12.01.3013: The Cindravale - Iah Wedding
Summary: Sammel and Elodie's wedding reception.
Date: 15.10.2013
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Underwater Ice Garden, Northern Lights Hotel, Niveus
On a moon covered entirely of ice and snow, one may be surprised to find the accommodations so warm. That’s the wonder of modern technology. The underwater ice garden of the Northern Lights hotel is well lit, with directed columns of cold air keeping the sculptures from melting while the rest of the guests are kept comfortably warm. Even shoulders bared for fashion will not feel a chill as they move among the statues. The lights glint off the crystalline sculptures, adding a diamond-like sparkle to the occasion.
The tables also sparkle like ice, lit from within in a variety of hues. The cloth covered chairs surrounding the tables reflect the light, becoming one with it, like petals on a flower. Two blocks of ice, with frozen bubbles inside have been stacked in the center of each table, and crowned with arrangements of white lilies and green leaves. The tables have been set randomly around the room between sculptures and curving about the edges of the dancing space in an irregular but pleasing pattern, appearing as lotuses floating on pond.
IC date of RP

The Ladies Ariana Larent and Eiristra Rovehn and maid of honor, Lady Sir Jordis Iah preceeded The Lady Doctor Elodie Iah, MD, to the altar. Their golden dresses were simple cut, glittering and light, floating to the floor, while around their waists and up towards their shoulders, holographic golden butterflies fluttered. The warm representation of the Vale was followed by the bride in a structured column dress of white, the color perfect to enhance the cool, pale silver and crystal of individual snowflakes crusting the gown from neck to hem. A holographic simulator in the snowflake tiara sent a veil of snowflakes swirling down her back and trailing along the floor behind her as she walked. She was truly a Lady of a snowy moon, going to meet her Knight of the Vale at the end of the aisle.

Waiting at the front end of the aisle, Sammel's dressed in formal clothing of the Cindravale colors. Looking a bit taken by the occasion, he's still unable to hold back a smile as he sees his bride. And then the ceremony continue with the vows and foreheads being anointed, and all of that before the two are proclaimed husband and wife, the knight's smile growing at that point of the ceremony.

On a moon covered entirely of ice and snow, one may be surprised to find the accommodations so warm. That’s the wonder of modern technology. The underwater ice garden of the Northern Lights hotel is well lit, with directed columns of cold air keeping the sculptures from melting while the rest of the guests are kept comfortably warm. Even shoulders bared for fashion will not feel a chill as they move among the statues. The lights glint off the crystalline sculptures, adding a diamond-like sparkle to the occasion.
The tables also sparkle like ice, lit from within in a variety of hues. The cloth covered chairs surrounding the tables reflect the light, becoming one with it, like petals on a flower. Two blocks of ice, with frozen bubbles inside have been stacked in the center of each table, and crowned with arrangements of white lilies and green leaves. The tables have been set randomly around the room between sculptures and curving about the edges of the dancing space in an irregular but pleasing pattern, appearing as lotuses floating on pond.

Back from her months tending to training, both hers and that of the younger generation, at the White Tower, Lucretia Cindravale has actually made it to a family wedding. Dressed in a sleek, black gown that seems to be her customary attire, the Awakened woman has her witch's hat upon her head and her staff in one hand, the slender length of wood crowned with a large aquamarine. Reaching out her free hand, she takes a glass from a passing servant while letting green eyes cast across the room for family or anyone else she recognizes. She saw her nephew Erik and his wife during the ceremony, where did they get off to. Lifting the glass to her lips, she takes a sip.

The two youngest Quellton siblings are sitting quietly at a table. The have their heads tilted towards each other and are whispering softly amongst each outer. Lorelei is dressed in one of the overt fancy dresses that Lady Iah gifted her. When she's standing she gives likeness to a tree in winter, the branches going up her torso like a corset and down her arms. She has a white shawl wrapped around her shoulders, implying snow in the tree tops. Her hair is up in a rather complex set of braids. She looks nervous, and has a hand clutching Bey's. "I don't know if I can do this…I look ridiculous…" Her other had has a glass of something and she's quickly draining it.

Dressed in a long blue houppelande trimmed in gold, Ronan moves with a casual grace, despite wearing enough fabric to weigh as much as him. He has a glass of ice wine in his hand as he mingles with the various guests of his sister's wedding.

Giving a gentle squeeze back, Balius Quellton gives a supportive smile to his sister. "You're the best damn poet in Haven. If not you, then who?" He says, sincerely believing it to be true as he sips his own glass of something. He's wearing a stylish tunic of forest green, with some ornate looking embroidery around the collar, his satchel is hanging over his chair.

