06.27.3013: The Arrival of the Injured
Summary: Sir Erik Cindravale is brought to the triage at Shelter for healing after the Niveus battle.
Date: 28 June 2013
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Erik Ariana 

The triage at Shelter
A basic triage set up with rows of beds for the injured and a fully stocked medical supply center.
27 June 3013

The tension back at Shelter is definitely mounting and all eyes are now focused on the various video screens that display the battle happening on the ice shelf. Ariana stands amongst the rest of the medical team as the await word of the confrontation. There are enough visuals and sounds of combat to more than hint at the severity of the conflict going on. After a long enough wait, the sound of the entrance doors swinging open can be heard and the various doctors and assistants all suddenly move at one time, to help lead the injured and wounded in and get them settled.

Fighting while not being mounted is not something that the Cindravales prefer though when duty calls, Erik rises to meet the challenge, whether on foot, mounted, or in this case, on foot in the snowy terrain. Joining those that were wounded in the clash against the Hostiles, the Valen can be seen walking at the side of a couple of medics who are carrying a badly wounded Arboren Knight who has been sedated due to her injuries. Erik isn't as badly injured, his armor damaged in various places with the only visible wounds being on his right hand and one across his chest. Soon, one of the doctors stops the Cindravale Knight from following as they have to work on Brienne, so his steps comes to a stop.

As she approaches the incoming swell of injured, Ariana half-turns, her gaze flickering towards the badly injured Arboren, noting the expert medical team who rush over to tend to her. In her distraction, she does not immediately see Erik, but luckily for the both of them, she spots him just in time to prevent any sort of collision. Recognizing him from the medbay on the Ring and then again later at the lounge on the Ring, she dips her head as a polite greeting and even as she does this, her medic's gaze quickly look the Cindravale over to gauge his wounds, "Lord Sir Erik Cindravale, if I recall correctly." She notes, "Please follow me." If he's in need of any type of support, despite her usually having an invisible barrier up to protect her private space, as a medic, she knows that this is impossible to do in her work. "Chest wound and a wound to the right hand." She speaks through her earpiece now." As she leads the way, she tries her best to get him situated comfortably on the cot and she draws the curtain around them for at a bit of privacy.

Only when he hears someone greeting him does Erik turn his attention from the medics and doctor who is bringing the Arboren Knight to be treated and worked on to the Larent Lady. Recognition is there as well, as the Cindravale Knight remembers Ariana from the Ring and with her handling the role as one of the expert healers present, there is no protest or complaint. "Lady Ariana." Comes the greeting in return and the young Valen appears to have been well trained when it comes to professionalism on the battlefield and thereafter, following orders when necessary. Despite the adrenaline no longer rushing through his blood, Erik needs no assistance to follow Ariana's guidance as he is lead to an empty cot. Once he takes a seat at the edge of the cot, the helm that was tucked under his arm is placed off to the side, then he begins to unclasp the fastenings on various part of his armor while he tries to reassure the Lady, "My Lady, the wounds are light, if there are more grievously injured people that need your attention, feel free to attend to them first."

As one of her assistance helps to take the man's vitals as his armor is slowly undone and removed, Ariana immediately pulls up his chart on her tablet before scanning it over the screen attached to the cot as a way of place his medical file to the bed itself. Even as she does this, she continues with her conversation, her eyes even lifting over her datapad to regard Erik with a polite smile, "Do not be silly, My Lord. It won't do to have your injuries remaining while I tend to others. And by the looks of it," she turns to look upon the triage as a whole, "For the moment, we have everything under control." Once her attention refocuses on the knight and his now bared injury, her eyes narrow, "Multiple wounds to the chest area. It looks like you got nicked there too, but that seems to be a minor issues." Deftly, her fingers reach for the hypospray atop the nearest counter to the bed, her eyes closely examining the print and dosage on the container. "I'm going to give you something for the pain first of all. Then we'll work on trying to get the bruise, itself healed, and find out if there is any internal damage done. So far, your vital signs have been fair."

When he was told not to be silly, Erik can't help but smirk in amusement as he continues to help with the removal of his Aggressor Armor, piece by piece being shedded, some a bit more difficult than others as they have dents or slashes in them. When the armor pieces that were covering his wounds is removed though, there is a brief grit of teeth and perhaps a grunt but that is all the reaction out of the Cindravale. "No need to waste the meds, My Lady, it doesn't hurt… much." The Valen's charts would note that he needs more than the usual amount of any medication for its full affects, apparently his body has a bit of tolerance for any foreign substance affecting him. Erik also isn't sure just how many wounds he took, most were deflected or blunted by armor, so in most areas he may be sore or bruised at worst.

Satisfied with her finding, Ariana holds the hypospray up with one hand, her blue eyes as cold as the Niveus air simply looks at the man directly. She smiles too. "I am here to take the best care of all of my patients. And all of our injured soldier. Though if it does make you feel better, My Lord," And her voice becomes hushed and conspiring, "The rest of the medical team may wish for it to be kept a closely guarded secret, but… we are not in danger of running out of supplies just yet in the aid of our brave." Those eyes then shift warily about her, just as she draws back slightly. If there's no protests, she will make quick work of applying the hypo to the side of the man's neck, releasing the contents with an almost comforting hissing sound. "The minor pain that you are feeling aside, can you tell me how else you are feeling?"

