07.16.3013: Talking to the Wall
Summary: One of Jor's plans for the future is enacted in the form of talking to the Wall about business. And squires.
Date: July 16, 2013
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Jor Thalo 

The Public House — Volkan — Imperius
Tucked into a corner of the commercial district, this dive bar has low ceilings clouded with smoke, a collection of round tables, square booths, and a bar with stools along one wall. It can do greasy pub food, and has a fine selection of beers, whiskeys, and scotches, but not much more than that. The bar stools are the swiveling type that are bolted to the ground so they cannot be used as clubs in the event of a brawl, and the chairs are flimsy things that make poor clubs in their own right. At the back is a shuffleboard table, two pool tables, and a couple of dartboards, often with a good deal of side betting going on.
July 16, 3013

If rest after the previous night's drinking revelry was expected, there was only a brief respite given. It was well into the morning when Jor had sent that line of communication to Sir Thalo "The Wall" Khorax, his tone and missive as cordial as though he were requesting an audience with the King Regnant himself. Exactly why he wanted a meeting, or what he wanted to discuss, the once Sir Aeldan does not say. His only words on the subject are, "that I had a couple questions. When your head isn't throbbing."

And throughout the day, Jor took care of his own matters: his work for Talayla, his personal matters, exercise, training, swearing, cursing, drinking, all in a normal day while seeing whether or not that voice missive would get a reply.

Sir Thalo didn't have the best of mornings, but as a seasoned veteran and regular drinker, he deals with hang overs as only soldiers do. Working out, going on patrol, smashing squires and Knights around the training yard. It's late in afternoon when Thalo finally leaves Obsidian and makes his way for Volkan to seek out Jor. He'd sent a return message, stating he'd be in Volkan, at the Public House in the late afternoon to hear the man out. And so Thalo arrives in Volkan and makes his way to the Public house. Beer is ordered and a table is found and there the Wall waits.

Jor is a punctual man, a byproduct of both training and the need to be on a decent foot from the start. So when he arrives, he knows who to look for, and soon enough you've got a guest, sitting himself down with a short nod.

And quite suddenly, something approaching a smirk appears on his lips, and the question on his mind erupts. "Do you have a squire?" he asks, the amusement remaining strictly around his lips. His eyes, on the other hand, anrrow slightly, regarding you closely. "Or was all that ordering around last night because they all were yours?"

Thalo eyes Jor a moment as he sits canting his head to the side. The nod is return and the beer sipped from as he listens. In an ashtray on the table is a smoldering cigar, he takes it up and puffs on it, settling the cigar between his teeth on the right side of his mouth, "Those welps?" he mutters past the stogie and pulls it from his mouth with a quick puff. "I don't take pissants for squires. Those were squires to other Knights, but since I'm their Lieutenant, they don't really refuse me when I ask for something." The beer mug is lifted to his lips and a sip is taken, gaze still settled on Jor.

"Ah. I wondered why there were so many, so I figured they had to be some of the others' there, but I wasn't sure. I think they were scared of you." That thought seems to amuse the man sitting across from you further, the quirk at his mouth growing further as he slouches slightly, legs extended, arms folded, but gaze still fixed upon you and hard.

"So tell me. With the invasion happening, do you even have anyone to take care of what needs doing? Or does The Wall of Khournas have a team of masons, as you might say?

"And by the way, I really was hoping you would start that fight last night. I don't get to drub people larger than me very often, when they make a civil disturbance." And there, he smiles, though it still doesn't reach his eyes. If anything, he looks at you as though expecting the beer, what was holding it, and you, to charge through the air for his face, assuming the table isn't upended first.

"I work Squires and Knights hard when I train them. They fear what I'll put them through if they defy my orders." Thalo replies with a slight shrug, sipping from his beer once more, "Following orders in the yard leads to following them in the battlefield. I make them learn that early on." He sets the beer down, taking another puff from his cigar. "I've got access to a few Paige's for House Ibrahm, no squire currently. My last one wasn't cut out for Knighthood. I kicked him to the curb." The cigar is placed back in the ashtray. He smirks then, considering Jor once more, "I get into enough fights with Hostiles. I don't bar brawl unless I need to." Thalo replies with a look of checked aggression. It's there, in the yes, but he doesn't act on it. "And there was no civil disturbance, we rented out the pub for the night." He pauses a moment, then continues, "How about we get to the point here?" He takes another sip from his beer.

