06.24.3013: Techno Babble
Summary: Brigham falls in love with a cart filled with broken generators and other scraps. Ariana has a technological proposition for both Brigham and Edward.
Date: 24 June 2013
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First Quadrant of the Halo—The Ring
The Halo is a thick circlet that arcs around the equator of the Ring's main sphere. It is one of the busiest regions of the Ring as it connects the six disks that stretch out from the Halo like spokes on a wheel. The Halo itself feels like a tall, but still somewhat narrow, tunnel with wide mezzanine walkways running along its sides, and the monorail below where sleek trams quickly ferry travelers around the circle. Spaced equally along the Halo are elevator bays with lifts that run up along the exterior longitude of the sphere to the various districts. Transparent composite panels line the outermost wall of the Halo to provide breathtaking views of the Eye and its Lashes as the Ring continues its own orbit around the blue gas giant.
24 June 3013

Brigham is pressed against the transparent panel window to the outside, his nose flattened against the composite material along with a good portion of his cheek. His hair brim is also squished which has partially lifted it off of his head at an odd angle, and his hands are pressed flat next to his face the fingers of one are curled against the wall as if trying to claw it away or push through. "See that? That's Tor's office, did you know he was the guy that made the Tor Spacial Proof? Brought into question the functionality of the Ways, brilliant work. Might be flawed. Dunno. Should look into that. Oo! OO! That's the propulsion laboratory!! I think. Maybe. Can't tell. But maybe!" he makes a sucking sound through his mouth and his eyes, which are hard to see behind the explosion of hair and the face/glass pressing, go massive as he whispers in a reverent voice, "particle accelerator…." with the exact same tone truely pious people use inside the hush of an empty church sanctuary. "Wantwantwantwantwantwantwantwantwant…"

Dressed in her science whites, Ariana just happens to be spending much of her day working in the lab; her long pale blonde hair done up in a fashionable twisted braid. The tall and slender framed Larent lady emerges from one of the nearby laboratories and with her earpiece in tact, she is both speaking to someone on the other end while she's taps away at her datapad at the same time. She knows her way around this sector of the Ring well enough and moves gracefully to avoid any foot or drone traffic heading her way. "I'm on my way to the waygate right now actually. These records state that I'm looking for 4 of them today, which isn't a terrible number and once they get situated, perhaps we'll all be able to leave the lab for the day." This is when her eyes happen to lift and catch sight of Brigham and his hat peering far too closely through one of the many windows in the vicinity. An elegant brow now arches and her eyes once more lower to view the data on her tablet. Still filled with some sort of uncertainty, she decides to approach the stranger and simply ask, "Excuse me, are you here for your orientation as a new recruit for the Ring's science division?"

Brigham reaches back with a blind hand grasping at Airana's sleeve, "AidanAidan!" the name comes out twice so fast there's no break in the words, "If I promise to behave and not cause an Incidents for like a month do you think Father will get me a particle accelerator for my lab? I could be soooooooooooooo good! I promise! I won't blow up anything for like a whole month!!" His other hand slaps the window again annoyed that it, and of course the vaccum of space, is between him and something shiny he wants to play with, "Aidan!" he spins on his heel and blinks, staring Ariana right in the face… now he's confused. "You're not Aidan." he looks around, "Dammit. Where'd… he…?" his words trail off as the young man looks around his train of thought obviously trying to debark onto a more normal less excited track. "Sorry. Did you say something?" he asks, reaching up with an automatic gesture to reset his hat on his head.

While Ariana is glad that she's not wearing one of her incredibly expensive and elaborate fancy gowns with intricately decorated sleeves, she is still not amused when some stranger decides to tug on the pristine white sleeve of her science jacket. So quickly, her arm yanks back, but she does this in an ever so graceful manner. "I'm afraid that you have me mistaken for someone else." Hearing out the name Aidan, it is only a vaguely familiar one and once more her gaze lowers to review the names listed on her tablet. "It seems that you are not one of the individuals I am seeking out. My apologies. We are receiving so many new recruits to various departments on the Ring that it's difficult, sometimes, to sort everyone out." Obviously, something which the young man has said does pique her interest and she merely asks, "Are you, by chance, lost…? Perhaps, if you give me your name, I can see where you should be located. That is, if you are in our databases and have enlisted to work on the Ring."