The wedding had been breathtaking, Ana had pointed out the beauty of all the little touches to Erik, as if he didn't see it himself. Now as they sample the appetizers Ana can't help but remember their own wedding. Sitting at one of the tables, she leans in near him and says something quietly.

The ceremony for his older brother and his wife was indeed a wondrous thing, reminding Erik of the day he and Johana became husband and wife as well. The difference is that the youngest Valen is no longer in Valen colors but that of House Ibrahm, red and black. He is currently seated at one of the tables with his wife, enjoying the appetizers and when she leans in to whisper something to him, he leans in to listen. Erik had been making sure that his lady wife had not be over-indulging in the wine, perhaps a bit over-protective, even off the battlefield.

Kira comes out of wherever she was at and moves to get a glass of wine. Luckily a 'touch up' kit is hidden up her sleeve should any of the ladies need her expert assistance, but for now, she will find a seat and just enjoy a calming glass of… "Grape Juice…" She says as she gingerly sets the glass down and proceeds to find a glass of wine… a real one.

Opting to not have a grand announcement, Lady and Sir Sammel Cindravale are among their guests and speaking with some here and there before they can be mobbed. Perhaps the fact that the usually conservatively garbed doctor is wearing a dress that simulates a rather deep risque cut in sparkling gold with filmy white scarves floating around her is one reason she didn't want everyone staring when they entered. The deep navy color trimming in gold and red with a white tunic underneath of the groom contrasts nicely as he leads her on his arm.

Canis has switched from his normal dressed down clothes to his best outfit. He only wears during formal occasions, he stands off to the side having enjoyed things so far but still a bit uneasy or at least not sure what to do at weddings and such. He will move away from the wall to mingle better and see if he knows anyone beyond the bride and groom.

Swirling her glass, Lucretia spies the bride and groom and leaves them to their mingling for the moment. And then she notes Ibrahm colors and a familiar head and begins to wander over towards the table Erik and Johana are settled at, staff tapping lightly against the floor with her steps. Claiming a seat next to the pair, on the side of her nephew, she greets brightly with a little grin, "Why, Lord Erik Ibrahm now, is it? How delightful to see you. And Young Lady Johana, a pleasure of course. I do hope my nephew has proven to be a good husband, how are the pair of you doing?"

Lorelei swallows, not quite believing her brother, but she nods, "I just wish they had gone with putting it on the program instead." She'll bite her lower lip a moment then ask Bey, "The certificates are in your satchel, right?"

Switching out wine for juice, Erik doesn't have to watch the wine intake so much now, Johana remains angled towards him from where they sit. As the couple enter, she lifts her gaze and admires the beauty of the bride. "They looks so happy, Erik. Look at Sammel, have you ever seen a smile like that?" Her own smile reflects her happiness for the couple before her attention goes back to the appetizer. When Lucretia joins them, she offers the Lady a kind smile. "A pleasure as well, My Lady." Donning an impish smile, she looks between her husband and his aunt. "Indeed he has and we're doing wonderfully, thank you."

Taking another sip, Balius nods. "When you read the poems, its voice comes to life…and yes, yes I did." He pats the satchel as he talks, glancing around a bit out of his element.

Ronan smiles as he sees the Quelltons. He walks over to their table. "Good evening. I hope that you are having a good time? If there is anything you would like, just let me know."

Erik hears the whispered question and then nods his head in answer before quickly looking for one of the servants, waving the man over quickly to make the request. Looking back up at his older brother and his new wife, the Valen nods his head in agreement to Johana's words, "This will be one of his happiest days, that's for sure." That is when he also catches sight of Lucretia and a smile quickly appears on his face. The youngest Cindravale quickly rises to his feet before extending a hand to his wife, Johana, to help her onto hers as well, "Aunt Lulu!" Certainly not the proper greeting, something the Valen isn't known for, but Lucretia is their favored aunt.

Sammel is looking a bit more relaxed now that the ceremony itself is done. Looking around at all the people present, he smiles a bit. Looking around, he spots his brother and Johana, then blinks momentarily at the other person with them, before he smiles, looking back to Elodie now. "It's great to see that so many people came here," he says, before he adds, "Now who to thank for coming here first…" Looking around at the various people present, he pauses for a few moments. "Perhaps to your brother first?" he offers after a few moments of pause now.

