07.19.3013: The Horrors of Dress Shopping
Summary: Aelewen and Viannea go with Agnes as moral support as she looks for a dress to wear to Ellinor and Nikomachos' wedding. The trauma of it all! Also, granny panties.
Date: 19 July 2013
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A shop in Landings
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19 July 3013

Sir Agnes Peake is known for her martial title, far more than her other title. That of "Lady". But she's making an effort to change that. She won't admit it's to prove a certain King wrong, but anyone who knows her likely knows that's the reason she has gathered niece and dear friend together to help her buy a dress. She is in a simple tunic and breeches, the easier to try on clothes with, and looks about as comfortable and a Niveus Ice Bear in the Pit. They are wandering Landings, where all the nice tailoring shops are, and she fidgets. "I don't even know where to start looking," she admits to Viannea and Aelewen.

"Well Ari always -insisted- that I get my dresses bespoke, not off the rack. But that takes ages" Aelewen says, her rusty voice a little dry as she walks along with Agnes, not looking entirely comfortable herself. She offers the taller woman a smile and lightly touches her arm "Courage Sir Agnes" she murmers, smoothering a grin "Remember you have faced down worse than a dressmaker"

Viannea is very much her aunt's niece in that she too is not exactly comfortable in the trappings of a Lady, vasting preferring armor and leathers over gowns and other forms of feminine dress. But, also like Agnes, she's been trying very hard to change that about herself. That's why she agreed to go shopping and to help her find a gown for the wedding. She's walking off to her side while Aelwen chats with her, her mind lost in thought for a moment. "I am not sure, myself. But we got time to look around so we can see what works out the best."

"I think I'd rather face down some Hostiles, to be honest," Agnes mutters. "Whatever I buy is still going to need express tailoring. They don't exactly specialize in things my size you know," she points out grumpily. She lets out a sigh and looks at a nearby store window. "I guess we have to start somewhere." She strides in, the bells chiming merrily to announce the presence of customers, and the trio are assaulted by a plethora of pink, ruffles, and all things girly. "By the Six! Maybe this is why the Hostiles think we need to be extinct," she whispers under her breath.

"Right, well you are taller than me, larger in the chest. Your shoulders are more proportionate than mine…" Aelewen says as she purses her lips and tries to remember advice from her departed husband "We want something elegant, cut to show your legs. Which might even be better than mine" she quips then looks around at the girl ruffle dresses and winces.

"Elegant. Not too," Agnes fingers some tulle on a dress, "Fluffy." She shudders a bit. "I am a Knight, it should be something that still evokes that hard edge, while reminding people I am, in fact, female." She grimaces at the selection. "Also, not pink, please."

"Ari always said to think of it as another form of armor, or a weapon" Aelewen says as she frowns across the racks and considers "Maybe a bronze type of colour. Any preferences though?" she asks as she drifts around, looking a little lost and uncomfortable but trying not to show it for her friends sake.

"Gold and brown, if possible, or gold and black. House colors and all," Agnes notes. She shuffles through the racks before a saleswoman dashes over to them, patting Aelewen's hand. "Oh now dear I know just a few wonderful pieces that will bring out your eyes. You'll be the belle of the ball!" Clearly, she doesn't think the Bear is here to shop.

Aelewen looks down at the saleswoman with a faint smile "Thanks to my late husband I have enough clothes for any three nobles…" she says in her rusty voice. Nodding her head towards Agnes she offers a faintly wider smile "Lady Agnes will be requiring your services however, and that of your seamstress"

She had drifted off to look at a display piece, the gown one that is beyond over the top, but Viannea remembers why she's here and returns to her job, that being to help Aelewen finds Agnes something appropiate. "I don't think you'll find much brown here, Auntie," she points out gently, "but perhaps a gown of pale yellow instead?" She's not exactly the most fashionable Peake known to man but maybe it'll suffice and appease Agnes' desires and still look trendy.