As she talks his eyes wander and it's obvious that the longer she talks the less of his attention she seems to possess until when she finishes there's an elongated silence in the air… "Huh?!" he says, his eyes snapping back to her, confusion on his face again. "OH! Oh yeah. Brigham Peake." he says, looking back around once more, "Lord." he adds that last part as if he'd completely forgotten, "Lord Brigham Peake. Is it true that your ion propulsion labs are on the verge of a phonostatic break through? Because May's Laws of thermodynamics state that's completely impossible. Sorta. Mostly. I mean, unless you can bend gravity into a bubble. Then maybe. But then how would you compensate for the-" he stops and takes a breath, forcing himself to slow down as near the end of his rant the words were starting to run together into a single endless stream. He silently mouths numbers, apparently counting before trying again. "Hi!" he says, sticking out his surprisingly rough calloused hand, "I'm Lord Brigham Peake and I got an invitation to come to the Ring and… I dunno. I sorta passed out at that point. Maybe hyperventilated. Not sure. But I was invited here and I don't know why!" Fanboys. What are you gonna do?

All Ariana can do is blankly watch as Brigham goes on some introductory rant that leads off to other things and while she is a scientist, herself, the Peake's field of study is certainly not one of her primary interests or expertise. Her lips part upon hearing his name and then title and then title and name mentioned, as if she were about to respond to that, but as the young man doesn't stop talking, those lips purse once more so that she falls back into silence. Still, as this is a noble whom she is conversing with, she extends her own hand for a brief and delicate shake and when Brigham finally stops speaking, the young Larent gets the chance to chime in all her own. "Oh! A Peake Lord, well it's a pleasure to meet with you then. I am Lady Ariana Larent." And if the Peake did not have ADHD, he may have noticed her image plastered all over the video and holoscreens at the Ring waypoint as she does promotional work for the Ring and the Lashes. "So you received an invitation to work here on the Ring? Let me double check on that." Why is she not surprised that Brigham is a Peake. His attire is certainly… different that what you see around these parts.

Brigham's shirt is an assault upon the eyes and only by the grace of the gods does he have it covered with a knee-coat. Divine intervention at it's best. "Um. Invitation to come up here. I don't know what the rest of it said. I sorta… there was a thing where I passed out and then because I was on the floor I couldn't monitor the mixtures properly and there might have been a small explosion in my lab that scrambled my HUD, fixing it could have possibly corrupted some files…" he looks a little sheepish, "So yeah… Um. Maybe I was invited for tea? But I don't think so. I hope not." that idea apparently hadn't occurred to him and now he's obviously fretting, wringing his hands over and over as if the thought of just being invited up to the Ring for tea and not something awesome like SCIENCE!! might cause him to pass out again.

Unlike Brigham, Edward has no sense assaulting outfit to dazzle other people with, just the knit and grit of every day life as dirt and grease cling to his work out fit. The man pushes a cart through the Halo, the anti-gravity generators barely keeping it afloat as the cart is laden down with all types of cables, wires, and other electronic and mechanical goodies. Infact is that a brand new state of the art centrifuge spin generator!? A scientists wet dream most likely, and this thug pushes it around like its some normal particle analyzer! Edward rounds the corner and looks over his hover-cart of tools, taking note of Brigham and Ariana, the Lady who he is familiar with.

Yes, Ariana cannot help but look just a tiny bit skeptical about this Brigham and immediately she switches her tablet's module that of a medic's as she attempts to scan over the Peake, to check up on his vitals… just in case. "Goodness. An explosion in your laboratory? I didn't know they had labs in Khar-Mordune, but I guess it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. You do have a lot of natural resources to work with on the Spine." A pause, then a note of concern when she asks, "If you wish, we can have you looked over at the medbay in the case that anything were injured during your explosion." Like the man's head! "And from what I've seen, there is nothing official noted about an invitation sent to you. So perhaps one of the Orelle have decided to call upon you for your expertise." She doesn't have to guess what his area of expertise is as it's not difficult to figure out. "Perhaps even my Lord Cousin Densoric, have you met him yet? He is looking for a good technophile for some very important research." When she notices a heavily laden cart being pushed along through the narrow passage of the Ring's Halo, she immediately recognizes the mechanic doing the pushing. "Mister Thane."

Brigham waves a hand, "They don't. I do." he tells her, "I do a little bit of everything, can't seem to focus on to many things at once, to much to leareeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" that word turns into an actual squee as he ducks past Ariana and hurls himself bodily at Edward and his cart like a tiny be-hatted human missile. At the last second he pulls up to a stop, staring wide eyed at the cart. He reaches out with a hand to touch the cart's load then stops, his calloused fingers trembling as he turns wide childlike eyes on Edward, "can I touch it?" he all but whispers, his hand hovering over the generator. His vitals seems to be… erratic, leaping and calming in worrisome spikes like an AMP addict who was taking hits and them coming off them and taking more hits all in seconds.

The squeal that emits from Brigham is enough to make even this thuggish looking brute of a man jump up and take a step back, as if Brigham was suddenly going to barrel into him and use his scientist nerd strength to beat him into a coma to steal the delicious science loot. "Touch.. it?" the man mumbles and looks over to what Brigham eyes with so much delight. "I hum… guess so. Was taking it down to the recycler… they said its broken. I imagen I could fix it but…" he says with a shrug as if to say they don't pay him enough for that. The large man looks past the man to Ariana and nods his head slowly, "Lady Ariana… I am glad to see you escaped from Maintenance."