Her eyes scanning the crowd along with Sammel, Elodie gives a nod and lets him lead them over towards the table where Ronan is talking with the Quelltons, and she actually addresses them first before turning to her brother for a hug. "Miss Lorelei, I am very pleased to see you, and looking forward to the poem my sister commissioned. I am sure it will be wonderful," and she looks up to her brother. "You should be careful, every single woman in the room is looking at the bride's family, and you are looking especially well dressed tonight. Una will be fielding requests for Sir Ronan's hand." She grins more with mischief at threatening him with a possible noose than the compliments she gives.

"It's wonderful to see you, Erik. And with such a beautiful wife. We'll have to catch up more sometime soon, but it does my heart good to see you healthy," comes Lucretia's response to her nephew's enthusiastic greeting, a soft laugh following. "And your brother looks positively dashing, doesn't he? And his bride, so lovely. Do I get credit for making one of your weddings?" Another little chuckle and her eyes shift from smiling at the newlyweds back to Johana, a pleasant smile on her lips, "I do offer my sincerest apologies for missing that ceremony, Young Lady, but I felt my affairs at the White Tower to be of the utmost importance."

Grinning broadly at Lord Ronan, Balius pulls the certificates out of his satchel and stands with a polite half-bow. "Thanks for your hospitality, my Lord." He hands the elegant certificates to Ronan. "And perhaps the honor of a dance later, if your schedule were to permit?" Bey offers with a wink.

Maybe it's because Loree reads them in her head with her voice, but she just doesn't get it. Or is too scared to really get it. She'll turn her eyes to Ronan and stand, "Lord Ronan. Everything was wonderful…I only hope words match the ceremony." She'll now to him, and then as the bride and groom approach, "My lord and Lady," Another bow, "Everything was perfect." She'll smile brightly, "Whenever you would like, I can recite the poem." She'll look to her broth a moment as the bride teases Ronan.

At the extended hand, Ana accepts it and rises as bid by her husband. "My lady," bowing her head to her. Though on her feet, the slight 'baby bump' is more obvious. Looking a little bemused as his aunt speaks, she tries to keep up. "Thank you, please call me Johana, or Ana. There is nothing to forgive, of course the date was rather inconvenient for many, but with our mutual obligations, it was the only available day to arrange it. I am happy to meet you."

Ronan arches an eyebrow at Elodie. "Well, if they are looking at my hand, I'm afraid that there will be plenty of broken hearts by the end of the evening." He grins with a devilish smile, "Okay, that is probably a given anyway." He takes the envelope from Balius. He flashes that same smile, "If it doesn't permit, then it will be cleared to ensure it." He looks over at Elodie and Sammel, "Well, you have perfect timing in fact." He holds the envelope over to Elodie. Inside is certificates of ownership for two horses from the Quellton ranch.

At the suggestion of catching up one day, Erik nods his head in answer to Lucretia, agreeing fully, "You are invited to Obsidia anytime, Aunt. Though these days I've been spending a bit of time out on the field. The Hostiles always find ways to become intrusive, especially on our lands." And not only there apparently, according to recent news. As for the complimented directed at Sammel, the younger Valen brother grins as he looks over to his brother, "That he does, and that she is. I'm glad to see you again, Aunt Lulu and we fully understand, no apologies are needed." Echoing Johana's words, and while Erik speaks, he slips an arm around his wife, drawing her closer.

Sammel smiles, nodding a bit to both of the Quelltons now. "Thank you for coming and sharing the day with us, both of you." The words are spoken with a smile, before he looks to Ronan, with a smile now. "Ah, you know how it is, Sir Ronan. Timing is everything." Smiling as he sees the envelope handed over to Elodie, he offers another smile to his brother in law. "Thank you. I promise to take extremely well care of your sister."

Dipping her head to the pair of Johana and Erik, the Valen sorceress continues to smile, "Thank you, both. And I will be sure to come find you sometime soon. Even if I do have to brave a hostile or two in the endeavor. Something I actually plan to look into, that." Johana's little bump is either not noticed, or simply not commented upon as Lucretia adds, "And if I'm to call you Ana, I can't have you calling me Lady. Lucretia suits me just fine." She lifts her glass of wine to take a sip, sneaking another peek in Sammel's direction as she chats with the pair next to her.

Peeking into the envelope, Elodie's eyes widen, and she lets go of Sammel to give Ronan a full hug, not just the lean-in, one arm hug, but a full, all out, stand on tippy toes hug. "It's wonderful, Ronan, thank you!" Turning to Sammel, she shows him the certificates, and then beams to Balius and Lorelei. "I am sure they are beautiful, I can't wait to meet them." Then she glances up to her groom, returning to his arm. "As we've greeted my brother, perhaps we should now greet yours?"

