07.28.3013: Tea For Five
Summary: Five Havenites gather. Conversation, tea and plotting is had.
Date: 28 July 3013
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Residence Chamber — Nether Keep, Khar-Mordune
Carved from the living rock, the chamber would be resonant if it weren't for the thick carpets layered across the floors in a melange of colors. Sconces of bioluminescent ooze glow on the walls, providing a cool, steady light. Tall tunnels lead off into the stone, cracks in the rock that have been expanded and laced with bioluminescent veins to provide additional lighting. The chamber itself contains a cluster of chairs around a long, low table of carved wood, made of a single slab of old-growth brought up from the Arborenin Woods. Shelves of holobooks and terminals connected to the InfoSphere line the outside of the room, but there are no decorations on the walls save for several areas of bare stone which have been intricately engraved with landscapes of the upper world.
28 July, 3013

The week since the wedding has seen Viannea busy, trying to keep up with her archery training since she has seen some improvement since her first lesson from Aelewen. Today is a good day for rest, however, which she has decided to do in spades. Dressed down even for her, she is wearing what basically amounts to a light tee-like shirt, sans sleeves, and shorts and whatever is fashionable that works for athletic footwear.

Currently pacing the antechamber, the brunette is trying to figure out what she can do for fun while moving rhythmically from one side of the expansive room to the other and back, having long ago lost count of how many circuits she has made in the forty minutes she's been at it.

The door to Aidan's suite opens and he walks out gingerly. Actually shuffles is probably more accurate. While he's not wearing a shirt the bandages from neck to midriff come close enough to count as one. "Oh, hi Vi. Don't fuss." Might as well try to head it off before it happens.

Don't fuss!? What? Does she look like the kind to fu… oh, who the hell is she kidding? Vi's definitely the kind to fuss and she does so now. First she gives her brother a careful hug and then she leads him somewhere he can sit, not moving any faster than he can when she does. "What happened," she asks quietly, trying to keep the concern from welling up when she speaks.

"A sword." Aidan answers. "And then an arrow since that wasn't enough." He carefully lowers himself onto a chair and grunts softly. "But we won and there are less Hostiles on Primus."

There's a wince from his sister when he tells her what happened and for a moment she rubs at her own torso, looking pained herself. "I swear…" Swear what? Not possible to tell as she doesn't finish her sentence. She instead goes to see about getting them some tea brought to them. When that's done she is on the move again, this time sitting by him. "Be careful next time, Aidan. I'd be lost without you."

"Oh, okay. I'll stop throwing myself into the path of Hostiles then." Aidan replies dryly. "Despite it being so much fun. I was careful, as careful as you are in battle. But shit happens." War is, as they say, hell. "Honestly, I'll take battle over the dream I just had."

Viannea grins lopsidedly, looking rather sheepish once the expression really takes hold. "That really isn't saying much if you're as careful as I am," she points out. She is the one who gets within melee range of the Hostiles, after all. The smile dims by a lot when he mentions having another dream, though, and any levity she might have tried to inject into their conversation is forgotten. "Want to talk about it?"

Aidan shakes his head but starts talking about it anyway. He doesn't want to but will. "I was in a deep sleep then woke up. I knew something was wrong. I had to find out what. I went over to the window and looked out." Obviously, the Nether Keep has no windows but Viannea's heard enough dreams to know they're often from the point of view of someone else. "There were Hostiles everywhere in the city. Not 'real' Hostiles like we face but literally a swarm of them everywhere. On the streets, walls, ceiling. Devouring everything and leaving behind nothing. And then…" He pauses and takes a couple breaths. "And then one appeared in the window and grabbed me by the throat. And it said 'release me'. Just that. And then I woke up."

This is nothing new to her but that doesn't make it any less chilling than the first time she heard about Aidan's dreams. Thankfully the tea arrives a few moments later, giving Viannea something to distract herself with as well as warm up with by the time she's got the cups poured and her brother handed his. "I wonder who you 'were' in that dream," she murmurs before nudging the tray closer, allowing him to prepare his tea as he likes. "And what the… thing meant when it said that." Holding her cup between her hands, Vi's first sip is taken and she sighs, clearly troubled.

Aidan shakes his head. "It probably doesn't matter. Most dreams are prophetic. They always happen even if it doesn't make sense till it does. But this one… I'm not so sure. It seemed more symbolic with them acting as cockroaches. 'Release me.' he muses. "Release it from what was done to it? They're human or once were. This one looked more human than most of them with just a couple cybernetic parts."

Viannea sits down and scoots her chair closer, trying to give Aidan some form of support as she listens. "I think it's time I do more than just kill them," she murmurs, her lips held just before the rim of her teacup. "I never understood the importance of learning about them but…" Her eyes close and her head shakes, her face held in a mask of rueful expression. "I always thought it was best left for people smarter than I am. That I should leave that kind of knowledge to people like Brigham…"

"Well, after this dream, I'm more inclined to tell him what he wants to know." Aidan says. "I figured he was just on another sidetrack that would keep him busy five minutes and then he'd move on to something new. But maybe I should talk to him about it instead and tell him about this one."

That gets a chuckle from Vi who can not help it. "I love our brother but he does tend to get a bit distracted and easily made to get all scatter-brained, doesn't he." That's less question and more statement. "I am going to start reading up on the Hostiles and asking around for details, myself. And maybe between what you know and what I learn we can figure out how to keep you and Aunt Agnes from being hurt."

