01.04.3014: The Crux
Summary: Valens (and a near-Valen) gather over lunch to discuss what must be done for Haven.
Date: 2 November 2013
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Blue Stallion Bistro - Phylon, The Vale
This particular bistro is credited for being one of the best eateries in the Vale. The waiting area is accessed through a pair of tall, glass doors that have been frosted with a pair of rearing blue horses. There is the customary host desk where men and women in neat, dark azure attire see to those waiting for a table. Reservations are almost a must for dinner, but lunch tends to be a bit more loose. The hard, concrete floors have been washed in blue acid and etched with whorls and spirals that create a dizzying effect across the expansive main dining room. Tucked along the walls are large, circular booths that can house two to twelve patrons comfortably, and the ceiling-high glass dividers offer a sense of privacy. Tables with high-backed and well-cushioned chairs are methodically scattered around the rest of the room. The tables are not dressed in linens, but instead left bare to show off the natural blue wood that has been cultivated for their construction. The kitchen is neatly tucked away behind three sets of swinging doors, leaving the goings-on back there a mystery. There is a long, traditional bar along one wall that provides an abbreviated menu, but a full choice of drinks. The final dramatic feature of the bistro is its ceiling, which has been constructed from darkly tinted glass and inset with lights that can dim or brighten based on the time of day or desired mood.
4 January 3014

Nikomachos has been writing a lot of letters. The most recent ones were to a series of nobles inviting them out to lunch. And now he is settled easily into one of the circular booths at the back of the Bistro. His sword hangs from the wall behind him, his coat spread open as he sits, awaiting his guests. He's evidently been present for several minutes already, as he has a glass of water before him, and he tapping at a holographic keyboard that has popped out of the corded bracelet on his left wrist.

A lunch invitation? The cryptic message leaves Kassandra puzzled and suspicious, but lacking a reason to deny her brother, the young Valen knight makes her appearance at the bistro. She is not exceptionally familiar with the place, evident in her hesitation as she crosses the threshold and glances about for her brother. It only takes her a few seconds to find him, and a few more to approach his table. "Someone actually wants to be seen in public with me?" she inquires in a mostly-joking manner, clapping Nikomachos on the shoulder briefly before sliding into a chair beside him. "Who else are you subjecting to my company, or am I expected to behave myself?"

When word comes from a Valen, Brie pays attention. The house of her heart if not her birth and where she had been knighted. She's still not dressed much different than she usually is, a green tunic, tan leggings, dark brown boots, earthy tones, but they are clean and in good shape. Her boots make little sound as she crosses the room towards the duo, so used to walking lightly among the trees. Once she gets to the table, she offers the two seated a warm smile. "Sir Niko, Sir Kassandra."

Canis seems to have adopted the bistro as his lunch place to visit so an invitation to visit is all the better. He enters glancing about spotting the sender though he doesn't know them personally. He spots one familiar and is glad for it at his approach is easier. "My lord and My lady, Lady Brienne." he greets each in turn though also introduces "Lord Sir Canis Ligonier." he says with a bow of his head.

Nikomachos looks up as Kassandra approaches, offering up a crooked smile and shutting down the display on his bracelet-comm. His right hand comes up to pat the hand on his shoulder. He would totally get up when women began arriving, even if the first one is his sister, but alas, the booth does not permit it. Instead, he straightens up, bowing his head in greeting and extending a hand to the second arrival to shake, "Sir Brienne. Thank you for accepting my invitation. You remember my sister Sir Kassandra? Kassie, Sir Brienne Arboren, for all that she is a born jouster." And then a fourth arrives, and he too is offered a hand, "Sir Canis. Thank you for joining us." He gestures to his sibling, and then the other woman, "Sir Kassandra, Sir Brienne, although it seems perhaps you already know that." Laughter gathers around the edges of his words, and he shrugs a little helplessly. "I thought it would be nice for some of the Generation of Vengeance to get to know one another a little better, to spend time together off the battlefield."

