08.30.3013: The Gala After-Party
Summary: …because some people don't know when it's time to quit.
Date: 30 August 2013
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Hall of Pride - Castle Leonnida
The approach to the majestic Castle Leonnida, in its stunning lake just two clicks from the Roar, was lined with banners of the bright blue and yellow of the House for which it is named. Giant lion gargoyles line the outside of the walls of the very Medieval appearing fortification in tribute to the Reversion. Though it looks like an old-fashioned stone fortress, it is made from reinforced synthetic alloys that simply give the color and appearance of such.

The Hall of the Pride is nestled adjacent to the entryway of the main tower. On one wall is a centuries-old tapestry which features a detailed map of the Southern Wilds, with countless foot-trails, many of which are now forgotten. The other long wall features a series of portraits, photos, and paintings that are arranged in a collage of volunteers delivering meals throughout Haven, ensuring that the lands and citizens of each paramount are represented somewhere.

30 August 3013

As mention of his exploits fighting the Hostile are brought up by Eiris, Garus gives Jane and Nikomachos a simmered look and turns to the blonde. "I do remember I was injured in that fight. We won, yes, and both yourself and Lady Elodie were kind enough to see me back to health before sending me on my way. It's that sort of cooperation and friendly effort we all need. I'll just have to remember to keep my sword arm down when I need to, aye?" Taking the humble route, he scrunches his nose at the blonde Rovehn, then returns to Jane and Nikomachos. Dueling conversations and swimming through the gala, he does his best.

"Yes, it was a pity I missed his speech, Miss Wyre. There are plenty of apologies I owe to my own guests for not being present for it. I am here now, though. It seems my duties have sent me to the event without sup—" And then Brianny mentions the offered stew. This breaks a laugh to the stoic man's lips, which sounds out low and rumbly. "And I will make sure to eat it, Sister. I wouldn't miss it for the world. The man cooked so much of it."

Eyes widening as Alistair leans in to comment, Garus offers a decisive nod then motions from Alistair to Jane. "Miss Wyre? I've taken an interest in making sure letters return to the families from their soldiers at war. Would you be of interest in networking with Senator Hartcliffe? If necessary I could provide some space for the two of you to meet."

Is Solon blushing a little more? He is indeed. "My Lady." He says, his voice coming out slightly hesitantly. "I am not sure that I have ever been the object of a song or other artform. I do not know what else to say other than that I am flattered. Perhaps we can speak on this further when you come to Phylon, My Lady. For now, I am afraid that my wound is urging me to get some rest. I believe that if I refuse to accept its advice, Lady Elodie will be quite cross with me." Grimacing slightly as he stands, using his horse-head cane as leverage to do so, he sketches the best bow he can possibly make towards Eirene. "Until we meet again, My Lady. I do wish you a wonderful evening and best of luck in your crafting of songs." That said, he offers his regards to the others before making his way slowly to the exit, trailed by his two minders for the evening.

To all of them, Glenna again offers thanks for whatever, if any, kind compliments they offered, "I'm glad then that you've enjoyed the evening. If nothing else, it has been a good way to make the acquaintance of so many esteemable persons. But, I should perhaps leave you all to your conversation. I would hate to intrude."

Nikomachos offers a nod to Anabethe as the Khourni approaches the cluster of nobles and notables, "Sir Anabethe. A pleasure to see you again." He bows his head to those who are departing, including the organizers of the affair. "The issue was still in doubt when I heard last, Lady Reena, but I believe it was stabilizing, although I'm afraid we have lost the city." He does his best to keep track of the various conversations going on around him, although it is Glenna that gets a light laugh from him, the nobleman doing his best to shake off the bad news from The Spine, "Please, Miss Blair, don't leave on my account. If you wish to learn politics at the Senator's side, you'll have to learn the absolutely… ordinary… topics we nobles tend to talk about. Why, you'd think that anyone could talk with us." Yes, he's actually teasing the poor intern.

Once Solon departs, Eirene takes a moment or two to breathe deeply. The young woman rises from her seat and makes her way over to Brianny, Elodie, and Eiris. "I wished to say a proper good-bye before leaving. It appears some of the festivities are winding down." To Brianny, Alistair, and Glenna, "When will the next party be held?" There is a teasing tone to her voice. "This was such a lovely function. I thank you for inviting me." As the group appears bigger than she first noticed, Eirene does not realize the petite Brianny is actually no longer there.

As Brianny intends to leave, Eiris regards her and nods, "Yes, of course, it was good to see you again, truly," this is offered in a genuine tone. "A job well done here." The Rovehn can be gracious if given the chance. Though the look of uncertain reception of her compliment is enough to cause her to grin. A nod is given to Garus, knowingly before she straightens up and listens to the comments shared between the others, a glancing briefly back over her shoulder, but when there is a moment she does speak with Jane, "You will forgive me, they all seem to know your exploits and though I may know of you by name, I do not truly know your work. I may have to remedy that, Miss Wyre."