"Stay him and knit?" Aidan suggests then shakes his head. "None of that is going to help with the fighting I don't think. We're going to have to kill them before they can kill us while the scientists try to figure out what they are and if we can stop them some other way. We need live captives to experiment on and see if we can 'release' them."

Viannea blinks and then startles, that causing some of her tea to slosh over the edge of the cup and onto her bare thigh. It burns but she doesn't notice the pain. "Release… wait a moment. Do you think maybe that is what your dream…" The thought never meets completion as she's rising to her feet. "We need to find a way to ambush them and lay a trap. That's probably the only way we'll get a live subject to test on."

"I don't know." Aidan says with a frustrated sigh. "I never know. I might think I know but most of the time I'm wrong. Dreams are never clear. But I think we have to try and who better to lay an ambush than us?" It's what the irregulars do best. "Maybe they can figure out how to reverse the changes in them and make them human again."

"There are too many of them," comes a softly-made point. It isn't a pleasant one to make but it's still given voice. "I really can't see how we can save them all." Her eyes dart to Aidan's and she suddenly grins, looking rather like their younger brother when Brigham is about to have one of his 'eureka moments'. The look fades though, whatever idea was brewing in her head never reaching completion. "Maybe we should see if Brigham can figure it out." The Six knows she won't be able to.

"Not all, no." Aidan agrees. "At least not yet. But first we need to figure out if it's possible and, if so, how. Then we can worry about how many. Yeah, we need to talk to Brig. And I think Arianna, Declan's fiance. I've met her on the Ring and know she's involved some how."

A small tablet is picked up off of a nearby shelf and used to send a note to a similar device in her room, Vi not wanting to forget anything Aidan just said. Not that she's prone to forgetting but still. Better safe than sorry. "We should arrange a meeting as soon as possible."

Aidan nods and reaches for his wrist but frowns at discovering he didn't bring his wristcomp. "I'll message her if you let me use your comm. She patched me up yesterday so can see how things are going. I"m sure she wasn't happy to discover I checked myself out."

A small communications device is pulled from a pocket in her shorts and handed over. "I just hope you guys don't mind speaking in layman's terms," Viannea says with a light sigh to go along with the self-depreciating joke, "otherwise you'll have to stop every ten seconds to explain everything to me."

"I'm not a scientist." Aidan points out. "I'm going to tell her what I told you and let her take it from there. I don't even know what her field is other than medicine so she might not have any ideas. She'll know who to talk to though." He takes the commun unit and sends a message.

Viannea pauses to think before nodding. "I am sure we'll get pointed in the right direction. Eventually, if not now." More tea is poured for herself to warm what has grown cold in her cup and then sweetened. "Aidan… uhm, I want to say thank you. For talking to me about your dreams and ideas and stuff."

"Why wouldn't I?" Aidan asks, giving Viannea a curious look. "I keep telling you, you have to stop thinking of yourself as anything less than just as good as everyone else. Better. You're a Peake."

"It isn't that," is huffed out, Vi following that up with a roll of her eyes. "I just know that sometimes it isn't always easy to talk to people who don't experience things the same way you do. It sometimes happens to me when I talk about combat with people who haven't ever fought." A hand lifts and she reaches over so she can tussle her brother's hair.

"Oh." Aidan shrugs then winces as it pulls at his wound. "Well, yes. If you haven't dreamt it yourself, you can't really understand. But I'm used to that. There's not a lot of us to begin with and someone's not always around." He pauses to study Viannea a moment then nods. "You've grown up." He missed a lot of it when she was out squiring.

Viannea blushes a bit but then laughs, the tussling happening again. This time she doesn't stop with mussing Aidan's hair a little. Oh no. He gets a full-on ruffling that will leave his hair looking like a case of epic bedhead. "I might've matured some but I'll always be your pain in the ass little sister."

Brigham arrives from the Lift.

Aidan is sitting stiffly at the table with bandages from neck to midriff serving as a shirt. Vi's just ruffled him to excess and is getting a Look for her efforts. "I never thought otherwise." he says dryly.

"Could you be anymore exasperating, Aidan?" There's more laughter to be had though so Viannea must not be too put out by her brother's response to her comment. Upon the table there's a tea service for two with all the proper things to go with it like a small pitcher of cream and a bowl of sugar. Vi still has her cup in hand and occasionally remembers to sip from it.

Ariana arrives from the Lift.

Ancelina arrives from the Lift.

"Could you be anymore exasperating, Aidan?" There's more laughter to be had though so Viannea must not be too put out by her brother's response to her comment. Upon the table there's a tea service for two with all the proper things to go with it like a small pitcher of cream and a bowl of sugar. Vi still has her cup in hand and occasionally remembers to sip from it. *re*

"If I try hard." Aidan answers then glances down at the comm unit. "Ariana's here. Just a moment…" He uses the comm to let the guards know to escort her down here.