"You need someone to do what you need doing, and I know how to do it." Beat. "And I can probably kick your ass if you get unreasonable or drunk." A shrug. "It's a balancing factor against your fame." That was a joke, really, even if he doesn't sound like it. "But more seriously, we have Hostiles invading, and at this point it's not time for me to sit around on my ass, now that I actually have had enough time to myself to get back into something approaching fighting form. I'm not fully there, but I haven't forgotten everything, it seems." He doesn't elaborate on that further, leaving it at that.

A smirk spreads across Thalo's features at that, taking another swig from the beer, "Kick my ass? Shit, you better bring an army for that." He seems jovial enough about that though and leans back in his chair, "You've got the look of a fighter about you. Where'd you serve, and why'd you get out?" Straight to the point with that question. "I admit, I could use a good squire, but I'm a picky bastard, so I need to know something about you before I agree."

"I did some work for the Watch several years back, for almost a decade, and I've trained as a squire and more too." Another brief, firm smile that doesn't reach the almost flat stare you've been the recipient of this entire time.

And there he falls silent for a time, amusement falling away as he studies you, quiet. "I was almost with the Watch for ten straight years when I was framed for a crime and sentenced to fifteen years. My family except for my younger sister doesn't even talk to me, and my girlfriend at the time turned her back. I lost my spurs too, but I'll be fucked if I just let whomever sent me off to suffer in hell think they won. I doubt I'll ever find out who or how, either, though I've got a guess or two. So yeah, I know what needs doing, and yeah, I can fuck you up if you get out of line. Knight's and Watchman's privilege. At your service." Another smile.

Thalo falls silent a for the moment, hand coming to his chin, tapping a finger there against pursed lips. He draws the hand away to puff from his cigar and offers a bit of a nod, "You keep on thinkin' you can kick my ass, Jor. As for the rest, I'd have to look into this conviction myself some. Generally losin' your spurs is pretty permanent. I'll need to check on it, see if it's even possible." Another sip of the beer is taken, and another after that, "I'll find out if it's something that I can do. Might get overruled by my Liege on this one."

"I don't care about the fucking title, or the fucking spurs," Jor replies. "And there have been a couple people already trying to meddle in that affair which will try and get their asses killed. So no, I don't want anyone involved in it. That one's /my/ fight," he concludes coldly, going quiet for a moment. His fingers twitch faintly throughout all that, but in the end settles for gripping his arms tightly with those thick, calloused hands.

"So. I think I've made my standpoint pretty clear on why I'm qualified, and why I'd put myself in this position, haven't I?" His eyebrow quirks up, and from there, he falls silent again, this time waiting for the response.

Thalo quirks a brow just a bit, "So you want the work of a squire, without actually being one?" he keeps his gaze settled on Jor, taking another puff from his cigar, followed up by a swig of the beer, "And I'm not going to meddle in your affairs there, no worries. I meant I'd look into what it'd mean to squire a de-spurred Knight." He pauses, still keeping his gaze settled on Jor, "I'm not a rich man, paying my own sworn man at arms is beyond my resources." That last bit is more a statement of fact than anthing else.

"Notoreity is as much a weapon as the pointy end you stick into a Hostile. If that's unclear, watch the news more often, if you don't already. As to the rest, it's nothing I'm not unused to. I know how to take care of myself." His tone might be blase, off-handed almost about that, but that harsh gaze, one step shy of a glower, or perhaps a glare, takes on a hint of challenge, as if silently daring you to prove otherwise.

"So, I think I've said my piece on the matter. The rest is up to you, or you can just laugh in my face already and we can not worry about wasting anyone's time with bullshit."

"Didn't say I wasn't interested." Thalo replies, finishing off his beer. He takes another puff from his cigar and nods to the man, "Gimme a bit to think on it. Check out your story, shit like that. I don't walk into things like this blind. Long as your qualifications are in line, I'll see about getting you worked into my unit some way or another." He stands up and offers a hand out to Jor to shake, "You'll be hearing from me soon."

"Fair enough," Jor states, accepting that grasp and - he can't resist - demonstrating just how strong his grip really is. Not a crushing grip, but enough to get the point across. He'll stand as well, and with that, business is concluded in his mind. "I'll be going now. Thanks for the talk." Beat. "If nothing else, we could at least 'play' in fron tof the squires to show them what's expected of them when it concerns real fighting," he states over his shoulder dryly. "I already throttled one Sir Pissfire who couldn't hold his temper and that was in the past few days."

Thalo offers a smirk, "That can definitely be arranged." he offers up and after trading grips (yup, he's about as strong as his huge size would imply), he's off towards the door, tossing a coin to the waitress on his way out.

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