Eirene's arrival amongst the large group is noted and the Rovehn tilts her head, "It was a pleasure to meet you, Lady Eirene," though she begins to molt beneath all the social interaction, doing her best to keep her smile effective. She looks to Lady Anabethe and gives a nod of her head to her in passing, "Thank you for the aid in entering tonight, my Lady."

Glenna laughs lightly "Nothing is every truly uninteresting or ordinary, m'lord. I'ts all fascinating, the hunt for thought or knowledge, yes?"

Jane is silent as Garus continues his conversation with Eiris. Out of deference to their station, she turns her head away and pretends to be thinking of something unrelated. She does her best to look busy, and does her best to not listen in on their talk until she senses that the man is looking her way again. She spares a glance out of the corner of her eye, and when she catches sight of Garus turning back to her, she takes it as an invitation. "Never you mind it, Lady Eiris. If 'vids are not your thing, I would never ask you to suffer sitting through some of my work. Let me leave it by saying those of us starting in the business will take any chance we can get to make a name." Her attention is drawn away abruptly by Garus' offer. "Letters?"

Jane's eyelids flutter as she turns her gaze briefly to the Senator who has chosen this moment to depart. "Of course, I would be most eager to meet with him, although his office or the guild's headquarters would be adequate for a business meeting. Here." She shakes her wrist, spinning the thin metal bracelet about before offering her arm to Garus. "My card, to pass on my contact information to the Senator. And thank you ever so much for the opportunity to assist, my lord."

Something flickers across Anabethe's features when Niko mentions the field, almost yearning, before she manages to compose herself again. "Glad to help," she says to Eiris with a brief flicker of a smile, dipping her chin. "You seem to've done all right, though. Did Reena slip out?" she asks the group at large. "I wanted to check in on her before I tried to make my own escape."

"A hasty greeting, but I cannot be rude. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintances, My Lords and Miss Wyre. I am Lady Eirene Volen. I do hope next time we run into each other we can converse a bit more." Eirene notes with a polite bow of her head to Garus, Niko, and Jane. "Miss Glenna, I hope to be able to schedule some time with you, Miss Lorelei, the good Senator, and perhaps Sean Thanesson in the near future. Could I contact you to help with the arrangements?"

Nikomachos shakes his head slightly at Glenna's words, "I'm afraid that's above me, Miss Blair. I'm a simple jouster at heart, still trying to apply my talents to the field of battle." Anabethe's look draws a soft laugh from the man, and he nods an understanding, "And finding I rather enjoy the application, if I am to be honest. And yes, Lady Reena said something about checking in on the events of Cape Amran. I'm glad that news of it does not seem to have soured the festivities."

"Yes, Senator, a good evening to you as well." Garus replies to Alistair as he takes his leave. Using his height to advantage, he takes this as an opportunity to steal the card from Jane's fingers and gaze over the crowd. Being left as the last, sole Leonnida to entertain the guests, an almost troubled look crosses over his brow before he replaces it with the same look he offers to his troubled troops. All will be fine.

Waving the business card towards Jane, he slips it into a pocket on his tunic, suggesting that he will call on her. "Yes, letters. Lady Eiris you may take interest in this as well. With so many soldiers, noble and Citizen, it's receiving and sending letters to their families from the war front that will keep everyone strong. It's my intention to take opportunity of all of this philanthropy to make sure that we're doing our part to tend to their families. Food or no, it's those letters that will keep them fed just a bit more. I hear the murmurs from the fields. It's their families they worry for more than their next meal, in some cases."

Glenna hmms,"Well we all have to play to our individual talents. My father and brothers can battle with weapons, I have to learn to battle with thought and words." She takes a moment to look around. Lost, no adrift in a sea of nobles, she could sink or swim. For now, at least, she chooses to swim, even if at most, she simply listens and watches, always an excellent thing to do when hunting for thought. Silence can be golden.

"I will make an effort to see them," Eiris says to Jane though turns her head at Garus' explanation, a brow lifting. THere is a dip of her chin as she smiles in thought, her gaze drifting downwards, distant in her silence. When she does speak its lightly and in a way as to not overstep into other conversations carrying on around her. "There is nothing more resilient then a spirit supported. Letters are a very good idea, it is hard to thing of the simple things when we are attempting to turn away the hostiles. Needs are overlooked." There is a considering smile, her thoughts drifting briefly as the Rovehn unconsciously lifts her knuckle and bites it, perhaps a habit she does not mean to air.

Anabethe opens her mouth at Niko's talk of souring the festivities, and anyone familiar with the Khournas heir can probably tell that something smartass is about to come out…until she actually closes it. Instead, she clears her throat, turning her attention to the talk of letters from soldiers. "Letters are nice," she chimes in. "Vid chat's better. Less resource intensive, too, when it comes down to it. Though a little more limiting."