Brigham has never been stealthy, being a sneak is not where his gifts lie, but really, he's never had to be. And it's best for everyone he never learns to be. So it's easy to hear him coming down the hall, muttering and arguing with himself about light dispersal patterns and the law of electromagnetic energy filtration… basically a lot of really high end math. He also clanks softly as he walks. He enters and heads straight for Aidan, his usual coat has been replaced by a similar one with many big pockets, he carries an odd backpack like thing on his back that's one part white plastic hump and one part exposed wires and metal rods. "I'm going to break your knees so you can't leave a hospital until you're done getting better." he informs his brother as he walks in. "And I'm paying someone to sit on you. Because you're to stupid to be allowed to make you're own decisions from now on. Someone really fat." he says as he stomps over, his expression suggesting he may punch Aidan in the face.

Being summoned to the rather infamous (or at least, to Ariana) Khar-Mordune, the young Larent medic has her mother, who is also a medical professional, in tow for this journey. Perhaps the older woman wanting to see her daughter in action. Uncertain as to what to expect from this visit, never having stepped foot here before, she has a fur cloak draped over her medical attire, looking as if she came directly here from the infirmary…. and stopped off to pick up a cloak! Exchanging a few words with Ancelina along the way as they are led deeper into the caverns by one of the Peake guards, her own chatter quiets when they are finally led into the private area of Nether Keep. Strangely, despite his diminutive size, the first person she sees is Brigham. More than likely, because right now, he's the one jabbering on and on to the injured. A polite smile on her lips, she lowers her head as a show of humble greeting to the Peakes. "Good Day to all of you. And I'm glad to see that Lord Brigham is keeping our patient in high spirits this day." Even as she says this, shrewd eyes keep watch on Aidan from her distance, to gauge how his injuries have been healing during the night.

Viannea moves quickly, making several things take place in a very short span of time once she rises to her feet. The delicate cup she has been holding is set down just before she reaches out hurriedly to grab Brigham by the collar of his coat, 'scruffing' him so she can keep him a bit more than arm's reach from their older brother. "I think what he means to say is that he's glad to see you're alright," the translation coming at the same time she gives the younger out of the three Peakes a shake. Not enough to hurt but more than enough to rattle his teeth if they're not already clenched in anger. "Sit down…" The order Viannea's about to give dies on her lips as their guests arrive and Brigham just winds up unceremoniously tugged towards the chair she just rose from. "Ah! Hello." Ahem. "Thank you for joining us." Hopefully her actions won't reflect poorly on House Peake. "I'll have more tea brought up."

Ancelina is a step or two behind her daughter, Ariana, when they arrive to visit Lord Aidan in Khor-Mordune. The lady is always impeccably dressed and today dons a soft, pale pink blouse neatly tucked into a high waist pencil skirt that reaches the knee. Her lab coat is held together by a single button and covers most of her attire. A click of heels echoes that of her daughter's and silences once they have made their entrance into the chamber. A pleasant smiles stretches from ear to ear before she greets everyone. "Good day everyone. I hope you do not mind that I have come to observe Lady Ariana in her skills and offer some assistance if it is needed."

"I can get better here." Aidan points out. And he did stay there overnight in case there were problems. And he slept most of the day too! "But I'm glad you showed up, Brig. How would you like a live Hostile to play with?" That should distract him if Vi hasn't already done so. And here are the doctors. Sensibly, he doesn't stand. "Thank you for coming, Ariana. I wanted to talk to you as well." And not, from the sound of it, about his chest wound. "I know you somehow were involved in Brig getting but I don't know how much authority you have or what your specialty is aside from medicine. Have you managed to examine any Hostiles yourself? And what do you know of what's been done already in that regard?" Lacking a name or knowing what she is, he nods a greeting to Ancelina before looking back to the others.

Brigham does in fact take a swing at Aidan. He takes three. But someone who's horrible and mean pulled him up short, so his arms flail about ineffectually before he's shaken with a loud rattle and clank into submission. He then finds himself sitting down without a firm grasp on how he got there… "Jerk." he mutters Vi's way as he starts to readjust himself and all of the things on his person, hidden and otherwise, that clinked and clanked, until he's semi comfortable again. "Like whale fat. Like possessing their own measurable gravity fields fat. Like a moon. I'm going to pay a moon to sit on you." his lips purse angrily, "A small one. But a mo-" he stops and stares at Aidan, "Where?Here?Yes!Now!NeedtopreparemylabforpropercontainmentprotocolsandWreckswillhavetobetol-" breathing is for mortals and weaklings obviously. Ariana and her mother are more or less completely ignored, not intentionally, just… they're not going to give him a Hostile so…

Somewhat amused by the scene unfolding before her, Ariana doesn't mind merely observing for now to the let the crazy antics die away. She then half-turns to her mother, perhaps sharing a look with the woman, her gaze once more returning to the group as a whole, "Have you met my mother, Lady Ancelina?" As nobles all seem to have met, at least in passing, at some point, she assumes that 'maybe' is a good response to her inquiry. At Viannea's words, she does offer a light, "Thank you, My Lady. Perhaps, we'll be able to delight in your tea once I'm finished with my rounds here." Aidan being the only patient. Stepping forward now, she ponders the question posed to her, "We are still running studies on a few of the Hostile corpses which we've been able to collect. I've only recently helped to figure out that the pods that land on our planets and moon are filled with some sort of gel-like substance, a ration of sorts, giving the Hostile proteins and fats and nutrients during the long journey from space."

