12.19.3013: Taphouse Offers
Summary: A discussion of Awakened abilities in Mott's Taphouse results in an offer.
Date: 19 October, 2013
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Mott's Taphouse, Arborenin, The Spine
The taphouse is burrowed out from the heart of one of the various elder trees that surround the Heartwood. It is dark, warm, and inviting no matter the time of day. There are not a lot of hard corners, and it feels as though the walls blend in with the ceilings that curve high above. The interior wood has been stained a honey gold, which is offset by the rosewood bar and tables. There are a couple of circular windows that have been carved from the tree trunk, though the glass is stained a soft green to continue to maintain a particular atmosphere no matter the time of day. Scattered throughout the room are tables of various size and chair arrangement, and the aforementioned bar runs along the left-hand wall.

The taphouse only provides ale. Order a whiskey, you get ale. Order a martini, you get ale. The menu is also very simple with a set series of meals — breakfast, lunch, and dinner — that change from day to day. It is common knowledge that special orders or requests are always ignored.

19 December, 3013

Lorelei glances up, her white eyes landing on her brother before she gives him a nervous smile. When the fur ball leaves she'll stand, stretching some as the thundercloud aura dissipates . Hazel eyes look around the group as she sits, reaching for her ale. Another soft smile, and she'll try to push the stew towards her brother. She's not trying to be rude, but she's vegetarian.

Tristan smiles again as he listens to the others, taking a quiet sip from his ale. "These days, boring doesn't have to be a bad thing all the time," he offers, before he's unable to hold back a grin at Balius. "Really? The hot food is hot?" Sounding a bit amused. Another smile for Lorelei. "Gotten to master that a bit better, then?" he asks.

It is about this time that two plates of food and an ale are dropped off at Lionel's table. One of the plates is moved from the table and onto the floor near Dax, who immediately stands back up so he can start to inhale the slab of meat, smartly eating around the vegetables. Lionel takes a swallow of his ale before he unwraps the silverware from the neatly rolled napkin. He looks up toward the gathering around him of Quelltons and Arborens. "Be nice to my Lorelei… Dax likes her, which means I got to make sure she's happy." He winks over to Lorelei as he joins his dog in chowing down.

Falling out of the conversation for a few moments, Brienne digs into her stew, a few swigs of ale accompanying it. Looking down at the dog, she smiles, watching the dog dig into the food too. "So how about the storm.. the snow is already piling up from what the last few people said. I've got a few more things to do, and some patrols to run, but I'm not going so far out this time."

"Yeah, yeah…" Bey mutters to Tristan, being a bit more careful with his stew now. He seems interested in the talk of patrols from Brie. He accepts the bowl from Lorelei and eyes the dog with a smile. Finishing off his ale, he adds. "I doubt any of us'll get far in this snow."

Jeremy comes in the door, shaking snow off his collar and brushing flakes back out of his hair. Outside, his clothing blends in nicely with the background. Inside, he kind of stands out like a sore thumb in pure white and light gray clothing. The bright hat and scarf are almost as clear, and so he moves straight over toward where Lionel is seated. It's not the other man he addresses first, however, instead leaning down to scruffle Dax's neck, "Really? He wasted veggies on you?"

Lorelei looks over her ale mug to give Lionel a smile. She'll reach down to the floor to pick up her cloak, wrapping it around her shoulders. She'll not comment on the storm, what can be said? She's not going anywhere but home, most likely.

Lionel glances around the table before he nods to Brienne. "From a pleasant point of view, the snow storm is a blessing. I love the Arborenin Woods, drenched in snow. From a military perspective, it shrinks our patrol areas. We just have to hope that Hostiles are just as limited in the snow." He looks up toward Brienne and Tristan, but then he automatically looks over his shoulder toward Jeremy as he approaches. He smirks. "You can have what he doesn't eat," he teases before he looks back toward hte ohters. "I wonder if I'm quieter in the snow," he says idly before he takes another swallow of ale.