A brief flush of red from Balius as he sips his drink, perhaps not expecting his offer to be so boldly accepted. There's a bit of a goofy grin on his face as he looks to his sister, obviously happy about the certificates and their horses being sold to the nobility. He nods politely to Elodie and Sammel before they continue on their rounds. He looks back to Ronan, still grinning. "I look forward to it."

Lorelei smiles at the couple and will give Bey an 'I told you so' look. She'll shrink back down into her seat and reach for her ice wine. Maybe she can get tipsy enough before she has to read that it won't be awful. She tries to make herself small, and will pull her shawl tighter around her shoulders.

There's a brief pause as he sees Elodie's reaction, and then Sammel gets to see the certificates. A moment of silence as he studies said certificates, before he smiles. "That is indeed a magnificent gift. Thank you, all of you." Nodding a bit as he hears Elodie's words, he prepares to head over to his own relatives now, although he pauses briefly as he sees that Lorelei seems a bit nervous. "I'm sure things will go very well, Miss Lorelei," he offers quietly to her before leading his wife over towards Lucretia, Johana and Erik. "Ana, Erik. We're so happy you both could make it," he greets them, before it's his turn to let go of Elodie to hug his aunt. "Aunt Lulu! I'm so happy you could make it!"

Ronan grins as Elodie hugs him. He hugs her back, "Love you, 'Die." He looks over at Sammel, "I know you will, and if you don't, then you'll have to answer to me." He grins, "Just kidding." The grin disappears, "Or not." Then grin reappears. He looks over at Balius with a wink. He looks over at Lorelei as she slinks down. What a perfect time. He reaches down and picks up a knife and taps it on the edge of his wine glass. "Everyone, if I could have your attention for but a moment. Elodie and my sister commissioned one of Haven's greatest poets to compose a piece to honor Elodie and Sammel's union, to bring their love to live, and if you all put your hands together, perhaps Miss Lorelei Quellton will honor all of us by reciting it for us now."

Remaining silent as Erik speaks with his aunt, Ana does remain at his side as he draws her closer. Seated again, she sips her juice before placing the glass aside. "Of course, our home is yours, you are more than welcome anytime. If you like, I could see you have an escort from the waygate, if you let us know in advance of your visit." A polite nod is given. "I would like that, Lucretia." As Sammel approaches, she offers the couple a vibrant smile, Congratulations, both of you. You look positively radiant."

Flashing a brilliant grin as Sammel and Elodie come closer, Lucretia curls her arms about the groom, returning his hug, "I'm quite happy I managed to make it myself, Sammel. Congratulations, to you and the beautiful bride. And I'm most delighted that you aren't leaving the family too." She pulls back slowly after giving him another squeeze, smiling at the newlyweds, "I'm afraid I couldn't think of anything fitting as a gift with the little time I had between my return and realizing you were getting married, so do forgive me. I'll make it up to you." At Ronan's tapping upon his wineglass, the Witch's eyes turn that direction.

Noble or not, Loree knows a bratty little brother move when she see one. Ronan gets a small glare over her ice wine, it's subtle enough to not get herself into trouble, but still makes her feel better. She'll rise from her chair, the shawl slipping from her shoulders to her elbows. With a quick glance to Balius for courage , she'll smooth her face. When she recites, it's not her normal, almost timid voice, but that almost of a beatnik, with cadence and rhythm.
"Sometimes …the star align
Sometimes the ice breaks in such a way, allowing the light through
The prisms created cast such
That our breath is taken away, not by the cold, but the warmth created

A time to come
There is hope, that there will be peace.
There is love."

Giving his sister a supportive look, Bey's attention has entirely moved to Loree. Nodding at the right moments, he seems to put her cadence to musical rhythms in his mind. As she finishes, he raises his glass to her with a smile, staying close should she need a leaning post or shoulder.

Elodie smiles as Sammel greats his aunt, watching the warmth exchanged and the obvious closeness between the two. Her eyes go to Erik and Johana, and she is glowing, but before she can say anything to them, Ronan is announcing Lorelei, and so she snuggles a little closer to Sammel to listen. The recitation draws an appreciative applause, and then she turns back to the Ibrahms to greet them more properly. "Thank you, Young Lady Sir Johana, and you are looking quite glowing yourself," she offers.