With the situation between Brigham and Aidan properly quelled, Viannea remembers her manners. A quick-yet-polite bow of her head is given to Ariana and Ancelina. "Of course. It'll take a while for the tea to be made and brought up so I'll go ahead and put the call for it in. It should be here by the time you are ready for it." The top of Brig's head is kissed before she crosses the room to put in that call, it made to whomever is in charge of the household. The request for a service for five as well as a plate of tea food takes no time at all but she stretches it out for as long as she can to give the ladies a chance to give Aidan a checkup without her hovering over them worriedly.

Ancelina returns Viannea's polite acknowledgment. "Thank you, My Lady. It is very kind and hospitable of you. Now, I will have to start sorting out if we are all directly related or somehow removed. My mother was a Peake. It's been quite some time since I've traced back her lineage." Turning to greet the patient with a warm and motherly smile, Ancelina moves a touch closer to stand beside Ariana. "I shall assume Lord Aidan is the dashing nobleman in the fashionable bandaging. Ariana, dear, is this your handiwork?" The teasing is light in nature, but the question is sincere.

"I don't have any yet, Brig. You have time to prepare and talk to some others about how to go about this." Aidan tells his brother before looking to Ariana and her mother. "Not to speak to. It's a pleasure to meet you in more than passing, Lady Ancelina. Please make yourself comfortable and I"ll be interested in hearing your thoughts as well. I hope to capture some Hostiles alive so that scientists can try to figure out how to release them from all those cybernetics and turn them fully human again." To Ariana directly, he says "I think you know I'm a druid. I just had a dream about this."

Brigham doesn't seem to notice as his hat is pushed back far enough for his head with it's explosive hair to be smooched, mostly because he hasn't stopped for a breath yet and is turning an odd shade of blue. "-andabuildaFaradaycageandmakesuremyweldingequipmentis-" he actually has to stop to suck in more air, seems annoyed by this weakness even as the sound not unlike that of an airlock popping pours out of him, "preppedandsecuredforth-" he stops mid thought as Aidan's words manage to claw through the sudden wall of Thought Noise that had filled his brain. "Wait. What?" he says flatly, his face screwing up. "You don't… dammit!" he reaches up without thinking about it to straighten his hat once more on his head, containing a bit more of the hair, though never all of it. "I've been working on some secret stuff with someone I can't name and we need some of those living bastards so we can poke them with sticks and stuff!" he makes a poking gesture with one hand as if it contained a stick at the time. "Or a ship. We could really use an intact ship too. So, as long as you're getting me presents…" he says hopefully.

Just the idea of a captured hostile makes Ariana look slightly uneasy and she does decide to remind Aidan, "Remember a couple of months or so ago when we had a Hostile in captivity on the Ring. That particular Hostile broke free and slaughtered several of our scientists, including a few of my personal colleagues who were hoping to run some studies on the monster." Though her brow arches slowly now when Aidan's dream is mentioned, "Oh? I'm afraid that I've been out of the loop with my Awakened peers, but I am curious as to your dream now. Did you see a Hostile in captivity or…" She recalls some of what her other Awakened friends had said, "Did you see yourself as a Hostile in captivity?" A look idly trails off to view the teas and refreshments being brought in, though despite these niceties, the topic of conversation, as a whole, is quite a heavy one. At Brigham's own outburst, he is afforded a curious glance, but her primary attention is focused on the dream itself. Not even the thought that one of her mother's relatives being a Peake is able to disturb her as much.

And just as quick as she left Vi's back, her hands held clasped before her. It takes a moment though to remember she really isn't dressed for company. Shorts, sleeveless tee and athletic shoes? Yeah. "Give me one moment." And that is when she disappears into her room, the door of which closes quietly behind her.

Ancelina chuckles quietly at the repartee between the young Peake men and makes a few notes in her data pad. Long, slender fingers adjust the dark rimmed glasses upon her face giving her a more studious appearance. The older woman's head tilts with curiosity when Aidan mentions dreams. A dark wisp of hair falls into her eyes, immediately tucking the errant strand behind her ear. "If you do not mind, Lord Aidan, I would like to take a few notes with regards to your dream."

"I don't think we can get a ship, Brig. But I do intend to talk to father about maybe taking some alive." Aidan answers as he reaches for his own tea cup to take a sip. As Ariana asks about the dream and the point of view, he gives her a quick smile. "You've listened to what they've said. But the smile fades quickly. "No. What I dreamt was the city literally crawling with a swarm of Hostile, devouring everything and leaving nothing behind them. One - very human looking with only a small amount of cybernetics that I could see - grabbed me by the throat and said 'Release me.' Then I woke up. You can see my train of thought there though I freely admit I could be entirely wrong. But it's worth looking into, I think. Feel free, Lady Ancelina. And if you ask others about it, I'd be interested in hearing what they have to say."

Brigham just sighs heavily, "Not with that attitude we can't. But I want a ship." his tone suggests less 'want' and more 'gonna have', "If I have to grow wings and go hunt one down myself. Hrm. Wings." he gets a thoughtful expression. Then he beeps and blinks his hands waving through the air in the tell tale sign of someone operating their HUD. "Dammit. Um." he hops up from his seat on quick feet. "I uh-" his eyes dart about and then a hand goes to the top of his hat holding it in place before he takes off running full speed for the doorway, clanking and clunking with every jarring step, "MY LAAAAAAABBBBBB!!!!" he squeals plaintively as he goes, his only apparent explanation.