"Oh," the woman says, looking up at Sir Agnes with owlish eyes behind thick lenses. "Goodness, yes, definitely the seamstress will need to help. Fortunately, we do have a section of items which cater to those ladies of a more martial nature." Knights, clearly. She moves towards the far back of the establishment, to a rack of larger sized items in more muted colors, with more leather and metal involved in their construction.

"Yellow? I'd look like a giant stick of butter." Agnes rolls her eyes heavenward and sighs, before she follows the saleswoman, her boots sounding too loud on the shiny floors of the place. When she sees the rack of garments, however, she grunts, and it's closer to a sound of approval than not.

"Not sure about leather and metal…it is a wedding not a brawl. Although…" Aelewen says with a faint smile as she looks from the clothing up to Agnes and smiles faintly "Not unknown for the two to go together. I guess it depends on how feminine you want to look. Ari tried his best to draw attention away from my shoulders and arms"

Ah. Leather. And look. Some is in the brown Agnes mentioned. Vi picks out a gown that has brown leather accents which lends it a slightly rustic feel. She holds it up to Aelewn, showing her first to get her opinion. If she gives it the thumbs up she'll show it to Agnes afterwards. If not… it gets put away.

"But I like my arms and shoulders," Agnes points out. She fingers the material on a few of the offerings, and frowns. "And my legs."

The saleswoman claps her hands together. "SO we'll show off some of that. And as you are not particularly, ah, endowed up top, we can work with that as well. It means you can wear things lower cut than a busty woman." A measuring tape is brought out of nowhere and the little woman zips all around the Knight like a bee around a hive, scribbling notes down on a datapad as she does.

Aelewen just looks kinda helplessly at Vi, shrugging her shoulders as she really has no idea. Luckily it seems the saleswoman does "I just wore what he told me Aggy" she admits a little ruefully, reaching a hand up to run uncomfortably through her greying hair.

The dress is put away and Agnes is approached. This is a process Viannea doesn't get and her confusion's very much evident on her expression. "You know, I'm trying to wear gowns more," she points out conversationally, "but I'll be damned if I can move in one without tripping. About kill myself every time." Another look is made but she gives up on trying to pick out anything herself. Agnes is very obviously in good hands so she's not needed for more than moral support.

The saleswoman holds up a finger, then goes to the rack and pulls off a variety of dresses for Agnes to try on. "Dressing room four, ladies," she announces, shooing them towards that area of the shop while she gathers clothes and accessories and shoes.

Agnes looks dubious as she heads into the dressing room, and she sits on a bench to tug off her boots. No doubt the crazy lady is going to make her try things on. "Maybe I should just not attend. I mean, I'm not really related to Lady Ellinor or Lord Nikomachos, right?" She's scrambling for excuses. "Surely Sir Jarek can attend solo." She looks sadly at Viannea. "I think I did you a disservice by molding you too much like your old spinster Auntie, love."

"Hey I got married and had three children, and if you remember I made Vi here look like the epitome of feminity when younger" Aelewen mock growls at Agnes, then looks back to the other woman "And still do" she adds then looks back to Agnes "You have a great body Agnes, just need to learn how to show it off. Consider it another weapon in your arsenal" she quips, giving the taller woman a gentle push in the direction of the changing rooms.

Viannea fidgets, not really feeling comfortable when Aelewen reminds her of the past. "I hope I did not disappoint you too much," she says as means of an apology to her while plucking at the front of the leather vest she wears. "And don't feel too bad, Aunt Agnes. I like being the way I am. I am only choosing to wear gowns now to appease Father who I feel is wishing I'd hurry up and get married soon." As for Agnes' trying to beg off, that nets her a glare from her Niece. She better not bow out.

"Well Yolanda is still unmarried, so it shouldn't be too much of a rush to pair you off, Vi," Agnes says softly, squeezing her niece's hand. "Though there seems to be quite the rash of banns lately. War brings that on of course."

The saleswoman bursts into the dressing room with an armload of things, hanging them up and setting them down as needed. She holds up a silvery gown which is more loose than some things, almost robe like with a tie at the waist, and a high slit. "This first," she insists.