Elodie returns to the room, shaking her head with bemusement, and glancing around, finds Eiris once again. She rejoins on the tail end of the conversation, hearing about "Letters?" she asks, glancing to the Rovehn lady's uncoscious gesture. "What have I missed?" her smile and glance roving over the grouping, then she hears Anabethe's contribution and nods. "It is often much more reassuring to see the face of a loved one, but if that isn't possible, a letter is certainly better than nothing." She pauses. "Or, are we talking of people who don't have specific loved ones, and just need someone to… communicate with, so that they don't feel they're all alone?"

Jane listens quietly to Garus, a soft smile playing about her lips. When he is finished, she offers a nod to him and Eiris both. "Indeed, support in spirit and mind is no less important than physical support." She snaps her mouth shut for a moment, unsure of what else she may add to the conversation that would be of any worth. Luckily, Anabethe is ready to supply an idea in time to save the actress from having to fill in an awkward silence with empty words. "You raise an interesting point, Lady Elodie. I imagine some people would be happy to serve as a 'penpal' to a soldier in need…"

Nikomachos shakes his head at Elodie's returning question, stepping aside so that she can easily join the conversation and offering his sister-in-law-to-be a smile, "Letters from soldiers to their families, and from their families to them." He nods to Anabethe, "If we can get an InfoSphere hardline to the encampments, that's always a nice luxury." He nods briefly to Glenna, acknowledging her point, then nods at Jane's words to Elodie, "A most interesting idea, even if not the original topic of discussion. It could raise the morale of those who do not have family at home."

"Yes, Lady Eirene, please by all means should you ever wish to meet and speak, I am at your disposal." Garus juts out quietly, leaning to get a better look at the Lady of Volen with a sharp bow of his head. Caught within the flurry of people and faces, dresses and business cards, new ideas and concepts, the Leonnidan lord, leans back to his full height and chuckles, his eyes casting to the floor. He brings his fist to his mouth, coughing softly to clear his throat as Eiris bites down on her knuckle.

Regroup…re-ssess…re-engage. His eyes focus on a far-off spot on the wall as he takes in a quiet, slow breath and reaches for a new goblet of ice water. Soldiers are far easier to deal with than most others. "Yes, well, it shouldn't be a hard thing to put together, though for the lords and ladies present if you could make sure we trade information to deploy the idea, it should go in fast and easy." He pauses, buying himself some time as he sips from the water. "And, of course, we'd have to make sure their captains are making sure that confidential information isn't being relayed on accident. Infosphere or penned letter, we can't have locations, numbers, troop movements and the like relayed." Yes, Garus, speak to them like they're soldiers. It's what you know.

Hand drawn away from her mouth, realizing a little too late, she clears her throat. The Lady Eiris smiles and then looks directly at Jane, "Miss Wyre, what if you were to perform? Of course nowhere right where the fighting is the worst, but it could do a great deal for them." The Rovehn is struggling as well, glancing over at Garus as she tugs at the hip of her dress and winces, she turns briefly into Lady Elodie to speak, a soft hush as she touches her arm and then with a quick nod of her head and a stiff bow, she smiles to those around her, "Do excuse me, I need to find myself something to drink and admire all that was prepared for tonight's event. It was a pleasure," she speaks to them all as a group before slipping back a step and turning, tugging then at the fitted neck piece and clearing her throat as hands finally rest at the base of either side of the corseted top as she puts distance between the group and goes to find herself a chair.

Glenna says, "Perhaps, I have missed the point in all of this, and if so, please do excuse my ignorance. However, you're speaking of sending words and thoughts to loved ones at risk? Could one not also set up a program where letters, perhaps even some small care packages of sorts from home, could be sent from interested parties - to remind them of what they fight for. Not of course, that they need reminding, but so they're assured that there are those far way, even if unknown to them who do know and care?" She shakes her head a moment, "But then again, perhaps I've missed something and speak out of turn.""

"Well, that's the benefit of actual letters," Anabethe admits when Garus mentions classified information. "You can always have some of your own people going through them and redacting unnecessary information. Though that's not exactly ideal for morale, either. Anyhow." She waves a hand, reaching up to rub at the back of her neck. "I should head home. Lovely party, nice to see everyone."

Jane watches quietly as Garus attempts to maintain calm control over the conversation, even while in the center of the attention of a group nobles. Nor does it seem as if the actress is willing to divert any of that to herself — until her name is mentioned. "Perform?" She has found herself echoing words as questions far too much tonight. "It isn't unheard-of for groups of performance artists to tour the temporary military encampments, at least in areas where the danger is slightly less imminent. The guild is working on getting a list of volunteers for that in the future." The actress clears her throat before offering those leaving a smile and a dip of her head to bid them farewell.