"Sir Brienne!" Kassandra's dour expression turns amused as the Arboren appears, and she reaches out to clasp hands with the woman briefly. "For all that she is a jouster, and one well-equipped to best you one day, brother." With a cheeky smirk, she elbows her brother in the ribs. When it becomes a party of four, the Valen does her best not to let her surprise show. Instead, she takes the introduction in stride and nods toward Canis upon introduction. "Generation of Vengeance? Oh, honestly. And upon whom are we seeking our vengeance, anyway? The Hostiles or our parents? What are you getting to eat, Niky?" She leans over to peer at her brother's menu, just in case it might be different from hers.

Brienne slips her hand into Niko's and gives it a firm shake accompanied by that same warm smile before releasing it so that he can greet the others. "It's my pleasure, Sir Niko, truly." With the introduction, she nods to the Lady in question. "Of course, it's lovely to see you again, Sir Kassandra." With the lithe grace of one accustomed to being physically active, she slips into a seat nearer Kassandra. "It's a good idea, Sir Niko. I've found so little time for good conversation on the battlefield." Lips curve up in amusement and as Kassandra takes her hand, she gently clasps back, laughing softly at the mention of their parents. "I believe mine is a mixture of both. I've been flying below my mother's radar as long as possible." Seeing Canis as well, she offers a wave and grin. "You've become a regular here, Sir Canis. It's good to see you again."

The young knight watches each in turn as they are introduced shaking the offered hand "Thank you, pleased to meet you both. Yes i've met Sir Brienne at the notice project volunteer day. Yes I was thinking the same my offficial lunch spot." Canis grins in return. "It's a very good idea, quite true that the battlefield doesn't seem to find much in the way of time for meeting and greeting."

Nikomachos hisses in a breath as Kassandra elbows his side, "Careful…" His voice is tight at the word, although he straightens up carefully and smooths the pain from his voice, "My ribs are still knitting from the 'adventure' on the Ravenwing, Kassie." Looking back over to the non-family, he adds, "Never let anyone talk you into going onboard a ramship, Sir Canis, Sir Brienne. There's absolutely no room to maneuver." He gives over his menu with an amused sigh, "It seems I don't have to tell you, Sir Canis, but the turkey club sandwich and leek soup are quite delightful." He nods as everyone settles in, his expression sobering slightly, "Indeed, I'll not say that our parents are the problem — I think that Father could be quite a neat solution to some of our problems, in fact — but I've noticed that many of the elder generation seem more concerned with maneuvering for power than actually winning this war. Have the rest of you noticed that as well?"

"Your ribs are always knitting from some adventure," Kassie mumbles beneath her breath, accepting Nikomachos' menu and glancing sidelong to Brienne. Her lips quirk into a half-smile. "I will have to pick your brain for tactics one day, Sir Brienne. I have never been able to slip by beneath my mother's nose. I am not particularly stealthy, alas." One fingertip slides down the menu as she considers what to eat, and the mention of 'leek soup' sets her nose to wrinkling in distaste. "I think I'll just have a salad," she murmurs, carefully side-stepping Niky's question by sliding the menu across the table should anyone else care to look it over.

Canis ponders the words of the other and decides to go with the suggestion with his usual drink. He listens about the ramship "I can imagine that being difficult, I enjoy using the polearm first sword second imagine it'd be more of a hindrance than a help though." He is silent a moment while he thinks. "I am not sure about the only problem, but I agree a united front would mean a stronger showing and fewer innocents hurt."

"If you are hinting at our parents' generation's voracious appetite for arranged marriages, brother, then I would quite agree," Kassandra replies, pulling her glass of water closer to her once it is set upon the table. She uses a straw to stir the ice around, allowing it to clink loudly against the glass sides gone foggy with condensation. "The older people get, the slower they are to welcome change - you know that. It doesn't feel like a war just yet; it feels like well-managed skirmishes with our losses quickly dusted beneath the rug. Perhaps it's a bit of denial out of fear of what may come. Or, perhaps people are hoping for a less bloody resolution."