The Cindravale's grin widens when Ariana teasingly shares a mock secret with him, also taking note that it was also a subtle hint that he does not have to worry as his part of the fighting is done. No further protests are voiced and he accepts the injection willingly. Once the healer's question is voiced, Erik takes a brief moment to think, "I feel fine, My Lady, perhaps a bit sore now but more than capable to return to the line if needed." For now, his mind is still distracted enough not to really notice his wound on his hand and chest, thus the biting pain was just a dull throb and with the hypospray injected, pain will not be an issue.

"If you don't mind, My Lord." Ariana says semi-absently as she moves in to further inspect the wound on his chest and with her gloved hands, she presses down, gently at first, at the sight of the main portion of the wound, then more pressure is placed as she tries to inspect for broken bones. "I would love to hear more about the battle, if you wish to speak of it. From our feed here, we could barely make out what was going on, but it looked like a brutal confrontation all the same. And with the amount of injured and the extent of their injuries, this has to be one of the worst clashes I've seen yet. Not that I've had all that many years of experience as a medic." Not finding any broken bones, she now works to swab and clean the affected area to prepare it for bandaging.

There is a slight nod from Erik at Ariana's warning and when the wound is pressed, there is a slight tensing at the jaw as the dull pain is still there for the time being, the meds that was injected to him keeping it from being a sharp pain. It appears to only be a slash, nothing is broken beneath and it didn't bite too deep into the Cindravale's body. When the Larent asks about the battle, Erik appears to be considering if it would be proper to share the gory details with her, finally deciding that he won't go into that much detail. "We were suppose to reinforce the Lady Iah's patrol but we arrived too late. There were quite a few Hostiles, but we had numbers on our side too. In the end, the superior side won out."

Ariana is an attentive listener when it comes to these war stories and she looks somewhat intrigued by what is told to her. "Lady Iah? The High Lady?" She stops her swabbing, though she is nearly finished there, to scan the room once more in the hopes to catch sight of any of the Iahs, before she returns to Erik with a look of curiosity clear in her blue eyes. "Was she terribly hurt? I'm afraid that not much news had filtered in regarding the fight itself. At least, not to me directly, but I'm sure that Lady Elodie will be adamant that she help tend to her own family." She then opens up the drawer attached to the cot's tray and pulls out a large adhesive patch, carefully drawing out the backing from the sticky side. This she fits over the large bruising on the man's chest, the medication itself on the patch feels quite cooling.

"I did not see what happened to her nor what happened after the fighting, but she may have suffered a pretty bad wound, My Lady." Erik appears to not want to commit to any detailed answer nor anything that is too gruesome or terrible news, so he remains vague about what happened to the Lady Iah. A breath is taken in when the cooling effect begins, inhaling until the point where it would hurt to go further. Glancing down at the patch for a moment, the Valen looks back up at Ariana, "Thank you for tending to me, Lady Ariana."

Ariana's delicate hands then reach for the bandages and expertly begins to wrap this over the knight's injured chest and the cool padding protecting and soothing it. "I see. I will be needing to speak with the members of House Iah soon enough, once all of our wounded are tended to. I was rather worried for Lady Elodie as she has many of her close relatives out there in battle. Very much like the way I worried for my Lord Father's safety as well, but as he would say, the danger comes with the work." A pause, her attention now focused to the man's hand and she starts this process all over again, with the swabbing. "I do want you to get some rest during your stay here. Your wounds may not be as grievous as some others, but there is no need to agitate them with any unnecessary movements." To the words of thanks, Ariana smiles gently to the man, "You are very welcome, My Lord Erik. Just as you and the other soldiers have done your duty out in the battlefield, it is my turn to do my duty here."

"We all know the risks that comes with duty, Lady Ariana, and it is something we have accepted when we started our path to knighthood. Especially this generation of knights as it was inevitable we would be facing these invaders." It appears that Erik certainly has taken his position, training, and time of birth to heart, as if it was indeed his destiny to combat the Hostiles. At the suggestion of rest, the amused grin returns but he doesn't protest, not exactly, "I promise not to do anything too strenuous unless necessary, My Lady. And we appreciate what you and the other healers do, the war is not only won on the front."

With careful fingers, a cooling agent is rubbed onto the knight's wounded hand, Ariana's gaze watches attentively as she goes about her work. "I, myself, do regret that I can do very little to aid in the direct conflict, myself, but as my Lord Father has told me many a time, my own job is just as important. However, if you would listen to talk of many of the healers, especially those with knights and soldiers for relatives, so many of us feel restless and we wish there was more that we could do to help. Take up arms." She even laughs lightly here. A long length of bandage is drawn out and she quickly winds it around Erik's bruised hand. "Nevertheless," She smiles ever brighter, "Right now, you should be getting some rest. Is there anything that I can have brought to you? New books or magazine files for your tablet, perhaps? I'll be back soon enough to check up on you as I'm doing my rounds as well." Her gloves now removed, she types in an updated report for one Lord Sir Erik Cindravle's and sends this information to the electronic file attached to his bed.

"Your Lord Father is a very smart man, My Lady, without healers, there would be not too many soldiers returning to the front after taking a wound and we would easily lose the war." Erik's eyes are focused on his hand as it is being treated by Ariana, the cooling agent easily dulling the pain further in conjunction with the hypospray. "And healers are not the only ones who can feel restlessness. When we were on board the Shadow of Intent, I was feeling quite restless as the ship was being rocked by energy blasts, waiting for the boarding action to commence." When the offer is made to bring him anything he needs, Erik quickly shakes his head, "You are too kind, Lady Ariana, but I am fine. Again, thank you for your help."

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