08.05.3013: Talking Shop at the Lounge
Summary: Some nobles enjoy a drink and some serious conversation at the Lounge.
Date: 05 August 2013
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A classy lounge on the Ring
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05 August 3013

Another day out and about, enjoying what is probably his last bits of freedom, Tomas Orelle has returned to the Ring after using the Ways from Landing. As usual, he is in his Royal Navy uniform though the ship assignment patch is no longer sewn on, conspicuously missing for now. Instead of heading back to the Orelle Residences, the Navy Lieutenant made a slight detour to visit one of the classier lounges on the Ring, one that is frequented more by Nobles than Citizens, at least regular Citizens.
The interior of the lounge is quite spacious or at least fashioned to appear that way. There are not as many tables as a regular bar, which means they are spaced further apart. In fact, each table is near a wall, which also has a rather nice couch-like seating arrangement that rings each table on all but one side. The lights are also dimmer, giving a softer atmosphere. One side of the establishment also holds a bar that is well stocked with expensive drink, no stools so occupants have to remain standing. Another section is open for dancing for those that choose to. Tomas is currently situated at the bar, leaning against the bar with drink in hand, making quiet conversation with the bartender.

Just having come from her lab where she had run into Hadrian, Ariana is still in her science uniform — a fitted white jacket with the sigil of Larent glowing upon a clasp at her throat that keeps the lapel of her jacket united. Her long pale blonde hair is done up into a severe bun, making her look all the more professional. As there was a need to discuss a certain project that the Larent lady was working on, she had invited Hadrien out for drinks after work and in turn have met up with Lady Eirene, who is still on break from her operatic tour. So the three of them now enter the lounge, one of Ariana's choosing, as she does love the classy atmosphere and elegant decor. "I hope that you do not mind talking business over drinks, My Lord. I just think the sooner we get started on this, the better, as the Hostile are more than likely not taking any breaks of their own." A curious glance is given to Tomas at the bar. She recognizes the uniform, of course, as her own father is a naval captain, and perhaps his face, but from her distance, she is uncertain. So for the time being, she merely watches him with mild curiosity.

The other pale blonde lady is dressed more 'casually' than in business attire. The cut and fabric of her gown give away the fact that she is a noblewoman and not Ariana's servant. Her long hair is left somewhat loose with sweeping tendrils pinned half up. The sigil of House Volen appears etches into a watery colored amulet around her neck. While her companions discuss work, the soprano glances around the room for a place to sit. For the moment, there is not table available to accommodate them and are directed to the bar for now. There is a warm, classy vibe from the lounge that speaks to Eirene as a musician. The bartender excuses himself from Tomas, to whom Eirene smiles politely. She orders herself a glass of Pinot Noir before gesturing back to Ariana and Hadrian for their order. "Forgive me for interrupting your conversation, my lord." Eirene greets Tomas with a few words and her trademark impish grin.

"It is my belief that The Hostiles may have a hive, or cloud based intelligence. I doubt they ever stop thinking. This is, however, only conjecture." Hadrian replies as he follows Ariana. He, too, is dressed for the lab in a 'Howie' style coat. The collar is Orelle Blue, the buttons black and the rest white. It is impeccably tailored to fit the man. Indeed, his appearance just screams 'straight laced and uptight'. Even every hair seems to have a dedicated place on his head. "I agree, of course. It is very important for researchers in our position to share information. Ultimately, we're aiming for the same goal." He, too, pauses and looks towards the his fellow Orelle. "Water." he orders, with a nod to the bartender.