Nikomachos shrugs slightly at Canis' supposition, "A lance certainly isn't much good. The spear wasn't bad, until they got close. I probably should have settled for a sword at that point, but apparently, my family can be terribly stubborn." His teeth flash bright in a grin at his sister, "I think Mother may be mollified at having seen three of her four children married off so quickly and so well. I think we've bought you a bit of time, Kassie." And then he's getting serious once more, nodding to Canis, "If we used the tactics that Father crushed the first wave with — gathering forces from all across Haven and hammering one enemy at a time — I think we would be done with this wave as well. But that requires agreement on where to gather first, second, et cetera." He nods to Kassandra then, "Not the marriages, some of those are our own doing, it's just that people care how actions affect their standing in society, rather than how many lives it saves." And that may be a rather sharp change of opinion from the Valen.

Kassandra is silent for several minutes, letting the conversation drift back and forth between Canis and Nikomachos. She glances sidelong to Brienne, offering a lift of her eyebrows and a slight nod as the woman excuses herself to the restroom. Her attention wanders back to the topic at hand, and she sips water through her straw before considering a reply. "Perhaps I will never have to get married now. The family legacy has been secured by my dear brothers." Her smile is wry as she pushes past the distasteful talk of marriage. "As much as I am in agreement with you about tactics, Niky, I highly doubt that effective strategy will be used again any time soon. Some people are loathe to admit their weaknesses, you are right, unless there is a way to convince them otherwise."

"I am not pressured for an arrangement mostly due to my sister being the heir and having children before myself." Canis explains on that front but with a side glance seems to change to the other topic quickly after "It's true, it's not a total war but seems more a calculation testing our defense maybe. I patrolled the woods with Sir Brienne and a few others, and we ran into a patrol of five or six seemed only to be scouting the area until we fell upon them." He looks back "I understand my sister, Young Lady Ines thinks i'm nuts for preferring my polearm to my sword." he says with a grin "That would be the difficulty we each believe and rightfuly so that our people and family are most important."

Returning to the table, Brienne smiles. "Forgive me for stepping away a moment and of course, Sir Kassandra, anytime you'd like to talk I would be available to you." A smile tugs at her lips as she retakes her seat. Brie rolls her eyes at the mention of the arranged marriages. "I admit we may not agree with the arrangements, but honestly, I could see myself planning the same for any child I ever had. Possibly." She nods to Niko. "I much prefer when the Houses stick together against the Hostiles. The bickering on the last mission I was on was not conducive to the battle. It was rather disheartening."

Nikomachos nods to Kassandra and Canis and Brienne in turn, shifting forward in his seat to rest his forearms on the edge of the table, his fingers knit together and his grey eyes intense, "Exactly. We are not treating this as total war. Father knew that we had to bring the hammer down on any Hostiles that appeared, like an arcade Whack-a-mole game." Yes, he gets out to video arcades, or at least he did, once. "And it got him fired because he didn't ask mother-may-I of the Council." More than a little disdain filters into his voice then, but he smooths it away carefully, "I've seen exactly what you mean, Sir Brienne. I've seen soft, tentative leadership ruin a mission as well." Now he's just projecting his own experiences. "On the Razorwing, where I got this," he gestures down to his left side, where Kassandra's nudge caused him to wince earlier. "I believe that it is a time for action, not dithering. I believe that we need to help those in positions of authority in the Citadel and the Council identify their fellows who are causing inaction, and get those who have the necessary drive into their places."

Kassandra remains quiet for the time being, watching Nikomachos periodically while glancing to both Canis and Brienne. She has never been much for leadership, after all, and has very little worthwhile to contribute to the conversation. Thankfully, her meal arrives before she has to chime in, and she busies herself with spreading her napkin in her lap before picking up her fork to poke at her salad. Only then does she consider something aloud while watching the others. "I'm assuming you mean through elections, brother? Or did you have something else in mind?"

Canis listens between those talking he nods "No worries, hm i've not thought about it from the other side of the coin Brie, interesting." before he continues "I've only witnessed it to a lesser extent it was more of a lack of chain of command, knights rushing ahead with the rest of us still trying to regroup, it doesn't show that we are prepared well enough to win." he falls silent taking a drink from his glass as it appears. The last question brings his attention back to Niko as he will await an answer.