Despite the talks of Hostile, Ariana is here to check up on her patient as well, so even as Aidan speaks, while her attention may be focused on the topic, she also begins to run a scan of his vitals to document into his online patient file upon her datapad. Temperature looks good. Heart rate normal. Her icy blue eyes lift from her datapad at some point during the man's explanation of his dream and she nods slowly. Though to Brigham, she starts, "You will need more than wings to secure yourself a ship, My Lo—…" And off he goes. Her eyes once more return to Aidan now and just the oddest tiny hint of an amused smile begins to form on her lips. Even that quickly fades. "That dream could be interpreted in many ways, even though it seems clear enough to me what you believe your dream to be telling you and the other Awakened. May I have you sit up just a little bit more. I wish to change your bandages, but from what I can see, your injuries are healing just fine."

"Did he… oh by the Six. How bad did he blow up his lab this time?" That is yelled from the other side of the door that Vi went through, it then opened to reveal a freshly-changed Vi, complete with brushed hair that has been braided so it'll stay out of her face. "I do hope you can forgive our brother," she says then with a sigh. "To say Brigham's a bit eccentric is an understatement." And probably a gross understatement if his behavior moments ago is any proof. The tea is brought in after the apology is issued and left on the table while the first is taken up and taken away. "So how is Aidan? Is he going to survive?"

A proud smile stretches across Ancelina's face while she watches her daughter do a proper assessment of the patient. Without looking over her shoulder or micromanaging her, Ariana proceed's by the book with her documentation and is courteous with her bedside manner. "If you need some assistance sitting up, Lord Aidan, I can help while Lady Ariana changes your bandages. Viannea's attire is noted with yet another prim smile from the Larent. "Yes, I would very much like to compare some notes regarding your dream with others who may have experienced something similar." To the concerned sister, Ancelina assures the young woman. "It appears your brother will in fact survive. He is in good hands with Lady Ariana's care. I do not just say this because she is my daughter or because I taught her at an early age." Ancelina smirks with a good hearted chuckle. "Staying in good spirits also helps with recovery. It is not always advisable for the ill and wounded to return home, but we have seen vast improvements with those who do wish to recover at home."

As Brigham rushes off, Aidan doesn't look the least bit worried. "Don't worry. His lab is far enough away and fortified enough that any explosion won't damage anything." He does sit up more and slide forward on his chair at the request. "I don't know if any other Awakened have interpreted it the same way. I haven't spoken to any since it literally woke me up less than two hours ago. I am certain others will have different ideas. I'm equally certain that trying to bring the Hostiles back to human is not a bad thing even if it doesn't apply to the dream. All that needs to be worked out is how to do it safely since we don't want a repeat of what happened on the Ring. I would think that disabling or removing their cybernetics would be a good first step. But the thought I wanted to ask you about specifically, Ariana, the both of you since you're here, was an anesthetic gas. Is there one you think would work on them?" At Ancelina's stamp of approval on his coming home (even if she didn't mean it that way) he gives Vi a grin since Brigham isn't here.

Ariana leans forward as she begins to cut through the bandages, all the while continuing with the conversation, "Is the structure of Khar-Mordune that secure? I would have been a little concerned for cave-ins of some sort when explosions become a concern." Carefully, she continues to snip away at the bindings and neatly disposes of them into her medical kit. Snapping on a pair of gloves, she very gently applies pressure around the area of the man's wounds, her eyes finally lifting to observe the man's reactions, noting if there is any expression of pain on his face when she does this. "I will be leaving a bottle of pills here for you to assist with the pain. They may make you drowsy, but I am a little worried that these dreams may, for whatever reason, hinder your healing. Not that I've seen any signs of this, but they do seem terribly troubling." At Viannea's re-entrance, the younger Larent graces her with a ghost of a smile, though continues on her work. "It's strange when you put it that way, Lord Aidan. Removing their cybernetics… I do recall that the body of one of High Lady Eryn's nieces was found with her organs removed by the Hostile. They were doing some dissecting of their own." She then turns to Ancelina at the question of an anesthetic gas, but she does say, "We may be able to secure some form of anesthesia. Though whether they are strong enough to affect a Hostile is unknown. Though, it would need to be dearmored in someway. Or at least their helmet removed."

The smile is returned although Viannea's looks tired and worried. But is it concern for her older brother or worry for the younger? Hard to tell and she's not saying one way or another. "At least you'll live. I'd miss having you to torment if you were to expire." With the medical stuff happening along with the quiet discussion of Aidan's dream and the Hostiles, now, Viannea busies herself with getting the cups set out upon their saucers and the plate of finger sandwiches set upon the table so the tray can be moved out of the way. "Please. Feel free to help yourselves when you're ready," that offered to the ladies they are in the company of.

"He's not allowed to play with anything likely to do any serious harm to the city. And his lab is in a very stable part of the mountain where we've reinforced the entire cavern." After all the years of Brig's experiments, they've learned. "Oh, right. Helmets." Aidan's still not functioning quite fully given he was just hurt yesterday and just woken up rather unpleasantly. "Right. Alternate means of administration. Injection. Coated spikes at the bottom of a pit. Do you think that would work?"

