08.15.3013: That Thing With Bey
Summary: Lorelei visits Demos to discuss Balius and the Academ
Date: 15th August 2013
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Lorelei Demos 

Demos's Lab
White and clean, this is not much unlike other labs in the area. Floor, counters, walls and the lights themselves are radiantly white and well kept to say the least. Individual spaces along the perimeter for either lab techs or various experiments with the more expensive hooded equipment right down the middle. Mixed in the individual space are glass cabinets that either preserve cold or heat as well as storage for tubes, beakers, and the like. A few machines dot the surfaces at either end of the central hooded machine area, some circular in shape like centrifuges or simple tube holders in incubators that rotate, turn, twist and otherwise turn upside down.

There is a distinct office set aside along one side, shared with the glass cabinets like a bank where the office is not. Inside that office is a desk and personal shelf space. There is a window that looks out from the desk to the lab itself, it is a transition surface, going from black both ways, to one-way see through for the researcher, or clear both ways. An overriding feature all throughout the lab and office are rocks of various shapes and sizes. While a good half of them appear boring, there are enough that sparkle, shine, glitter and glow to make any gem dealer and rare rock collector jealous as well as account for a small fortune in itself.


Receiving the message from his intern's sister, Demos invited her to come and discuss Belius' intents and purpose as both his intern and for the future. The initial contact was brief, more arranging to meet in person and discuss things at length. The scholar invited her to his lab and office, arranging for all clearance to get her easily from the lab hub to his own lab and into it without much hassle other than typical research clearance things to get the doors open

Presently, awaiting for her arrival, he's made sure no timely experiments are under way. Instead he's working with a polisher. Not the sort to cut gems or make semi-precious stone into jewelry, Demos does know how to make the surface shine on a large cut to make mantle pieces more interesting. Thus, he has some azurite of his own in a small fist sized geode, dark grey outside, bright blue inside. He is polishing the ring around the opening of the geode to highlight the blue and grey rings that lead to the wonderful insides of the rock. The door will open to allow her in, not to stop her from knocking, but the invite was warm and open.

Lorelei does stop at the door and knock, but makes she she is visible in the door frame. She' smiling, but her eye are wide, taking in everything in the lab, it's very different than she's used to. "Mr.Osteros?" she's dress in her pretty blue dress, it's more expensive than a common day dress, but nothing to compete with any nobles. On her right wrists is a metal cuff with a bird on it, and her hair is in a modest french braid.

Setting the rock down and turning off the surface polisher, Demos moves to the door opening to allow her in. "Yes, Ms. Quellton, please come in," he offers, waving a hand. It opens to the lab, but also offers to go into his office where the 'comfy' chairs are. Still some synthetic surface, but cushy, if a bit cold - as most labs are. "I'm glad you could make it. How are things, still the trouble with squires and knights?" That is asked by way of making small talk while they get comfortable enough to discuss the real topic of Bey.

Lorelei looks around, trying and failing to take everything in. IT's just…a lot."wow, this place is …wow." Her eyes land on a few of the more sparkly rock and she'll smile brighter. She'll give a small laugh, shaking her head, "Oh, if you only knew. Squires and Knights are the worst." she's smiling , but there's a touch of truth to her statement. She'll tilt her head, looking at the rock he was just working on, "What is that for?" she's pretty ignorant of different types of rock, beyond basic knowledge, but has that same quality as Bey, she's not afraid to just ask.

"I shall do my best to be safe of knights and squires, they do seem moody and prone to their own desries. The machine simply polishes the rock," responds Demos, looking at it with affection. "Unlike a traditional tumbler though, to get a good surface polish on one side while leaving everything else in its natural state takes time. I could use a vise to keep it in place, but I enjoy working with the rock." A shrug, he looks to the other, "The azurite (http://www.irocks.com/db_pics/mdpics/MD-60697a.jpg), is just for looks. Its got a bit of copper in the mineral, that gives it that blue look. I figure polish it up, put it on the mantle. A treasure from Khar-Mordune. Please, come in and have a seat Ms. Quellton." He'll move to place two seats comfortably in the office so its not him behind the desk, avoiding it seeming formal in any context.

Lorelei stares at it a moment, a small smile. "It's beautiful. It reminds me of water, of stories of sean nymphs and water drakes." on last look, and then Loree follows Demos. She sits, smoothing out her skirts, "I'm sorry if this is a bother, I just want to be able to best help Balius. He tends to be rather stubborn when it comes to help from me or the family. He wants to desperately to help us, that he forgets that door swings both ways."

"Ah, perspective, I like that thought of oceans. Coming from a desert, I just think of gas planetoids and moons." He looks at the stone a moment, pondering the sea as she points that out to him, then Demos moves to take a seat himself. "Its not bother at all. Balius is headstrong I've noticed. You're curious how much you could help him with the Academ?" He shifts a little, picking up a quartz paperweight, all natural (cloudy white, some purple inside of it). "I think we should start with how much are you willing to consider helping him? We talking figuring out his entire tuition, helping with books, getting him time for his studies?"

