08.18.3013: The Escort
Summary: Eirene meets DJ Schizoid Sean Thanesson at the Apogee Casino while he moonlights as a wealthy woman's escort for the evening.
Date: 18 August 2013
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Apogee Casino — Summit, Nubilus
The Apogee Casino's high, vaulted ceilings and lavish crown moulding match the sophistication of its plush, red carpeting below in what is Haven's elite gambling establishment. The casino's entrance leads to an escalator that delivers visitors to the center pit, where a spoked wheel of electronic gambling machines and walkways end in a massive, central collection of table games. Elaborate fountain and art displays line the outside wings, which lead to an assortment of private gambling rooms, entertainment theatres, and restaurants. Waitresses in short, black cocktail dresses weave through the swell of visitors at all hours of the night, delivering drinks and cigars as needed to the clientele. All around can be heard the sounds of chiming slot machines and the excitement of gamblers taking in their winnings underneath the subtle background music of a string quartet.
August 18, 3013

Eirene finds herself this evening at the Apogee Casino on the Summit of Nubilus. Dressed to impress as always, her long black dress has a shimmering lace overlay, cap sleeves and a moderately exposed back. Long champagne curls are gently pinned up and expose the expanse of her neck. She floats from table to table with a glass of Chardonnay in her hands, looking over each game before deciding to settle on one. She travels with a guard this evening and that is about all she has with her as far as companions go. Perhaps she is meeting with a few friends for dinner or just an excuse to toss around some money for fun.

Sean doesn't do fancy, he's not a fancy person. Sean also doesn't do escorts, he's not an escort. However, with onSphere music and paraphernalia sales going down, and work being cut into by school. Sean's hurtin' for money and has taken this escort service job to float some bills. Who knew that a good looking guy could get that much for just one night of casual flirting as a noblewoman's, or nobleman's depending on preference, arm candy?
As Trisha Whitestar enters the Apogee, Sean is on her arm though it appears to be the other way around. The young, incredibly good looking, man is escorting this shipping heiress out for a fun night of dining with married friends, a little dancing, and definitely some gambling. Sean whispers into her ear seductively, and she both blushes and giggles at his unheard words. He walks like a gentleman, leading Trisha to her first table and standing behind her as she is dealt into the now starting round. Sean leans over her, and blows on the dice for good luck before brushing her cheek with a gentle kiss. He looks over and winks to a woman he doesn't know.

Eirene smiles softly at Trisha. The two women are in relatively the same social circle. "It's lovely to see you, Trisha. You look wonderful tonight. Do you play the tables much? I admit, I'm a complete novice!" The singer chuckles with a melodic tone to her voice. Her warm brown eyes take notice of the young man she is with and without thinking anything illicit about their pairing, gives Sean a dainty nod. "Good evening." She says to him. "I'm Lady Eirene Volen."

"Oh Eirene, my darling it is wonderful to see you!" Trisha's matronly yet constant sultry voice sounds out with a short laugh, of feined surprise. "I don't play the tables much at all, I'm afraid. I had to bring a man with me for good luck." with a demure flick of her eyes at Sean, batting her heavy lashes rapidly for a moment. Her gaze returns to Eirene, "This is Sean Thanesson, my gentleman for the evening… but he's free for the night I'm sure." she offers with a wink. Sean, however, does his absolute best to not roll his eyes at that. He offers out his hand to Eirene, "Nice to meet you Lady Eirene, yes, Sean Thanesson is my name." he doesn't comment on anything Trisha says, clearly this isn't his 'thing'.

Eirene smiles but is aloof to Trisha's statement about 'free for the night.' The Volen maiden purses her lips together in a prim manner and gives the young man another little nod of her head. "A pleasure to meet you, Mister Thanesson." Her dainty hand is offered in greetings in a very noble and demure manner. "I imagine then you are an expert in cards, Mr. Thanesson? Perhaps you can offer us a little instruction on strategy?"