The first to spot the new arrivals is the bartender who is trained to do so, glancing over to the entrance. This alerts Tomas that there are others, especially when the other man excuses himself to tend to the trio. Turning so that he is now leaning against the bar counter on his side, this provides the Orelle Lieutenant with a clear view of the three, eyes looking them over and there is recognition. In his hand is a glass of whiskey on the rocks, the contents mostly gone though momentarily forgotten. When Eirene speaks to him, there is an easy smile that appears on Tomas as he bows his head respectfully, "No forgiveness is needed, My Lady Volen, it was just small talk. It would not be fair of me to hoard this establishment's bartender all to myself, especially from the famous singer." It appears that the Lieutenant recognizes her from her Operas. Next, he inclines his head to both Ariana and Hadrian, offering both proper greetings, "Lady Larent, Lord Orelle."

"Have you heard of the most recent Awakened dreams, Lord Hadrian?" Ariana asks, getting straight to the point now, inheriting that temperament from her father. "As the Awakened will tell you, some of these dreams are like signs or warnings and the most recent has disturbed at least one of the Awakened whom had contacted me for my… medical knowledge." She gives the Orelle doctor time to respond and her eyes quickly return to look upon Tomas and perhaps it is when he speaks, or now that they have drawn closer, she does recognize him somewhat. "Lord Lieutenant, I'm glad to see that you have fully recovered…" There is a minor pause in her words, before she continues on, "Have you received a new assignment yet?" She does keep herself abreast on naval matters as it is. Finally, she turns to the bartender and places her order, "A glass of sparkling wine for me, thank you."

Eirene's smiles broadens into something deeper and more radiant. "I'm touched, Lord Lieutenant! Please, Lady Volen is my mother. I am Lady Eirene. It is a pleasure to make the acquaintance of someone who is familiar with my work and my passion." Generally the singer holds the attention of a more mature crowd. Whenever she meets with someone close to her age who is familiar with her artistry, she is pleasantly surprised. There is a look that washes over Ariana now with the fizz of excitement. Everything in that look screams 'He knows who I am!'. The glass of wine is poured and placed before her. "This is Lady Ariana Larent and Lord Doctor Hadrian Orelle, if you have not yet been introduced." She pauses, taking a sip while unable to hide her enthusiasm. "I am very impressed you are a fan of operas, My Lord."

"I have not." Hadrian replies to Ariana. "I shall ask my niece." he says then, "Unless this information is not guarded by privilege." The Doctor continues as he receives his water. He glances towards Tomas. "Surely you can have your pick of assignments." He says to his cousin. He's an Orelle, after all. "If you'd like, I could put a word in with my father." The Admiral. To Eriene's excitement, there is but a slight smile given. With his water, he looks towards the booths. "Shall we sit? Lord Lieutenant, I'm sure you'd be welcome to join us. I have the feeling Lady Ariana and my conversation will not be overly entertaining to Lady Eirene. I'd be loathe to leave her without a conversation partner."

When introductions are offered by Eirene, Tomas inclines his head to all three again, he knows /of/ Ariana and as for Hadrian, he is family, an Uncle despite how close their ages are. "Thank you, Lady Eirene. And as Lady Ariana identified me by rank, I am Lieutenant Tomas Orelle, I use to serve on the Razor's Edge." When Ariana offers her kind words, he smiles in return, "Thank you, Lady Ariana, there was a lot more of them this time around. I did recently receive my new post, I will be serving on the Shadow of Intent, under Lord Captain Cedric." Then Tomas looks back to Eirene and nods his head after sipping away the last bits of his whiskey, "I enjoy a variety of music, from the classical to the more modern genres, like the ones you find at clubs. Life is much more interesting when you can find a variety of things to enjoy." As for Hadrian's offer, the Lieutenant shakes his head, "You are most kind, My Lord, but I have my post now." And he prefers to work for his position, but chooses not to add that as to diminish the Doctor's kind offer. With the suggestion of moving to a table made, Tomas nods his head as if in agreement though first, he wiggles his now empty glass at the bartender for a refill.

