08.30.3013: That Stings
Summary: Ephraim finds some bees, Lorelei and Chiron are thankfully on hand.
Date: 30th August 2013
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The Gardens of Nora
While these gardens act as the courtyard between the Heartwood and the Elder Seat, they have managed to obtain a peaceful ambiance despite all the foot traffic. There is a gently angled esplanade that leads up from the Heartwood, interrupted here and there by short segments of stairs. When it reaches the main promenade of the gardens, it flattens out and continues to provide a pathway directly toward the grand doors of the Elder Seat.

Flanking either side of the esplanade are parcels of well-kept garden that are divided by smaller pathways that lead off from the main esplanade. These parcels vary between thick carpets of moss and forest flowers to clusters of wild roses to a very small orchard of fruit trees that bear red apples and pale peaches in the summer. Natives and visitors alike are encouraged to wander throughout the Gardens of Nora — named for the first High Lady of Arborenin, the daughter to Hugh Arboren — but there are also Arborenin guards who equally frequent the area.


Another glorious day in the Gardens of Nora and Ephraim finds himself once again drawn to Arboren. Someone may or may not of known he was coming, and regardless, that doesn't mean he doesn't have other reason to be in the Gardens. That said, not like he's moving about with any real purpose in the gardens either. Unless purpose involved moving about curiously, peaking around to see who all is watching, and withdrawing a blade to ponderously prod at a beehive. Not like they have these by the ocean anyways. Not that he's made it to the beehive just yet either. More like, there have been stories, and then the curiousity of a noble without a care in the world, with a sharp pointy thing. It adds up all too naturally with the convenience of the bee's having made a hive in the garden itself.

Lorelei's been in a good mood for the past few days, despite her archery injury, with is mostly a healing welt on her left forearm.she's dressed in a riding outfit, and has her hair down. She's chuckling softly , and has an arm on Chiron's as they walk. "Darious says he's join to help reenforce the fence…we'll see how that goes." Looking up, she'll tilt her head when she sees Eph. She doesn't see the bee hive just yet, so she's not sure what he's doing.

"Well, any help is good help right now, I guess." Chiron says, looking at his sister. "I still don't know exactly what happened, I don't feel like there was anything /wrong/ with the fence." He shakes his head, it still doesn't make sense. He looks up and says, "Lord Ephraim… what are you doing?" He says concerned, as he's poking the beehive.

Poke, slight hum, poke, slight hum. "What, who," ponders Ephraim, turning to see who addressed him, then a big smile crosses his face. Alas, not for Chiron, but he notices him too. "Good day to the both of you." Poke, HMMM. "I was curious you know, stirring the pot, are they really that smart though." Sting! "Ouch," he chuckles, not expecting that. Sting!, "Ouch!" He backs away, looking distraught. Sting! Then he's hoofing it through the gardens, not by way of path but in a straight line, towards Lorelei and Chrions. "Its True! Its True," he's looking for a hiding spot, or a lake to jump in, that's part of the myth.

Lorelei 's eyes go wide when she realizes just what Eph's poking at, "Six, Eph! Stop!" but then it's too late and he's running, and worse, running towards them. without thinking too much, Loree steps forward, aura forming rather quickly as pink and purple electricity, matching the lighting in her aura, springs between her fingers. she's hoping the bees won't want to be near something like that. They hide during storms. "Ephraim, get behind me!"

Chiron shakes his head, "Why would you poke a beehive? Why would you do that?" He shouts, his pitch just slightly higher then normal. He gets behind Lorelei when she begins channeling her awakened powers, he's not sure what she has in mind, but it's the best plan so far.

Not second guessing, Ephraim runs for Lorelei too, especially with storm aura gathering. He gets right behind there, with Chiron, and seems comfortable scooting right up to her back and into that storm. Huffing, he says, "I didn't know it was true." Then he looks to Chiron, "Aren't you almost a knight?" As if pondering if the knight should be in front of all of them, with a shield or something.

Lorelei blinks, lids going down over pupil less eyes. Seriously, this was her plan. she's not that powerful! She'll start trying to walk backwards, but there's a noble huddled into her, "I don't know if this is going to deture them or not. we should move away." The lightning is making a cracking noise as it jumps between her fingers. A small glance behind her, with her hands still held up, Loree looks to Chiron, "How badly is he stung? Do we need to take him to a medic?"