Content with her findings, Ariana begins to rewrap Aidan's chest with skilled hands. "Everything looks well. I still give it close to a week before you are fully healed. And while I tell all of my patients this, it usually falls on deaf ears, but… I recommend that you rest during this time. Avoid any heavy lifting or unnecessary movements. And try not to run off and be a hero, unless the Hostile are attacking Khar-Mordune directly." This advice has been offered to many soldiers and knights throughout her career, and while her tone doesn't come off as warm or endearing when she says this, she makes a point to allow a touch of concern in her voice despite the matter-of-fact way which she speaks. She now cannot help but give the room a thorough look, checking to see just how sturdy this place is. "That is good to know, My Lady. If I must be honest, I would feel a little nervous living in a cave due to possible cave-ins." Or bats. Giant spiders. What lurks in the darkness. Thinking further on Aidan's request, she says as she begins packing up her medical equipment, "There are anesthetics that are administered through needle. The dosage may prove difficult to figure out, but from what I've learned of the Hostile, as they do bleed blood, the anesthesia should do its job once it enters into the enemy's blood stream. I would say to be very careful with this, so that no one else becomes affected."

"Don't worry," Vi says with a warm smile given to the Lady doctor and her mother both, "For as much as I tease, I honestly think the only person Brigham is an honest-to-the-Six danger to is himself. And it has truly been a long time since his last mi… oh. Well, not counting today it's been a while." Now assured that she's done everything to extend comfort to their guests in the form of refreshments, Vi steps away from the table, a small tea sandwich in hand.

"Then please send me a few gallons of it." Aidan requests. His fingers twitch but he doesn't have his wristcomp. "Vi, make a note that we're going to need extremely sharp spikes made. In fact, would you see to it? They'll need to be sturdy enough to penetrate armor. Several dozen should be enough. We'll have to coat them with differing amounts of this anesthetic, space the spikes apart in various distances, etc. Each Hostile will undoubtedly fall on several spikes so we can't be certain how much of the drug they'll get. Do you think you could help in figuring that out, Ariana? And if you can think of any other way of incapacitating them in battle, that would be great. It's why I asked you to come so we could get some medical and scientific input." That doesn't involve exploding things. "Brigham could help you with that. He's good at brainstorming."

Her gloves removed, Ariana flips through the contents of her tablet to look at the numbers on hand in their medical supply vault. Though she doesn't lift her gaze, she quietly listens to the conversation between siblings as Aidan orders some very sharp spikes to go with this anesthesia. "I will see about securing this. Will there be an upcoming Awakened meeting some time soon? If all of you are having these dreams once again?" Finalizing her order, her attention is again drawn back to the Peakes, though this time, after placing a bottle of painkillers at Aidan's bedside, she makes her way to join Viannea for refreshments, "Thank you, Lady Viannea. This all looks very lovely and at this moment, some warm tea would do wonders."

Viannea crams the sandwich in her mouth partially instead of setting her snack down, doing so without thinking about manners. A notation is made and sent to her own tablet via one kept in here for more public use. 'spikes… punch through armor…' "Hmmmmph hmmm ph…" Damnit. Forgot her mouth is full. She takes a moment to finish that tidbit of food before attempting a second try at speaking. "I will get to that now. Will look into making them out of metal so we can be sure it will be strong enough to puncture their armor… and I'll try to keep them small enough to make sure that they won't inflict wounds that'll be deadly." Ariana is watched now and she can not help but to smile. "You're very welcome, Lady Ariana. If there's anything else I can do for you, please do not hesitate to ask."

"Good, thank you." Aidan sits back once Ariana's done and takes a breath. Careful not to flinch or wince while she was doing her job, he can relax a little and admit (if only to himself) that it hurts. Those pills will be welcome. "Coordinate with Vi about delivery and how you think we should coat the spikes to best effect as well as dosage." He reaches up to rub his eyes then adds "Vi, be sure to talk to whoever the expert is in pit traps and get his input about the best size for the pits, how many spikes to use and how to space them, and how many spikes each Hostile can be expected to fall on. Keep in mind not every one will pierce the armor. Maybe only one." Sounds like he's putting the project into her hands.

With a cup of tea in hand, Ariana takes a much needed sip of the beverage. It's chilly down here, so tea just hits the spot. "It looks as if you have this all planned out, My Lord. And to think, this dream just came most recently. What is the consensus on the Hostile anywhere near Khar-Mordune? Or will these spike pits be placed in various sections of the Spine? And Lady Viannea, you have been more than hospitable. Thank you. This is my first time stepping foot anywhere near your home and I must say that it's a bit of a pleasant surprise. Your version of a garden is rather interesting, I must say."

"The Peake forces specialize in ambushes." Aidan explains. "Between the mountains and the woods, there's not enough open room for cavalry or a shield wall to be effective. So I'm thinking we'll lead the Hostiles in our land into an ambush which will include the pits. Hopefully by the time we kill the rest of them, we'll find a few alive at the bottom of them." Reaching for his tea again, he says "I'm glad you like it. And thank you again for making a house call. I know you must be busy so don't let us keep you if you have patients."

Viannea pauses before looking up, chin lifting to help make it easier for her to do so. "I will, Aidan. Don't worry. Your sister won't fail you." She casts Ariana a glance and a smile, that warming when she mentions the gardens. "They are rather unique, no? Oh… crud. I'd like to stay but I should get to work. Aidan can be a cruel taskmaster." There's more teasing. Vi must be exceptionally close to her sibling if she feels comfortable to do so as often as she does. Aidan's cheek is pecked and then she bows her head to Ariana. "A pleasure meeting you. I do hope our next visit will be purely for fun."