Tristan grins a bit as he hears the part about the patrols. "And you need me to help keep you safe, right?" he comments to Brienne, before he eats some of his own stew. "Well, hopefully the Hostiles will have problems getting far in the snow too, right? And ranged weapons should still work fine, after all." A grin is offered to Balius, very briefly, before he offers a nod and a brief smile to Jeremy as well now.

Keanen opens the door to the tap house and hurries inside, the snow blowing around him as the rush of cold air chills the room. He's wearing a pair of dark slacks and a long sleeved thermal shirt, his thumbs shoved through holes in the cuffs. It's covered by a thick, warm-looking wool trench coat. Wrapped around his neck is a bright yellow scarf, and over his long hair is a pale blue knitted hat. He proceeds to unwrap the scarf, announcing to no one in particular, "Holy fuckin' shit, it is colder than a Niveun gynecologist's hands out there! Damn!"

Concentrating on her ale and the conversation, Brienne returns the nod to Lionel. "Have anymore little puppies you're willing to part with? I've never considered having a dog before, but I think it'd be fun to train one." Seeing the interest from Bey, she shoulder nudges him back, returning the favor from earlier as she leans in. "Interested in going on any patrols? Surely you could put that medical prowess to use? Since we won't be going far anyway, it'd be a good opportunity to see the field work. Course you can go too, Tris. Anytime." As the door opens a few more times, she pulls her coat around her tighter against the chill and nods to Lionel. "Oh I love snow, but with there being so much, I'm not sure what exactly we can do it in other than make forts." Of course she's just teasing. When she hears her youngest brothers voice, she looks up and smiles warmly despite his words. "Hey Keanen. Care to join us?" They are all basically gathered around Lorelei.

Jeremy looks up to Lionel from where he is still greeting Dax, "Yes, because I want our dog's leftovers." He can do deadpan quite well, but the idle wondering from Lionel causes Jere to snort softly, "You'll crunch like a cat digging in litter." There's a little bit of a wrinkle of his nose to that, and then he nods to the others at the table, "Milord, Milady." He offers a brief smile to the departing Lorelei and the quiet Balius, looking up at Keanen as he approaches and then nods again, "If it keeps snowing, we won't have to hop from branch to branch anymore. We'll be able to walk."

"I think Sergeant Bartholomew Howard at the Caravan has a litter of pups that are almost weaned. They are black, though," he says, considering Dax is a pretty dark gold. "I can ask him for you if you like, Sir Brienne." He smiles toward her with ease. Then he nods in agreement with her admiration for snow. "Oh, I'm not against snow… the Caravan is already headed up toward the Forlorn Swamp to look into some frozen drones. The coldsnaps are always dangerous." He then takes another swallow of ale before he smiles over to his husband once more. "Sit down," he says lightly before he waves to the bar to order an ale and plate for Jeremy. He also nods to Keanen.

Lorelei's not going anywhere, just cold. She's being quite though,listening to the talk of patrols. She'll nervously glance to her brother when talks of him going start. Maybe she should offer to go with? She's a better tracker than he is…."Maybe….Maybe I can come too?" Her eyes go to Keanen, but she'll reserve a reaction till she sees what state he's actually in.

Keanen laughs, "Hey sis." He makes his way over to where Brienne is, and he nods at Tristan, "Trist." He smiles widely, looking around at the crowd. "You all come here to have some crazy orgy to keep one another warm?" He laughs, and then quickly adds, "I'm totally in, if that's so." Then he taps his cybernetic finger on the counter, "Hook a brother up with an ale, keep." Still grinning, he turns to Lorelei, tossing her a playful, teasing wink, "Dibs."

There's a brief grin as he hears Keanen's words, before Tristan grins at Brienne as well. "Training a dog, or getting trained by it?" he asks, a bit lightly, before he looks between Jeremy and Lionel. "Depends, if it was enough snow, and it was all powdery, I'm sure he could try swimming through it, Sir Jeremy," he offers, a bit lightly now.

