Only fools drink so much or so fast, fools or cowards fleeing something, and you are neither." his turn to be mother hen.

Aidan arrives from the Lift.

The two younger Peakes are sitting at the table, each with a plate of food set before them. Vi is in the process of drinking heavily, an action Brigham's seeking to stop at the same time he chides her for it. "I am not going to get drunk so no preaching." Pausing then, she sighs and sets down her glass. "Fine. But only because you're being nice, now."

Brigham snorts, "I'm being me, nice has little to do with it. I've never approved of drinking and certainly not to the point of idiocy. Fools and Cowards Vivi. Pick one and tell me which you are if you insist on drinking anymore, so that I'll be able to mock you accurately." he sets he glass out of her reach with a decided motion. Then returns to his fruit and with an exaggerated and eerily accurate impersonation of their father states emphatically, "Women."

"Mock her for what this time?" Aidan asks as he wanders out of his suite. "Can I get in on it? Or is it something I approve of?" Things Brigham finds mock-worthy are often merely behavior that normal people engage in. Sometimes frequently. "Any progress on the projects I asked you about, Brig?" Wandering over to the table, he leans over and grabs a piece of fruit.

"He is possibly mocking me for drinking," Vi explains with a light snort, a sound borne of annoyance at Brig's impersonation. "I hate it when you do that and you know it," she grumbles before draining the last dregs of wine from the bottom of her glass. "You should have heard it earlier," she grumps then. "I told him about Antaeus and he came up with threats that were colorful for even him."

Brigham looks up and eyes Aidan, "Penis devouring antibiotic resistant strain of necrotising facitis." he explains as he eats another berry. "And I'm working on it, but I told you it would take time and it was all but impossible as a task." not that he sounds worried mind you…

"That's certainly mock worthy." Aidan agrees, getting a glass then filling it with wine before going over to sit in a third chair at the table. "And if they were easy, I would have asked someone else. So why are you threatening Antaeus? He's a good looking guy and if Vi hasn't taken him to bed yet, I might consider it despite her first claim." Pause. "Oh, he's a good match too."

Viannea looks at Aidan, her face bright, hot red. "While I find that we have the same taste in men to be nice most times… stop liking the same men I do." Coughing, she looks down and mumbles something that sounds distinctly like 'and I already been bedded by him'. Not that she's ashamed that she allowed herself to be swept up by the moment but she's trying to keep her voice low enough so maybe their brother won't hear her and be sent into another rant. "And tell Brigham to stop threatening Antaeus with penis devouring… whatever he said it was."

Brigham nods his head in agreement, "I told her I was perfectly okay with you moving off and making some man a good wife, but she's not allowed to leave. Besides, she hasn't known the guy long enough for me to have done laundry since then." as if he actually did his own laundry. "And she used /chemistry/ as an excuse. As if." he then leans back in his seat and reaches for his glass of water with it's slice of lemon, "Stop using science as an excuse for your mad behavior and I will engineering ways to castrate your shiny new toy." he counters.

Aidan's grin at Vi lets her know she was heard but he doesn't comment. Now if she /hadn't/… It's Brig's comment that makes him hmmm. "Now that's a good question. Who takes whose name? The Larents are a vassal House just as we are. Neither of you is Heir. I agree, Brig. He should come be a Peake. If you do decide to talk to Father about him, Vi, tell him to make that part of the negotiations."

The grin gets a quick nod, an acknowledgment to his own, but she too doesn't comment upon it. "I don't think he'd like to live down here," she grunts. Waiting until Brig's distracted, she pours herself more wine once he is and drinks it quickly. "Why would someone who lives among the clouds want to live in a big hole dug out of an even bigger rock?" That's speculation, of course. Antaeus just might not care as long as they're together.

Brigham's head bobs his agreement with his brother's idea, "Aidan is saying something not stupid or assinine, both listen and note the date for future celebration." he then stares at her as if she's lost her mind completely, "Because there is no more secure location amongst any of the houses from Hostile attack then Khar-Mordune?" he asks, "Because there is no beauty greater then that around you? Because there are no finer people then those who toil beneath the mountain? Because the quality of siblings knows no equal here under the stone?" he shrugs, "I mean I'm not even putting any effort into those, if you want me to make you a list though I'll turn on Wreck's recording ability and make you a more comprehensive one. Wreck's, if she takes another drink, sic her." he then commands the spherical bot at his feet. It boops softly in acknowledgment.

"Because of everything Brig just said." Aidan agrees, reaching out to swat his brother upside the side of his head. Besides, we're a bigger House, and probably somewhat wealthier, so should have preeminence over the Larents. You have to take into account the politics of the situation, Vi. I know coming from me that sounds strange but it's still a fact. If you want him, bring him here. And it's not like you can't have a residence in both places but the name is important."

