07.28.3013: The Family Way
Summary: After witnessing the somewhat energetic discussion about family and having children between Kassie and Densoric, Elodie and Sammel address the delayed topic of children in their future.
Date: 28 July, 2013
Related: This scene is a continuance of Early Discharge
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Willowtree Hospital, Landing
The hospital room of Nikomachos Sauveur and Sammel Cindravale.
28 July, 3013

Sammel lifts his hand to wave to his siblings as they head off, before he offers another nod and a half-smile to Densoric. "Take care, Lord Densoric," he offers, before he focuses fully on Elodie. "Not looking too bad there, I hope?" he asks, after a few brief moment, offering her a smile.

Elodie looks up from the tablet she's reading to bid Lord Densoric farewell. Then she gives a nod to Sammel. "No, you are healing, Sir Sammel. You will be fine," she gives him a smile and takes his hand. "I can keep the round of painkillers going, or I can start to lessen them. It will hurt quite a bit. I would suggest that you stay on them for another day, though"

Pausing a bit Densoric looks to Sammel and says, "I only used painkillers when the pain was too great for me to handle, but I also had my Lady Cousin Ariana to keep me company." Glancing to Elodie then back he adds, "Given the company you have, I'd recommend reducing your pain medications as well. Barring greater emergencies pleasant company can help the recovery go by more quickly, even with pain." winking to each as he slips outside.

Looking about to say something, Sammel pauses a little as he hears Densoric's words, looking a bit thoughtful for a few moments, as he sees the Larent head out now. Looking back to Elodie, he offers her a smile now. "If that's your medical opinion, I'll trust it," he replies, with a smile. "And thanks for saving me out there during the battle…"

Elodie tilts her head to listen to Densoric, then waits for Sammel's answer. She nods at his decision, and checks his medication levels to keep them the same. "Pain is good later. It reminds us that we should be more careful to not aggravate injured areas when they are almost healed. However, when you're not going to be let out of bed on your own, anyways, it's not as beneficial." She gives him a smile, and then pauses before she sits back down. "I was worried when I heard you… lose your sense of humor… for a bit," she admits. She holds his hand in hers for a moment. "Do you get this banged up every time you go into battle? I'd just like to know if this is something for me to expect on a regular basis."

"Pain is…" Sammel begins, before he adds, "Part of the job, I guess. But yes, it's good to avoid it, so I can rest better while I'm being kept in here." Nodding a little at the part about having been worried, he smiles. "Running out there like that, it was either very brave or very st… brave. But I really appreciate it." As his hand is held in hers, he smiles, before he lets out a bit of a breath. "No, not that badly. I seldom get through it without any kind of wound, but it's not always that bad." A brief pause, and a smile, before he adds, "I should train a bit harder on the part about avoiding the hits, when I'm out of here again."

Elodie raises one eyebrow as he starts to say 'stupid', which she relaxes when he finishes with brave. "Part of the job, I guess," she replies, her voice almost mimicing his tone when he said it. Then she lifts one shoulder. "It is my job to try and keep men and women from dying on the field if it can be helped. I'm not always assigned to wait safely in the triage center for wounded to be brought in." She glances towards the door. "I am guessing that your lady sister really does not want to have children," she says after a long pause.

Sammel nods, as he hears that. "I know. And I'm sure we'll worry each other out there on the fields every now and then." A brief moment of pause, before he adds, "Just like it's for Niko and Sir Elinor, or for Erik and Young Lady Sir Johana." Another brief pause, as the talk goes to his sister, and he looks towards the door as well. "I don't think she does, no. Maybe something will change one day, but I'm not sure." A brief pause, before he adds, "But she's a good person, beneath all the temper and attitude and all that, you know."

