12.08.3013: The Boys Are Alright
Summary: Elodie performs surgery and then sits with the Saveur/Cindravale brothers in their room for a bit.
Date: 21 October, 2013
Related: Immediately after Razorwing
Elodie Nikomachos Sammel 

Willowtree Hospital Landing, Imperius
The recovery room in the surgery suite
8 December, 3013

When the Cindravales were brought in, at first Elodie thought the elder was her husband, as he was the one usually being hit across the chest. She spared a glance as she joined the team wheeling Lord Sir Nikomachos Saveur into surgery to find Sammel, and gave him a smile when she saw him ambulatory and walking to the other side of the gurney. She engaged in a soothing and confident conversation with Niko as she prepped him for surgery and then anaesthesia, but then took a quick moment to make sure the younger brother went to have his hands worked on while she was in surgery. Giving him a kiss on the cheek, she disappeared into the operating bay, reappearing a few hours later after some tense moments.
After cleaning up, and straightening her hair, she found Sammel and escorted him to the recovery room, her dark uniform with the red cross on the arm gaining them access without question. She draws up a chair next to Niko's bed, the Saveur knight propped slightly as the head of the bed was set at an angle. He's wearing a hard cast, meant to immobilize his torso, and his right arm is also splinted, but not in a hard cast, laying over the top of the sheet. "Sit," she says gently to Sammel, urging him to take a load off his feet, and resting her hands lightly on his shoulders, fingers gently massaging the back of his neck.

Nikomachos wakes up slowly from the anethesia, immediately and unconsciously trying to scratch the tip of his nose with his right hand. Thanks to the painkillers, the attempt doesn't hurt, but it also doesn't go very well between the splint from upper arm to fingers on his right hand and the hard cast constraining his torso. He grunts in half-conscious confusion, then brings up his right hand to scratch instead, blinking his eyes, "Ow." His voice is thick, with a faintly whispery feel to his usually-clear tones, "That's a philosophical 'ow', since I can't feel anything beyond the tip of my nose. But ow."

Having gotten his hands taken care of, Sammel's been mostly pacing for the rest of the time his older brother was in surgery. When his wife finds him and escorts him to the recovery room, he looks a bit relieved, although there's a pause as he sees Niko. "He'll be all right, won't he?" he asks, a bit quietly, before moving over to that chair as he's told to seat himself. Leaning back a little as the fingers massage his neck. As he hears Niko's ow, he's unable to hold back a grin. "At least you can feel something?" he asks, a bit lightly now.

Elodie nods in answers to Sammel's question. "His lung was a little touch and go in the early going, but we managed to drain the fluid. We just have to watch for infection, but he's being pumped with antibiotics, so the chances are low." Then Niko wakes up, and she grins as he tries to itch his nose. Kissing the top of Sammel's head, since she can in public, now, she moves past her husband and reaches to the recumbant knight's nose. "Just the tip?" she asks, before giving light scratches to where needed. "We don't want you raising your left hand right now, or stretching the muscles on that side. And I haven't messaged Sir Ellinor, yet, although I think I overheard one of the other residents being told to do so. It's possible she knows you were in surgery."

Nikomachos shakes his head slightly, "Elo? Sammy?" His eyes open fully, and he starts to sit up. That, of course, is enough to sweep enough pain through his system that it bites through the painkillers — to say nothing of the fact that his muscles refuse the order and leave him half-reclined, "No one's heard from Ellie yet?" Concern wedges its way through the haze around his senses, "I sent her a message when we got back to the Razorwing…" Actually, he wrote up a message, but didn't manage to send it before passing out. It's probably still queued up in his armor's AI.

"We're here, Niko," Sammel replies to his brother, before he adds, "I'm sure she'll hear it soon, and come see you as fast as she can." A brief pause, as he looks a bit thoughtful. "Feels a bit like the roles have been reversed, doesn't it?"

"I haven't heard anything from Sir Ellinor, but I can go check and see who or if someone has contacted her." Elodie draws back and gives him a grin. "You can call me 'Die' (OOC pronounced dee), my brother and sisters do." A little chuckle at Sammel's observation, and then she slips to the doorway to make the promised inquiries, leaving the brothers for a couple minutes.