Taking some interest in her own findings regarding Brigham's vital signs, Ariana monitors him for a few moments longer before switching modules out once more. She then takes graceful, slow steps towards Edward's cart, very unlike the overly excited throwing of himself towards the cart that Brigham displays. Her arms not crossed over her chest, the Larent lady scientist quietly looks over Edward's favorable bounty of trash, knowing full well that the Peake lord will get his grubby hands and germs all over them. Allowing Brigham this time to acquaint himself with these spare parts, she speaks out towards Edward instead, though her eyes never leave their visitor to the Ring, "I am glad as well. I felt that Lady Eirene may have been traumatized by the whole ordeal." And perhaps, Ariana as well! "So, you are good with electronics and tech too? I mean, I don't know /what/ you do down in Maintenance exactly, but like I said, there is important tech research to be done and I need people with the skills to volunteer to help with this."

Brigham looks as if Edward just said they were going to kill someone. A baby. /His/ baby, a look of shock and horror and outrage plasters it's way across his face, and he attempts to physically gather the device to his chest, as if he could just lift the damned thing (which there is no way he could) and hide it under his coat, "Why!?" he says, eyes wide, "It just needs some fixing and some attention! I mean, I'm sure it could work again, just-just…. Um. I can fix it! I'll fix it!" he looks over at Ariana, "You just /recycle/ the new Orbitus 4000-TC generators here? I thought you people were enlightened. I had to /forge/ my own from /ore/!" he continues to cling to the cart protectively. "Monsters." he mutters under his breath, "Wastrels." his slender hands, despite being rough and calloused, begin to sift through the 'trash' deftly, "I have a double major in Chemistry and Physics from the Academ, General Practice Medicine though I'm starting to lean my education there towards genetics, almost completed my advanced degrees in Mathematics, already finished one Technologies and Computer Sciences. he rattles all of this off as if annoyed someone were questioning him at all. "Have to make stuff from scratch down there, but sometimes… my metallurgy experiments don't always work how I want…" he shiftyeyes a moment, "But we don't need to talk about that." he then just gives up on sorting through the carts contents and hugs the whole thing as best as his small arms can, "Can I keep it?" he asks in the same tone children talk about keeping stray puppies they find.

Edward gives poor Brigham the stink eye as the younger man gathers up the Generator as if to claim it for himself. The assault of words that comes from the man slowly digs into Edward's mind as Brigham speaks more words in a minute then Edward does in an entire week. "Its all trash." he informs the man as he looks down over the various tools, wires, and piping. He won't deny that most of it is in fine shape and just needs some minor repairs, but who is he to question his employers? He is just a citizen. "I'll help you…" he says to Ariana when she mentions tech research, though he levels a finger at Brigham, "If you get him to be quiet… I suggest maybe giving him this trash? Im sure you have the authority…" he mumbles.

When Brigham shows his outrage by all of this waste being merely tossed out with the trash, Ariana says nothing to defend herself or to defend the protocol of the Ring. In fact, the Peake's words don't seem to phase her, no matter what the accusation or who he is directing it towards. She doesn't know as much about tech and electronics as many others on the Ring, so when Brigham rattles on about his many scientific degrees and the like and this and that, she merely lets the young lord throw his little tantrum. Half-turning to look upon Edward now, she studies the many with some scrutiny, "My Lord Cousin was researching Hostile tech and needed someone far more experienced than himself to help him continue with this research. It's very important, as we will be learning more about the weapons and technology used by our enemies. Now then, do you believe that you have the skills to help us complete this research?" To the idea of having Brigham just take all of this scrap metal and broken tech stuff, the Larent looks over to the Peake and murmurs, "That, honestly, is not my call. But as this… heap," she gestures, "will be thrown out, I don't see why we can't just give it away."

Brigham's vitals, if they were still being monitored, would spike dangerously. As it is, he visibly pales. "H-h-hostile T-tech?" he stutters. "Uh. Um. Uh." his mouth works but no more sounds come out. Ariana broke him. He leans on the cart more then protects it now, needing it for support. His gulp is audible. "yes?" he squeaks before clearing his throat and standing up to his full none to impressive almost five and a half feet, "Yes." his voice lowered beyond it's normal range in over compensation for his squeak only a second before. "Absolutely."

The larger technician watches as Brigham's attention immediately goes from the treasure trove of trash bound tech to the prospect of working on Hostile technology. Edward just frowns and looks intensely uncomfortable. "I do not work on weapons." he says firmly, perhaps throwing a wrench into Ariana's plan. "I can help you with their defensive technology…" he says and then shakes his head to emphasize his denial, "But I will not work on weapons." he says once more, which might be a surprise considering the man looks like a living weapon!