As the first dance is announced, the new Cindravale couple takes to the floor, Elodie's full skirt swishing out into a circle. The sparkling golden skirt and white sashes settle into place as they face one another. The groom leans over to say something in her ear and she pulls back, giving him a raised eyebrow. Sammel opens his arms and she shakes her head, whatever he's said, he's in trouble now as she backs up a few more steps. The lord knight scratches behind his head, pacing back a couple of steps as he tries to think, and glances back towards her. Reaching up, she pulls the tiara from of her hair which she tosses to Eiris and shakes the dark curls down her back, giving him an arched look of challenge, which is answered by an admiring glance that is definitely interested. And then the lights go out.

Its apparent mere moments later, before anyone can really have a chance to worry, that the blackout is on purpose. A lone violin starts a melody in the quiet room, and then beams of deep blue light fade up across the dance floor, focused waist height. In this dim, saturated lighting, Elodie and Sammel appear almost as silhouettes. Through some clever designing of the dress when it was made, the long skirt draped in flowing white is gone. Although the her skirt is now just below knee length, thanks to the indecorously high slit on the right side, the entire length of the new Cindravale lady’s leg is visible as she walks forward to fall into the arms of her groom.
The violin is joined by an accordion, and a piano, the melody slow and beguiling. The two dancers alternate between precise steps that twine their legs around each other, and drawn out sweeps that highlight the pale skin of the Elodie’s legs against Sammel’s black formal trousers.

The steps that Sammel moves with as the dance has started looks well-practiced, but at the same time relaxed, like it's something he really enjoys doing. And that it's something he enjoys is also shown in his expression as the two of them keeps on moving to the music, steps weaving in and out from each other, following the rythm of the music with practiced precision.

Lorelei sits down, shaky hand going for her drink. She'll smile nervously at Bey and take a drink of her ice wine. She'll relax some as the couple has their first dance. She's a touch sad though as she realizes something and will sigh, looking down at her wine. She's going to need to drink a lot more to not care.

When warmer lights start to flood the floor from above, Elodie and Sammel almost seem to glow as the music picks up tempo. The two seem fixed on each other, the man holding his woman’s eyes as the challenge seems to have been accepted. Elodie has been seen in bathing suits before, but her legs have never seemed to merit the attention they grab now, kicking and pivoting on the golden stiletto heels, then wrapping around Sammel as he lifts then sweeps in her a deep dip. Her hair swirls around in the quick steps and sudden stops with reverses of direction as she steps between Sammel’s legs, and he in turns steps between hers, making it seem inevitable for them to get twisted together and fall, but it never happens. The two are moving together, perfectly attuned to the music and each other.

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The music slows one more time before picking up tempo for a grand finale finish. By the time the dance comes to a close, it is evident that Sammel and Elodie Cindravale are enjoying themselves immensely. There isn’t that kind of stiffness found when people have rehearsed a dance just to impress people at their wedding. They are relaxed and fluid, two people who love to dance, the sharing of that love bringing them closer together. After she sweeps her leg out for the final pose and the music ends, Elodie leans her head against her husband’s side as she catches her breath. She gives a little jump when she stands to wrap her arms around his neck, her knees bending to raise her feet behind her, knowing that he’ll catch her and hold her close as she hugs him.

And the fate she puts in him is well placed, as Sammel does indeed catch her at that little jump at the end. "I think this went quite well," he offers to her, quiet, so she's the only one that can hear it now. Moving his head slightly to look to the guests of the reception, to see how they react.

As the others dance, Ana remains at the side sipping her juice while she watches. The bride and the groom look particularly happy. The little jump at the end is sweet and she can't help but smile. Turning to her husband, she smiles. "If you don't mind returning early, I'm feeling just a little tired."

A shoulder bump from Balius to his sister, he whispers congratulations to her as all the dancing breaks out. Turning back to Ronan, he'll eye the Lord intermittently as he only half-interestedly watches the dance. Leaning closer, he'll comment. "They make it look effortless, don't they?" He says with a smile.

Ronan smirks slightly, "They make it look well practiced and highly refined… not effortless… beauty is rarely effortless." He grins impishly, "Well, if the bride and shed some of her clothing to dance, then the kid brother certainly can. I believe you were interested in dancing, yes?" He unfastens the belt that is holding the houpelande closed, before extracting himself from the decorative coat and then removing the big floppy chappeaulette. He reaches up and fluffs up his dark curls. He smiles and crooks his finger with a come hither grin as he steps out on the dance floor.