"Good evening." Brie greets Jeremy when he joins too, though her attention returns to Lionel at the mention of black pups. "It sounds fun, but let me think on it a little while. I've got to make sure I have the time to donate to an animal. I'd hate to get one then neglect it by being gone all the time. Thank you." The offer from Lorelei surprises her, but she tries not to show it. She offers a kind smile. "Sure, why not?" Looking back at Tristan, she nods. "You have to go, we need your expertise with the bow, too. And I would train you, since you bark enough." Glancing up at Keanen, Brienne shakes her head. "Just warmth in conversation. Still in?"

Lorelei gives her broth another look. Last time she killed a Hostile to save him, she's not letting him go out again without her, if she can help it. "Thank you, Lady Brei." Her eyes go to Tristan a moment, but the her attention is on Keanen and she'll just respond, "Ewwwwwh. No." Although her cheeks do go bright pink.

Jeremy shakes his head at Tristan's comment, smiling faintly, "Lionel doesn't swim so well." Which isn't true at all. The further words from Keanen cause him to blink again, "Well, not for me. Lionel's the one always chasing an orgy." He straightens up, bringing the plate from in front of Dax (and leaving the meat down on the floor for him) and setting it on the table. He pulls over a chair, raising a hand and pointing to the ale and stew once he has a server's attention.

Lionel stretches catlike once more in his seat before he offers Jeremy a lazy smile. "I haven't orgy chased in weeks, thank you very much," he says with a dignified note. Then he scratches at the side of his head idly before he takes another swallow of ale. He shrugs his shoulder a bit toward Brienne. "Just let me know, but I wouldn't recommend getting a dog anywhere else. Rovehns are perfect." Of course. Then he looks over toward Lorelei. "You be careful out there, Lore… Dax will miss you."

Tristan grins at Brienne's words. "I hope that doesn't mean I'll have to chew on your furniture, or anything like that, sis. I mean, it's a bit too heavy for me." Taking another sip of his ale now, as he leans back in his seat a little bit. "But you must admit that was a bit funny, right?"

Keanen shrugs at his sister, "I'm used to disappointment." He gets his ale, and then heads for a table in the corner. He sits, and as he drinks his ale, he begins to work on one of his data pads.

Standing, since her food and ale is mostly gone, Brie watches Keanen and sighs before nodding to Lionel. "Thank you. I'll let you know one way or the other." Tristan draws a smile from her. "Actually, I am kind of partial to my furniture, so no deal, Tris." She looks around the table, offering an apologetic smile. "If you all would excuse me.. I should go and speak with Keanen.."

Jeremy nods at Lionel's words, "Rovehn are wonderful… but they do require a good deal of training and housebreaking." When his food and drink are delivered (it's easy when there's one thing on the menu), he takes a sip of his ale, then sets the mug down again, bowing his head a touch to Brienne as she and Keanen head off, "I'm actually looking forward to the snow. There's not much like sitting down in front of a roaring fire with snow coming down all around…" he glances over to Lionel, hesitating just long enough to tease, then finishing, "…your house."

Darious Enters the Tapp, his Guitar strapped to his back as he, seemingly drags his tired body in and up to the counter for an Ale. Darious stretches a bit as he looks around and has to stiffle a yawn and a grin, as he waits for his drink.

Lorelei watches as all the nobles and her brother depart. She'll turn back to Lionel, "I will…should be easier if I'm actually prepared for a fight this time, right?" Whiel her word choice is strong, the confidence in her voice isn't. She'll pick up her ale and drink more of it, almost finished. She's sitting at a table with the remaining folks.

"You will never get me to go camping with you in the middle of winter," he says to his husband. Lionel has finishes off his ale and plate as the nobles filter out. He looks up a bit at Lorelei's question, and then he offers a smile. "Preparedness is the first step to survival, Lore… there's also some training and skill involved, and you got to make sure to stay out of range of their pointy bits, but…" He shrugs a bit. "If it is just a typical patrol, you should be fine. Battlefields are where things get a lot more… dicey." He

Darious grabs his drink and looks for a place to sit down, He walks along the bar's edge using it for support, when able, at times having to walk around those seated at the bar. His tired eyes looking for a nice comfy booth to plop down in.