The Larent lady's words were actually directed to Edward when she mentioned the Hostile Tech, but as she brought this special research up to Brigham first, she considers. "Are you truly up to the task, My Lord? I mean, I'm uncertain as to what you were doing when your own laboratory blew up, so this does bring out some of my concern. Not that I don't think you are capable. Why, with all of your scientific and technological degrees from the Academ. But if this is something that you wish to help pursue, I will offer up your name to my Lord Cousin. He may need all of the assistance that he can get." To Edward now, she ponders his words, "I, for one, have no idea what they are researching on. I know that we gathered up some of their weapons as well as their transport pods. As for myself, I'm helping out with the Hostile autopsy, primarily. Nevertheless, I shall give the both of your names to my Lord Cousin and he should be contacting you shortly regarding this endeavor." Her gaze set on the cart of scraps, she then asks, "Do you have help to transport all of this back to Khar-Mordune, My Lord?"

Brigham blinks and looks over at Edward, "You too?" he asks, seeming excited. "I would love to sit down and pick your brain. Living up here you must know tons more then I do and you have no idea how hard it is to find a solid technophile to converse with under the mountain. I mean, it's home and it's beautiful but no one ever wants to talk shop with me!" which may have more to to with him then with the aforementioned 'shop'. He blinks then eyes the cart, "Oh no. I'll hire some transport, of get Aidan to haul it back with me. Soon…" he looks around, "as I can… find him… Dammit. How do I keep losing him?" one imagines Aidan more intentionally loses Brigham then the other way around. "Um…" he patpats a hand atop the cart, "Can I borrow the cart for a bit? I'm going to need to take it down to the bays. I'll return it to um…" he eyes Edward, "Well where ever you want me to really."

All poor Brigham gets from Edward is a disapproving frown, as it seems the man does not enjoy the concept of brain picking. His gaze slides back to Ariana, perhaps a bit distrusting, "Well… I look forward to talking with your Lord Cousin, but please note my terms to him…" Edward says as he idly rubs at his jaw before he is focused back on Brigham, "Just leave it near the closest maintenance shaft and one of the crew will find it…" he mumbles, though doesn't correct Brigham on the fact that Edward does not live here, he just works here. He knows enough to get by and get his work done!

"Very good then. The young Lord of Peake gets new resources for his experiments and my Lord Cousin, possibly, gets some much needed assistance for this research." Ariana looks pleased enough by this, though her eyes now scan the corridors for this Aidan Peake. Unfortunately, she sees no sign of him. "If I do locate your Lord Brother, My Lord, I will inform him that you are on your way home with some souvenirs from your visit here." Without even a need to look to Edward, she offers a single nod, "Understood and as we speak.." The young lady is already tapping away at her datapad, "I'm sending him this very message. I do hope that he follows up on this quickly. I even informed him of your terms. I'm sure there will still be /much/ for you to work on." Tablet lowered, the edges of her lips tug faintly almost as if she were to smile, but she doesn't.

Brigham beams, a smile so large his eyes crinkle up and nearly vanish and he seems to fidget in place, almost hopping foot to foot in excitement. "Thank you!" he says to the woman, then turns to the much larger man, "And you too mi'lord!" he just assumes Edward has a Title. He hops around to the side of the cart Edward was on, the side with the handles, and he leans into it, putting his shoulder against the cart with a grunt of effort to get it moving again, "I'll be waiting for your contact!" he says, his voice trailing off as he starts off down the hall at a fairly reckless pace, now that the carts moving he doesn't have to shove so hard. They can still hear his "woo hoo!" echoing back to them even as he vanishes from sight.

Edward runs a hand through his hair as Brigham calls him a lord. Second time this week he has been mistaken for a nobleman. He should probably see how long he can get away with such a con. If he was his younger self he would likely do just take and rack up a nice little fortune along the way before bailing off to the next planet for his next con. Edward watches the younger man depart, his exclamation of 'woo hoo' at least bringing a small smile to the man's face, though it is a smile a little different then what Ariana has! Different smiles for different peoples!

There is certainly no time to correct the departing Peake when he openly mistakes Edward for being a noble, but to Ariana, the effort doesn't seem all that necessary. "Aren't you lucky, that Lord Brigham has taken the cart off of your hands. Though someone, eventually, will have to claim it once it's returned." That said, her gaze drops once again to her tablet and she speaks in quiet tones, perhaps to herself, "And it looks like I am still seeking out 4 new recruits for the science department. They are probably still waiting at the Ways." To Edward, she adds in, "I shall let you return back to your work. And I do hope that you hear something from my Lord Cousin in the near future."

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