01.22.3014: The Glacier Does Not Shift
Summary: Densoric attempts to learn more information from Rozlyn.
Date: Monday, November 11 2013
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Densoric Rozlyn 

Rozlyn's Lab, The Ring
This is not one of the larger, sprawling labs within The Ring. There's no requirement for decontamination, but there is an additional level of security one must pass. Tucked into the curve of the station, the lab is largely dominated by a large, domed screen. This screen often displays numerous feeds and reports in a collage across the surface, but it can also render in a three-dimensional hologram to the broad floor before it anything required (most often models of space).

There are a number of work stations; some are merely terminals, while others hold specialized equipment. Tucked to the side near the raised dais of the display, is an office partially enclosed for the lead scientist. Said office, in this case, is very neatly appointed with very few personal belongings on display. The only prominent ones, in fact, are an Orelle family photo and a painting of a large, jungle tree with an orange-pink sky behind it.

Wednesday, January 22 3014

Densoric Larent is stopped outside of Rozlyn's lab by the additional security, after confirming he has authorization to enter, he is allowed past. Wearing his typical mildly formal blues the young noble walks in with his hands passively clasped behind his back under the cloak, as over the cloak can be a bit awkward at times. Once allowed inside the tall Lord looks over the area in silence study for a bit, most likely getting the layout of the room and if there is anything he might vaguely understand as astrophysics isn't really his field.

The time of the appointment was set for well-past the usual hour most would be working in the labs. It's an hour or two past dinner and the halls have gone quiet. Lights are dim, casting an eery sensation over the research levels of The Ring. The astrophysics lab amplifies that, with the large dome casting awkward shadows. The only lights are those within her office on a dais. The security required is all handled by AI.

Once within the lab, one can see the Orelle seated at her desk; features cast in soft light by the display before her. Without looking away, she lifts a hand to gesture at the chairs on the opposite side of the desk.

Densoric gazes about the darkened room a bit before making his way up the dias, taking a seat and bringing his hands to rest in his lap, almost between his legs. Densoric nods politely and says, "Thank you for making time for me My Lady. I wanted to discuss a few things about the last time we saw each other. I assume its safe to talk here?"

"It is safer here than anywhere else for that which you seek." Rozlyn gestures at her display and it dims somewhat. A brush of fingers over the surface of her desk and the lights within that office rise. Not bright, but brighter. More of a companionable setting, rather than intimate. It does bring into sharp defenition the circles beneath her eyes and the weariness that sets into the skin regardless of bearing.

"However, if you wish to chide me for my actions and beliefs, you should save your breath. I will not hear it."

Densoric says, "Do not forget I also wished to see her treated well, a willing prisoner is of more use for intelligence then one taken by force after all. But as I said, my guess is that she used us to help her commit suicide in affect. As to your beliefs I've assumed they were human of some form since Lord Brigham and I completed our research on the code, at least as much as we could with so few resources."

The mention of the Peake gains a tightening of Rozlyn's jaw. The woman draws in a slow breath, nostils flaring. Though her eyes do not close, it is reminiscent of ancient techniques for centering, used by martial artists. Folding hands on the desk before her, Rozlyn regards Densoric for a long moment. "We did assist her in completing her destruction protocols. I have had as much confirmed. I believe she, in turn, showed her appreciation by leaving the ship itself intact. I do not doubt that she had the capability to destroy it as well."

Densoric says, "I would normally agree, but I do not believe so this time. After all if she had the ability to self-destruct the ship, then why would we have been needed if destruction protocols are of such importance? I believe the ability to self-destruct the ship was damaged or severed during the attack or the crash. After all if it were possible she had hours she could have destroyed the ship, even with us inside. This would have destroyed the ship like so many others, and she would have died in the blast as well which would have prevent her from being discovered also. Perhaps even taking Havenites with her, there is too many chances to use that. Why it is my belief the option was severed by whatever means, so her only option to rob 'the enemy' of anything she could have provided in terms of information was to arrange for willing enemies to give in and finish her. And with the talk of capture, thhen simply trick them into killing her in a way that appears to benefit their goal of gaining resources. Though if my theory is correct then she would have been unable to do anything to prevent us taking her body or the ship for study."

There's a light drumming of fingertips upon the surface of the desk. Up close, it's obvious that the painting behind Rozlyn is actually a large display of its own. Where is the original, then? It's obviously one of hers, based on the style Densoric has already witnessed. "That is all based upon the assumption that all Cantosans seek the same end that their leaders do. Perhaps Penelope wished for something else. Just as a Havenite Soldier cannot directly defy orders, nor could she."

Densoric nods and says, "I know little of them I admit, unlike yourself. Do you know what Penelope meant when she said that Sarah was… What was it she said… Out of date or something like that?"

"Sarah's designation when she came into our control was One-One-Three of One-Five-Eight. That means she was the one hundred and thirteenth Sarah of one hundred and fifty eight in total. Penelope was informing us that there are now one hundred and sixty four. Six more have appeared since Sarah was taken by us, or lost communication with her home."