Back to the topic on hostile research, Ariana nods quickly, "Actually, I am curious as to how Lady Talayla thinks of this dream. But, please, we should find a seat to discuss the rest of the matter. This most current dream has stirred some into action and I would like your insight on Hostiles as a whole. I've been helping to better understand them and now there is a need for that understanding." Those words said, she does catch the quick glance that Eirene gives her and she smiles quietly at the other woman; most likely pleased at the knowledge that there are other lovers of the opera and classical music out there who would be able to recognize true talent, even if the Larent expresses this all in her usual subdued manner. "The Shadow of Intent? How fortunate for you. Lord Captain Cedric is young, but he's quite the competent Captain." Taking her glass in hand, she steps aside as not to crowd the others, so that they can move to find a table to gather at. "Yes, please come and join us, My Lord."

Talk of the hostiles is interesting, however, Eirene has nothing to offer on the topic. When Ariana invites Tomas to join them, the young Volen lady appears pleased. "Yes, please do join us. While I love to hear about Lady Ariana's work, it often times eludes me. It would be very nice to throw in some military point of view to the discussion." A delicate hand gestures towards her friends and to the now vacant table that awaits them. The glass of wine is taken just as she asks the bartender to please open a tab in her name where she will settle the accounts before they leave. Eirene includes Tomas' drinks as well. "My brother is also a Lieutenant in the Navy. Are you familiar with Young Lord Kadmus Volen?"

Hadrian's wireless com rings in his pocket. Its lifted to his ear, tucked in place and tapped. "Lord Doctor Hadrian Orelle. Yes. Yes. No." He gives a nod to the others, standing and stepping away a moment. "Excuse me. I must take this call."

"He should be, Lord Captain Cedric is an Orelle after all." The typical Naval Officer's ego is obviously present in this particular Lieutenant, retaining it from his younger Academy days. "I am looking forward to the post though." As for Eirene's question, Tomas shakes his head, "I am afraid I have not met your Lord Brother as of yet, My Lady." When Hadrian excuses himself, the Lieutenant nods his head understandingly before looking back to the two Ladies as he considers the invitation, "I would love to join you two, but I'm afraid I promised myself a drink or two and I would return back to my room. I have an early morning and well, I have a feeling if I stay, I would not wish to return to bed any time soon." The smile remains though, despite being diplomatic in excusing himself, Tomas does sound reluctant.

The interior of the lounge is quite spacious or at least fashioned to appear that way. There are not as many tables as a regular bar, which means they are spaced further apart. In fact, each table is near a wall, which also has a rather nice couch-like seating arrangement that rings each table on all but one side. The lights are also dimmer, giving a softer atmosphere. One side of the establishment also holds a bar that is well stocked with expensive drink, no stools so occupants have to remain standing. Another section is open for dancing for those that choose to.
At one of the seating areas now, a quartet can be seen settling down as they discuss various topics that range from Awakened dreams to Hostiles to Opera! Ariana is still dressed in her scientist whites, with a glass of wine in hand as she slowly nods in Hadrian's direction when the man takes a call. "Lord Lieutenant Kadmus Volen is a member of my Lord Father's ship, the Titan's Wake." She decides to inform once Eirene's brother is brought up. "A very capable young man."

"Yes, he is. I forgot that tidbit." Eirene flushes ever so slightly when Ariana brings up the fact that Kadmus and Percival are well acquainted. "How is your Lord Father doing? Please send him my regards." With a little side message for Ariana to give her father, Eirene glances once more to Tomas and cants her head softly. "You shall have to meet him. I can set something up. He is to be married soon and is gallivanting about, but I will make sure to host some sort of soiree for all of you to meet. It was lovely to meet you, Lord Tomas. I do hope to see each other again soon."

At the mention of a possible casual event, Tomas nods his head as if to show that is more than agreeable with that option, "If I duty does not keep me, I would most definitely attend, Lady Eiren." With his glass of whiskey refilled, the Lieutenant has his 'one for the road' and bows his head to both Eirene and Ariana, "Making your acquaintance was quite pleasant, Lady Eirene, Lady Ariana. I hope the both of you enjoy the rest of your evening." With that said, the Orelle Lieutenant turns to make his exit from the lounge in a casual manner, giving the bartender a nod as well as he heads out.