"It is no problem, Lord Aidan and I've been enlightened by your dream." Ariana says, taking another sip of her tea, before setting it aside, "But yes, that does remind me. My Lady Mother and I really must return back to the medical bay. After this most recent clash on Primus, we've both been kept busy. Thank you both for your hospitality and… fun?" The younger Larent gets to thinking on Viannea's words, "Of course, maybe we could go out dress shopping at some time. That would be lovely!" This is Ariana's idea of fun! "I will get into contact with you both once the anesthetic is secured. For now, however, farewell."

Brigham returns, char and soot staining his face, though somehow, as is usual, his coat and hat seem to be entirely untouched by the stuff. He clanks and clinks as he walks, purposfully heading towards Aidan once more, "Was I gonna punch you or talk about presents? I forget where we were." he says as he makes his way near.

The doctors have left, Viannea escorting them out and Aidan remains seated where he was though with tea and some finger food Vi ordered sent down. "Punch me and you don't get presents." he answers. "And remember, I don't need to stand up or strain to lightning bolt your ass."

Brigham holds up a finger and grins, "I thought of that. I'm insulated." Science, wins.

"Which might be help you if lightning was my only option." Aidan points out. "So tell me, why do you want a live Hostile? Then I'll tell you why I want a live Hostile. Also, were you here when I was talking about my dream? I don't remember."

Brigham waves his hand, "Dream shmeam, I need a Hostile so I can take it all apart and see how it ticks and then use that information to kill all of them so they stop stabbing my family." he says with a sage nod, "And also, possibly, so that I could learn how to advance out cyber technologies… I'm still trying to work out how the avoid such high level rejection or cyber-sclorosis."

Aidan just nods at whatever it was Brigham said. He got the gist, that's enough. And usually how it works. He doesn't need arcane explanations any more than Brigham needs many details on the dream. "I dreamt a Hostile told me to release him. I think that's a good idea whatever the dream really means. I too want you to take apart a Hostile. Except I want you to end up with it human again. THink you can do that?"

Viannea, who has changed clothing and is in an entirely different outfit since Brigham left, returns with a sigh upon hearing her brothers talk. Not that what they're discussing isn't important but it seems like that is all they talk about anymore. She ambles over to the plate of sandwiches and takes a few, the food then brought with her to a chair that gets flopped onto with a grunt. She's keeping quiet for now, content to listen for now.

Brigham blinks at Aidan. Then stares. Then blinks again. "Um." he says after a long moment. "That makes a fairly large assumption I'm not comfortable with." he says. "Cause you know… Science." namely assume nothing unless proven prior.

Aidan nods a greeting to Vi as she returns but its Brig who has most of his attention. "I know. I expect they'll die at first. That'll be a shame but they'll die on the battlefield anyway. But maybe you'll learn how to do it so they don't have to die. Let me rephrase that then. Are you willing to try? I'll point out that removing their cybernetics should make them a lot safer to have captured as well so that'll hopefully avoid a repeat of what happened on the Ring."

"Should I leave you boys alone to talk all… science-y at each other?" Not that Vi seems overly inclined to leave just yet. No, not with how she's still sitting there and even goes as far as to sling a leg over the chair's arm. Definitely getting comfortable.

Brigham holds up a finger, "That's not the assumption I was talking about." he says, "It was the fact that you think they're human." he points out. "What they started out as may not have anything to do with what they are now. Assuming they started out human." … … … Brigham looks up then "But yes, I suppose I could try."

"Stay Vi." Aidan answers without looking away from Brig. "You can give your thoughts on the subject too. And Brig, their DNA is human. They talk. He asked to be released, whatever that means. They might be too far gone but it's worth trying. And good. Thank you. Do you think you can recruit others into the effort? At the least, you all should learn a lot."

Brigham holds up a finger, "Talking is not unique to human kind, several species possess the ability to communicate in unique languages including dolphins who refer to each other by individual name." he flicks up a second finger, "He asked in a dream, stop eating spicy food before bed that'll make it so the Hostiles don't talk to you in your dreams." he flicks up a third finger, "There are 4 primate speices with DNA that is only a percent or two off of our own, but we're not the same species." he eyes Aidan, "But, presupposing you are correct, they are human, and presupposing they don't want to kill us all in some weird holy war, then sure, I'll work on extracating the bits from them." he scricthes his soot stained face, "Problem is that most of their internal organs are replaced by technology. I can take the bot bits out, but there's not enough fleshy stuff left to fill a handful of gallon jugs. Not sure how much human remains in there."

"I'm sure they want to kill us. Hence the entire war." Aidan lifts one shoulder lightly. "But it's worth trying I think. Just remove… I don't know. You'll have to use your best judgement if and when it happens." Did he just say that? "Remove their weapons of course. Maybe substitute as much of our cybernetics for theirs as possible. I don't expect we'll get this right the first time. You'll need to experiment. And even if it doesn't work, we'll have learned, right?"

Brigham nods his head, "Oh yeah, I'll suck the information out of them like a fruit smoothie on the end of a crazy straw." his eyes unfocus a bit, "Mmm… smooooooothie…." he blinks, "Anyway, I'm curious, why havn't we just rendered their world uninhabitable?"

