Sir Thalo Khorax
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Sir Thalo Khorax
Full Name: Sir Thalo Khorax
Byname: The Wall (and sometimes Spinecrusher)
Age: 31
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Khournas
House: Ibrahm
Title/Profession: Sir
Position: Knight Lieutenant
Spouse: Not married Height: 6'8"
Father: Jorad Khorax Weight: 300lbs
Mother: Sharine Khorax Hair Color: Black
Siblings: Tyra (Sister - desceased) Eye Color: Brown
Children: None that he knows of


For Generations the Khorax family has served as vassal Knights to House Ibrahm. In that way, Thalo Khorax is just one of many Khorax men and women to serve. He's spent his entire life in House Ibrahm, serving loyally. He squired along with the nobles, he was Knighted by the age of 18, and he earned a reputation quickly on the battle field helping put down rebellious houses meaning to usurp House Ibrahm's position. Stalwart, brave and loyal, Sir Thalo quickly became known as "The Wall" and the head of House Ibrahm gifted him with a fine set of Defender armor after he defended House Ibrahm from attack and took out several Knights in the process. He was rewarded once again with a great hammer known as Spinecrusher after he helped save the life of Lord Khournas' daughter during a kidnapping attempt. Further service earned him the rank of Knight Lieutenant just before his 30th year. Now that the Hostiles are coming, Sir Thalo is driven to keep the Ibrahm household Knights well trained and ready for action, and is working closely with House Khournas as well.



       At first glance, most would descibe this man as large. Some might go with quite large, or very large, but save for the biggest of men and women, he is certainly large. He stands over six and a half feet tall, and has the large and muscular build of a man born and bred for rigorous physical activity. His hair is dark, thick and cropped very close to his head, generally resulting in little more than stuble. He has a similar sort of stubble forming into a goatee and the very edges of a beard. He has hard lines to his face, a strong, muscled jaw and relatively thin lips. His eyes a light brown color and he has a somewhat high forhead, but it seems to go well with his features overall.
        Thalo's casual dress is quite simplistic and designed for functionality more than form. He wears a black leather jerkin over a black shirt with short sleeves. This exposes the fact that he has hard looking arms, molded over years of physical exhertion, and that he has an intricate tattoo that flows down his left arm. The block style nature of the tattoo is difficult to place, but seems to be inline with some of the Khournas style military tattoo work, though a bit more intricate than might be expected. He wears a leather sword belt, with a long sword on one hip and a spiked war hammer attached to his other leg. His pants are black, and worn looking leather. His boots are sturdy, with a metal plate over each toe, and metal straps that come up to a few inches below the knee. He's got a dagger attached to eat boot as well.


Citizen Knight
Steely demeanor
Drinks like a fish

Musical Inspiration

Keep Away - Godsmack
Headstrong - Trapt
Passive - A Perfect Circle

On the Grid

Known Associates

Victor Sir Victor Khournas : This guy is almost as scary as I am in a fight. It'll be good to fight alongside him.
Johana Youg Lady Johana Ibrahm : Rescued her from kidnappers once when she was younger. Killed hostiles with her when she got older. One of these days I may not have to save this girl anymore…But since she's my lord's Daughter, that's never going to happen.
Barton Sir Barton Lithe Ibrahm : Son of my Lord, good soldier too. Haven't seen as much of him since he went off to Squire for the Cindravalen's, but so far he's proven a capable Knight. Also that bastard managed to get bigger than I am…
Reena Lady Reena Khournas : Little Reena…I taught her to use a bow during my time training with House Khournas Knights. She is not the same little girl I remember. I am going to be in a world of hurt if she has her way…

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