Brie had ordered in passing between her jaunt to the ladies room and back. Juice and turkey club, taking the advice of the Valen. Now her attention is fully on Niko and she inclines her head rather easily. "I agree. We need someone who isn't afraid to lead, to give direct orders plain and clear and decisive. Someone who doesn't coddle the minions. We're warriors, the lot of us, and if you can't respect your leadership, or you feel you can't trust them, then there isn't any sort of team there. I wish I had a say in who led and who… didn't. Recent experiences were extremely disheartening. We need someone who isn't afraid to plot, plan and make tough choices." She offers a nod to Canis. "We all need to work together. United we're stronger.. divided, they'll pick us off one by one."

Nikomachos shakes his head at Kassandra's question, then pauses, and shrugs, "I suppose. For the Chancellor and some of the Doves in the Senate, at least." Shifting in his seat, he ignores the sandwich and soup that were delivered for him with the others, "But for military command and the Crown Council, it will take social pressure. Rally to stronger leaders, talk them up to those above them in the chain of command, get them promoted. I don't know Knight Commander Simms that well, but she seems active enough, although perhaps without the strength Father had to act despite the Council's disapproval. Providing her with active, strong Knight Lieutenants worthy of being promoted to Knight Captain should get us the people highly placed to ensure that the Knight Lieutenants are active as well, rather than worried about political fallout." He gestures around the table with one hand, "We are all from influential families. We all can exert social pressure."

Kassie stabs at her salad, eyeballing it rather glumly; it is not a big, juicy burger, after all. She chews carefully, listening, and after swallowing she glances to Nikomachos and frowns slightly. "I get it, Niky, but I'm just not sure where I would come in. Whatever I can do, you can do ten times better - and if you tell anyone outside of this lunch that I said that, I will deny it up and down." Another bite. "And as much as I love the idea of unity, these things are always easier said than done. Sometimes people don't play together so well."

"It would make it easier if we had a say yes, those fighting in the fields risking it all." Canis says in agreeing with Brie he looks back to Niko nodding "I agree strong leadership would run down hill only suiting all of us the better to stand though My Lady has her point too it's hard to tell as individuals we all get along but in larger groups who would clash that'd be tough to work with though I suppose that'd come down to a disciplined knighthood and army."

"Knight Captain…" Brienne muses, picking up one of the quarters of her sandwich, she nods. "I'd like to have solid and dependable people in there. Someone I've worked with and I trust not to be a hot head or weak." A knowing look is given to Kassandra, she can't help but agree. "Yeah.. it all sounds good in theory, but how do you convince Houses to stick together?" While Canis offers his part, she starts on her sandwich, delighting in the taste. "Yeah," she agrees with Canis also, after she eats that wedge.

Nikomachos laughs lightly at Kassandra's 'admission,' shaking his head and reaching over to pat his sister on the shoulder, "You're far better than I am at being terrifying, Kassie, and far better with that axe of yours." Still, her point is taken, and he nods slowly, looking around the table and nodding as the others put their points in as well, "There will always be problems between people… that's part of what makes us human." And not Hostile, is the suggestion. "But as Houses we need to work together." A dry, self-deprecating smile flickers across his lips, "I know that I have railed against the 'boring' Khourni as much as any Valen, but that was childish of me. It was peace-time posturing. Does it matter of a Khourni or a Valen kills the last Hostile on Imperius, so long as someone does it?"

Kassandra's expression is one of skepticism, and she looks as if she is more than happy to open her mouth and argue the importance of who gets the last kill. But she stops herself, shoveling more salad down her piehole before she gets herself into trouble. "I understand, Niky - you don't have to win me over to the benefits of togetherness. Tell me what you want me to do, and I will do it as best I can. How's the sandwich, Sir Brienne?"

Canis takes the chance to eat and drink a bit enjoying it while he is ablle, waiting to finish before he'll continue. "I agree with you My Lord, though officially i'd need my sister Ines's for anything official I can at least pledge i'll continue promoting unity on the battle field."