Lyrienne doesn't spend much time on the Ring itself these days, keeping the children safe in the Embassy on Landing, but she still finds the time to check in on things and visit those who stay there. The lounge is an excellent place to catch up with people, and so after she claims a flute of something blue and bubbly, she takes a look around at the other patrons. When she sees the table of fellow nobles, she starts that way with a friendly smile.

Una enters the bar with a wary glance around, and a growing grin as she takes in the atmosphere. She dresses tonight in silver, a long simple dress with a deep maroon red belted and hooded coat worn over it. After placing her order she looks around, noting a few slightly familiar faces and making her way to Ariana's table with a polite smile.

Ariana rises to stand once Tomas takes his leave, "It was a pleasure meeting with you tonight as well, My Lord. Please take care." Turning to Eirene now, she responds as she begins to resettle herself back down, "My Lord Father is fine, but busy as usual. He was able to take some time off and spend a moment with the family at the Apogee just recently. A little gambling and entertainment to help make him forget that soon enough he will need to deploy once more." It's due to her still standing that she notices Lyrienne's approach and she lowers herself into a light curtsey, offering the woman a faint smile, "Lady Lyrienne… and Lady Iah. Please, do come and join us." While she was preparing to talk scientific things with Hadrian once he is off his call, she can still be social. "You both look lovely. You have met Lady Eirene Volen? And of course, Lord Hadrian Orelle." She assumes Lyrienne has met the man, at least!

Hadrian returns, still speaking into his com. "No. A discharge of that color is normal." Hadrian's eyes narrow and he slowly breathes out. "Allow me to correct you of that assessment. I am the Doctor between us, I am the one who spent the better part of my youth elbow-deep in viscera, blood and shit so I could heal the wounded. Your slight scampers into first aide mean nothing to the starving, hysterical darkness and pain that is medical residency and graduate school. If you'd like we can reopen your wounds and you can stare into your own gut as I point out each small flaw I found in your biology. Your other option is to take the hypospray I prescribed and rest and heal. Understand, either option is fine with me. The pleasure I receive performing surgery on unanaesthestized retards such as yourself knows no bounds. So Choose." Hadrian waits. Whatever was said clearly pleased him- a slight smile on those otherwise flat lips. His com is removed from his ear, and he rejoins the table only to find Tomas leaving. "It was a pleasure, My Lord Nephew." he offers to Tomas with a bow of his head before he bows his head towards both the Lady Iah and his Niece (in Law) Lady Lyrienne. "Salutations."

"Lady Ariana, so good to see you again," Lyrienne says with a warm smile, dipping her chin politely. "And may I say, congratulations on your betrothal. I'm sure High Lady Eryn is looking forward to having you in her home. They were always very kind. Uncle," she adds, smile deepening with a glimmer of amusement for Hadrian's conversation. "Lady Eirene, it's good to see you again," she adds with a nod for the other woman as well.

Una's smile brightens, leaving its hesitance as Ariana welcomes her. "Thank you, Lady Ariana, I'd be honored to." She turns to greet the others before sitting, "Lady Eirene, I'm glad to finally meet you. And Lady Lyrienne as well." One eyebrow goes up as she nods to Hadrian, who is given an odd look while she drily offers, "Lord Hadrian." Generally, she doesn't want to know what lead to the snippets of his conversation topics. But still… wow.

At the mention of her betrothal, Ariana graces the group with that same polite smile once more before she finally retakes her seat just as the others settle in themselves. "Thank you, Lady Lyrienne. I am… looking forward to learning more about my new home. I believe that Young Lord Declan will be showing me around the Arborenin forest in the next few days. It does seem interesting and I truly cannot wait to meet with High Lady Arboren, for it was due to her, my betrothal came to be." She then goes on, "Lady Eirene here is an opera singer," For those who do not know this, "Both she and Lord Hadrian performed a soiree just last night at the Orelle Courtyard." Hadrian's conversation, though, makes her take pause ever so slightly, but she does note, "Whomever that was sounds exactly like many I have encountered in my experiences in the medical field."

