Lord Ellisaire Taryn Sauveur
Hayden Christensen
Hayden Christensen as Ellisaire Taryn Sauveur
Full Name: Ellisaire Taryn Sauveur
Byname: Taryn Wystrel
Age: 22
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Sauveur
House: Sauveur
Title/Profession: Lord
Position: Current in Flux
Spouse: None Height: 5'10"
Father: Prince Ellisaire Sauveur (dead) Weight: 170 lbs
Mother: Lady Katrina Sauveur nee Leonnida (dead) Hair Color: Blond
Siblings: None Eye Color: Green
Children: None


May 15th 2991 marked the death of King Symion’s younger brother Ellisaire, his young wife Katrina Leonnida, and their newly born son. Well, almost. While visiting Katrina’s family before the birth of their first child, the couple was convinced to travel overland. It did not take much convincing as Katrina had a great love of horses and riding, and Ellisaire could refuse her little. While at her family’s estates, Katrina gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, which was named after his father.

While in the untamed expanses of the northern part of the Southern Wilds, their party was attacked by a rogue drake that had for some reason migrated from the Crescent of Khournas. When the caravan was found, there were no survivors, including the slain drake. Though the body of their baby was not found, it was thought to have been eaten whole by drake. In actuality there are two facts that differ from what is believed. The first is that the couple and their entourage were targeted by the drake due to pheromones that was placed in Katrina’s possessions. By her marrying a Sauveur, much less the brother to the king, it laid too much political power in her hand, and a rather ambitious cousin could not allow that to stand. He had the drake captured and transported for such an occasion. Ironically, he, himself, fell prey to another family member’s ambition who eliminated him from the family’s political arena mere hours after received report of the success of his coup. The second unknown fact is that Taryn Ellisaire Sauveur was not killed by the drake. Sebina Wystrel, a citizen from Briarford, a nearby farming village, happened to be out in the woods and heard the screams from the attack. She arrived to find no one alive, but for a screaming infant. Sebina’s own infant son and husband had died just some months prior, and their deaths had left the poor woman quite unstable. She took the child from his traveling crib and ran away with him, to replace the child she had lost, for surely, this was The Mother giving her a second chance.

Sebina alone knew, or at least suspected, the true identity of Taryn. Ironically, Sebina brought Taryn to be raised in the village that by all rights would have belonged to him upon his mother’s death. Without a surviving heir, Katrina’s holdings went to her brother, Taryn’s uncle, Branden.

Fairly early on Sebina Wystrel knew that the child that The Mother had given her was special. Though unawakened, she saw and recognized the signs in the small child. She was afraid that if someone knew that he was one of the Awakened that they would take him from her. As a young boy, he picked up on this constant fear and concern of hers. She convinced him that it was something that he had to keep a secret and hide that secret away from anyone and everyone. Sebina hired a man that had been a brother in arms to her late husband. Osric was one of the only Awakened that she knew and trusted. Her husband had nearly died saving Osric’s life, and the man felt that he owed him for it. Sebina called in that debt to have him teach Taryn to master his abilities. Sebina pressured Taryn to study hard - to hone and practice so that there would be no accidental exposure, so that no one would ever know his secret. The man was shocked to see how gifted the boy was, quickly picking up things that took others much longer. Osric had been a soldier, tried and true. Despite Sebina’s wishes, the man saw a warrior’s heart in the boy and trained him not only in the sorcerous discipline but also in the art of war. He felt that it was only right that Taryn understood the tools that his father had spent his life honing, and that this was a adequate gesture to his friend’s memory.

Sebina did not want Taryn to become a soldier and go off to get himself killed for some other man’s whim. While she felt that soldiers were a valuable need, she did not want to see her son’s life endangered so. When he was older, Sebina fostered her son to one of the stable masters, since Taryn seemed fascinated, almost to the point of obsessed with horses. He learned his trade, and in his spare time, continued his training with Oscric. When he was not busy working the stables or studying under Oscric’s instruction, he took every advantage he could to ride. It was one of the few times that he ever felt truly free and truly himself. The dreams he had always told him that there was more – more out there for him than cleaning stables and brushing down horses, but the love for his mother held him back.

For years, Taryn helped train and take care of the horses that would be shipped off for use by knights and the cavalry, and though he felt restless, he stayed in the small village which for the most part revolved around the horse ranch. When the only mother that he had ever known grew ill, he watched helplessly as she wasted away and eventually died. For days he did nothing but stay in the small home that he had grown up in, barely eating or drinking. He found himself standing at a crossroad. He could stay where he was, live out the rest of his life as a stable hand, maybe eventually becoming the stable master, or he could leave and follow the tugging of his gut.

Then he had a dream… he knew that it was more than just a dream. He had experienced the prophetic dreams of the Awakened; he knew that it meant more. He dreamed that he was a great eagle flying over the Vale, over the water to a place that he had dreamed of many times before – the heart of all Imperius – Landing. There was something that just felt right about it, and that was the final push that sent him from his rustic home into a much bigger world than he had ever known.



Standing nearly six feet tall with a willowy build, Taryn quite an attactive young man. One might be more inclined to call him beautiful than handsome. His skin is fair, though carrying a golden kiss from being outside. His golden hair is a mass of wavey curls that reaches down to just past the nape of his neck. His eyes are a greyish green color that almost always seem to carry some kind of private joke hidden in them. His features are fine and delicate, graceful and regal even, and unobfuscated by facial hair.
Taryn's clothing is rather rustic in appareance. He wears pants and a overshirt made from thin deer leather that has been well worn and oiled. A white, or whitish, shirt can be seen through the front lacings of the overshirt. Boots that come up to just below the knee look as if they were made primarily for riding. The stitchery on the clothing is slightly crude and was almost certainly made by someone who was not a profession clothier. The belt that he wears about his waist is fitted as if it was made to carry a blade on his hip.


Awakened Aura

Taryn's awakened aura appears as a scintillating mist that surrounds his body. It is a translucent mixture of greens, blues, and purples, like an aurora borealis. His aura is left in a trailing wake of his motion. When he casts a spell (i.e. uses an awakened power) it briefly leaves an arcane sigil drawn out with the gestures of his hands in the casting.


  • Affinity with Horse
  • Brash
  • Focused
  • Secretive
  • Stubborn

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Sophie Lady Sophie Alexandra Sauveur : She's young and at times so innocent that it makes my heard hurt… She has a good heart, if it it leads her more than her head at times.
Soleil Lady Soleil Foxxe Saveur : She confuses me… Never before have I met someone who infuriates me more… she pushes all of my buttons and I don't have a clue why
Lyrienne Lady Lyrienne Sauveur Orelle : She seems completely level-headed with a genuine good heart… I'm sure that she must have one hell of a temper lurking under the surface.
Advent Lord Sir Advent Gérard Sauveur : In a single meeting, Advent put himself at the top of the list of Sauveurs that need watching.


Drake Drake Danger : For a celebrity, Drake is pretty down to earth.
Elspeth Elspeth Adria Adeyemi : She's Awakened and very intelligent and observative… despite that she seems pretty nice…

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