Technology: More, Not Better

THE FIFTH WORLD is a medieval fantasy game that is set in a technologically-advanced setting, but sometimes there is some confusion on how that advanced technology works within the various cultures and perspectives of the Houses of Haven. In order to address this confusion, we have provided here a brief overview of technology, a bit more about the Orelle technocracy (which has been the root of some confusion), and a list of each region's technological strengths.


Throughout the whole of Haven, there is not a difference in level of technology based on where you are. The technology used on The Ring is the same technology they use in The Spine. The universal and shared nature of technology means that no one group of people is more technologically advanced than the other. An average Havenite will be able to go anywhere in the System and not suffer a learning or knowledge gap.

What does differentiate one region from another concerning technology is not the level but instead the quantity and dependency. The Ring and Lashes tend to rely more on technology because they live in hostile or artificial environments. Because of this dependency, they have developed a strong, positive association with technological advancements. This is the source of their technocracy, where they value scientists, engineers, and technologists as social elites. This differs from other regions in Haven who have found other merits and skills in which they place their social value.

Technological Strengths

Sauveur Landing, Imperius : Those of Landing specialize in entertainment and consumer technology. Computer technology, basic industry, fashion technology, and entertainment-based technology (games, holo-sims, etc.) are all technological strengths for those in Landing. These are also their primary technology exports.
Arboren The Spine, Imperius : Those of the Spine specialize in environment-neutral (green) technology. They utilize natural energy sources to fuel their cities (wind, geothermic, water, etc.) and ways to power their technology without environmental strain. Their scientists specialize in botany and botany-based genetics. They also synthesize pharmaceuticals from natural plants which are exported to the rest of Haven.
Cindravale The Vale, Imperius : Those in the Vale have unlocked artistic and aesthetic technology, as well as advances in animal husbandry and genetics, all of which has then been shared over the whole of Haven. Architecture, music, and various art mediums are just some of the additions that the Vale has provided. Digital paint that can be programmed to shift and move across the canvas, holographic landscapes and sculptures, beautiful and functional adaptations to architecture, and the genetic creation of the knightly destriers are just some of their contributions.
Khournas The Crescent of Khournas, Imperius : Industry is the name of the game in the Crescent. Their mass production factories, advancements in resource extraction, and development of advanced armor and weapons are all cherished exports from the Crescent. They tend to be the producers of newly-invented technology, taking what has been developed in other regions and churning them out in the hundred-thousands.
Orelle Oculus and The Lashes : The Ring and The Lashes tend to be the catch-all for technological components, development of environment-maintenance systems, space ships (naval and mining), computer parts, and scientific discovery that requires controlled environments. They provide the necessary parts to other regions of the System while also focusing on the research of new technology to be shared with the rest of Haven.
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