"Because we can't?" Aidan shakes his head. "I don't really know, Brig. Could we? You know more about our technological capabilities than I do. Why haven't they rendered our world uninhabitable?"

Brigham shrugs, "I don't know." he's quiet for a moment, "Do you know why space warfare is a ridiculous concept?"

"I have my guesses but why don't you tell me your opinion." Aidan suggests.

Brigham says, "Because the speeds at which one must travel so that one can cover the vast distances in space are so great, that even when 'coasting', you would pass by a potential target so quickly the human eye would not be able to track them. Because space is so vast that it is inconceivably difficult to pick one small ship out from the infinit nothing around it that we have to actually build extremely powerful transponders that broadcast locations just so we can find one another, much less our enemy. Space warfare is /hard/, and do you know the stupidist place to be when war is taken to the stars?" Brigham asks, his thoughts pouring out of him now that he's started, "On a giant stupid planet rock that can't dodge shit. That's where. We're sitting on a giant target like morons.""

Brigham he reaches up to run a hand over his face, smearing more ash and soot over his features, "Give me one cargo ship filled with engines and fuel cells, not even advances ones just powerful, chemical propulsion would work, some engineers and laborers, and I could destroy their entire world, render it's surface uninhabitable… and there would be no way to stop it. I could kill their world." he eyes Aidan, "I mean, it's so simple, so insanely easy… why havn't they done it to us yet?"

"There aren't a lot of other options." Aidan points out dryly. "Building ships to take what… 30 million people to other habitable planets that we don't know exist? I'll stay here, thanks. It's comfortable, if dangerous. We jus need to hold out forty years." At the question, he shakes his head. "I don't know, Brig. Maybe they want the planet for themselves. Maybe they want us."

Brigham shakes his head, "I would never have to get close to their homeworld." he says, "I could kill them from here." he pauses, "Well not /here/ but close enough…" he shakes his head again, rubbing at his eyes. "If I were to find a rock in space, say… three hundred meters across, and I were to strap engines on to it, after extrapolating the orbit of their world, which I could do fairly easily with math and a telescopic by measuring the effects of gravity around it, I just point the damned rock at them and fire up the engines. No one needs to be on it. Three hundred meters wide would turn a continent into a crater. Now… what if I used fifty of them? Or ten, but they were 3000 meters wide? The first one would completely obliterate their planets ability to sustain life of any kind, the impact of one would blot out the sun, the impact of 10?" he exhales slowly… "Conceiveably it could crack their world like an egg. And all it would take is a rock and an engine." he eyes his brother, and for the first time in the History Of Brigham, there's the smallest inkling of fear in his eyes. "I could destroy their world." the words are a whisper, one part fear, one part… excitement.

"A very big rock." Aidan points out. "A very big, very powerful engine. And ways to git it there. And ways to calculate… whatever it is needs calculating. Multiplied by however many very big rocks you want to use. I think that's a bit beyond us, Brig. Especially in the middle of a war. And when we're not at war, their planet isn't close enough for that to work."

Brigham eyes Aidan, "It's not that big a rock." he points out, "And they are floating in space all the time, you just have to find them. Which we can do. A Third Year Academ can to the calculous required to calculate the needed trajectories and mass equations, and you wouldn't need a big engine, just a bunch of smaller ones." he shakes his head, "You don't understand how simple this could be. As for distance… distance doesn't matter. It's a fire and forget it rocket Aidan. Shoot it now, it could hit in fifteen years, but it will hit. And you don't even have to be perfect with the shot, just really close. Gravity will do the rest. A rock that size, moving that quickly, if it were to just graze the atmosphere, the resulting friction explosion would pound the planet with preasure waves in excess of fifteen G's…" the excitement is starting to beat out the fear. He hops up and starts to pace, "But here's the real question, given how simple and easy this entire theory is, and seeing how I've already run a bunch of the calculation to match it up… … …How haven't they thought of it? If they harnessed a single rock a fraction the size of Khar-Mordune, it would split this world in half. Okay, more like put a giant dent into it miles deep and possibly knock us slightly out of orbit, but still… why havn't they? They have to have a basic understanding of physics. This isn't even /hard/. Force equals mass times acceleration, it's /so/ simple we've been using the equation since we tied rocks to sticks and hit things with them! So why hasn't anyone done it?!

"I don't know, Brig." Aidan answers patiently. "Why don't you ask your scientist friends on the Ring. Maybe one of them will have an answer."

Brigham rubs his face again and he's quiet for a long moment, his face looking almost haunted, "… But what if they use it?"

"We'll win the war?" Aidan studies Brig a moment. "If they're human, will it count as genocide? Or maybe there's some questions it's better not to ask at all. Just because something can be done, it doesn't mean it should be. What would we lose by winning?"

Brigham eyes Aidan for a long moment, "I don't know. That's not science, that's…" he waves a hand dismissivly in the air. "I do numbers, I do science, I work at the mysteries of the universe peeking under it's skirt to see what it's hiding. But you?" he pushes himself to his feet with a huff, "You're the one that does mystisim. That's your expertise. Think on it, tell me what you come up with. I'm going to the lab." he turns and starts to walk away, questions almost visibly swirling around his head.

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