11.21.3013: The day Blue almost became black, red, and blue
Summary: Densoric finds out what happens when you talk to much and lose all charm.
Date: 11 Oct. 2013
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Bianka Densoric 

Common Room The Rose Inn, Imperius
Stepping through the artistically carved rosewood doors, there is no doubt that this inn is for the affluent. Roses are the predominant theme; they are carved into the wood and painted on the walls with their fresh counterparts kept in vases and bowls spread throughout. The floors are dark, polished woods. Directly before the small foyer is a graceful wooden staircase that leads up to the guest rooms. To its left is the main dining room where a full service menu is served, but only at breakfast and dinner. All the tables and chairs are crafted of solid wood with roses carved out of the chair backs, and table and chair legs; rose-colored velvet upholsters the seats, and they are amazingly comfortable.

Opposite of the dining room, on the other side of the stairs, is the barroom where lunch is served in the afternoons and drinks are served all day long. There is a pub-style bar that runs the entire length of the room with blush-tinted mirrors that reflects the entire room in a rosy hue. Seating includes the barstools, various sized tables, and a small cluster of chairs and sofas around the mastercrafted hearth. Attached to the barroom is a private salon that can be reserved for meetings or intimate meals.

November 21, 3013

Sitting at the bar watching a Soccer game, one of landing's local minor league teams, Bianka has a huge mug of lager in front of her. Watching the game with mild interest, he sighs and places an albow on the table, resting her chin in her palm. "Foul." he says, a monotone type of sound as she just watches the game. "That ref is retarded."

The call of booze appeals to many, and the Lord in blue is among them as Densoric Larent enters the Rose Inn and makes his way over to the bar and orders a citrus wine. He then waits for his order as he glances around and spots one of the few taller then himself with a neutral expression. After a few minutes he accepts his wine and makes his way over casually and asks, "Is your choice winning?" in a passive, casual tone.

Bianka looks at the Larent and frowns. "Both of thease teams are horrible." She says as she takes a sip of her wine. "Finaly got enough courage to talk to me yourself? I have a massive bone to pick with you Lord Densoric Earon Larent." She says, her tone now changing from a monotone one to one that sounds like a lecture… or maybe an all out ass chewing, is about to happen.

Densoric says, "ANd I thought you knew me well enough that unlike other Larents I wouldn't ask someone to do something I wasn't willing to do myself. Or at least seen a recording of the archery competition where I wore the same armor." taking a sip of his wine casually.

Bianka tilts her head. "That was you?" She says as she SLAMS her beer down. "Not cool! I hate crap like that, and I hate that you want to be 'safe' FUCK being safe, we are in the middle of a war, I could die tomorrow, you think I care what abunch of uppity socialites think?" She says as she takes a deep breath to calm herself. "Look, I didnt mean for it to come out like that, but it's frustraiting."

Densoric nods and says, "I was mistaken in my assumption you'd demand to see the face of the one sent to you so you could have looked me in the eyes to berate me, which would have revealed my face." He takes another sip and adds, "Also i thought you would have watched at least a recording of the archery competition I took part in and recognized the armor as well, though granted I didn't wear the helmet then."

Bianka looks at him. "I'm sorry if I've been to busy to have any time but maybe a half hour here and there to myself, and I'm sorry that I can't see through fucking armor! Maybe if I become an awakend, then MAYBE I'll be enough for you?" She says as she has to calm herself once again, and pushes the beer away, any more and she might do somthhing that she would feel bad for later.

Densoric says, "I never expected you to be any of those things. I simply admitted my own failures based on false assumptions, just further shows how little we know of each other as individuals." He seems to have no problems with her ranting, and seems to just be taking it all in, perhaps feeling he deserves it.

Bianka stands up and slides her chip. "Densoric, you're right, we don;t know each other as well as we though, and honestly, what I do know ever since that first meeting.. grates on my nerves. I'm sorry, but you are bad for my health, so I think we should stay friends." She says.

Densoric nods and says, "I have no objections to such. Though perhaps not you have a better understanding of why I don't allow myself to get too emotionally attached to another until a betrothal is confirmed at least. And to be clear I'm not saying you are wrong for not doing the same, it is my personal method to protect myself from emotional pain nothing more. Everyone deals with such things differently and that is just my method, as you no doubt have your own. I am simply bringing it up to try and help you understand my perspective nothing more."

Bianka looks at him. "Understand? I dont need to understand anything Larent.. I'm a seven foot tall monster of a woman, who could crush most people's heads like a grape. The fact I haven't laid a finger on you in anger is because I have some sliver of respect for you, now, if you will excuse me 'milord' I have things I need to attend too." She says, offering a mock curtsy before she turns and walks out, swaying her hips as she does.

Densoric nods politely but doesn't try to stop her, be a bit pointless given her anger.

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