Although his distant cousin may be more at home with soldiers, Nikomachos seems quite at ease amongst the finery, "There's been little indication that the Hostiles can track information on the InfoSphere, Sir Garus, but better safe than sorry, I do suppose." Glenna's words draw a nod, "That's the idea, and most House militaries have something of the sort, but I believe a more large-scale, concerted effort is being discussed, Miss Blair." He nods to Anabethe as she makes to depart, and then reaches out to touch the back of Jane's near arm with one hand at Eiris' request of her, "I'm sure that seeing many of their favorite celebrities — noble and Citizen alike — would do good for the morale of the soldiers, Lady Eiris." And then she is departing as well, and Nikomachos nods his farewell to her too.

Quiet after her introduction to Garus, Nikomachos, and Jane, Eirene rouses from a temporary reverie. The evening has been a success and people are chatting loudly with one another. There is no offense taken and perhaps the songstress was still speaking softly from her private conversation with Solon. Garus has a very interesting appeal to him and it is easy to see a bevy of women flocking to him. It is very different from Solon's attraction. The Cindravale heir is chivalrous, polite, and proper. Lord Garus on the other hand..is raw. Eirene observes Lady Brianny's older brother for a quiet moment. "I will do so, Lord Garus. Now that I know you are a philanthropist and a lover of the arts?" She assumes the latter.

Elodie gives a little smile to Jane as the woman takes up her idea, and Niko as well. However, she furrows her brow at Garus and Anabethe, considering. "Wouldn't a soldier know better than to put such things in a letter? I would think that the fighting would be the last thing they want to discuss when they are talking with their loved ones. I know that if I was talking with Sir Sammel, I would rather hear how he is doing, or tell him about the latest news here than have him tell me who's going where." Eiris's suggestion draws the light back into her eyes again, and she nods. "I am sure that would be most appreciated… perhaps Miss Wyre has some friends that she could invite to join her?" she suggests, returning her gaze to Jane. Then she's quiet for a moment and replies quietly to Eiris before she departs the group, remaining where she is at the moment.

"Sometimes you don't realize what you're saying and how it can be pieced together," Anabethe smiles faintly to Elodie. "And sometimes people don't think about anything except making their family feel better. Just things you have to watch out for. But. I'm out. You all have a nice evening," she says, tapping her brow in a cheeky sort of salute before making her escape.

"And thank you, Lady Anabethe, I agree fully. It's not without its complications but with time we should be able to work something out. Thank you," Garus bows his head to her as she departs. "Thank you for coming. As well, Lady Eiris, I will stop by later to speak with you." Numbers dwindling, he digs his foot into the floor and turns to Glenna and Elodie. "No, you haven't missed the point of it, Miss Blair. It's merely just a fledgeling idea. I maintain the soldiers and the Leonnidan war effort. I've brought the idea to Senator Hartcliffe, embellish it as you wish, by all means. They know their duties, but accidental words do happen. Miss Blair, I would expect the end suggestion brought to my table."

Another sip from the water, and Garus shifts his attention to Jane and Nikomachos. Reading their expressions, his eyebrows quirk. "Then again, sending our most talented and inspirational to the war front could also propose a deal of risk. I'd rather treat the soldiers to a live feed or recorded performance of this lovely woman than to place her where the Hostile could take her from us, aye?" Matching the words with a soft smirk, he then shifts his attentions to Eirene.

A bit bewildered, though managing, he lofts his brows over the rim of his cup as he pauses for another sip from the water to quench his raspy throat. All of this talking, in such rapid succession, is something he's apparently not used to. When the cup lowers, he holds it before his chest and levels his eyes on her, reading her and weighing her like he does everything he sets his sights on. It's not an unfriendly gesture, just a Leonnidan habit. "I am. I read, prefer good stories and I share them with the men while we range. I wouldn't go so far as to say philanthropist as I just wish to tend to the needs of my people. Their families stay behind for the cause, the least we could do is return the favor if it's not such a trial for us to do so. The arts, however…perhaps some." Though he can quote Shakespeare, at least a little bit, is another downplay to the truth. It's a self-humbling. "When I'm afforded time for it."

With the majority of the conversation behind her, Eiris finds a seat and with a careful press of hands to its arms, she lowers herself and begins to tug at the lacings on her dress slightly, breathing deeply and then wincing for her attempt. She trails her teeth to her lip and presses her hands to her legs, lost within the voluminous skirts. Her mood is slowly turning sour as she mutters to herself, rubbing fingers into her temple and bumping the headdress that helps restrain her blonde hair. The Rovehn ceases her tugging motions as she waits, motioning for water from a nearby server.

Jane glances back to Nikomachos as he touches her arm briefly, and she offers him a supportive smile. "Sir Garus has a way of making me feel valued more than I ought to be by saying it is too much of a risk to send us into the field. I have not yet witnessed a Hostile skirmish, but I'm not without my connections, my lord. I could thwart you and go out there anyway." She points at Garus and then crooks her finger slowly before her hand drops to her side. "But it can be discussed at a later date. Right now the guild is just looking for volunteers to offer their time and talent for the troops."