"I'm not sure, Eph, how badly stung are you?" Chiron says, giving the noble a quick once over. He looks concerned. "Does it looks like I have a shield? How does a shield measure up to a bee that can fly over, under, and around it?" He backs up with Lorelei, "We need to get away from here. Seriously Eph, what was going on in your head?"

"Well, it stings, a little," he says backing away. Ephraim ponders that and chuckles, nervously. "I suppose that's why … well, two lessons learned today." Then he scratches at one, "Ouch," okay, it probably hurts a little more than he's letting on. "Its a bee hive, I was curious. You're saying if you saw a conch shell on the beach you wouldn't pick it up, even if there might be a pound of crab inside it waiting to pinch you. Its the adventure of it." He's backing away quicker. Perhaps the entire nest isn't going to swarm, just a few scouts scent out to warn the intruder to stop shaking the world.

Lorelei keeps her hands up, trying to give them so kind of cover, hopefully. She'll wince in sympathy at Eph's cry. "Ephraim. medic, or do you want me to remove the stingers? Don't scratch at them!" She sounds scarily like Ma, for a moment. Loree keeps moving backwards, "Crabs don't swarm attack…"

"No, I wouldn't do that. Adventure and stupidity is /not/ the same thing!" Chiron exclaims, still flabbergasted at the noble. "We should see about getting someone to take a look at it. If you're allergic, there could be serious consequences." He says, sounding rather serious, he gives Lorelei a look of confusion when she starts to sound like Ma.

"Crab swarm," says Ephraim as if the idea strikes his fancy, perhaps formulating rounding up a bunch of crabs. Though as everyone is backing up, a little bump may occur and he realize they need to keep moving. "Stupidity would simply have been to assume the books were right." Then he concurs, "Ironically enough, they're mostly right. Does it hurt to take them out, they're not poisonous are they?" He'll look down at one for the moment, it swells, like normal, not that he knows what's normal. "I think I'm having a reaction …"

Lorelei has no idea if crabs swarm or now, "But they don't fly!" She sounds about as flabbergasted as her brother. trying to walk backwards, she'll glance to Eph's arm, where he's fretting, "I…it looks like a normal sting from here…and yes, of course it hurts to remove the stingers!" She'll not drop the power, but does lower her hands some. "Chiron….do you have your utility knife on you?"

"Would you also test a sword to see if it was sharp for the sake of adventure?" Chiron quips back to Ephraim as he whips out the knife that Tristan gave him at his squiring event. "Here it is, Sparrow." he says handing it to her. "Eph, you need to stay still, this is going to hurt."

At the question of testing a blade, Ephraim raises a finger, about to reach down and pull up a pant leg. He decides something for the wiser and chooses not to address that topic. "Its not like I'd stick my head in a bear's mouth … they're bees." Though he's going slightly white at the idea of needing a knife now. Most likely because they're talking like 4-5 stingers presently on his person. "Maybe … I should lie down?"

Not having seen or heard any bees following them , Loree slowly lets her power fade. Turning and tilting her head at her brother, "I said utility knife. What am I going to do with that. She'll huff, digging into her own pocket and pulling out a very small utility knife, "If you're not gonna carry your's then you should give it to me, this one sucks." Looking to Eph, "Right…they're just bees. says the man who just ran from them….Are you ok?" at his plaint, Loree seems more concerned, maybe he //is having a reaction. "sit down."

"Just think about things before you do them, Eph." Chiron says, shaking his head some. "Think about what you do before you do them… If a book says, 'these things sting you', it's probably the truth." He places a hand on his forehead and sighs. "I don't take it everywhere with me, I don't want to carry around every knife I own at all times."

Nodding his head, Erphaim has full capacity of his senses, just not sure about digging around on him with a knife to cut out stingers. "I'm good, I'm good. Okay," deep breath in, deep breath out, "Let's slice these things out." He'll offer over arms where he was stung mostly, looking away, but nodding to Chiron. "Oh, I did think about it, I had plotted a course to the nearest collection lake even too. I just wasn't sure if they'd realize it was me or go for my blade." Half a smile, "They went for the blade too."

