08.21.3013: That's One Way
Summary: Chancing upon Hadrian in the Multipurpose Lab, Demos ponders an ethical quandary with the Lord Doctor
Date: 21st August 2013
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Hadrian Demos 

Multipurpose Lab
This lab can be adapted to serve a variety of purposes. It has a mandatory decontamination airlock that separates it from the central corridor. It is a simple rectangle in shape with no windows, and is usually used for short term projects. Soft lighting is provided from both the ceiling and floor tiles, and simple voice command can change the intensity of the illumination. Sterile, matte metal tables create workspace, and there is a wide variety of storage where equipment, and organic and inorganic materials can be kept. This lab, like any other in the Facilities, is closely monitored by security.

The Multipurpose lab had been largely taken over by Doctor Hadrian Orelle. He had work to do, and it was important work. He had a five o-clock shadow, and clearly had been working for sometime. Hadrian sat in front of a screen that was spitting out information, and he simply watched. Waiting. Near by, a machine was creating something sludgy. The Orelle doctor and scientist just waited. And watched.

Entering the lab is Demos, hands full with what appears to be a box. It looks heavy and when he comes in, he glances about for a surface to place it on. Not minding anyone else about their own work, he plops it down on the surface with a thud. Then goes to a nearby storage cabinet for inorganic materials, proceeds to unlock it and look for the section that is 'his' for general purpose storage. There are rocks on it, but his rack is mostly empty. Carefully he begins to take out the rocks from the box. Each one clanks down as he starts to organize. Finally, he realizes he's not alone. "I'm not disturbing am I," he asks, letting another clang onto the table. Bits of dust fall off the rocks onto the formally clean surface.

Hadrian looks to the newcomer with a particularly flat face. "I am afraid that inorganic compounds could get in the way of the tests I am running." he says simply, "In short, the matter you are spreading about the lab could have consequence against my tests, which are of great importance to the war effort. If you are able to keep your mess to a minimum.." he says as he approaches and runs a finger across the once clean surface, bring up dust on his fingertip.

Smiling, it fades a moment, he blinks and looks around as if getting his bearing. Demos looks at the shared cabinet again as if double checking there as well. "My apologies, Lord," he returns, "I was under the assumption I had entered the multi-purpose lab. If I had known it was designated to be under isolation, I would have been more careful. I'll just put these back then." The rocks are picked up, more carefully, and clanked back into his box. "I can put the labels on in my lab before I bring them for storage once more. Should take some time so you can finish up that war-sensitive instrumentation?"

"You have. You should check the lab schedule before simply entering. Time is allotted based on requests." Hadrian says, "Its not a free-for-all. Simply a lab for many purposes." Hadrian continues. "Perhaps, though you can continue. Still- given the nature of your work, I would recommend using an isolation chamber so as to not cause damage to other experiments running by others."

"No, no, I'll just put these away, don't want to introduce more deviation to your results," says Demos. Putting them away and then fetching cleaning material to start cleaning the surfaces at least. "I just didn't realize equipment that sensitive was kept here, most of the big pieces for my are in my lab. I probably would of seen about setting a lock on the door for the time-slot, but I don't come in here much, so don't know if the powers that be would help you with that." Then a chin towards the equipment running, "Its not something contagious is it?"

"No." Hadrian replies simply. "It is not contagious. It is the genetic information of the Hostile captive, I am doing research. It has, so far, been enlightening." He offers quietly and simply. "I am also synthesizing food matter for the creature, so as to keep it from starving while it is in custody." Hadrian looks to Demos. "I am Lord Doctor Hadrian Orelle." he says, with a nod as he moves to take some cleaning items and begins to assist Demos in ensuring sterility in the area his samples had been. "As for a lock, again, I'd suggest checking the schedule. Next time, however, I will be all too happy to inform security. Chances are they thought you were bringing me another sample."

"I'll be sure to check the schedule," says Demos, "Next time. Usually its a routine, only some collision at the onset of a new project and vying for a good slot. Then again, Hostile genetic samples aren't routine. Good thing to have a mix up now like that, remind us all not to fall into bad habits." A chuckle from him, "And I'll have to remind security what I do again, I'm a far stretch from hostile biospecimen's, as far as anyone is likely to get. A pleasure to meet you Lord Hadrian … Demos Osteros." A hand is offered, after he wipes it with an alcohol wipe.

"Thank you." Hadrian replies simply. "I have been receiving many samples as of late. A simple mistake, I am sure." The hand is taken, given a simple shake. "I am always pleased to meet a fellow man of science." He says, as he nods. "The Genetics have proven themselves to be quite enlightening. I have discovered several new lines of inquiry. I'm afraid its too soon to say for sure what I've discovered. But it promises to change how we wage this war, and what we know is as potent a weapon as any other."