Again Jane falls silent, following Eiris with her gaze as the woman separates from the group to take a seat. The actress, quite used to the encumbered, feminine attire, can only watch the noblewoman with an expression of genuine sympathy. "Don't let him fool you, Lady Eirene. That he even knows who Hippolyta is serves as testimony to his knowledge."

The evening wanes and yet there is something enigmatic in Garus' approach to the topic of philanthropy. Eirene keeps a proper distance when speaking with the others and holds statuesque figure with practiced posture and refined poise. "As an avid reader, have you tried your hand at writing? Dabbled in poetry or prose, Lord Garus? The stage is always looking for talented playwrights or songwriters, alike." When he speaks of his men on the range, the young woman tilts her head and inquires. "You are a military man then?" Jane's comment brings upon the bloom of a smile on her face. "This sounds like a challenge. Perhaps for another day, a game of sorts for charity?" She muses. "We can put Lord Garus and others on the stage in Phylon and quiz them on their expertise and love of the arts."

Elodie nods slowly as she takes in what Anabethe relates, but doesn't seem completely convinced, not being of a military mind. Garus's protest that Jane is too valuable to send out brings a smile, and she glances over towards the actress with that same smile. She isn't letting Lady Eiris out of her sight, however, and she notes the discomfort of the woman. "They are all ideas that bear discussion, and I would love to hear what comes of such conversations. However, I must ask you to excuse me," she gives the group a small curtsy. "Miss Wyre, if I don't see you again, it has been a pleasure meeting you. Sir Garus, Lady Eirene, Miss Blair… " she trails off after the names in turn. "Sir Niko, if you happen back towards the Vale, please send my regards to your brother."

Nikomachos lets his hand drop once more, laughing lightly at Jane's words of seeking risk, "Few trained soldiers manage to meet with the Hostiles but that they quarrel, usually to their own disadvantage." He turns his head to the right, displaying the scar running up the back of his neck and into his hairline, a scar that was not there those bare months ago when last they met. Still, the Valen seems in good humor about it, and he nods to Garus, "Or perhaps a chance to meet those they look up to when they are away from the encampment, rotated back to duty in the Roar or Phylon." He nods at Anabethe's response to Elodie, then steps back himself, bowing his head, "And that, I believe, is my cue to depart, before I am drawn into such talk of putting poor, innocent knights on stage and making fools of them." Once more, easy laughter infuses his words, and then he bows his head, "I'm for Landing, I'm afraid, Lady Elodie, and then Primus. But I'm sure that Sammy would love to receive a letter passing those regards along." And then he's bowing his head once more and taking another step back, "A pleasure speaking with you all, and Miss Wyre, I release you of your offer to travel to Primus, please, enjoy this company a while longer."

A curtsey at the notice of Lord Garus. "Of course, m'lord," eyes beginning to flicker and dance in thought, at his response. "The Senator and I would be more than happy to acquiece to your directive." And then another, as Elodie makes her farewells, "It has been a pleasure, m'lady". And, yet again as Nikomachos makes his farewells, "M'lord, a privilege."

Stepping back a moment, with a quiet "Excuse me" Glenna takes the time to retrieve her ear phone and tuck it into her ear, tapping on it, and murmuring a few soft words. A nod, a shake of the head, a brush of her hand getting hair from her eyes and a sigh. Tapping the phone again, her gaze wanders about the now nearly empty venue, noting this person and that.

Goblet emptied once more, Garus motions for one of the servants and places it onto the tray with an appreciative nod of his head. The smirk that forms is meant for Jane, matching in time with her comments and that crooked finger of hers. "You could, and that would be fine. Women are just as capable of men, it would only be wrong of me to make sure you were aware of the dangers, Miss Wyre. You and yours with H.A.G., and if you do come to the warfront, we will support you." As the number of people subtracts, he salutes Lord Nikomachos and dips his head to Lady Elodie. "My Lord, My Lady, thank you for coming and enjoy your evening. Till we meet again. Now—"

He turns to look to Jane and Eirene, his light blue eyes hooded under a stern brow, as if to suggest that he sees exactly what they are up to and the look is almost…playful. His cheek bunches up in a thoughtful look of disapproval. "I keep journals and mind the stories of my men so that I can pass them on if I outlive them. Write? Perhaps. Act?" He holds up a finger to the two of them, wagging it from side to side. "I don't do well with audiences that aren't hefting spears or flagons or trying to kill me. If you try to get me to act there will be a whole new audience trying to kill me. I assure you of this."

"Wouldn't that be just the sight?" Eirene's idea draws a burble of laughter from Jane, a sound of genuine mirth. "I can just picture the array of 'contestants' in my mind, and already I am in love. Oh no, Sir Garus, you cannot pooh-pooh the suggestion quite so easily. I think Lady Eirene speaks more of trivia than charades." Eyes sparkling with a hint of mischief turn upon Elodie, and the farewell she offers the woman carries with it the leftover emotional energy. "Of course, Lady Elodie, and the pleasure was much mine as yours."