Brie quietly continues eating her sandwich, interspersing it with drinks of orange juice. "I agree, we do. I'm willing to make sure Arboren is with everyone. I'll do anything I can." She grins to Kassandra. "It's so good, would you like some of it?" There's still two quarters of it left.

Nikomachos arches an eyebrow at Kassandra as she gets ready to respond, chuckling softly when she swallows the words, "See? I still have the exact same instinct." He shakes his head at himself, looking down to his meal and finally gathering up a bit of soup in the wide spoon provided. He blows on it delicately, not losing a drop as he works his way through three spoonfuls, "I'm not suggesting anything official, Sir Canis. Anything official would be shut down by those at the top who are more interested in political capital than action. I'm suggesting that we talk to people. To other people in our generation. To those older or younger who have that drive to action. If enough people talk, others will have to listen."

"From the bottom up?" Kassandra muses aloud, offering Niko a wry smile. "I will do what I can where I can, without hesitation. At least I have something else to do now besides avoiding everyone's damn wedding." Leaning in closer to Brienne, the Valen knight considers the sandwich carefully before smiling cheerfully. "You are ever so gracious, Sir Brienne. This stupid salad is leaving me hungrier than when I started eating. I don't know how people can live purely on roughage." She nudges her plate closer to Brienne's so that the woman can slide a bit of sandwich over; it's much more polite than getting grabby with someone else's food.

"Understood, I will do what I can to lead by example I think if all of us do that and speak of the positives fighting together and the like. It will catch on and hopefully will be seen as the norm instead of division." Canis says as he takes a bit more of his food listening as the conversation continues.

"I'll talk to who I have to, but you know I'm not the type to just go out on these meet and greets like this on my own. If you need me to go with you and show Arboren support, feel free to count me in." Brienne is more of a 'stay on patrols' forever than meet the masses. She slides the remainder of the sandwich to Kassandra and winks. "Feel free, I'm good with what I have here." But the salad is given a dubious look, and a sympathetic expression is tossed to the Valen. "Yes, finish the sandwich, salads are overrated."

Nikomachos nods to Kassandra, "A grassroots movement." Once more, his smile flashes bright and wide across his lips, "I thought it only appropriate, given that it's coming from the Vale." The continued mention of why everyone isn't going to be of much use causes that smile to fade away entirely, however, and he sighs, stirring his soup, "And this is why we have such problems. The best and brightest of Haven, those of us with a drive to action, are at the front rather than planning." His smile returns, but it is dry this time, "But thank you all." He also reaches down to shift half of his own sandwich over to his sister's plate as well, wiping his hand off on his napkin afterward, "I appreciate your willingness to talk about it, and to work toward the goal of working together."

Kassandra eyes the now whole sandwich sitting on her plate, and she looks first to Brienne and then to Nikomachos. "Are you implying I need fattening up, Niky?" It is, of course, only a jest; she happily takes up a quarter of the sandwich and bites into it. Her brother's lament earns a nod of understanding, and she dabs at her mouth with her napkin before speaking. "It is said that generally those who are best at leading are the last to do so, because they don't want the job. I suppose now is not the time for wants but for needs. This little lunch gathering was a good idea, and I just might copy you in order to pass along the message."

Canis looks back and forth following the conversation he finishes his food and drink easily and enjoyed it even. His focus turns to the first who speaks. "I can try and help Brie if i'd be any help at all? Not sure any will listen to me. Though maybe if I take up a few more patrols there." he chuckles a bit though the others knights speak and he nods "I agree

"Fine, fine," Brienne gets the hint and offers to Niko. "Look, I'll talk to anyone and do anything you want. I'm strong enough to step past my own personal issues and go out for the good of the people as a whole. For Humanity." Offering him a tentative smile, she lifts a shoulder. "You want me to seek out people and get them involved, then that's what I'll do." Brie grins at Kassandra. "You got it. I'll fight on a front line anytime, face down any Hostile. You try and get me involved in anything political… that's what I fear." She nods to Canis. "I guess we all do exactly what Niko has done here today. Buying us all lunch and talking to us like this and get them involved." You know, kind of like Amway, build that pyramid!