"Sadly, I am more of a computers, dancing, electronics, and music playing person. Cards… aren't something I've spent time learning. I'm more of a good luck charm this evening." Sean replies as politely as he can be, though the way he speaks gives off that he doesn't have formal etiquette training. Trisha seems slightly bemused at herself for whatever purpose, he pats Sean's thigh gently before turning to face the table and eye Eirene from askew. "Tell me my darling Eirene, has any young nobleman stolen your precious heart? Is there seabound sailor for the Siren?" as she plays one of her cards with a smug little smirk. Upping the stakes for the others at the table.

"A computers, dancing, electronics, and music playing person." Eirene repeats with a hint of mirth. "That is quite a mouthful, Mr. Thanesson. I am a singer myself. Not very much into the computers or electronics as some of the others on the Lashes. I prefer something more old fashion I suppose." She takes a seat and gingerly fixes the skirts of her dress. When Trisha puts her on the spot, the songstress blushes and shakes her head. "No. Not quite, Trisha. I'm quite fine with it to be honest. My brother and sister are each betrothed and my parents will busy themselves with their nuptials. I can take the time to delve into my writing. How have you been?" She wonders politely of the woman. Deciding not to play just yet, Eirene sips from her glass and looks Sean over again. "What sort of music playing do you do, if I might inquire?"

Trisha's face alights with Eirene's answer, "Well that certainly gives a woman time to enjoy herself before getting tied down, hm?" she watches another player make their move and smugly chuckles before shaking her head gently. "No, no man for this heiress of the shipping lines. You'd think all the handsome charming young men out there were sleeping in each other's arms with how dry the pickings seem." she laments before patting Sean again, "At least there are a few nice to look at ones left around for an evening's enjoyment."
Sean smiles softly at Eirene, "Well, my main focus is electronic music with hard heavy beats that inspire a romp like dancing. On a more old fashioned avenue, however, my old music teacher insisted I learn the piano before I took up the bass guitar. I haven't played it much, but I do still use the skills when I compose something for my onSphere fan base."

Eirene chuckles a little at how 'honest' Trisha seems. She does not comment on the slim pickings but her smile might give away some notion that she agrees in silence. "Well I am very happy that you are doing well. You look well, as always." The Siren of Mare Maris brightens a touch and fizzes with a touch of happiness. "I am sure my parents will do what's best when the time comes to arrange a marriage for me." It's a very politically correct way of putting things.
Sean draws her attention again when he mentions music. It's not the kind that she is used to composing, but she replies with another inquiry. "So much like the music they play at the Violet Siren? I went there once with my brother. It was very interesting." Although she is in her early twenties, Eirene is indeed an old soul.

Sean takes up the next bit of conversation as Trisha seems suddenly more interested in some gossip with a newly arrived friend of hers. That friend's husband no where to be seen, drawing an arched eye brow and viloently spoken but hused words. Only a couple now and then can be heard. "He did?… With who?… No!… Oh, tell…" Sean ignores his, 'date' and turns his attention fully to Eirene, "Why, infact that is where my music is played. I'm the Siren's DJ, and one of the bartenders there. I also host all their noble's birthday bashes, various other events and parties as well. Most people know my stage name, Schizoid, but for tonight I am Sean. What sort of music do you care for, lady Eirene?"

Eirene cannot say the name without chuckling. "Schizoid?" She makes a silly little face but accepts it anyhow. "Good, Sean is much better to pronounce and doesn't lead me to believe you have some sort of neurological deficiency or something." She'll have to ask Ariana about the medical stuff. She's merely making things up as she goes. "For many years I composed and sang opera. Recently, I have been experimenting with different sounds. I play the piano as well." The pause is instigated by the sip of wine. "What prompted you to become a DJ? I'm afraid I've never been one to dance much or party in clubs. I'm much more introverted."

"You just haven't found the right dance partner then." Sean replies softly, before smiling and taking a seat next to Eirene. "Well, music and computers have always been part of my life. My sister Peny and I love to dance, and after I found raves… I don't know, it just sort of clicked." he flags down one of the waitresses for a tall glass of something. He takes a sip before continuing. "Opera? So that would explain Trisha calling you the Siren. As for my stage name, the style of dancing that I do was brand new to people and the light show I perform while dancing made people think I was crazy. The name just came about once and stuck, so I've kept it because it has public recognition in my circles."