The next farewell is for Nikomachos, and she holds out a hand to him before he can abandon her. "We've delayed you long enough, Lord Nikomachos, that your wife is bound to be there before you are," Jane replies to her impromptu chaperone, dipping into a curtsey. Her attention returns to the quickly dwindling group, and she crosses her arms loosely over her chest. Something that Garus has mentioned in an offhand manner has piqued her curiosity, but she stymies any rising questions by biting on her lower lip and instead resorts to staring rather intently at him.

Whatever has had her tense, Eiris has it in hand, or so it would seem. Her hands smooth to the dress and a soft chuckle even rises from her briefly. It fades out, drawing the water she is offered to her lips to drink. She adjusts her position in her chair, giving herself the time to ease and not strain in her bindings.

Glenna then takes a turn to look back to the continually reducng group "If you will all excuse me, I find I must leave to attend to something. While not as interesting, perhaps but definately important" quietly muttering to herself, "At least to people who decide I need to take time off when I really don't need it. My brothers are going to die for this." Then, a graceful and deft curtsy, "M'lords, m'ladies, it has been stimulating" and then she begins to make her way towards the exit.

As people begin to take their leave, Eirene turns to each with a soft-spoken adieu and a little waggle of her fingertips. It should be noted the young Volen girl is getting tired from all the evening's excitement. As Jane continues to further paint the picture of a new charity event, Eirene chuckles and nods in agreement. "Yes, precisely. Trivia, though, a little bit of charades never hurt no one. We could surely provide refreshments of all kinds. Besides, it would benefit those in need." The tall blonde ponders a moment. "If you do not feel comfortable in front of audiences, I can offer what was done to me when I was first overcoming stage fright.. I could blind fold you, Lord Garus."

Nikomachos takes Jane's hand as it is offered, bowing over it and pressing a gentlemanly kiss to her knuckles. "I certainly hope that she does, for it will mean she has come through her patrol safely. Thank you for your pleasant company, Miss Wyre," Straightening up, he bows his head to the others, "Miss Blair, Lady Eiris, Lady Eirene, Sir Garus, you as well." And then he's departed in all his Valen finery.

Her leave-taking accomplished, Elodie finds a seat next to Eiris. Setting her clutch upon her lap, she opens it, and quickly fishes out a little kit, popping open a lid at the end, she taps out a couple of small pills, and hands them over. "Here, Lady Eiris. These should help the physical pain. Sometimes a corset doesn't keep our ribs in place so much as puts them where it wants the ribs to be." She clicks the lid shut and replaces it in her clutch. "You are probably going to feel a sore a couple more days, now."

"Good day, Miss Blair." Garus says sidelong to Glenna as his last vestige of hope departs, leaving him with Eirene, who very well may actually be a shark, and Jane, who is more than likely capable of convincing people that she is one. He maintains that long, steely glint of a stare at Jane, her bit lip and all, as she tries to stare him down. His eyes narrow just a bit. Staring at the man won't budge him, and as Eirene mentions charades and blindfolds, he points a finger to direct Jane towards her.

"I'm not trying to —" Lords do not say pooh-pooh. "Rain on your suggestions, Miss Wyre, My Lady Eirene. By all means, I know my trivia, as if there's anyone who's taken a Saint Crispin's Day speech to heart it's me, but stares and bullying from the likes of you won't put me in a blindfold in front of a room full of people." NOW he smiles, tsking and shaking his head at them. "One may smile, and smile, and be a villain."

Looking as Elodie comes into her line of sight, Eiris smile at the Iah Lady, "Spirits be good, you are a blessing, Lady Elodie." Eiris' is more than grateful, looking at what she is given, resting it in the palm of her hand. "What would I ever do without you, to think you will be all the more closer once you marry Lord Sammel," no selfish reason on the Rovehn's part in the slightest. She presses her palm to her lips, then takes a deep drink of her water, downing it in long full gulps before he nods her head. "This thing is cleverly made out to accentuate certain areas and none of them are conducive to be able to actually function - quite on the contrary. Tell me, have you enjoyed yourself tonight?"

Jane's mind has wandered for a moment so that when Garus draws her back to the conversation she blinks in surprise. The intense stare is broken, and she reaches up to run a finger beneath her eyelid as if checking for migrating mascara. "Hmm? Oh, I apologize," she murmurs, blushing for a moment, and is left flustered as she attempts to recover from her own thoughts. "Well, I am sure Lady Eirene is quite capable of convincing you to entertain us in some fashion - with or without a blindfold."