"It sounds like they take the inquiry of biology more serious than the idea of geology," responds Demos. "I've tried to suggest to a few ears that between the meteor shower ruse and the fragments we've gotten off ships from the second wave, we might want to consider what interest the hostiles have in the remnents of 4th World. But, I think because it begins with 'rock', there is no interest, rocks are boring these days." A shrug, it is what it is, "But I'm curious about your samples now, are you aware of House Iah's mysterious rock … simply because I'm curious now if Hostiles react the same way we to to exposure."

"My preliminary research points towards the Hostiles being human." Hadrian states simply. It is a heavy statement. "Organ placement and size, bone structure and density, I am waiting on DNA results, and following up a hunch that the Hostiles may be human beings with extremely advanced cybernetics enhancements to allow their cybernetics to enhance them beyond the human norm. It is a disturbing line of inquiry, but must be completed. SHould it prove to be true, I hope to do further testing."

Listening to the other, he mostly follows, thankful the doctor is sticking to layman's terms. Demos being more grounded in the inorganic, that's quite helpful. "That's a branch of inquiry that is as intriguing as much as a curiosity to tackle. But assuming your results follow your hypothesis, where does advanced cybernetics slip into the mix. Looking at archeological lineage of this strain of human and their integration with advanced cybernetics, then is there a presumption they simply could have advanced so quickly given the time, or is that still in the mysterious stages of your pondering?"

"The Fifth World, with its irregular orbit may have certain environmental factors that required the advance of cybernetics to ensure survival. The rations they've chosen are unusual, but can sustain human life. My DNA search, and Genome work will pull back the veil on their secrets. With their secrets revealed, we will know how to fight. Unfortunately, it is too soon to tell. The Data is what I must receive first before my theories can be disproven."

A nod is given by Demos, "Is there some ethical paradigm in there? The 'are we fighting ourselves' or 'if we're both human, who's to say who has the real right of it' …" Maybe he's a hint skeptical, or its more easy for him to ponder there is some other diametric external influence to why the fighting is so extreme between the groups, if they are indeed human. "I'm still curious about new elements. Do you know who's been receiving the cybernetics and equipment off the Hostiles, or if they've found new compounds?"

"I am a scientist. I am a Havenite. A hostile force threatens my way of life, the systems I call home, and my family. I was trained as a medical doctor and researcher, Mister Demos." Hadrian begins quietly, "Should an infection, or cancer grow out of the body it should be cured. I do not question the destruction of mutated cells in the body to save the whole, and neither should any other. We face destruction, from a people who consider us less than they- that much was easily inferred from the short interview I was able to give the captive. Once my questions on its living form have been answered, I will petition the crown council to begin testing of a wholly different type. As for the cybernetics, I would check with Lord Brigham. I believe that is an area that he is more skilled than I. My own cybernetic knowledge is that as related to cybernetic medicine, and surgery."

"A cancer," ponders Demos then, "An interesting analogy. My understanding of medicine is limited, but it seems with cancer the idea is to simply remove those cells that are malignant, not to destroy the host body. If we look at us, we and they, as a complete system and they are human, is it not us who hurled them into space at some point, thus forcing them to engineer their own need to adapt with the use of advanced cybernetics. If your theory proves too and it is simply okay to eradicate any human based on ideological difference, I fear to think what that says of humans in general. Alas, if we are so ready to do this to them, it is understandable why they would do this to us." He pushes off the table he'd found a little bit of support from, "You're right, I should find Lord Brigham with such an inquiry."

"That is the very heart of nature, Mister Demos. Most would like to believe that animals do not attack each other within their own species. Competition is at that which drives evolution. We find ourselves in an evolutionary battle with something that seems to be what we could be. We must either adapt, and survive- or allow these mutant cells within the body of our own universe infect us all, and be doomed. In a battle for survival, Ethics matters little." Hadrian says quietly, and with a perhaps slightly disturbing smile that only slightly shifts on his otherwise flat features. "Still, more information is required before I can give any a proper course of action."

Putting hands to his box, Demos nods, "I'll concede to the xenophobic idea, we're in the right, they're the infection. I just don't think its that simple, to find yet more reasons not to like them." Giving a lift, "I think somewhere I'd be more worried that the changes that forced them to self-adapt is in store for us somehow and even as we battle them, it might be wise to consider how to avoid taking on those same evolutionary steps ourselves." A shrug, "I'll leave you to your work Lord Hadrian, best of luck to you and my apologies for the potential contamination."

Hadrian gives a quiet nod, "It was a pleasure, Mister Demos. Should you require chemical analysis of inorganic samples, please let me know. I am all too happy to assist another scientist in their endeavors."

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