"I've danced enough at social functions to tell me that I'm not terribly fond of it." Eirene informs Sean. "I think it's very important to find your passion and go with it. Whatever it may be. Seems like you found yours. Some people never get that chance. People like us are the lucky ones." There's a playful smirk that brushes across her soft lips. "I'll have to come by one day to take a listen, but I won't dance. I can promise you that."

"Oh you'll dance, I'm not going to let you leave with out dancing with me just once. Don't worry though, the crowd I draw doesn't care how you dance, they just care that you dance. You're a social outcast if you don't at least sway and bob to the beat… and if you just own your dance and go for it, you're like a hero to them." Sean's eyes seem to light up as he talks about this, "Fancy functions with waltzes and predetermined steps are boring. Why you nobles insist on this lifestyle is beyond me, but if it's what you care for far be it from me to say it's wrong."

"I like waltzes and some slow dancing but to be perfectly honest with you, I am just not comfortable being that close to another body, let alone all the swaying and touching. I'm just not comfortable with this." Eirene even has some trouble saying it. "I'd rather be at a distance. I am sure I will like to listen to your music. I am sure it is very inspiring. Everyone has their passion. Singing and composing music is mine. Others love to dance and feel the music through them. If I can invoke those feelings into someone else, then I am satisfied. I do not need to experience it. I live it vicariously."

It would appear that Trisha has forgotten her escort as she gives up the game and rises with her friend. They move off to meet up with another couple of high society women who all start to giggle and grin and head for the bar. Sean watches her go with shrug, he's getting paid by the hour whether he's with her or not, cause she's ordered and paid already. He turns back to Eirene, someone with more interesting conversations anyways. "Truly?" Sean seems confused by the thought, "How then… do you get intimate with someone? I'm sorry if that's on the personal side, but…" he shakes his head and smiles, "Nevermind, it's how you are. You're just fine the way you are now, no need to change unless you want to." he takes another sip of his whatever drink in the tall glass. "What sorts of activities do you enjoy most? And, may I just call you Eirene?"

Eirene's eyes widen like a deer in headlights to the question. "I am unmarried." She tells him simply. "I know many noblewomen don't see it as a vice to engage in premarital affairs, but that is not how I am. I don't wish to get my heart wrapped up in with someone I will never be able to have. I don't..get intimate." Is the short answer to the personal question. "When I marry, then I will do my duty as a wife and produce children for our family." Her glass is drained and she orders another one. "Eirene is fine, yes, you may call me that." Her voice trembles slightly and she clasps her hands nervously together. "Besides music, I enjoy deep sea diving, a bit of archery, watching tournaments. Things like that. I am very athletic; Seems to be a genetic gift. And you, Sean? What are your interests besides music? Do you participate in any sports or athletics?"

Sean chuckles softly at her responses but offers her a comforting smile, "There's nothing wrong with waiting for the right person. But, if this Mr. Right will be your first… don't expect fireworks and singing sea horses." Sean's completely comfortable with a topic of such a personal nature, his whole body language is an 'ask me anything' sort. "Well, there are a few things I like… aside from dancing and computers. I enjoy my classes at the academ, master's program in computer sciences. I like to smith metals into jewelery and things. I like the gliding sims at FUNtasia, and I enjoy working out often."

Eirene nods and thanks the waitress for her second glass of wine. This one is being drained a touch faster while Sean talks. She doesn't really want to ask a stranger questions about the intimate nature of first time sex. "My mother has offered her wisdom and advice. Many young women this day in age do not wait. I bare no judgement. This is merely my personal vow to myself, so I hope no judgement is thusly passed on me." Again, she drinks. She's getting a little light-headed but, is no where near cutting herself off. "Thank you for your, um, descriptive metaphor. I do wonder what a singing sea horse is like." She muses, teasing the young man a touch. "Have you ever been to Mare Maris?" Changing the topic to something far more suitable for polite conversation. "Education is priceless. What is FUNtasia?"

Sean smiles, "None is passed, at least not by me. We all have our own personal choices on the subject." He picks up on the change of topic though, knowing that the first was really a slip on his part and not something he'd normally ask a stranger about in public like this. "I have not been to Mare Maris, or to many of the Lashes. While from the Ring, born and raised, and currently living there in a loft in the Atherton Estates, I don't travel much. Just never been curious really and without someone to go with, I've not seen the point." he finishes his glass of whatever it is. "FUNtasia is an arcade in Landing, they offer sims there for all sorts of things, I've never been actually gliding before, but I like the simulated version just as well."

