02.20.3014: The Bonding of the Youngest
Summary: Balius and Cyrielle bond over being the youngest in their families.
Date: 11 Nov 2013
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Balius Cyrielle 

Willowtree Hospital, Landing, Imperius
The walls of the top hospital in Haven are painted in bright, pastel colors, presenting a calm, cool facade. Cleaning and nursing drones bustle down the hallways around human nurses and doctors, staying out of the way of their living counterparts. There are triage rooms meant to hold dozens of patients, two-person rooms for those with severe wounds or illnesses, and operating theaters filled with scanners, laser scalpels, and every sort of medical technology available to the people of Haven.
Thursday, February 20th 3013

Three days and change later. Evening has settled over Willowtree and the hospital is fairly quiet. Surgeries — save emergencies — are done for the day and the dinner cycle has just passed. In room 222 (not a club yet), Cyrielle is working on some photo editing. She's had a beefier computing device brought in and it's propped on the mobile table by her bed as she works. There are fewer monitors now- mostly remote ones just keeping tabs on her stats from the various contact patches applied to skin. It's let her get a measure more comfortable on the bed.

There's still a pressure/stability cuff on her upper right leg, but it seems she's been allowed to wear normal clothes. For the most part. What she's wearing is just a pair of shorts and a light-weight top. They give Cyrielle a somewhat casual air. The image up now is of a sunrise over the treetops of Arborenin, birds silhouetted against the sky. She sips at water clutched in one hand, the other adjusting light-levels on the image.

Having decided to skip his evening class (again), the Quellton had made his way quickly over to the hospital. For reals, though, who cares about what some old dude and some old gal did back in 800? The professor just drones on and on as if it still mattered or something. What a pompous freak!

Anyways, Balius has a stock of holovids in his hand. He's dressed in the same colored tunic and pants as last time, though they don't particularly smell or seem wrinkled…yet. As he enters Room 222 (which should totally be a club) again, he's all smiles, though those bags around his eyes seem more pronounced. "Cyri!" He says at the door, she looks much better. "I see ya've updated your fashion, though white gown suited ya so well." He smirks as he sets the discs down on a table. Shriek 1-4.

Some might care, but simply for academic value, right? Old dudes and gals getting it on hold little bearing nowadays. There's no worries about tracing direct family lines when there's advanced genetic and DNA research. Cyrielle looks up and offers a smile towards Balius; her gaze still has the slight waver of someone on pain drugs, but she's much more "with it" than last time he visited.

The ship in a bottle is perched on a window ledge, allowing what little light the winter weather allows through to catch the curve of the glass. "The white gown also risked showing off parts I'd rather keep to myself." She does grin slightly, lowering the tablet to the table fully as she looks to the discs. "Ah! You brought them. I was reading up a bit about them on the 'sphere. They sound good."

Or grades. Grades to. Why have an intensive pre-med track if he still had to listen to history? If he believed in the Six, he'd curse them for it. Such as that was not the case, he curses people instead. All the old, dead people.

His eye catches the gift with a soft smile as he looks back to her. "Well, seeing as you're in a hospital, I don't think many were in danger a' seein' all them parts. But it's a blessin' that your comfortable now anyway." Balius glances over to the discs. "Yeah, it's about as Horror as I get. Ain't much blood and guts, but it's got some thrills to it."

"The medic has issue with blood and guts?" Cyrielle manages a bit of a grin, reaching for the discs to check out the packaging. There's signs of another visit, as well; a box of chocolates that has the lid partially off from earlier nibbling.

"When I was a kid, I hated horror, but…" The Hollolas gives a small shrug, leaning back against the carefully arranged pillows. "Having to butcher your own meals for a few years takes that out of ya." She lifts her water, taking a long sip. "Hated it the first while, but now… well, I wouldn't've been able to handle those bodies," he knows the ones, in the resort, "otherwise."

Balius rolls his eyes a bit. "Yeah, yeah…have yer fun." He chuckles though. "T'ain't so much the blood and guts behind it, it's the reasons they come about." He shrugs a bit as he looks to the stack. "Obviously, ya start with Shriek…" It's got an elongated, white mask on it against a plain, black background.

"You oughta know that all those films that take place out in the woods messed me up real nice-like when I was a youngin…" Balius admits with a grin. "Chi would always use that ta his advantage. Loree would never watch, but, Chi always could dare me into it. I'd end up sleeping in the barn with my horse for a week or so." He chuckles a bit.

"You like your blood and guts spilled in a methodical fashion, then?" Cyrielle smirks somewhat, setting her glass back on the table. "I've been learning that the real thing is always worse than the movies… They just somehow make it seem worse." She sets the case back down, organizing the stack so they all sit flush.

"Ohhh, like the Dark Awake series? Haunted cabin in the woods kinda thing?" Cyrielle wiggles her fingers at Balius, unable to contain a bit of a giggle. "Afraid a crazy druid would send the trees to drag you off into the night?"

"Perhaps…though I prefer keeping the guts in." Balius seems alright with the morbid humor for a moment. "Everythin's got a reason…the horror movies make that reason seem, I dunno, pointless." He shrugs a bit again, and then she's talking about his childhood fears.