Lorelei nods, glancing back at the rock one more time, "I could see that too…the planets, stars…I think space and the ocean feel a lot alike." Turning to face Demos, "I would very much like to help him, or in the very least, make sure we're not putting too much of a load on him at the stables. " She'll blink, "I…that's just it. I don't know what any of that would require…I don't have much money, but I can try to get some….He's…I'm watching Chiron moving towards his dreams…I want the same for Bey." She'll frown slightly, hoping she's not getting herself in over her head, "Could…Bey said something about sponsorships…does he have any? How does that even work?"

As he listens, Demos turns over the multi-sided/faceted quartz as if it were a mystery ball, as if waiting for an answer. Not that he is looking at it, really he's focused on her and listening. "Ms. Lorelei," begins the geologist, "I think the easiest way to wrap it up would be, it costs an exorbitant amount. Either one pays, as the nobles do, or some merchant families, or loans are borrowed to pay. Loans are not a good option, especially in light of other debts. I won't dissuade that. The best option for those not able to pay or borrow, is the Crown Scholarship, full scholarship awarded to a handful of the brightest citizens. You're brother will compete for that scholarship, or I'd like him too. But we can't simply count on that. There are other scholarships, but sponsorships is perhaps the best way to go. Its a guarantee of future services against the amount needed to pay for the degree. He only needs find a house interested in a biologist with connections to equines."

Lorelei listens intently and will nod. "Do…Do most of the houses participate in the Crown Scholarship? Or is there a list?" Her cheeks flush some in embarrassment at him mentioning the other debts. She'll bite her lower lip, brain already thinking of possibilities. "Can he apply for multiply scholarships? In case we don't find a house to sponcer him?"

"Um," begins Demos, "The Crown Scholarship is directly from House Sauveur, hence the name. It is the only full scholarship. It is literally limited to a select group to earn this scholarship. But yes, there are other scholarships he may apply for. I don't think there are enough to cover near as much as the Crown Scholarship, but they can cover quite a bit. The Sponsor should be considered as a catch all. I know he'd hate to ask, but House Rovehn could prove to be valuable. In the scholarships and the requests for sponsorships, I've offered him the internship for his growing Vitae, as well as letters of recommendation to help his cause." Putting the rock down to an arm of his chair, he pauses a second, "I don't want to rule out the potential of the Crown Scholarship, Lorelei, but its best to have other plans to back up into. I haven't mentioned this yet to him, but so long as he continues to prove helpful, I am willing to contribute what little I can towards book expenses and lab supplies for underclassmen classes, as well as his upper classman work in the hard sciences."

Lorelei nods, that makes sense. "Could he have more than one sponsorship? I have a few small connections…I could ask…" she's not sure if that's even proper etiquette or not…she'll bite at her lower lip again, a bad habit when thinking. Her smile appears as he speaks of helping and she'll nod, "Oh…that's great. I know Bey really enjoys working with you. He'll be happy to keep it up, I'm sure." Her smile grows brighter as she asks, "I want to help, he won't let me, but you will, right? He's my baby brother, I have to make sure he gets this opportunity." Her hands tighten on each other, nervous he'll say no. "I'll talk to House Iah…I can see if they would sponcer him, at least some. Perhaps even House Arboren…."

"I would like to help him," nods Demos as he listens. Leaning forward just a little in his chair, "I can see you have a great desire for him to succeed. I think aside from his concern to watch the farm while you and your brother, the squire, follow various pursuits, this is something he wants to do for himself, rather than simply have it handed to him. He doesn't want you to worry. In some ways, it helps him attempt to overachieve, but its a good thing for him." Shifing a little, leaning on his left elbow, rock in the right hand, he continues. "With the sponsor, one would be best. Assuming he doesn't get the Crown Scholarship, he's a bright young man, he's sure to pick up a few. Between one sponsor and that, well, we'll consider other options to make up any differential. But, let him try to find a sponsor, I don't know, it might insult his pride if you use your connections on his behalf - he wants to earn this, to prove himself."

Lorelei deflates some, but nods. She just…she knows he gives up so much for the ranch, she just wants to help him too. Her voice is a little softer than when she first walks in, "ok…when will we know about the Crown Scolarship?" she'll force her fingers to loosen and smiles softly. Getting visible upset's not going to help anything.

"They will start posting soon for the next term, we'll pressure him to start filing applications and completing tests for those requiring tests. In this, he will need some time away from the horses, to study and prepare. I think this may be the biggest benefit you could give him, the time." Demos pauses a second, then leans back and taps a forefinger on the rock a few times in thought. "You know, those connections you speak of. If they would be willing to help, they could offer scholarships. Sometimes administration will send out results, academ records, grades and such to help students unaware of scholarships. They could grant similar, if they're willing. It could be possible to have it appear they are earned and not just favors."