Cocking one hip to the side, Jane crosses an arm over her abdomen while resting the opposite elbow atop her hand. She reaches up to nibble at a fingernail in a nervous habit, but after a second realizes what she is doing and curls her fingers into a loose fist instead. "And an angel may frown, my lord, but neither expression is particularly definitive. Are you sure you won't take up Lady Eirene's suggestion?"

Glancing between Garus and Jane, Eirene smiles and is thoughtful. In Jane's presence, the Volen lady cannot help but feel utterly mischievous. Thespians are such bad influences. It's great! "Well, we could alter the rules if we decide to host a trivia contest based on the arts and its history. We could have two teams compete against each other sort of like families feuding." *ahem* "This way you act as a unit and not an individual."

Elodie smiles at the mention of location when she's married. "This is true, although that day is still further off than I would like it to be," she confides in a low voice, not meant to carry far. "I am not sure I would use 'clever' in describing the corset," she grins and settles back a little in her chair. "It has been an agreeable meeting of persons. It is noteworthy, though, that once the presentation was over, how little conversation discussed Senator Hartcliffe's purpose for gathering us here today." She turns her head to look towards the Rovehn. "Though I have been as guilty as the rest in avoiding the topic."

"I all together would have avoided the gathering, save for other reasons. So we can both be guilty, spoiled noblewomen for the night and then pledge support on the morrow. I will see what I can muster from our stores to aid them," Eiris smiles at Elodie, trying to ease her breathing into something suited for the restraint she still wears. "Perhaps it should be that we gather the support in writing and pledges, Lady Anabethe's offer was generous but we might yet save ourselves from our failings," though the woman hesitates, finally leaning in to speak with Elodie in a hushed tone.

Garus' hands come together, rubbing his fist into a palm as his eyes shift between Jane aand Eirene. He's fought more than one Hostile at a time. This should be easy, and at least his expression isn't cracking as he watches the two of them now that his smile has retreated. "I'm not entirely sure, no, Miss Wyre." He drawls out, eyebrows lowering in a stern turn to the two of them. He bites down on the inside of his cheek and shakes his head from side to side. Hands sliding across his chest to fold them his fingertips begin to drum and he begins to feel like a door-guard for Hell If I Know. "Is this something that we could connect to anonymously?" He tries hard to ruin this. He may be difficult on purpose. "My Lady, Miss Wyre, I have a war to fight. In all likelihood you'd have to bring this contest out to the field, and again, I wouldn't risk the either of you to that over trivia." Must. Not. Budge.

Jane flicks her fingers dismissively at Garus' suggestion before curling them beneath her chin. She considers his argument with one eyebrow arched before sharing a look with Eirene. "The InfoSphere hosts a ton of trivia rooms, some with real prizes and some with the only prize being bragging rights. No, this would have to be something done in person. Of course, if you could spare just one day for the live broadcast, it could probably be arranged before you were sent into the thick of things. One memo to HAG and I'd have five different gameshow producers salivating all over my boots. It would be over before you'd know it." In the face of Garus' stoicism, the actress merely offers as nonchalant a smile as she can manage.

Elodie nods in answer to Eirus. "It is sometimes to difficult to talk with those we wish to talk most at events such as these," she agrees quietly. "It's always amazing how a small group can grow to a point where it's impossible to figure who's talking about what, and then, just as suddenly it seems to disperse." She glances around the room. "I am one for smaller gatherings myself. Of a more casual nature. I admit, the part of the wedding I am not looking forward to is the number of people we will have to invite, with Sammel being of a Paramount line, even if he isn't of the main line."

Eirene may be tall, but Garus still has some height on her. She glances heavenward at him with her big doe-like eyes. "Oh, Lord Garus, I would not wish to impose anything on you that would make you uncomfortable. I am sure we can find another handsome, rugged, and intellectually arousing nobleman. Though, I doubt he won't have your innate charisma." The smile upon her face is sweet and genuine enough even though she knows she's being a little rascal. "Let's see, Miss Wyre, there is um, Lord Eugene, Lord Alvin…"

"I'm fairly certain I could convince Sir Ellinor to convince Sir Nikomachos," Jane chimes in cheerfully, nodding to Eirene.

Eiris tenses, but she nods slowly to Elodie, as if finally registering what she says. "You will make the most of it and it will be beautiful, my Lady. You will be beautiful and those who come will get to see the lovely spirit you are." She touches the other womans arm and then nods her head, "But until that time, you need not worry over it." She draws a breath and pushes herself up to her feet, near swiftly. "Help me home, please…I need to be rid of this wretched thing and I am not certain I am in the right state to travel alone.

"—Lord Alvin doesn't know verse." Garus interrupts Lady Eirene, looking away as he says it with a sigh. His arms unfold and he slides his hands into the back pockets of his trousers, stretching his broad shoulder muscles as he considers just what he's done. First entreating to flirtation and then to his sense of competition, Jane triples it with throwing Lord Nikomachos into the mix, and Garus bares his teeth to the wind. When he turns back to them, it's with a look. A LOOK. A I'd better not hate you for this look. "Put together what you can and send a request to my desk or deliver it to me personally, whatever is necessary." He holds up a finger, trying to cut off a reply. "I'm agreeing for nothing yet. Simply promise me there won't be flashing lights and theme music."