Agnes grunts and undresses, causing the woman to gasp. "Oh for heaven's sake! We start with the foundation garments then!" She rushes back out.

Agnes is left in her granny panties and heavy duty bra, looking embarrassed.

Aelewen frowns at the woman, her eyes narrowing. Well used to living in the field she offers a smile to Agnes "I will be back in a brief moment" With that she follows the saleswoman out and once out of earshot of Agnes lightly touches her elbow "Excuse me mistress, that is Lady Sir Agnes Peake" the Arboren noblewoman says as she draws herself up to her full six foot height, suddenly very much the daughter of a High Lord in poise and bearing "She has dedicated her life to learning how to fight, to protect citizisens such as yourself. That doesn't leave much room for impractical frills like which underwear is right. You will treat her kindly and with respect or I will not be happy. On the other hand if she walks out of here feeling happy and comfortable it will be very much worth your while. Understood Mistress?" she adds, firmly but not harsh.

Agnes is at least afforded privacy by Viannea who turns her back, doing so regardless of whether or not the woman closed the curtains (or door, as the case may be) behind her. "Yes, he does have my sister to worry about marrying off first." Thank the Six.

The saleswoman gulps as she looks up at Aelewen, nodding slowly. "We'll make her look amazing, I promise," she assures the Lieutenant. She gathers up an armload of rather lovely undergarments in a variety of colors and rushes them back to Agnes.

The Bear takes them, and the silver dress, and moves behind the curtain in the small cubicle to change into nicer things. There is some oofing and grunting and sounds of a struggle, before she finally emerges. It's pleasant, but not quite as striking as she was looking for. It does, however, illustrate that you can't judge a Knight by their armor. The woman has a body under all those layers of unflattering things she usually wears.

Aelewen blinks, quickly covering a very surprised look "Wow" she says with a wide smile wrinkling her face. Her gaze is admiring as it politely looks over Agnes "Perhaps not quite as striking as you were going for, but you look great" she says sincerely, reaching out to pat the other woman's shoulder "Told you" she whispers with a smile then nods to Vi "Doesn't she?"

Viannea turns to look over her shoulder at her aunt only to openly stare at her. It doesn't for her to break out into a huge smile. "It is very lovely, Auntie. But I have to agree with Aelewen. It isn't exactly…" A hand waves as she searches for the right way to put it. "

Viannea turns to look over her shoulder at her aunt only to openly stare at her. It doesn't for her to break out into a huge smile. "It is very lovely, Auntie. But I have to agree with Aelewen. It isn't exactly…" A hand waves as she searches for the right way to put it. "It is lacking the va-va-voom I think you're deserving of. Try another on."

The sales woman hms, tapping her chin. "Not quite. It's pretty, but I think for a Sauveur-Cindravale wedding we need a bit more daring and a bit more flash. Here, try this one." She hands over a black number that looks like it was hand crocheted in interesting patterns.

Agnes looks at herself in the mirror, blinking at the feminine reflection she is not used to seeing. The words from her friend and niece have her seeing herself a little differently than she has before. She jolts a little when the next item is handed to her and nods, heading back behind the curtain. When she emerges, she's almost scarlet from blushing so hard. The dress is stunning, but it seems to be an item to sell the fancy black panties worn beneath it. It shows much more skin than Agnes is comfortable with, clearly. "I don't think I could leave the house in this one," she hisses.

Aelewen casts a sidelong glance at Vi at the va-va-voom then with a wry smile she turns back towards Agnes and both her eyes widen "Ah…" she trails off a little, actualy blushing slightly herself. She coughs politely and looks to the saleswoman "I don't, ah I mean. Yeah not quite the impression Lady Agnes is going for. I hope" she adds with a small smile.