Lorelei smiles back to Bey, relieved that it's over. As Bey and the noble flirt, Loree will slink into her chair more, glass of ice wine nearly gone. She had 3 glasses at the last reading on the ice moon, maybe she can do 4 now.

Taking a deep swig from his drink and setting it down on the table, Bey pockets his response in favor of moving out to the dance floor. He's got a few moves…not many…but a few! With the beat of the music, he does a quick spin as he meets Ronan on the floor, following the beckoning finger with a bit of a chuckle. "Good thing you're so dedicated then." Green eyes appraise Ronan while Balius grins.

Elodie smiles as Sammel speaks in her ear, turning her head to give him a kiss, which is perfectly okay for her to do, now. No clucking tongues from the more proper set. "It was wonderful," she replies in an equally low voice. She looks around for the rest of her dress that she had handed off to Kira during the blackout. "I'm lucky, I have the best dance partner in the room."

Sammel is unable to hold back a grin as he hears Elodie's words. "My dear, flattery will get you… well, everywhere," he offers, a bit lightly. "And thank you for the kind words about my ability at dancing."

Ronan chuckles, "Oh, I am have always been dedicated to being a sensation." Ronan is on the dance floor, only mostly dressed, with Balius. While Elodie and Sammel's dance might have been sensual, Ronan's own is much more sexual, yet still incredibly graceful.

"Someone has too." Bey offers with a grin. While not nearly as graceful, Balius holds his own in the motions of the dance with Ronan. Seeming to be quite enjoying himself, he probably starts singing along to whatever is playing, getting into the music and letting himself go a bit.

Lorelei will reach for the next glass of ice wine, pulling her shawl up again. Maybe she should have brought both brothers as her date. She'll smile down into the glass, maybe she can slip out. Just cause she's a party pooper doesn't mean she should ruin it for Bey.

Elodie smiles up at Sammel. She's managed to locate the other half of her dress, and is once again properly attired for the evening, so to speak. "Shall we speak to the guests that we haven't scandalized and are still here?" she asks.

Sammel smiles, nodding a bit at those words. "Sounds like an excellent idea," he replies.

Joining the rest of the reception once more, Ariana has her father in tow, her arm linked with his as she leads him into the grand room where the festivities are held. Her head held high and her every movement done with grace, she speaks to her father as they make their way in to mingle with the other guests. "Is this not simply lovely, dear father. The atmosphere is festive and joyful as ever and just take a look at this locale. Niveus is truly a beautiful place beneath the frigid cold." Speaking of cold, her ice blue eyes look over, first the dance floor, and then to peer out among the crowd as if searching for someone in particular.

"It's all been lovely, yes," Percival answers, mildly, to his daughter. "The ceremony and the reception alike." As usual for any formal function, he is wearing his Naval dress uniform, a somewhat more embellished and yet still stark sort of attire that matches the rigidity of the man's posture. "But the decorations are quite novel, I must say." Following along, he briefly follows her glance. "Did you lose someone, between the ceremony and here?"

Ronan continues dancing with Balius for a couple songs. Eventually, he sighs, "As much as I would love to continue this all night… perhaps with a different venue, I do have to play the role of the dutiful brother… "

Leaving the dance floor on the arm of her new husband, Elodie spies Ariana with her father, and she gives a little tug to Sammel's arm to lead him that way. "Lady Ariana, I hope you are enjoying your evening," she dips her head to Percival. "Lord Percival, thank you for attending, we are honored to have you here."

With a brief pat on Ronan's arm, Balius nods understandingly. "So do I…thanks for the dances. Perhaps I'll see you around." With a smile, he turns from Ronan to take his seat back next to his sister, starting on his second drink, still grinning.

Sammel smiles, nodding at Elodie's words as he's led over. "We are very grateful that both of you were able to attend as well." Keeping silent aside from that, since he doesn't really know the Larents that well.

Ariana shakes her head slowly to Percival's question, "Not exactly, but I was hoping to speak briefly with the newly married before the night is over." And there they are! Lowering herself into a sweeping curtsey, the young Larent's voice lifts when she speaks, "Lord Sir Sammel and Lady Elodie, Congratulations on your wedding and for hosting such a beautiful ceremony and reception."

Lorelei manages to down a few more glasses of wine as everyone dances. Everything is lovely, but she's all over the board emotionally. All she needs is to break down crying that she'll never have this in front of everyone. "I…I think I'm going to head out Bey…my head's starting to hurt." Head, heart, whatev's. "You should stay and have fun." She'll give him a smile and wraps her shawls around herself as she moves to leave.

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