Nikomachos reaches out to pat Kassandra's cheek teasingly, "I just want to make sure you have the strength to run away from any prospective matches, dear sister." The words from the others draw a laugh, and he holds up his hands before himself, shaking his head, "I'm not trying to twist your arm. I promise you. Each of us trying to work better with those around us is a wonderful start. If you want to spread the message, if you want to talk others into doing the same, that would be wonderful too. But the goal isn't to twist arms. That wouldn't be me working very well with you, now would it?" That draws a little chuckle himself. "And I should note that this message isn't altogether altruistic either. I think that the best thing we could do for Haven right now is put Father back in charge of the war effort, with full freedom to act against the Hostiles — no offense to Knight Commander Simms, who I don't know well enough to have an opinion of."

Kassandra wrinkles up her nose and sticks out her tongue at Nikomachos, much like any younger sister would do to a teasing brother. She mimes elbowing him in the injured side again, but is kind enough to keep from actually hurting him a second time. "Or at least have Father as an advisor, a support, a go-to for Knight Commander Simms, hmm? We aren't planning any kind of mutiny, after all, and wouldn't want it perceived as such." Raising a hand, she signals for a server to bring her a take-home bag for the rest of the sandwich. "I must thank you both for ensuring that I have some supper as well. Another family meal skipped!" She smiles in a positively cheerful manner as she stashes the sandwich in the bag that is set in front of her. "What to do with the rest of my day off now, hmm? Scheme, I imagine."

"I good at the first part. The buying lunches." Canis says getting a glass of water and taking a small sip from it. He reaches to his pocket checking a data device flipping through some things he nods before putting it back away. "Yes hm good point on both accounts only those who see it as a learning opportunity and yes we don't wish to be thought of spreading discord rather than the opposite." he looks over to the arboren knight "I got a message from Lexi, she's got everything fixed no rush though just thought i'd tell you."

There lie the crux of it all. "So at the same time you want to bring the Houses together, you want your father put back in charge. How do you propose getting Khournas and Ibrahm involved then?" Brienne smiles. "How can we get him back in charge?" As Kassandra mentions going, she offers her a warmer smile. "It was a pleasure seeing you again, Sir Kassandra." Hearing the message relayed from Lexille, she laughs. "So carnival it is then?"

Nikomachos shakes his head quickly at the half-question about mutiny, "Sage, no. I mean, I'd like to see some people out of their positions and more active replacements found, but I wouldn't even begin to presume that I would have any actual input into either choice." He offers that dry smile to Brienne at her questions again, "I don't have all of the answers, I don't know if I have any of the answers. I just have the question. And hopefully, Erik will help with House Ibrahm. And I sent a letter to Sir Bethe Khournas, as well as to Sol, Young Lord Aidan Peake, and several others." His shoulders rise and fall in a little shrug, "I don't know all that many Orelles or their vassals besides Ric and Lady Rozlyn. I thought I would talk to the two of them in person." He lets out a breath, shrugging, "As for Father, can you think of another person in the Haven System better suited to run the war effort than Sir Alexandros Cindravale? Father has lived his entire life to lead this war, and while he was leading us, we were winning." Leaning back in his seat a little, he waves off the words, "But that is for another time. Kassie undoubtedly has a patrol to get to in order to avoid family a little further," a teasing smile accompanies the words, "And it sounds as if the two of you have plans as well. Thank you again for coming."

"I know one of the Orelle's," Brienne confesses, her nose crinkling a little in distaste. "He isn't main line, but hey, we have to start somewhere right? I could talk to him about it, get him involved." So now she's thinking. "No, I am in full agreement with you. Your father was the best one that's ever served. I want him back."

"I would undoubtedly take up any patrol offered me to get away longer, brother, but apparently my superiors feel I work too much and I don't get to take up everyone else's work on my days off anymore. It's really a pity, though." She rolls up her bag and pushes it in front of her, ready to take up when she leaves. For now, she sips at her water and offers Brienne a raised eyebrow. "We will get Sir Alexandros back in charge by making others see reason. I have no desire to 'toot the family horn', but I really don't know anybody better suited just now. Not everyone was tailor-made for the job, after all. Shall I wait outside for you, Niky, or do you have an excuse to avoid mother tonight?"