"Ah, My Lady Niece- how are the children?" Hadrian wonders to Lyrienne with an easy smile as whatever medical induced tirade the Lord had been having seemed quite well and done with. He gave a knowing smile to Ariana. "Knights make worse patients than children. Particularly when they feel a good hard ride is good for them after an intensive surgery. Sometimes you need to remind them their place in the order of things. I'd be lost on a battlefield, and listen to those who dedicated their lives to combat. In this case, he found himself in my territory and simply needed a small reminder that there are other battlefields he is not so familiar with. I do apologize if the conversation was… too heated." He returns to his seat, and his drink. Water, and nothing but. A sip. "Now, Lady Ariana- where were we?"

"A pleasure to finally meet you as well, Lady Iah. Lady Lyrienne, you look lovely as always. This is a pleasant surprise." Eirene bursts with glee at the invitation of the two other women coming to join their table. Ariana informs Una and Lyrienne of last night's impromptu concerto and the young Volen blushes tenderly. "We will have to do that again some time, Lord Hadrian. He's a wonderful violinist. A very talented man, indeed." With a little scooting, Eirene makes some room for the other ladies to sit.

"They're doing well, thank you," Lyrienne nods to Hadrian, taking a sip of her drink. "Julian's sleeping through the night more often, which is a relief. He's definitely showing some of the signs of being Awakened, though, which is awkward for Ric. Lyssie got over that stomach flu just fine, though. Opera?" she continues, turning her smile on Eirene. "I've always been impressed by the control and training that goes into opera."

Una takes a seat carefully, mindful of not overcrowding the others. Her eyebrows rise at the mention of opera, "Truly? I would love to hear your music sometime, Lady Eirene. Do you sing at large events, or just impromptu ones?

Ariana looks content when more interest in shown for Eirene's opera talents, but yes, she originally was here to speak business so her attention now turns to Hadrian. "Right, My Lord. I was informed of a dream recently by one of the Awakened and… let me explain, in the dream, the Hostile whom the dreamer is confronted with looks mostly Havenite and their words 'Release Me', well, you can guess what curiosity was piqued by all of this. We've had many a Hostile body to dissect as it is, but now there is interest of capturing a live hostile for experimentation once more." A grave pause and her voice becomes sterner when she adds, "We tried this once already. The Hostile got loose here on the Ring, as you recall, and killed several of our Scientists. So while I am intrigued, I am also a little wary."

"Yes. The dreams must be troubling. And I really can't imagine how Ric would deal with such. Ship Captains, M'Lady, are a special breed. They always expect things to happen just as they imagine. Orelle captains doubly so." Hadrian says softly, and with a great deal of empathy, and a surprisingly easy smile. "And I'm glad. It was a nasty little bug. Do let me know if any of the others show signs of it. Unfortunately, it has a tendency to spread among close siblings. I'll come right over. Anytime." Family, clearly, was Hadrian's first priority. Lady Lyrienne's answers given priority.
To Ariana he looks next, listening close and nodding slowly. "I plan to keep it sedated. Or, I will simply remove the limbs and attempt to keep it alive. I'll need to vivisect it regardless of current or former humanity." This, however, is said coolly and without a hint of emotion. "Like any infection its spread must be contained before we can work on the final cure."

"Usually I perform scheduled concerts, but I am on a creative hiatus from my last tour." Eirene replies to Una with a cheery smile. "I am happy to schedule something small and perhaps even debut a new aria I am working on." She looks fondly towards Lyrienne now. "Thank you, my lady, for the compliment. I am a fan of your work. I heard there was a concert for the soldiers not too long ago. How did it go?