"OH!! YOU ARE THE SWEETEST!" Eirene sings and throws her arms around Garus' neck for a quick hug, then she turns and hugs Jane in similar fashion. "We're going to have a charity game show! I cannot wait, I am so excited!" Clearly missing the 'I'm agreeing to nothing, yet.' part.

Elodie's cheeks flush a deep pink, almost red, at Eiris's compliments, and so she is glad of the excuse to stand and turn towards the Rovehn Lady, hiding her face. "My Lady, you are too kind. Although, I do appreciate the regard. Perhaps, if you could manage to keep from getting injured for a few days next month, I could prevail upon you to be one of my bridesmaids?" She helps Eiris up, and then turns with her towards the door to assist her home.

Inside, Jane may be feeling smug and triumphant; outside, the actress' smile barely changes, only turning up at the corners slightly. "Of course, I will personally bring you the proposal, Sir Garus, when all of the details have been worked through." She hesitates at his last demand while tracing her lower lip with a fingernail. "Haven't you ever heard the saying that there are no guarantees in show business, my lord?" But her smugness is interrupted by a sudden hug, and she laughs, blinking rapidly while also returning Eirene's joyful squeeze with a gentle one of her own. "You must come by the guild headquarters as soon as you have some time to spare, Lady Eirene, so we can plan."

Oh yes. They will plan.

"You need to take truth in stride, Lady Elodie, people who are able to tell you truth of yourself, do so out of respect," Eiris gives her a reassuring smile, touching her arm briefly though the question causes her to hesitate and then laugh. "Of course, I will, just as long as you promise nothing like this dress, then I will be happy to assist," she uses the aid of her friend to remove herself from the gathering all together, a brief nod to those celebrating the recent conquering of Mount Garus before they go.

Garus' strong, steady body rocks back just a little at the sudden force of Eirene's hug. With just a second to react, his hands peel free from his back pockets to spread wide, not quite knowing how to respond. Leonnidans don't hug. Then, just as Eirene retreats, Jane moves in for one of his own. Each of them get a soft pat on their upper arm as they step away. "I've never heard that saying, no. In fact, I hope that saying changes before this begins, which again…I haven't committed to." While not trying to be a party pooper, he seems to just be reaffirming his point. Smoothing the front of his tunic, he rests his wrist over the pommel of his sword, and tsks again at them. He sighs. Somewhere he knows. He brushes a hand over the top of his head and glances over the two of them, another shake of his head. "The two of you must be taking lessons from the Senator. I should probably detach and mingle before you try to get me to sell you the Roar."

Eirene composes herself and smoothes her hands over the front of her blushed colored chiffon gown. "My apologies, I was just ecstatic for a moment. We must certainly plan, Miss Wyre. I will be visiting Young Lord Solon in Phylon soon and can make arrangements to come to the theater to meet with you." Turning towards Garus again, the young woman lets out a high pitched 'squee'. "We will not let you down, my lord. It will be most fun and a much sought after respite from your daily trials and tribulations of war."

"I would never ask for the Roar, Sir Garus. I know what I can handle, and that would be too much. I am content with what I have - mostly." The smile Jane offers to him is most cheerful before she glances to her wrist. Wait, is it really that late? "Speaking of, you will pass my information along to the Senator, my lord?" There follows a certain quirk to her lips and sly glint to her eyes as she addresses him, enough to communicate that she knows precisely what he will do with her card. "I do so look forward to hearing from you."

Her attention turns to Eirene for a moment, and the actress cannot help but smile fondly at the bubbly noblewoman. "Of course, of course, my lady. I look forward to planning this with you. Alas, the hour is late and I have a morning of meetings ahead of me. I should go. Thank you for your time and ideas, Lady Eriene, and thank you for your patience, your courage, your unwavering patriotism, Sir Garus." And most of all, your drool-worthy ass in those slightly tight pants.

Almost smirking at that squeak from Lady Eirene, and almost smirking at the grins the two of them are giving each other, Garus manages to hold his lordly demeanor and offer the two of them a rather lordly nod of his head. "I will pass on the information, Miss Wyre. We will be in touch, and please keep up the impressive work. The both of you know well how to reach me if you wish when I'm not in the field. And Lady Eirene, please send my regards to your noble House for honoring me with the presence of you and Lord Kadmus tonight. You are both very welcome at the Roar." With blue eyes shifting between the each of them, he takes a step back from them and braces his sword's scabbard to lower his head to them. "My Lady Eirene, Miss Wyre, it's been a pleasure and an experience. Until we meet again." With a jingle of his knight's spurs, he turns on his heel and slips away from them to where everything is safer.

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