"I will let our fathers deal with that," Vi sniffs, putting the glass down. The 'dog' of Brig's gets glared at, the little metal spehre considered as a kick ball for a second before she leans back in her chair. "This is why I am glad I'll never be in charge," she adds. "I hate politics."

Brigham's hat rolls down over his eyes as he's swatted and he pushes it back up and stares at Aidan, "WHAT! I was agreeing with you jerk!" he points out. "House with the most awesome gets top billing. We're the awesomest cause we have me, erego… he needs to pack his shit." Brigham states emphatically "Plus you know, you're not aloud to move out." he's liking this more and more, and it's improving his mood by leaps and bounds. Wrecks merely sits there, staring at vi without any eyes, but seeing her none the less, waiting for his moment to 'sic' her, which as everyone in the mountain knows, means run repeatedly into her shins just hard enough to bruise and be super annoying. Also kicking it has long since proven counter productive. Many toes meet their end this way.

"Politics sucks." Aidan agrees, having spent a lifetime avoiding it. But he's not the one getting married. "Yes, Father will deal with it." He'll make sure to bring it up to him. And maybe to Antaeus as well. "Assuming you want him on a more long term basis. Do you? And how about you, Brig? Met any women you want to know better? Or guys? Robots don't qualify."

Viannea pulls a bit of meat free from the slab on her plate, it now cold but still good. Not bothering with a fork, the young woman contnets to listen for a second before she is done chewing and can swallow that mouthful. "

Viannea pulls a bit of meat free from the slab on her plate, it now cold but still good. Not bothering with a fork, the young woman contents to listen for a second before she is done chewing and can swallow that mouthful. "All kidding aside, you guys are okay with this, right?" Her brothers' approval is very important to her.

Brigham eyes Aidan, "Knew you being smart couldn't last." he says chomping a bit of melon. He then turns to Vi, "You getting hitched? Sure. You changing your name and hoofing it out to some other home? No." he swallows, "You /ever/ discussing your virginity again, no. Nuh-uh. Not even a little."

"He's good looking and from what I've seen when we've been together, seems smart and nice enough." Aidan answers. "But I've spent very little time with him so I'm just trusting your judgement. If you want him, if you think he'll be a good match for you, I'm okay with it." He pauses to sip his wine then notes "Her virginity is obviously no longer an issue, Brig. That leaves yours of those sitting here. Want me to take you to a brothel? I can find you a good practitioner."

And now Viannea's quiet. She's really not wanting to get into the subject of Brigham's virginity. It isn't that she finds it repugnant to do so but she's tormented poor Brig enough as it is, albeit unintentionally, and she doesn't want to make it worse on him. All she does is nod to Aidan while fnishing her lunch.

Brigham eyes Aidan, "Firstly, I'm not getting married, you're going to have to come to terms with that. Secondly, I'm not planning on running off and seeking to swap bodily fluids with anyone of any sex, another thing you'll have to come to terms with. And thirdly, now that I'm taking that minor in abnormal psyche at the Academ, I feel I have to warn you that this facination you show concerning the sex lives of your siblings really seems to be something you should see someone about."

"And what does it say about someone who is more interested in things than people?" Aidan asks. It's not a retort, he sounds more curious than anything. "You need more contact with actual people, Brig. Outside of a lab. Whether you have sex with them or not. You might want to think about expanding your horizons a bit before Father decides to help you."

Brigham snorts at that, "Father doesn't with to help me. Because if he does then I'll have to 'help' him back. Maybe improve the mining operations again. Or his bed chambers. I could make things more automated in there." Brigham likes to pay his debts, and he's not above blackmailing family members with 'help' to be left alone. "People are stupid. Almost all of them. They are stupid, emotional, and tend to have few if any redeeming qualities. Some are tolerable, a handful likable, the rest of them are just in the way and seem overly proud of that fact."

Aidan studies Brig a moment then shakes his head. It's nothing he hasn't heard before. "Well, maybe you'll find some friends working on various projects on the Ring. Somehow, they manage to combine science and not being a misanthrope. At least some of them do."

Brigham nods his head, "I've made a few friends, but none of them are like me." which is to say he's met a few people who're tech experts, and maybe a couple doctors, but no one's as diversly studied as he is, no one he's met chases all science with equal fervor, they're all specialized. "You're right, they do. They also get less done and spend a great deal of time argueing over useless red tape."

"It's healthier, Brig." Aidan points out. "Not the red tape part, the socializing part. You know we all worry about you. Just try to go out to dinner or drinks with some of them now and then. You can even talk business over meals. Who knows what ideas will come to you in different environments?"