Jeremy shakes his head slowly at Lionel's response, "You'll miss the snow then. The real snow, not what we get here in the city." He's teasing, but it's a light sort of joking, and his smile fades away as Lorelei speaks up. "Nothing can really prepare you for fighting. But after a time or two…" he pauses, then shrugs his broad shoulders, his troubled eyes dropping down to his stew, which he swirls around in his bowl, "…no, it's still difficult."

Lorelei bites her lower lip, the two men not really making her feel better, "Yeah…I think I learned the part about staying away from the pointy bits. It's the rest I'd like to be better prepared for." her eyes stay on her empty mug and she'll sigh, "I just don't want to freeze again….If I had been prepared, or reacted quicker, Bey might not have been hurt." There's Loree, all 5' 2", trying to protect her little brother of 6'.

"I'll lavish in the fake stuff," Lionel says dryly to Jeremy. Then he reaches down to ruffle up Dax's floppy ears. The full grown puppy lolls his tongue happily at the attention, deciding to weigh down Lionel's feet once more. He glances up toward Lorelei, and he offers her a bit of a sympathetic smile. "Lore… this is a war… people get hurt. Even people who have trained for decades end up with sucking chest wounds and several months of coma." He shrugs his shoulders. "Not to worry you, dear… or to crush your confidence… but the reality is… we can't save everyone." There is a heaviness in his voice. As someone who was part of the loss of House Amran, he speaks from a place of truth.

Darious catches part of what lorelei says and shakes his head. "and had you not reacted when you did, bey wouldn't be around at all to annoy us and keep us entertained. " he says softly as he moves up to where Lorelei and her friends are. "Sorry just couldn't help but overhear." as he gives a tired smile.

Jeremy nods at Lorelei's words, smiling slowly and gently, "None of us have a good reaction to combat the first time. Anyone who tells you otherwise, Miss, is lying." Still, he reaches out his left hand to rest it on Lionel's back, "But, despite what my husband said, just because this is a war doesn't mean that we can't or shouldn't try to save as many as we can. Which is what knights like Lionel here are very, very good at. It shouldn't be something that you have to worry about too much, Miss."

Jeremy nods up to Darious as the other man joins the conversation.

Lorelei's cheeks color and she'll nod, although she's not really feeling in agreement. When Darious comes up, she'll glance up at him, "Yes, but if I had reacted sooner, he'd not have been hit at all. What the hell good is being awakened if I can't protect my family?" She'll huff and glance down at the empty mug, considering getting a refill.

Lionel blinks a bit at Jeremy's words, and he straightens up a bit. He reaches up to rub a bit at the back of his neck, and he nods. "Of course… I'm sorry, Lore… I didn't mean to suggest that…" He sighs heavily, dropping his shoulders a bit. "We…" He shakes his head. "I'm sorry, Lorelei… you are a very capable young woman. You are going to do everything you can to protect your family, and that's very… very… brave." He offers her a genuine smile. "Don't listen to me… I'm a grumpy old man." He cradles his empty mug in his palms. He also looks up toward Darious, and he offers a bit of a nod.

Darious sets his full mug down before lorelei and say. "Its a what if.. and what if you'd reacted faster sure you might have protected him better, but what if they got to you first and took you out, then you'd not have had the chance to save bey at all. Teh trick is not to beat yourself up on what did happen but to learn from it and to better next time. " as he returns the looks and nods to Lionel, and Jeremy. " The fact is you reacted when you could and you did an amazing job of keeping yourself and your brother alive."

Jeremy shakes his head at Lorelei's words, "Most Awakened do not have the control to defend themselves or others with their powers, Miss. If you can do that at all, you are absolutely a capable woman, as Lie says." He smiles over to his husband, "And you may be grumpy, but you're definitely not old yet. I have a great many more plans for you before we grow old." Nodding to Darious, he adds, "Exactly, 'what ifs' don't help anything. Looking back is wonderful to see how to do things next time, but you can't second guess what you did at the time."

