Sarah Carter
Sarah Carter as Tempest Sheol
Full Name: Tempest Sheol
Byname: -
Age: 27
Planet: Imperious
Paramount: Arboren
House: Arboren
Title/Profession: Soldier
Position: Sergeant
Spouse: None Height: 6'
Father: Arboren Botanist, Rogen Sheol Weight: 155
Mother: Arboren Forester, Tandy Sheol Hair Color: Blonde
Siblings: None Eye Color: Dark Blue
Children: None


Tempest Sheol comes from a long line of Arborean soldiers, on both sides of her family. In her case neither of her parents were, her father a Scholar in the field of Botany and her mother tended the forests around the village they lived. It was her uncles and/or aunts on both sides that were the soldiers.
As an only child and her father deep in study or giving lectures at the Academ, Tempest spent more time in the woods of Imperius with her mother. First as an infant slung in a carrier on her mother's back, then as a toddler just learning to walk and into her adolescents and teenage years. Always by her mother's side learning the ways of her planet's forests and the rich traditions that came from living under the Aboren paramount.
Tempest was given her first bow at five and her mother started then to teach her its use. It took her awhile to get the hang of it, but within a year she was a decent shot, for her age at least.
After she got the hang of archery, the other lessons began. How to move through the woods without making sound. How to track and hunt and live off the land. What plants were edible and which ones to avoid.
Her mother was patient and kind, never raising her voice or using violence as a punishment. And Tempest was a good child not causing to much trouble.
Her mother had a lot of dealings with the noble house, informing them of the various things going on in her village and the surrounding areas. This taught Tempest the etiquette in dealing with nobility.
In his free time, which was not as much as she would have liked, her father spent time with her. With him she would spend the day chatting away as he tended his garden. In the woods while hunting with her mother, talking was kept to a minimum, so being able to talk freely was a joy. She would tell him about her adventures in the woods and he would tell her about how to grow this plant or what soil this plant preferred. She absorbed all of it like a sponge.
When school age approached she went to the local school to learn the required reading, writing and mathematics, as well as the other courses that the school felt necessary to teach her.
Tempest wasn't a bad student, but she wasn't a great one either. She passed all her classes, perhaps not with high marks all across the board, but she didn't fail any classes either. She was a satisfactory student. Didn't get into to much trouble and had a close group of friends that shared similar interests.
Since her grades were average the Academ wasn't clamoring to get her to attend. Imperius had more than enough foresters, so she did what any Citizen with her skills in Archery, Tracking and Survival, would do, she joined the military. The Arboren House was happy to take her as a soldier, they gave her room, board and extensive training in her already impressive skills and training her in others as well.
She excels at being a soldier and has learned much of discipline and self-control. She has risen through the ranks and at 28 is a Sergeant in her company.



For a female, Tempest is on the tall side, standing at approximately 6 foot, give or take an inch. Her figure is well toned without an ounce of flab to it, as it should be with soldiers still in their prime. Long blonde hair is pulled back into a regulation tail that falls to mid-back. Dark blue eyes look at the world with a stoic detachment. Her face is a bit wide, her jawline a bit square, but not so much that she is manly and/or unattractive.
Clothing wise, unless other wise stated, she wears the typical uniform of an Aboren soldier.


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