Rozlyn stands, moving to a glass wall that overlooks the lab below. Data stations lie dark and the dome still serves an area of eery calm. "I am assuming that means six more are mere infants, as they are a clone at birth. I do not know at which age they are released from training, but Sarah is in her twenties, by our factoring of time."

Densoric nods and says, "I guessed that was among the options from my own research. Unfortunately I wasn't able to extract enough of their programming code to determine anything solid. Do you happen to know if there is any nerve connection to their cybernetics? That is damage to the cybernetics registers as physical pain or the like?"

"Their code will be limited, Lord Densoric." Rozlyn does not turn. Instead, she falls into a pose of ease, with hands clasped behind her back. "They are not computers. They have ocular and brain enhancements, yes. Those are from shortly after birth. I cannot say if it affects their nerves, but I would imagine it would. Can they register pain? I would venture to say yes. Do they register it exactly as we do? That I cannot tell you." Turning back, she cants her head slightly to the side. "A soldier who cannot feel pain is good, in theory, but he also cannot tell his limitations."

Densoric says, "You misunderstand me. I was studying their code for unrelated means. And I ask of pain to avoid discomfort of the living, if I ever encounter one. The only cybernetics I've worked with was the remains of a corpse, and not the best of remains. I'm sure you've heard of the first 'capture'. The… Cantosan you called them? That was captured prior to the first landings by House Arboren, which later broke free in the Ring and caused some fuss. I had access to their cybernetics, or what was left of them to be more accurate. I've not had the chance to speak with Sarah, and Penelope is the only real interaction I've had with their people in my life."

"They are humans, from Cantos. Would we look so different if morality did not keep us from enhancing every aspect we found undesirable with cybernetics?" As she says this, Rozlyn turns away from the window, watching Densoric. Her dark eyes, cast in shadow, appear almost black. "Your search to avoid discomfort… Do you seek that for yourself, or for them?" She takes a few strides towards the desk, staring at her dimmed display. There is thought, as fingertips fall to the dark surface of the furniture.

"What of their families, Lord Densoric?"

Densoric says without hesitation, "Their's. Human or not matters little to me, why cause needless harm to anyone? If anything, especially as they are human, kindness and concern would be of greater value. Whether towards the peace process or something as simple as an interrogation. As its said one draws more with sweet then bitter. As to family, I cannot say as I know too little about them to have an idea ow they view family and the like. I'm guessing that is part of the reason you offered a copy of the recordings you had of conversations with Sarah for those who sought them."

"That is a part of the reason, Lord Densoric." Rozlyn seems satisfied in some regard as she circles the desk to find her seat once again. "The other part is that I feel there are forces at work beyond our knowledge, keeping things from us. You, obviously, have noted the lack of response from officials or media on the leaked footage of Sarah. Why do you think that is?"

"I have been allowed to record the sessions. I am sure the belief is that I do so for my own study, but I am slowly allowing others to provide witness to them. As you and the others on the ship witnessed that the Cantosans can be reasoned with, I felt you should see what one is like. How do they view family? I cannot say as a whole, but I can say that the two instances I am aware of it coming up, they have felt very strongly."

Densoric nods and says, "There are a few options, politics is mostly about the control of information anyway which is why propaganda exists. The question is the way the propaganda is spun and the motivations behind it. Someone in the chain of command wishes the war to continue which i find the least likely. They wish to avoid a massive panic which would benefit no one. Politically however they could simply be trying to decide how best to address the matter to avoid negative backlash. The lack of response could also be a tactic that they do not wish to address the issue, basically don't make an issue of it and hope it goes away. Though as you mention the leaked recording and your own recordings, does that mean you are the source of that recording, perhaps even the one that posted it?" in a casual tone as he seems to be absorbing the information being spoken, perhaps for his own education given his limited knowledge of the Cantosans."

"I am not the one who posted that recording," Rozlyn says with a bare shake of her head. "The leaked recording is the reason I began speaking with Sarah and why I have continued to do so."

However, as she speaks, she stands. There's a slight gesture towards Densoric. "I have other things to attend to. I can send you those recordings if you wish."

Densoric nods and says, "Of course." As he gathers himself and stands, hands moving behind his back once more under the cloak, cause that is always more comfy and says, "I thank you for your time. As to the recordings, you may send copies if you wish. Though if they are as classified as I believe it was Lord Nikomachas suggested it might be better not to make it too obvious what they are." He then nods politely once more, and awaits her reply in case she has something more to add.

There is something of a chuckle from the woman. It is a… foreign thing. Like when someone practices a pose before a mirror. Rozlyn's fingertips drift over the desk's surface again, adjusting the lighting once more. "I am aware of how to handle such things, Lord Densoric."

Densoric nods and says, "As you say, though I'll admit I am curious where the original recording came from, but some things cannot always be known." as he turns to depart unless delayed or stopped.

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