Solace Temple
Joe Manganiello
Joe Manganiello as Solace Temple
Full Name: Solace Temple
Byname: None Yet
Age: 32
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Arboren
House: Peake
Title/Profession: Locksmith
Position: Smuggler
Spouse: None Height: 6'0"
Father: Unknown Weight: 220pds
Mother: Unknown Hair Color: Black
Siblings: 1 Sister Eye Color: Green
Children: Unknown


Solace Temple and his sister, don't really remember their parents. What they do remember is bouncing around foster home to foster home until eventually they ended up on the streets of Khar-Mordune. This is where the beginnings of Temple's lockpicking skills came from. Even as young adolescent, Temple started to break the locks into places that he figured didn't have an expensive security system and just a simple lock and key on the door. This was mostly for bakery shops and personally owned grocery stores. At first it wasn't to take money, just food for he and his sister to survive. While he broke in and sneaked around, she'd play look out, who'd make the sound of fox if she saw or heard anyone coming their way. Using their psychometry in unison, they made a good team in keeping their bellies full.

As time passed, Temple saw an chance for his sister and him to get out of the life that they had been living in. As the older child of the two, he was coming of age to join the military, and House Peake was always taking more people into their ranks. To take care of his sister, it'd be something worth doing. So he joined as soon as he was the right age. It was hard to do, leaving his sister like that, and while they argued that he shouldn't leave her alone, it was the only way he believed that he could make a better life for the two of them. With a heavy heart, and a series of hugs, he left his sister behind.

The basic training for a soldier took longer than Temple thought. And by the time that process was done and he had finished, graduating into the ranks, he hurried back to home where he and his sister had lived. She was gone. The place had been ransacked. He couldn't tell if she had been kidnapped, or if she had left of her volition, the place being torn apart afterward. But that didn't matter, his sister was gone. What he considered his family, his only family, vanished in the time he had been gone. And the seed of guilt was planted in him. He couldn't just leave the military at that. As much as he wanted to drop everything and begin looking for her, he now had a job to do. And he had to support himself. So as much as he hated it, he had to look after himself. Though that didn't stop him from looking for her whenever he got leave. It also didn't give much for a personal life, as the guilt ate him, leaving him with bouts of nightmares and insomnia.

As time passes, years go by, and Temple starts to lose out hope. This gives him something of a pessimistic attitude about a great many things in his life and for all the military did for him, there is a bit of resentment. Had he known, he would've never joined, doing something else if it meant keeping his sister with him. Eventually, an incident within his unit got him discharged for behaviour, landing him back on the streets. With little options left to him, he went back to things he know; crime. Only this time, he had gained knowledge for working security systems in the military as apart of Peake's more creative forms of warfare to apply the knowledge to his already adequete skills in picking locks, now of all kinds.

And he would've kept going on about this on his own, where it not for the mistake of breaking into a building that was owned by House Lucian. Being the kind to work on his own, mainly since he didn't know anyone, getting caught was a bit easy for the LucCorp members, though he did manage to bloody a few of them before being caught. He wasn't killed outright since the Warden who had captured him was rather impressed with the kind of work he did. So he gave Temple a choice; work for him and make better money, or die right then and there. Given his options, it was an offer that Temple couldn't really refuse.%r%rGiven his knack for breaking and entering and being to move about unseen rather well, he was dumped into the smuggling operations of House Lucian. This did allow him to come and go from Peake, while being able to still call the place home. On the off-chance that maybe, after all these years, his sister would show up once again.

Plot Hooks

Missing Sister: This is biggest thing on Temple's mind. What happened to her. Where did she go and why. If she's even alive or not. It's his whole basis for being in the career that he's in.

Artist: In another life, Temple could have been a prodigy when it came to art. Sadly, that's not the life meant for him. But still, it's something he does when he can.

Former Soldier: Once a rank and file soldier of the Peake, Temple was content in his job before a rather of unfortunate events ended up with him out of the military and out of a job. He doesn't talk about what happened.

Smuggler: Moonlighting as a smugger and House Lucian needs one, Temple doesn't ask too many questions about what needs to be moved through waygates quietly. He has one rule; no people.

Soft Spot for Kids: Temple tends to look after a handful of homeless children that roam about Khar-Mordune. Being a homeless child himself, he seems to understand their plight. This sometimes means he has to steal just so they can live.

Locksmith/Lockpick: Rather adapt at picking locks, both mechanical and electrical kind, as his usual job tends to be helping develop security systems. It's using his knowledge of security system that allows him to be good at his job. But he tends to never cracks systems he helps build. Be bad for business.


  • Blunt
  • Heavy Smoker
  • Former Soldier
  • Missing Sister

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Reena Lady Reena Khournas : Life's not so pretty when you peel back the layers, are they? When you find the decay. Looking up towards the ivory towers is a bit different than when you're in them. You're only beginning to understand what that means. If you get that, maybe the rest of the nobility aren't selfish assholes, they're just cruel for ignoring the problem. Don't misplace the faith I've put in you. Because I think you're better than that.
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