Nikomachos nods back against his pillow, "Right… 'Die. I knew that. Didn't even get hit on the head for an excuse." He blinks hard, as if to clear some of the fuzziness from his mind, then nods again to Sammel, "'Little bit. I've come to a decision, little brother. I hate ramships. No room to maneuver, no room for a charge, and the Knight Lieutenant's are over-cautious fools." Which is a step shy of actually calling the Knight Lieutenant in charge of their team a coward, but give him time, he's still feeling poorly. Looking back to Elodie, he taps the hard-cast lightly with his left index finger, "So what did I break this time, Doctor? Besides my lung?"

Sammel shakes his head a little as he hears Niko's words, "Would probably have caused far less damage if you'd gotten hit in the head?" The words come out a bit lightly, before he nods a bit. "For some reason, I suspected you would come to that decision." A brief pause as he hears Niko's question about what he broke, he's unable to hold back a grin. "Your brother's nerves, for one thing." Still spoken quite lightly, though.

Elodie has taken a tablet from the hallway to check his records for contact of next of kin, and brings it back in. Her eyes go to Sammel first at his rejoinder, then she looks to Niko. "Easier to keep straight from 'Ellie' in conversation," she adds with a grin. "A couple of ribs on the way to the lung. They're straight and should knit fine. Reset your shoulder, and you have a couple of fractures in your arm and hand. Clean fractures, not compound, so they've been immobilized and should heal just fine." She decides it's best to not acknowledge that she's heard anything about the Knight Lieutenant, and taps at the tablet until she pulls up Sammel's information. One eyebrow raises, and she focuses her gaze on his right arm for the moment.

Nikomachos leans his head forward to show his brother the scar up the back-right side of his neck, "We've already proven that my head's not impervious to damage, Sammy." Flopping his head back against the pillow, he chuckles at the last point, "Serves you right. I've had to drag your backside back to a hospital plenty of times." And then he listens as intently as his drugged state will allow to the listing of his injuries, "I'll say again, ow." The look to Sammel's hand causes him to chuckle, then wince in pain, then force out, "Oh yes, do look into his hand. He was complaining about not feeling his fingers, or something along those lines. Maybe it was complaining about feeling them too much. Things get distinctly hazy after a certain point. I rather hope I didn't say anything to really embarrass myself."

"Not impervious, but it's better shielded?" Sammel remarks, before he nods a bit at the rest of it. "Yes, you have. Which I'm quite grateful for, Niko." Smiling for a few moments, before he hears the listing of the injuries. "Ow sort of sums it up very well, I'd say," he remarks, before he grimaces at the mention of his hand. "Felt them a bit too much, really… But they're feeling much better now…" At the mention of Niko saying something to really embarrass himself, he grins. "What was that you said about doing embroidery?"

"Well, there's still time for that, Sir Niko," Elodie reminds him cheerfully that he's still fairly drugged. "Sammel's hand has been well operated on, and he'll be fine. He just shouldn't use it for awhile. Either hand actually. I guess I'll have to feed him." There's mischief as she looks to the Cindravale knight. "And help him get dressed, brush his teeth, take a bath…"

Nikomachos tilts his head to one side in question at Sammel's suggestion, "That it's amazing and not enough people wear it or wear enough of it?" He smiles gamely at Elodie's 'warning'-slash-reminder, "I'll do my best not to…" and then he stops as her list goes on, and he painfully wriggles his left hand up to stick a finger in his ear, "lalalalalalalalala, I'm not listening. My brother doesn't ever get naked." He coughs a bit in his laughter, then slumps back, "Ow." He probably shouldn't be coughing. Shaking his head and laying back, he adds, "Thank you both for stopping by. And for looking out for me. I think I'm going to slee…" and then he's asleep.

"You mean I can't use the hands at all?" Sammel says, after a few moments of pause. "I'm going to feel like a child…" A brief pause and a chuckle as he hears Niko's reaction now, but doesn't say anything. As his older brother lays back again, he nods at the words. "Anytime, Niko." Pausing as he sees how fast his brother fell asleep.

Elodie grins as Niko has the predicted response to her comments, and then falls asleep. She walks over to Sammel and gently lifts his arms so she can sit in his lap and wrap those arms around herself. "Don't worry," she tells him, leaning down to kiss him. "I'll take /very/ good care of you."

Sammel looks about to say something now as she places herself in his lap. "Hey, I'm not…" A pause as he's kissed, before he continues, with a smile. "I'm not worrying. It's just going to be a little… strange." A brief pause and a grin. "What would I do without you, hmmm?"