"An arcade? That does sound fun. Probably more so than the Casino. I should consider hiring a tutor to instruct me on how to properly play cards. I like the idea of a game of strategy, but my attention lacks focus." Speaking of lacking focus, she finishes off her drink and orders another one. "How do you know Trisha? I know she's quite well known but she seemed smitten with you. Are you an item? I'm sorry if I have deterred you from spending time with her."

Sean chuckles again, then laughs outright at the Trisha questioning. "I am her escort for this evening alone. I answered an advertisement I saw onSphere and beat out a few other younger men then I." he glances in the direction of the bar and Trisha with her gaggle of friends all giggling about something. "She's under the impression she might be capable of snaring me for the night. This is entirely untrue for her. I'm getting paid to be here as her arm candy, I can't be paid for what she thinks she's entitled to. As I said, we all have our own choices and one of mine is, it cannot be bought with gifts, promises, or money." he shifts back to the arcade, "Yes, it's across the road from the Violet Siren actually and I like to go there before work when time permits. You're welcome to go with me sometime if you'd like a familiar face to show you around. Then we could swing by the Siren for a drink and a sampling of my music before heading out and either going our separate ways, or finding something else fun to do."

Eirene looks back and forth between Sean and Trisha and quickly looks down to her glass of wine which she starts to heavily drink from while making a face that seems like she understands. Hiring young men to be arm candy! Oh boy. If the previous topic of conversation didn't make her nervous enough.. She gives him a little nod and smiles. "Mhmm, oh that would be nice. Sure. I can give you my email address and you can keep in touch that way, and if you ever wanted to meet up to collaborate with some music, I would be interested in that as well. My producer is impressed I am experimenting. It's all very new for me. Excuse me a moment." Eirene slips off her seat and almost stumbles. Her guard is quick to catch her by the elbow when she whispers something to him. He nods and goes about to do what she's asked once she's stable on her feet. When the waitress comes by again, Eirene orders a couple of shots for her and Sean. "I wanted to stretch my legs some." She tells him as a reason to stand. She's a tall woman, with lovely curves - proper in how she holds herself even when she's almost three sheets. Could there be a reason for all this drowning in alcohol?

Sean stands up, and just watches Eirene curiously. He looks the guard over before the man leaves, and Sean turns back to the Volen noblewoman. "Shots?" he asks quietly, then looks over as Trisha heads out of the Apogee with her friends and their men. The woman completely forgetting she's paying for Sean to be here with her… and technically, he was supposed to be on her arm the whole night as she's no doubt going to dinner and dancing. All this bring a quiet smirk to his face before his alters it to smile at Eirene. "I would certainly like to keep in touch, Eirene. Collaboration on something more melodic would be interesting to me. I've not done anything non electronic in a while, and the last time it was pure heavy metal rock ala Volkan." he shrugs slightly and stands up as well. "Stretching the legs sounds just nice, would you care for a short walk after our next round? I am an escort tonight, I'd be more happy to escort you as you've not so easily forgotten me."

Eirene holds up a finger to pace herself. "A celebratory drink, but then I have to go. I, my guard is getting things ready for me, but one drink before I go." She didn't notice Trisha leave. There's a good chance the songstress doesn't notice much at this point. "I think it might be a little scandalous for my blood to be escorted around by a handsome young man. I could set something up to have a good time at the FUNplexia place." Or whatever it's called. She's not always great with names. The shots come around and they are bright blue with a bit of foam floating off the top. "Cheers, Mr. Thanesson."

"Celebratory drinks require, inherently based on their name, something to celebrate… I suppose that my dedication is to meeting a friend here. Someone who's not trying to get into my pants, and instead willing to do something fun for a change." He smiles, downs the shot after giving his cheers. "What do you dedicate the drink to? And, I'll send you an email about FUNtasia and the Siren. I'm usually at work or school if you feel you'd like company, I'll make sure I'm available for you."

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