Una nods to Eirene. "I am looking for different sorts of artists for our winter celebration, but that may be too large for you." She then lifts her drink for a sip while listening to the conversations around her. Again, it is the conversation Hadrian takes part in that draws her attention. With slightly widened eyes she listens, sipping her drink and simply looking thoughtful.

"I will, Uncle," Lyrienne nods to Hadrian with a flash of a smile before she answers Eirene. "The fundraiser went very well, thank you, though I can hardly take credit for that," she adds, rueful. "There were so many artists. But it was good to get some of the new music out, and the album is doing well, which is always good. But I'm always interested in trying something new with music. We'll have to meet sometime."

"There is already a plan to capture the Hostile and that is what I wanted to speak to you about." Ariana says to Hadrian, her voice lifting as she does so, "You have worked more extensively with the Hostile autopsies than even myself, what I am looking for is information regarding the proper dosage to keep these things incapacitated." Taking a sip of her wine, her ice cold eyes lifting to look directly at the Orelle doctor, she continues, "A trap is already being set and the Hostile will be kept safely away in Khar-Mordune. The research will happen there." She, too, quietly listens to some of the music chatter going on, but for now, this business is a pressing one.

"I'm afraid, Lady Ariana, I've yet to procure a live specimen for testing. My thoughts on proper sedation would be conjecture, based on the small amount I know so far." Despite the fact that Hadrian, in this particular circle, is among the more learned scientists. "I would start with just shy of a human lethal dose, and keep an electro-stimulator handy. The sort used in cybernetic surgeries to attach nerves to biotics- and I'd set it dangerously high. Whatever The Hostiles are, it is not human. We can not trust our medical knowledge to be accurate in this case. Still, I am certain that should a specimen be captured I would be contacted. You can trust that I will be putting myself into that danger with any other researcher brave enough, and that the safety of our research would be paramount." Hadrian smiles again in acknowledgement of Lyrienne. He looks towards Una quietly, her widened eyes hard to miss. He says naught, his face mostly flat before he looks then again to Ariana. "I would also keep two, or more Knights handy. Just in case."

"I have performed in front of hundreds and even thousands before. The size of the audience does not affect me, so long as I have time to prepare. There is a lot of vocal warm-ups that go along with performance rituals to ensure I get a full range." Eirene notes politely. "But, I would be delighted to come as a guest. When is your event, Lady Una?" There is a very pleased look upon the young woman's face when Lyrienne informs her the fundraiser was a hit. "That is also excellent news, Lady Lyrienne. I will have to make sure not to be away when the next one is scheduled. I've mostly been spending my days in front of my piano. I am ever so grateful Lady Ariana has been kind to let me tag along with her these past few days. I am trying to persuade my brother, Kadmus, into having a gathering on Mare Maris. Have any of you recently visited New Atlantis? It's spectacular."

"Winter, the annual storytelling event on the traditional 'Longest Night' of Old Earth." Una replies. Winter on Niveus is of course relative, but hey. "We'll be having a party soon, where the winners from last year will be telling the first stories of the season. Most of you should have received your invitations by now, though really its an open event."

"I do wonder how many specimens we will be collecting. The trap, itself, as I've been informed… is a spiked pit. The spikes themselves laced with a sleep agent or anesthetic." Ariana says before another pause, savoring her wine in this moment, her eyes now looking over at the others once more, noting either their reactions or focusing in on what is said on that front. Then Hadrian's words draws her gaze back to him, her own eyes looking directly into his, somewhat thoughtfully. "This is the reason why we are setting this trap. In the case that, perhaps, there is a human in this metal frame somewhere. Then again, maybe what they've dreamt was a newer… different model of Hostile? As I've told Lord Aidan, his dream could be interpreted in many ways." Then New Atlantis is brought up and Ariana quickly looks to Eirene, "Kind of me? I love your music. I love the classics. I love the opera. And I would also love to spend some time in New Atlantis, myself." She then turns to Una, having heard the mention of an event, "As I would love to be able to observe your winter festivities, My Lady Iah. I've been to a couple of these events in my youth, and I would love to witness it again."