"I don't think I could let you out of the house," Vi counters Agnes' comment with a snicker. "Yes. It's pretty but not you." Agnes will probably try to argue that none of the dresses are 'her' but if she gets it into her head to say such it'll be spoken to the back of Viannea's head while she's off to look at a froo-froo confection of a gown that's done up in pinks and white with a full skirt that looks like it wouldn't fit through a door thanks to the hoops that runs through it. "Aelewen. Doesn't this one look like a cake?"

"Hrm, yes," The saleswoman agrees with Aelewen. "I think that one might upstage the bride. Not a good thing to do among the royals and the Valen." She moves through the selections she brought in, and there is a slight jangling sound of metal on metal or stone. "Ah-hah!" she declares, and draws out something that looks like golden chainmail, with flat, polished round stones that are a dark brown-black linking things together. "I think this will be the winner," she says.

Agnes looks at the metal and stone curiously, and then to her companions. "Certainly looks like something to represent Khar-Mordune, doesn't it?" Then she slides behind the curtain. When she emerges, it is clear that the saleswoman was on the money with this choice. It has a collar but no sleeves, and a deep and daring V-neckline. The chainmail effect is more stunning with the flesh-colored lining, giving the illusion of nothing beneath while covering up well. It gathers to one side at the hip, where a slit gives more freedom of movement and shows off a leg that seems to go on forever. It's a heavy garment, but the weight doesn't seem to bother the Knight at all. She looks in the mirror and freezes, as if not recognizing the woman looking back at her.

Aelewen gaze shifts over to the pink confection and she shudders slightly "I couldn't…yeah you would have to widen doorways to squeeze through with that…" she says whilst waiting for Agnes to come out. She blinks, jaw dropping just a little bit as a soft "Wow" escapes her. Shaking her head to clear it she comes up behind Agnes and gently lays a hand on the other woman's shoulder "You look amazing, and just wait until we get someone to do your hair and makeup, you will have the assembled lords, and probably more than a few ladies panting after you" she says with a low chuckle.

At first it doesn't dawn on Viannea that there's no skin showing and that what does look like flesh is a clever illusion that is only disspelled by getting closer to it. "I like it," she whispers breathlessly.

Viannea comes to and then suggests, "That might very well be it. Maybe one more before you decide one way or another?"

"Sold," Agnes says sincerely. "The silver one too please, and the undergarments." She doesn't expect to have a run of luck finding gowns, so she's taking the two she liked.

The saleswoman gathers them up. "We'll have some adjustments made, mostly for the length," she murmurs, "And have them ready tomorrow evening."

Aelewen nods very briefly to the saleswoman, and discretely adds a rather hefty tip from her own accounts "I think we can safely say you will make an impressive impression" the older woman comments with a bright smile lighting up her face. Reaching out she gently squeezes Agnes's shoulder "I think this may be the only time I have been happy to be involved in dress buying" she adds as her smile turns crooked.

Viannea is thrilled beyond measure at Agnes and gives her a big hug that speaks volume of her joy. "You are going to be a man killer, Auntie." Aggie's given a kiss on the cheek and then she turns around to give Aelewen a hug, too. "Thank you for your help."

"Well I'm not sure I'd go as far as happy," Agnes mutters, as she removes the shoes, mercifully just kitten heels. "But relieved is definitely on the table." She smiles, actually smiles, and hugs Aelewen, then Viannea. "Thank you both. I couldn't have done this alone. Much, much too scary."

Aelewen hugs both women back then offers another crooked smile, her sharp eyes amused as she looks around "Look at us like normal noblewomen, buying dresseg, hugging. Makeup and hair…" she says with a shake of her head "I think we need to go out and kill some hostiles and bathe in their blood. Or whatever they have" she adds with a grin.

There'd be jokes about how Agnes finds dress shopping scary when she fights Hostiles and turns them into so many little bits. But then she realizes that she finds the concept of shopping scary herself and therefore keeps quiet where that goes. "I'll hunt down a couple Hostiles," is what she does say, eyes bright at the thought.

"I'll settle for having a manly ale at the Taphouse," Agnes offers. She slings an arm around each woman's shoulders and leads them out. "I have had enough of the shopping district today."

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