Lorelei seems to shrink into her seat some, making herself look even smaller than she is. Which contrasts the words that quietly come out of her mouth, "I didn't use my powers except to make myself a target…I beat him to death with my club. I felt his chest cave in."Her eyes actually go up to give Darious a quick smile, "I do appreciate your training with the bow." A nervous lip bite and she'll look to Jeremy, "I…I know that I could…If I could just figure out how."

Lionel casts a glance toward Jeremy. Even without an Awakened link, he conveys a touch of concern through those steady blue eyes. Then he looks back toward Lorelei. "Lore…" He twists his lips a bit. "It doesn't… if this is something you really want to consider… you should start learning about more than just a bow. If they come at you with a weapon, you need to know how to defend yourself against them. Not even an Awakened can just… stop a sword, or dodge out of the path of a bludgeon. If you want to fight for Haven… defense is foremost."

Darious nods his head as he listens to lionel and jeremy, he even pours half of his ale into Lorelei's empty one so that she has something to drink and should there be room he'll slide into the seat next to lorelei and give her shoulder a squeeze. "You did all that by yourself with the bow, All I did was show you the path, the rest was all you. " he says politely and simply, "any thanks you wish to give should be given to yourself as you stuck with it, even when you didn't think you could and you prevailed."

Jeremy smiles gently at Lorelei, "That's very impressive, Miss. And, I'm sure, very disturbing." He glances briefly to Lionel, then back to the young woman, "I don't know if we've been introduced. I'm Jeremy Keats." His hand reaches out to rest on Lionel's forearm, "I don't think she does want to fight for Haven, Lie." His words are soft, quiet, with a steadily-growing backwoods twang to his words.

Lorelei's blush quickly fades in not a paleness. She'll nod to what Lionel says, but Jeremy's right. It's not what she wants. She'll reach for the half an ale, throwign Dar a smile thank you. Her hands wrap around the ale, "I'm sorry….I'm Lorelei Quellton. I'm…I;m just begin a bit emotional tonight. I'm sorry." She'll glance to her ale again, like it's some sort of life line. "I don't think I have a choice in the fighting…not truly anymore."

Lionel gestures toward Jeremy. "Sorry… Jeremy is my husband." Helpful, he isn't. The Mane drops his chin a bit onto his folded arms, looking a bit deflated under the weight of things unseen. He breathes out a heavy sigh that would almost be a chuff if he was a dog. Dax doesn't let him down though, sighing in time with his owner and smacking his chops a bit idly. Lionel looks up toward Lorelei. "You're human. Emotions are good."

Darious looks at lorelei and shakes his head a bit, "well you actualy do have a choice dear one, a your not a knight, or part of the military, so for you fighting isn't something you have to do. You have that choice to stay out of any combat unless its like before where its brought to you and your defending yourself or your family. Where as knights and those in the arm'd forces choose to go into battle to keep its citizens safe from all forms of harm the fact you learned how to defend youself even by learning the bow is a great acomplishment as it'll give those hostiles something to think about when and if they were to reach you, as most woudn't expect any resistance. "

Jeremy works lightly at his stew, listening to others speak. He nods slowly at Darious' words, "There will be times when we knights slip up, as this good gentleman says, Miss Quellton, when we cannot defend those we are sworn to defend. But it is our duty to put our bodies between the Hostiles and people like you. A job that we are happy to do, and that some of us, like Lie," he squeezes lightly at Lionel's forearm, "do better than others." Bowing his head a little in Darious' direction, he adds, "Although if you are Awakened, and truly wish to learn to defend yourself, I would suggest forgoing the bow entirely," this despite the crossbow on his own back, "and focusing on your abilities, and the ability to fend of an attacker in hand-to-hand combat."