Lyrienne glances toward the discussion of the Hostiles, sobering. Before she can say anything, though, her comm beeps softly, and she steps aside to answer it. "He just wants the- No, it's the orange one," she says quietly. "Yes, the one from the Comets game. It should be in the trunk in the play room." There are a few more quiet exchanges, and she finally sighs, finishing her drink. "I hope you'll all forgive me, but I think that stomach bug may be traveling," she says with a rueful smile for the group. "Please excuse me."

"Hmm. I would hope they the foresight to ensure the pit has proper sensory apparatuses. Such a trap may be fatal. Time may be of the essence. Part of the hope of a live specimen would be the ability to test various drugs on the specimen in question. We know far too little on the specific biology of this disease. My excitement at the true potential of live samples in the lab can hardly be contained. I can only hope it is the first of many such samples. With my research being what it is, I imagine I will be figuratively burning through them." He blinks, looking over to Lyrienne as she stands and begins off to be a Mom. He looks to the rest of the table. "I may be called away soon myself, if it is true that stomach flu has infected others in the household."

Una grins at Ariana, "That would be wonderful." Looking up, she waves as Lyrienne leaves, then looks down at her glass. "It gets so boring on Niveus sometimes, with just my family to talk to."

Ariana makes mental notes of Hadrian's suggestions for the pit and she quickly states, "It's a grand plan that hopefully does work without much loss on our end. The pit will be large enough for a few Hostile, but I do expect a few casualties still, just from them being impaled on spikes." Once again, she gives Hadrian a wary look, "Like I said, I'm not too comfortable with live specimens after the incident a few months back, but if you believe you can keep them sedated, then good. I know that it is better to run tests on the living rather than the dead." Lyrienne's departure gains a polite nod from the Larent lady and another nod is given, this time to Hadrian, "Of course, My Lord. How unfortunate. There is no time for our soldiers and our people, as a whole, getting sick when the Hostile are right in our back yard, so to speak." Then back to Una, she ponders, "I do recall having very fond memories of the whole event. Stories make you live life through someone else's experience or fantasies."

Hadrian's com beeps and he lifts it to his ear. "Doctor Hadrian Orelle." The man says, answering. "Oh, of course. I'll be there in less than an hour. I will just need to get my medical bag. Yes, of course, see you soon." He taps the com, and the transmission drops. Hadrian looks up towards the two ladies, "Lady Iah, Lady Ariana." He gives a quiet bow, "As I expected, the virus has spread to another and my services as family doctor are required."

Una nods, with a smile for Ariana "Indeed they do." She returns to sipping her drink then, and listening. Its rather fascinating, afterall, what they are discussing. She nods to Hadrian as he leaves, offering a politely curious smile. Then glances back at Ariana. "Are you truly panning to capture /live/ hostiles?" She lets her eyes dart from one to the other, and almost in the next breath offers, "Is there anything Niveus can do to help?"

Ariana's chin lifts once Hadrian rises to depart, "I will speak with you further on this later, My Lord. Please try to enjoy the rest of your evening." Soon enough, she returns to her wine, taking yet another sip just as Una inquires on her discussion with Hadrian. "Yes, that is the plan. It makes me nervous, but this will all be happening in the Spine. Supposedly, the Hostile specimen will be kept in Khar-Mordune." A pause. "Lord Hadrian is right, there is hardly anything human about the Hostile, so… I am uncertain as to what these Awakened dreams mean. We aren't going to dissect or run tests on newly captured Hostile and suddenly find a human inside. That is.. unless they are creating a version of Hostile made from humans. From what I've heard though," And she says this nonchalantly, despite its gruesomeness, "They are merely harvesting us for our organs." Setting her glass down now, she breathes out a little sigh, "I'm afraid that this isn't my project in particular, but one of House Peakes. I will ask them if they require more assistance. In order to have these Hostile fall victim to a trap, they will need to lure the Hostile there. A skirmish of sorts is something unavoidable, so they might need manpower, but we shall see."