Canis sits back listneing for the moment as he takes another drink. "It sounds good to me, but only if you would like." He says in response to Brie's words "I only recently know someone from house Dalton at least a start in heading that dirction." He adds though he doesnt know any of the fighters which likely is who they would need.

Nikomachos arches his eyebrows at Brienne's response, "If he's not someone you think would be valuable to the effort, and someone you don't like, then don't bother." Canis' words draw a nod from him, "I started with Valen," his grin quirks at Brienne, "And near-Valen, because I knew there wouldn't be personality conflicts here at the start. And I started with knights because we understand duty, and we've seen the horrors of this war. But hopefully this will be more than Valen, more than knights, more than nobles. We need to energize Haven if we mean to win this war." His lips curl up into an easy grin, "And that's far too large a job for me to do alone." At Kassandra's question, he looks down at the food he's barely touched, having been too busy talking the entire time, and then laughs, "Give me a moment, Kassie, and I'll join you. Mother knows that I'm in Phylon, so I'm to have dinner with the family as well. And she's making another push to see our child named Agirra."

"Oh gods, anything but that," Kassandra murmurs to Nikomachos in sympathy, grimacing at the name. She folds up her napkin neatly and sets it on the table before looking to Brienne and offering a smile and then shifting her gaze to Canis. "It has been a pleasure, Sirs," she announces, trying to slide out from the booth in as graceful a manner as possible; "I wish both of you luck in your endeavors. Do keep Niky apprised of the situation, hmm? I would say send your messages to me, but I never read them. It's a miracle I even made it to this luncheon." Leaning over, she plucks up her leftovers. "Hope to see you around soon."

"Good point, he's an Orelle but not a Knight, but he fights on one of the ships, I think." Brienne just isn't into learning what those ships are actually capable of. "I would like to see Sir Alexandros reinstated, and if it takes talking with everyone… have you spoken to the Senator candidates who intend on running in the election? Maybe whoever was more interested in getting that done we could vote into office." She smiles to Canis. "Anyone you can think of that would help.." Finished with her own meal, she offers a warm smile to the three. "A near Valen, I like that. I'll spread the word and I should be going as well. I'll do that Sir Kassandra. As for now… I think a carnival with my friend and my brother is in the works."

"It's a start and a good one, with such a group." Canis pushes back and steps out standing and stretching a moment "It was good to meet you both, and yes hopefully we meet again soon. Good luck to you hopefully we're unstoppable should we met on the battlefield." He says with a bow of his head and a nod to each. He looks back to Brie chuckles "Has he been warned about Lexi?" his eyebrow raises but he is still grinning.

Nikomachos shrugs at Kassandra's grimacing murmur, chuckling softly, "I promised Ellie no Valen names for the first." Her words to the others draw his chuckle into a soft laugh, and he shakes his head, "You'd never ignore family. I know you better than that." As she scoots out, he reaches over to swat his sister's shoulder lightly, then look back to his soup, working through it as the others speak, finishing it off and carefully pushing the bowl aside and dabbing at his lips with the napkin. "I haven't spoken to Senatorial candidates yet, Sir Brienne. That sounds like a wonderful idea, however. And then perhaps we could endorse those who support the idea of action most readily. I suppose that will mean a great many Hawks, a few Crown Loyalists, and a scant measure of Doves, but that is what it is. We may not be able to vote, but some of us do have a little influence, if only with the soldiers we serve alongside." Gathering up his half-sandwich, he scoots out after his sister, then gathers up his sword and affixes it to his swordbelt once more, "A pleasure speaking with you both, do enjoy the rest of the day."

Finished with everything, Brie already paid for her own meal when she ordered it, but she rises and offers a smile of approval to Niko. "We'll do it then. Endorse the one willing to support immediate action readily. I'll do my part."

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