Lionel actually looks… bashful… at his husband's compliments. He squeezes his hands a bit around his mug, casting a glance toward Jeremy as he does. "Thanks," he murmurs before he breathes out a heavy exhale. He lifts his mug, taking a swallow of his refill even as he considers the words. He can't say much on the Awakened thing. That's Jeremy's sphere. He seems to look thoughtful for now.

Something in what Lionel says, those few words, really upsets Loree. She'll close her eyes and turn her face away a moment, Nitrim's words of what the Hostiles really are ringing in her ears. She'll answer all three men simply, "The Dreams make it so I can't not do something. The Six….I'm supposed to be doing something, or the Six wouldn't have forced this on me." She lest out a shaky sigh and mutters more to herself, "Right…just learn my powers better." Darious knows her plight with finding a mentor.

Darious drains his mug and smiles at Loree, "well I kinda agree with that assessment if your powers are better focus's on melee, or hand to hand then do so. Though as I was taught master one style but alwys keep a second in reserve so I'd suggest not abandoning the bow as there are times where you'll not be in melee combat and a well placed arrow can do wonders to shorten the lifespan of your enemy."

Jeremy smiles faintly at Lionel, his hand coming back to his mug of ale, taking a sip. Lorelei's response causes him to frown, "I would be happy to talk with you about it at more length, Miss Quellton. I don't have a great deal of time, but my teacher always told me that everyone should be able to take their abilities as far as they can." He looks over to Darious then, shrugging slightly, "With enough training, a bow is less necessary. One's Awakened abilities can double as a ranged weapon, with the right training."

Darious looks to jeremy and shrugs, "perhaps, as I've not the talent I dont know, but like all things you eventually tire do you not as you use it, never hurts to have a ranged weapon on hand just for such an occasion" he sighs and slips out of the booth, "If you'll pardon me, but its late and I should get home before I pass out on the table here." he grins smoothly and warmly, giving Lorelei a small bow. " Gentlemen, It was a pleasure meeting you." as Darious turns to head back out once again using the booths and what not to make sure his tired body doesn't just collaspe under him.

Dax starts to whine up at Lionel, shifting uncomfortably on the Mane's feet before the man starts to stand. "Yeah, alright," he says quietly before he reaches down to muse the dog's head. "Need to go find a shallow bit of snow," he says meaningfully to Jeremy. He glances toward Jeremy and Lorelei before he offers a nod to Darious. Then he looks toward Lorelei. "Learn the bow from that fellow, learn how to be a druid from Jeremy… knowledge is power. If someone is offering to teach you… take it. Maybe one day, you'll get too tired to throw fireballs… maybe one day, you're bow string will snap… learn whatever you can to protect your family, Lore… that's all you need anyone to tell you." Then he starts to lead Dax out so the puppy can take a pee. He pulls on his coat and bright orange hat as he does.

A smile is given to Darious, and she'll blush at the bow. She really wish he'd stop that. he's going to get reprimanded. Her eyes travel to Jeremy, "i'd appreciate that, immensely. everyone here is either too busy or ..unable to really help. I was down to asking lord Nitrim or Lord Taryn to train me. " No need to point out she already had some training by them. Most mixed up girl ever. "I should be going as well…I'll need to get back to the stables in this storm…" She'll stand, draining the ale Dar had given her, "It was very nice to talk to you three." Yeah…she's including the dog. She gives them all a fairly bright smile, for the topic they'd been discussing. An extra nod is given to Lionel, "I know…I am. I can at least hit a target now, sometimes. And I know. It's all I want, is to protect them."and with that will turn to leave.

Jeremy nods slowly at Darious' words, "Of course." When Lionel rises, Jeremy touches his elbow briefly, then turns back to Lorelei, offering up a slow, slight smile. "I would be happy to help, if you tend toward the mystic. But you should definitely find a discipline that fits with your own beliefs." He rises to his feet, pointing over to Lionel, "My little sister knitted that hat and scarf. I think that's the only reason he wears them. But please…" he pulls out a comm and has it print out a quick card with his number on it, which he passes to Lorelei, "Call me if you have questions. We'll make some time to meet."

Lorelei takes the card and leaves!

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