Elodie chuckles as she wraps her arms around his neck. "I think we agreed that we weren't going to ponder what we would do without each other," she reminds him with a grin, and rests her forehead against his. "I'm glad I was here to take care of your brother, and be here for you. Shall we stay until Sir Ellinor shows up?"

"Ah, I forgot, sorry…" Sammel replies, before he nods a little, "I'm glad you were here when we came in as well. I was quite worried when he passed out on the ship…" Nodding a little bit at the question about staying. "At least for a while?"

Elodie nods. "But you are to let me know if you're feeling tired. You haven't had it /that/ much easier." Her hands fall from around his neck to his chest, as she looks down. "I'm glad, however, that you didn't get hit in the chest again. I can happily take care of everything for you, and be relieved that it is not /your/ lungs that I have to worry about this time."

"I will," Sammel promises, before he smiles a bit again. "And I'm quite glad it wasn't my chest again. Feels like I've had enough hits to there for a while." A brief pause, before he adds, "My only trouble is that I'll probably forget that I shouldn't use my hands at some point. Old habits and all that?"

Elodie nods. "You have had." She raises an eyebrow. "I think you'll be all right. When you bonk yourself with a cast trying to scratch your nose like Sir Niko, then you'll remember." With that, she leans against the said uninjured chest, and looks down to her tablet, then to Sammel. "Wait, it looks like you're due for your next round of painkillers, and we don't know when Sir Ellinor will be arriving. I'll give you the dosage, but when you start feeling sleepy, don't fight it. We'll take you to your room and I'll sit with Sir Niko until his wife comes if you like."

Sammel is unable to hold back a bit of a grin at the mention of the casts. "Maybe." It's offered with a bit of a grin, before he pauses at the mention of the painkillers. "Ah…" he says, before he nods at the rest of it. "Don't fight it…" A brief pause, before he nods again now, "Sounds good. And I'll probably do less damage while asleep, right?" A brief smile at the last words.

Elodie chuckles. "Yes, you will do less damage asleep," she agrees, giving him another kiss before she slides off his lap to help him stand. "I looked at the assignments, I can take you to your bed… when Niko leaves recovery, he'll in in the room with you."

"Sounds good…" Sammel replies, before he lets out a bit of a yawn. Letting himself be helped to his feet, he adds, "I haven't really slept since before the boarding happened…"

Elodie nods. "And that's why I'm mixing a bit of sleeping draught in your dosage. You think that because you feel this tired, you'll have no troubles sleeping, but you'd be surprised." She puts an arm around his waist to 'support' him as they walk down the hallway.

Sammel nods a bit, letting himself be helped along. "Well, since it's you, I know it'll be for my own good." A brief pause, before he adds, "Make sure you get some rest every now and then as well." He knows she will, but has to say it just in case.
"Of course it's for your own good," Elodie assures him. "If it makes you feel any better, if Sir Niko is transferred to the room before Sir Ellinor arrives, I will join you for a bit, if you leave me some room." She looks up at him, "this being married thing can have some perks, after all."

"I'll try to remember to leave you some room," Sammel replies, before he grins a little bit. "Some perks are always good," he adds, with a smile. Glancing around for a few moments now, then back to her. "I would have preferred sleeping back in our own bed, but this is what I get for letting the Hostiles hit my hands, isn't it?"

As she looks to the room numbers and finds his room, Elodie nods. "Yes, it is. Although, it's preferable to you having to stay here for a week at least because they hit you in the chest," she tells him. "Another perk of being married to a doctor is that if I promise to take over your care, I can take you home earlier."

Sammel smiles as he hears that, nodding a little bit. "Preferable by far." Nodding a bit as he hears that last part. "That's quite a good perk as well. Hopefully you'll get to do that very soon."

Elodie helps Sammel into bed, pulling up the covers for him, and then tucking them as he prefers. When she's managed to get him settled comfortably and administered the hypo spray, she leans down to give him a good and proper kiss. "Believe me," she promises. "I'll make it as soon as possible."

Helped into the bed, Sammel does his best to move himself into a position where he'll be the most comfortable, before the hypospray is administered. And then he's kissed again. Kissing back, before he nods and smiles as he hears that promise. "Good." A brief pause, and he's unable to hold back a yawn. "Goodnight, my love," he offers, closing his eyes now.

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