Una nods in understanding. "I will tell my wife, no doubt she will wish to be a part of such a plan. And my sister's guard is skilled in drawing the Hostiles out, he might be useful as well." She looks to her drink, staring thoughtfully into the liquid as she continues. "As for the dreams I cannot say. They aren't a realm I know much of. But while we may assume there is nothing human of the Hostiles, at the same time we know next to nothing about them. There are many possibilities.

"Harvesting us for our organs…" Ariana suddenly repeats herself, looking ever more thoughtful now. "Perhaps it is some form of immortality they seek. They have the cybernetic parts of their bodies just fine, but their organs will eventually fail, just as ours do with age… so they need replacements." She then shakes her head, "It's a mere thought, but yes, we will learn more about this with further research." Reaching out for her glass again, she then decides to change the subject to something lighter, "So what has been prepared for the festivities tomorrow? I will see if Young Lord Declan is interested in attending. I don't know if he's ever visited Niveus before."

Una is nodding thoughtfully along with Ariana, pondering what other sorts of assistance she might offer to this crazed plan (its why she likes it!). She blinks as Ariana changes the subject, smiling again. "Its something a little different, we'll be outside this year. We've been working on preparations for a large number of real fires to be set up, for people to gather around and share stories of their own. And the winners of last years event have just written with their plans. One of them especially interests me, he implied that his story would be rather different from usual this year."

As this isn't particularly Ariana's crazy plan(!), she doesn't have much more input to offer at the moment, thus the sudden change of topic for now. "Outside? That is interesting. Now, I must truly remember to dress warmly. But it's too be expected when visiting Niveus and the pristine white landscape is both haunting and beautiful. I've enjoyed many a story being told the last few times I was able to attend, but I am eager to hear what new tales people have woven this time around. What exactly interests you with this particular story? Or will you keep it a secret?"

Una grins, "Not I. The storyteller himself is keeping his plans mostly secret. I know only a small part, and I am not allowed to share it." She chuckles, "Last year he told the story of the day he went to perform for the King himself, and forgot the story he'd planned to tell. It was a great crowd pleaser."

"Now that does seem intriguing. Oh, that does remind me, I should lay out my good furs tonight in preparation for tomorrow's event." Ariana says in a cheery tone and looks as if she is preparing for her own departure, the way she pushes her near empty wine glass forward and away from her. Out of curiosity, she did find the chance to ask, "Will you be spinning any tales, My Lady? Or any of your family?"

"None of my own. If she brings me any, I may read some poetry by Lorelei Quelton." Una smiles, shifting in her seat to properly bid Ariana goodbye. "Furs, I think, will be very popular. We'll do our best to keep it warm, though… " She grins, "Well, I noticed that what we think is warm is still quite cold for many of you."

"Lorelei Quelton." Ariana speaks the name, finding some familiarity of it, but perhaps she merely heard it mentioned through the grape vine somewhere. "Well, I for one am looking forward for this event. And I would think so. Nubilus, the cities resting on the peaks of many a mountain can be considered chilly often enough, but nothing as cold as what I've experienced on Niveus." Fully risen to stand, she lowers herself into a polite curtsey to the Iah Head of House, "And thank you for such wonderful conversation, My Lady Iah. I will speak to Lord Aidan of House Peake and inform him of your offer of assistance in his grand plan. Be Well, My Lady and I shall see you tomorrow."

Una nods to Ariana, sitting up a little straighter to take on a more formal posture and expression. "It was truly great to see you again, Lady Ariana. Thank you for inviting me to join you. I'll look forward to seeing you tomorrow, if you are able to come."

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