"Brig's like Father," gets pointed out casually, "he won't budge once his mind is made up on something." The look Vi gives him is a dare, trying to prod him into disagreeing with her.

Brigham pushes himself to his feet, "Well," he says, munching the last bit of melon on his plate, "If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go out and find some people to get drunk with instead of completing more of these impossibly complex mathematical algorithms about inter-spacial and interstellar cartography based on the function of the never before attempted to be tracked Way Gates. Cause that's a better use of my time." he makes a face at both his siblings. "I'll be in my lab." he clarifies, obviously not going out and /certainly/ not drinking. He never drinks. Ever. "My socializing time is up anyway, the computer should be done running some of my base simulations and I need to check on the secondary's progress. You two talk about which guy you're banging and how good it is while I'm not here to hear it."

Aidan rolls his eyes and lifts his glass in Brig's direction. "Have fun." It's said without any sarcasm. He knows Brig will, in fact, have fun. "Don't tell me how good it was." he says, glancing over to Vi.

Viannea tries to look injured but the smile just will not go away, leaving her looking impish instead of innocent. "Alright. I won't tell you all about how much of a stud Antaeus is in bed…" A hand is then swiftly lifted to her mouth and her eyes go wide, a classic 'whooops' pose if ever there was one. Viannea asks, with a false grimace, "Did I say that out loud?"

Brigham sighs, "Wrecks, lets go home." he says as he turns to go. He takes the bottle of wine with him as he passes, "That's enough of that for you you hussy." he states, carrying the bottle with him as he and the spherical dog head out and presumably back down to the lab.

Aidan laughs at both his siblings and sips more of his wine. "Poor Brig. Maybe Father should have gotten him a pet of his very own growing up. Then he wouldn't have had to build one. I suppose we should be happy he hasn't tried building a woman." Pause. "That we know of."

Viannea shakes her head. "Hussy…" Snorting, she places a call for a tea service for two, more than enough for herself and for Aidan if he'd like some. "I don't know. I think his being the way he is is just fine, save for the whole siring offspring thing. But that'll be something Father and Mother will need to talk to him about." The lady turns slightly in her chair, now, the leather her breeches were made of creaking when she throws one leg and then the other over its arm. "I got the poles. I put them in that old hiding place of ours. Remember? The one where we used to hide things we didn't want them to find? I asks Brigham's help with getting them made into spikes and then they'll be ready."

"And I have the anesthetic. But it's not a secret. I've already talked to Father and he's thinking about it." Aidan drinks the last of his wine and glances down into his cup. Alas, Brig took the bottle and he doesn't feel like getting up. "Even if my interpretation of the dream is wrong, learning if we can de-Hostile them is a good thing. The more we learn about them, the better so I'm pretty sure he'll give his approval."

"Oh. I forgot about it not being a secret…" Oh well. The poles probably wouldn't have been found if it was one. Vi takes it all in stride, however. "Just why are we telling Father? All it's really doing is giving him a chance to tell us no." A finger is raised as she quotes, "It is better to beg forgiveness than ask permission." The impish gleam leaves her eyes and she sighs, looking around the room. "I told Antaeus that no matter which house I become a part of I won't stop defending our home. I love the Nether Keep and Kar-Modune and I will never stop fighting for my family and our people."

"Because we need troops to help us?" Aidan points out. "I figure the next foray against the Hostiles to clear them out, we'll combine the two. It'll be safer that way. Not to mention that if this works, we'll add it to out bag of tricks to use against them. It'll be interesting to see if pit traps are viable against the Hostiles. Even if we don't sedate any, some should die if it's effective." Spikes are spikes after all. They're just counting on some surviving them.

"You're forgetting that I might have some clout within our ranks." Sure, Vi isn't a Knight Lieutenant like Aunt Agnes is, but what she lacks in rank could very well be made up for in clever manipulation of the situation. "But I suppose it is good to keep Father in the loop if only to keep things proper. Hopefully he won't tell Mother, otherwise she'll fuss and worry over us until we're home safely in our beds and with a stomach full of that horrible elixir she used to give us as children."

Aidan quirks a brow. "Mother's gotten more used to the idea of our being in danger while you were away. She doesn't like it, of course, but she knows this is war." Glancing again at his glass, he sets it down and stands. "And speaking of which, I need to study some maps. When the best location for the ambush is chosen, I want to know why."

Viannea nods. "We'll see how fine Mother is with everything once we're back in the fray." When Aidan excuses himself she smiles, giving him a nod and rising to give him a hug before he can disappear. "Alright. I'll be here, doing some more reading." She settles back into her chair and gets comfortable, getting set for a long evening of studying up on Antaeus and his home and partaking in lots of tea.

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