Lorelei swallows and nods, "Can you…let me know when? He won't. He'll just try to do it all. I can cover the stable work." she'll figure out a way, anyway. She'll nod, "Oh, yes! I know House Iah would. I believe I can barter my myself as their house poet for that. Bey wouldn't even have to know, Lady Iah's been pursuing me for that for some time. And House Arboren…I think they would be willing, just for the prestige of having an academic like Bey as one of their's." She hopes, anyway.

With a nod of his head, Demos responds, "I'll let you know when he begins to prepare for tests and to compete for awards and scholarships. I'll also convince him to work on a direct sponsorship while you bequest assistance from your friends. Lorelei, this is a large task, you assisting him like this. He will take at least four years for a simple degree and upwards of 8 to 12 if he pursues to become a full scholar someday. If he will not inquire with House Rovehn on the sponsorship, then I would imagine House Arboren would actually be idea as his sponsor. If your think they would be agreeable, I may push him in that direction with a formal letter of inquiry, but we can wait to see what your friend says."

Lorelei nods, and then smiles, honestly, "I've put up with him for 18 years, what's helping for 12 more?" Spoken like a true sibling. "I'll start talking to both houses, it can't hurt to lay the ground work." She'll then laugh softly, "I keep telling both of my brothers, I can write as well at the stables as anywhere else, they have to go to do what they want. It's just logical that I stay."

"It can't hurt at all to start that ground work," grins Demos at the turn of her spirits, "We have options, your brother had made a great deal of effort to pursue his interests. We are one step closer. We will play our parts and do what we can to avoid the possibility of loans. Should it come to that, we should meet again though, to assure all other avenues have been approached before we set foot on that road."

Lorelei's smile turns even brighter. She has a plan of attack!that's all she needed." Oh! Thank you, Mister Osteros!Thank you so much! I know if bey wasn't so worried about the family, he wouldn't need me to help, but Thank you for helping me. i promise I will do everything in my power to get him there." She'll clasp her hands, but this time it's in excitement. "I'll put in requests to speak to members of each house, and begin!"

Nodding, the geologist is in agreement. Demos returns, "Thank you for coming to me. I didn't realize Balius' desire to enter the Academ was causing family stress. It seems like a lot to worry about, but honestly, there are plenty of options. I just want to make sure the most feasible is selected, allowing him the freedom to follow his pursuits without acquiring a mountain debt. I know he doesn't always like to come to me either with concerns, Lorelei. Let us agree now, we'll inform each other of obstacles in his path, so we both stay informed?"

Someone else to help protect Bey? Loree looks pleased !Without thinking she'll leap up and give Demos a quick hug. All in all, it's very innocent, there's nothing inappropriate, besides they don't know each other all that well. "Oh! thank you! This is…Oh! It's wonderful!" She'll grin at him, her hazel eyes sparkling some, "I have every faith in Bey, but it's nice to know he has such wonderful friends too!" Her smile is potent, "I promise I'll let you know anything I think could be affecting his studies or possible avenues of getting to school." she'll bounce some where she stands, looking far younger than her younger brother. "I should go…let you continue with your ocean-space rock."

Caught off guard by the hug, Demos chuckles, as if taken up by the spirit of the young woman. He'll even offer a quick pat before she is standing back up and bouncing in place, rising himself to stand in his office. "Friends yes, but he's driven. He would of reached this on his own, I'm just glad in some part I get to contribute to his development in this way." Then there is the rock, he takes his eyes from her for the moment. "That rock, ya, I'll need to find a spot for it somewhere. A last deal, you pull some connections and he gets certain scholarships he didn't actually apply for, and its yours. In fact, I could probably find a few more similar ones, if you like the ocean, we can make it even."

Lorelei nods, she knows, "But having friends like you will help him. Half the time I don't even know what he's talking about. I'm not nearly as smart as he is. Bey got all the smarts in our family." she's grinning, proud of him. She'll blink, "I….you don't have to do that… You're helping my family." her eyes do travel to the rock, and she'll study it a moment, "How about this…everything works out, we'll trade the rock for a poem? I can do a poem on whatever type of rock you want, if you'd like." She'll turn back, happy with that trade proposition.

"If that's the case," grins Demos, looking back to the young woman with a warm smile, "Then you'll also have to agree to a field expedition to get a rock. If we get a lull with the Hostiles, I'd like to take him for more field work. You can see some of the minerals firsthand, let the adventure shape your poem. Assuming all goes well on Detritus that is. For now, we'll focus on getting Balius into the Academ and focused on his studies."

Lorelei blinks and then slowly smiles, "That would be grand!" she's never done anything like that before! "I would love to do that! Just let me know when!" She'll grin and bounce on her toes again, "But yes!I'll work on the houses, and let you know what they say." Her eyes got to the rock and she'll smile, "Oh!Today's turning out wonderfully! Thank you Mister Osteros! I hope to be able to give you good news soon!" She'll raise her hand in farewell and start for the door with a huge smile.

With a slight skip to his step, moving his girth rather quickly for his size, Demos reaches for the door to open it for her. "As I hope to give you the same. It was a please Lorelei, I appreciate taking this time to work out some of these details." He offers a farewell wave of his own as she makes her way out of the lab.

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