Elodie gives a soft smile. "I wasn't thinking she wasn't good. Lord Densoric was being slightly pushy in that aspect." She pauses, and looks at the wall somewhere over Sammel's head. "I think that she has one thing a little… well…" She furrows her brow in concentration, then tries again. "Children born in times like these, as she says, may lose parents. It is a sad thing, but not irresponsible." There's a twitch to her left eye, and then she adds. "Because, they are all we have left of the parents." She stops, then opens her mouth, but she doesn't know what else to say, so she closes it.

Nodding a little bit as he hears that, he nods quietly. "It's a sad thing, that's true. The saddest part behing that we know such things might happen. But no, I don't think it's irresponsible either. Shutting down every shred of normal life, because of a war that can last for this many years, that seems more irresponsible to me." A brief pause, as he studies her carefully now. "What are you thinking?" he asks, a bit quietly.

Elodie nods slowly in agreement as Sammel talks. When he asks what she's thinking, she pulls her gaze from the wall, and looks into his eyes. There's mostly uncertainty in her own gaze, and she shakes her head once. "I. I don't know," she replies. "I've been taking things one step at a time, here. Getting to know you better, and getting used to the idea of having someone else in my life, now, to share my life. And…" she stops and swallows, then curls her lips to one side in a half, almost smile. "Actually worrying that you might not be able to." She glances away as she expels a heavy breath. "I hadn't thought about children, but listening to Lord Densoric and Lady Sir Kassandra just now… I did start thinking."

Sammel nods a little as he hears that, offering her a quiet smile. "I know the feeling. I'm glad I get the chance to share my life with you, and to share your life as well." Another brief pause, as he hears that last part. "It made you start thinking. What were you thinking about?"

There's a little pink in Elodie's cheeks when Sammel seems pleased to be pleased with the arrangement that they've been entered into by their families, and the smile is matched with a bashfully pleased gleam in her eyes. She tightens her fingers on his hand. "Well, I was thinking…" and her pink deepens to an almost red, "about us having children. I, well, not right now. I don't think I'm quite ready, yet. But. Sometime."

Listening to that, Sammel gently squeezes her hand as her grip on his tighten. "Us having children at some point in time sounds quite nice," he replies, before he adds, "As long as we are ready for it. Because that's the one thing that might be irresponsible about children being born in these times, in any times, really. And that's if their parents weren't ready for them."

Elodie's smile relaxes into relief as Sammel speaks, and she glances around to see if anyone's watching, then lifts his hand to her cheek to lean on it briefly. When she settles it back to the bed next to him, she gives him a look. "You just make sure you stick around until we're ready, then," she tells him, the 'dire' warning of what will happen if he doesn't implied. Then she stands up and shifts to face him, leaning forward to hook one arm underneath his shoulder, the other one across his back. "Come on, let's take you for a little supervised walk. We don't want you getting bed sores laying down for too long. Exercise is part of the doctor's orders."

Smiling a bit as she lifts his hand to her cheek, Sammel nods. "I promise I'll make sure to stick around," he replies, before he nods a little at that part about a walk. "Oh, you mean I don't just get to stay in the bed now?" It's offered a bit lightly, before he adds, "If it's doctor's orders, I'll have to make sure to follow them, then."

Elodie chuckles. "You may almost wish you were back to being a squire by the time I'm finished with you," she teases, although she is gentle as she helps him sit up, then swing his legs around. "I have to make sure you heal up strong so that you aren't a sitting duck for the Hostiles." Once he's up on his feet, despite her comparative lack of height, when she wraps her arm around his waist, he'll feel the support helping him stay upright. "We'll just walk down to the end of the row of cots and back. Trust me, it doesn't seem like far, but you will be tired when we get back. We'll take it slow."

"I'm almost starting to suspect that you have a personal agenda here," Sammel offers a bit lightly, as he's helped to his feet now. "As long as it don't make me feel as broken as I was when I got in after the battle yesterday," he offers, as he's being led on the slow steps over towards that end of the row now. It takes some time, but in the end he manages to make it there and back again. And yes, he's tired when that is done.

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