Lorelei just rolls her eyes, boys are so dumb sometimes. Flipping open the utility knife, she'll pull out the tweezers. "Ephraim, talk to Chiron. Keep talking." She's hoping to distract him, so he's not so tense, she'll take his hand and inspect the stings, mutter softly, "oh…they got you good." Her hand tightens on his sympathetically before she starts working on pulling out a stinger. she's done this before, for both brothers, and once for herself.her hand is rather steady. Poor bees die when they sting, Loree frowns, feeling sorry for both Ephraim and the bees.

"We're not going to /slice/ them out, Eph. We're just plucking them out." Chiron says to Ephraim, trying to be sympathetic. "I can understand wanting adventure, but looking for adventure like this? I don't know what to tell you." He's not quite sure what else to say to the noble. "Why would you want to poke at someone's home, anyway?"

"I've never seen a bee hive," explains Ephraim, relived its not slicing, but wincing a little at the tweezers. He returns the hand squeeze and lets Lorelei do her work, its not comfortable and he winces when she grabs and pulls at them. "I've never been stung before, I don't think I'll try it again any time soon. But I'm curious now, I've read hornets are worse, and it feels like being shocked, but like a tazer … is that true?" He grits his teeth on some of the words, when a new bump is tweezed and a stinger is pulled, but he's doing his best to keep talking.

Lorelei huffs softly, frowning and turning Eph's arm, working on another sting, "We should get some ice on theses once I've got the stingers out. I don't have any salve or bandages on me. The Tap house may…" her finger's are soft , but hold his arm firm. She's trying to radiate calm, to keep the noble calm as well. "Hornets do hurt worse. You don't want to mess with them." She'll frown softly and apologize when he winces, "I'm sorry…"

"Yeah, those things bite you. Once I got bit by a hornet, I'd take bee stings any day." Chiron says, trying to add to what Lorelei was saying. "Take the sting, and make that two times worse. That's a Hornet." It's not a perfect analogy, but perhaps it'll deter Ephraim from finding one.

Ah, first hand knowledge, better than a book. Ephraim is safe (for now) from hornets. Shaking his head, "No, please don't be sorry. I'm the fool that did this. You should probably make it hurt more, teach me my lesson." Not that he's a pain seeker to much, but that's probably how his family dealt with him when he was younger. "Will the salve stop the burning," questions Ephraim as he continues to work at the stingers.

Lorelei nods, agreeing with Chiron. She'll furrow her brow, "Oh course I'm not going to make it hurt worse. That would be awful, Ephraim." Another small squeeze to a non stung part of his arm and she'll move to get out another stinger. "yes, the salve will help. Is it burning a lot?" she'll glance up, trying to read his expression. is he just being a baby, or starting to have a reaction?

Chiron furrows his brow, not sure how Ephraim meant that comment. "How do you feel? If it's affecting you more then just the sting we need to know. Bee stings are serious, it can /kill/ you." Chiron looks and sounds serious when he says this. Bees aren't something you just poke without getting in trouble.

Pondering that a moment, Ephraim blows at a curl atop his head. "I don't know what normal is. I mean, its a little red, I want to scratch it and it feels warm. Doesn't quite feel like my arm is going to fall off at all, just like, I suppose like I've been stung by a bee." Most likely, all's normal, but he's worrying only know because they seem to keep suggesting it could get worse, and possibly kill him.

Lorelei gets a better hold of ephraim's arm, taking out the last stinger and then examine the stings. "I think he's ok, Chiron." She'll gentally touch near one, to feel the temperature of it. "It's warm, but not scary hot." looking up, and trying to give Eph a reassuring smile, "It's ok. I think you'll live to sail again."

"I suggest not poking any beehives anytime soon, Lord Ephraim." Chiron says, returning to a more normal tone. "Generally, most things in books are true, mostly because other people did what you did. Some things you don't need to test. Fire is hot, space will kill you." He extends his hand out, offering to bring Ephraim back to his feet.

Taking the hand then, getting in order, Ephraim nods, "At least not until I become curious if I could make my own bee suit, then, honey beware, for you shall be mine." No, he's not serious about collecting his own honey, one would hope. His smile turns more warmly to Lorelei then, "Is that an invitation, I think we have a boat unattanded at the House Docks … we could go fishing, fire up the …" He pauses, "No, that's not such a good idea, I mean sailing and enjoy the wind and sun."

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