"Listen, that shit can get scary!" He says indignantly. "You jus', jus' imagine that the stables with the horses are your refuge, the place ya run to when yer scared or lonely…then yer bro finds this movie, where a Druid turns the horses to trample their hands…and then eat 'em. Yeah…and yer like 9." He shivers a bit as he moves to get the first Shriek.

It's difficult to avoid giggling then, at the indignation. Cyrielle lifts a hand, covering her mouth to try to smother her mirth. It still reaches the brown depths of her eyes, though. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," she finally offers, still giggling somewhat.

"I'm the youngest, too, so I know what it's like. Irvette got me to watch this thing about sharks developing legs and climbing onto shore to terrorize people," Cyrielle nudges the pile towards Balius as he nears. "I was only like, four? I didn't know. Took father days to get me back onto a ship."

Balius is chuckling a bit as well. "Yeah, yeah…it's funny now." But he seems in good spirits as he puts the holovid in. "Sharks I can deal with. It'd take days for a mutant shark army to get to the stables….those horses though…" He chuckles some more, as he takes one of the chocolates and sits back down.

"Yeah, well, you've been to The Hand, haven't you? When you can hear the ocean hitting the walls at night, every little piece of drift wood sounds like it might be a shark trying to get in."

When he takes one of the chocolates, Cyrielle makes a face of faux-horror. "Now you'll have to explain to Ephraim when I go into a chocolate withdraw! Those were carefully measured by chocolate pharmacists." Surely there's such a thing… right? No, no. They're just standard treats.

Balius grins, his mouth still full as he shamelessly reaches for a second chocolate piece. "Lorf Eff-ram…fank em for mee.." He pops the second piece in as the opening scene starts. Some woman is running from the masked murderer down her stairs. It's obviously out in the Vale somewhere.

Of course it's out in the Vale. Pansies. Cyrielle stretches her good leg out, hands going to the thigh of her right leg to help slowly adjust it. "He thinks I need a cupholder in my leg," she jokes, sidelong at the Quellton. The chocolate box is slid a bit closer to herself and she snatches up a piece to nibble on. Dark eyes take in the screen and she tilts her head, "I've always wondered why it's always women. Can't a female murderer go on a spree killing men that run around in terror?"

"Who says the murderer isn't female?" Balius muses aloud to her question, while attempting to hide the identity…though his tone could indicate the killer is indeed a she. His eyes will glance to the leg in question. "Typical. You should have like a auto-crossbow thing that retracts. You just load arrows before you leave home!" He chuckles for a moment, but it's clear he's proud of the idea.

"Just traditionally," Cyrielle explains, waving around another piece of chocolate she's gone and snatched up. He's going to make her stuff her cheeks, just to save it from the cruel fate of being eaten by someone else! "Killer is male, targets are women who can't make a single logical choice."

There's a grin, however, but it turns into a laugh at the suggestion. "I'll take all my enemies out at the knee, then?"

Balius has made no move for the chocolates since the first two. "And the killer always gets caught too. Well…unless they want a sequel." He chuckles a bit as the screaming woman is stabbed repeatedly and the title screen of Shriek appears with ominous music. "So, since you're eating chocolate, what else they lettin' ya eat in this place?" The Quellton has an idea.

"Cyri Knee Slayer…could make a good movie." His voice goes deep. "He took her leg…now she'll take his life."

"Or they only think they got the killer. Or the killer is somehow able to come back from the dead. They always find a way." Cyrielle grins broadly, grabbing her water to take a sip. "Mm, now that everything is going well, I can eat pretty much whatever I want."

The deep voice and 'tag line' earn a burst of laughter and she almost drops the glass. Cyrielle's fingers do manage to keep hold, but she's giggling now.

"Jus saying." Balius says with a smile, still chuckling about the whole thing. And the holovid shows some angsty Valen school, stereotypical teens doing stereotypical things.

Looking over to the giggling Cyrielle, Balius gives her a look of amusement much like he might give a close friend. "Man this is waaay better than some stupid class."

There's a snort of amusement, brown eyes remaining largely on the screen. This movie is new to Cyrielle, but it is one of the sorts that can be enjoyed while carrying on conversations. She does cast a look towards Balius, but there's mirth in it as well. "Skipping class, hmm? Well, I won't be to blame if you fail something!"

"Heh. If it were useful, I'd be there." Balius grunts as he rolls his eyes. "Thanks Ma." He adds teasingly. "You go take down a few Hostiles and then try to listen to some ol' fella drone on and on about some Chancellor way back when doin' whatever it was he did."

There's a slight wrinkling of Cyrielle's nose. "I'm no one's ma, don't even joke." As much as the tabloids might love some rumor of the kind. It's been so very long since the last noble got knocked up before being wed. "Well, I've taken down a few Hostiles, as you may well recall, and…" She looks thoughtful, then shrugs. "Yeah, alright. I see your point."

Standing the Quellton laughs a bit harder, enjoying such stern denials. It's hard to avoid rumors on a college campus. Thankfully, Balius had yet to share any of his own insights. "Seeing as how you can eat just about anything now, I'm gonna wrangle us up some popcorn…"

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