07.21.3013: Talking Again
Summary: Michael and Taryn start talking to one another again.
Date: 21 July 2013
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Grand Esplanade — Landing, Imperius
Although the Grand Esplanade is centered on a double lane for ground vehicles and carriages, the majority of the broad street is held for pedestrian use. Smooth pavement extends out around planters that keep vehicle traffic away from people on foot, exposing a broad expanse to the feet of passers by.

The Esplanade leads past scores of little hole-in-the-wall shops and kiosks selling everything from daggers to scarves to jewelry. Light posts are interspersed with the planters, casting a warm glow over the Esplanade at night, while electrostatic shields blur the skies but keep off any rain from above, leaving the Esplanade crowded day or night, rain or shine.

Towering over the Esplanade to the west is the shimmering steel spire of the Citadel, while the Gardens of Erkwin and the Landing Stadium lie to the east. Directly north is the magnificent Palace Towers, seat of House Sauveur.

July 21st, 3013

Having little time to shop for his outfit, Michael has taken today to do so. He's currently walking back towards the Ways with a large box under his arm. He stops for a moment, to grab some coffee. He needs to stay up late tonight to make sure his new clothing is ready for the morrow… he has two women to impress, with the first one being the most important.

Taryn is leaning against one of the large planters that divides the Esplanade. His eyes are half closed as he looks like he could fall asleep at any given moment. The Valen looks as if he is running beyond the point of exhaustion.

Michael takes a sip of his coffee. He looks at Taryn for a long moment before deciding to at least say hello. If nothing else, he can offer over a bunk for Taryn to sleep on if he doesn't have a place to stay. "Taryn, you shouldn't sleep on the Esplanade… for many reasons. Come to Obsidia with me, there are three spare bunks in my room you can take any of them." he says quietly once he's near. Not wishing to fully startle him.

Grey green eyes open up and look at the source of the familiar voice. Taryn sighs softly, "I wasn't asleep.. just resting for a second…" He smirks, "If I could sleep standing up.. that's be some kind of trick…" He shakes his head, "I have a place to sleep.. just haven't really been able to rest that well…. or really at all."

"The dreams, you said as much… seems like everyone has nightmares these days." he shakes his head slightly, remembering Nimara for a moment, he smiles softly at Taryn, "I could always punch you hard enough to knock you out… might make it a black sleep so you don't dream." its a joke of course, "These dreams are every night?"

Taryn snorts slightly, "You know I tried getting shit faced drunk one night, and that seemed to make it almost worse." He shakes his head, "No, not every night is one of /the/ dreams… the rest of the nights is generally filled with dreams about /the/ dreams… You can only dream about your death so many ways so many times before it gets hard closing your eyes."

Michael nods, "I know, about the hard to close you eyes part… never dreamed my death, seen it flash before my eyes a couple times, but not dreamt it." he pats Taryn's shoulder, "Getting drunk isn't a good idea, but perhaps there is a medicine that can blank your mind, just so you don't go insane from a lack of sleep and these nightmares start slipping into your waking day too." he pauses, "I can ask Sir Kaedin's mother about it, if you'd like me too."

Taryn sniffs slightly, "It's starting to get a little bit better… Just have got other stuff on my mind now too…" He pauses, "That's alright, I'm sure that it would cost more than I can afford to spend on it." He pauses, "But I appreciate it, Michael. I really do." He frowns slightly at something, "Well, I'm sure you have something to do other than talking to the likes of me."

Michael shakes his head slightly, "I can ask her about it, information doesn't cost me anything, and she's a researcher… the idea might intrigue her." he shrugs, then shakes his head fully this time, "The way you say that, makes it sound like you think I think I'm too good for you or something. Taryn, the last time we spoke was at the Taphouse… after I'd very nearly lost my squiring. I was drunk, tired, and shaken… I thought, I might as well try to cut off from the world.. in case Sir Johana expected it of me."

Taryn looks at Michael, "Like when you were pretty much ignoring my existence and telling someone else how you were done wasting your time with your friends because it was pretty much keeping you from becoming a knight." He shakes his head, "It hurt… but that's not why I've been avoiding you.. it's because I don't want to be a factor in you reaching your dream… 'Cause if you think that, even when you're just wallowing in self pity, it means that somewhere deep down that thought is there anyway."

Michael blinks at Taryn, and his brows furrow. "When did I say that, and to whom? When did I ignore you? I've kept my distance, sure, but I've made myself far busier than I've been before. Yes, my squiring comes first to everything in my life… but I sent a letter saying almost what I said to you, to Lorelei, and you saw that she and I are still friends. You and I haven't talked, and I can feel you putting more distance between us… the other day, in Arboren. It was nothing I was connected to, what you and Lorelei were discussing, so I kept out of it." he takes a breath, "I have never thought of you as a waste of my time, or that you're holding me back from knighting. I was holding me back from knighting."

Taryn shakes his head, "I can't say exactly when… the days seem to flowing in and out of one another… As for who you were talking to, I.. don't know his name… You were talking to me, then you weren't… So I just left.. I figured that was what you wanted."

Michael opens his mouth, then closes it. Then he frowns, "Then, no, I didn't want you to leave. Sir Johana shocked adulthood into me with three words, you are dismissed… the realization that something I've been working for, was so easily slapped away from me. It shook me, and I'm sorry if it caused you hurt. I didn't want for us to be on the outs like this… but I thought my knight would expect me to sever ties to the rest of the world, while I worked to regain her trust in me." he shakes his head, "It seems I have a lot to learn about her still… she sent me back into the Taphouse, almost ordered me to go back in and drink." he stops and looks at Taryn, "Lorelei and I were able to start over, be friends. Can we do something similar? Pick up our friendship again, rebuild it."

Taryn looks at Michael for a second, before shaking his head slightly, "Michael.. I never stopped being your friend… I thought that you had.. so I was trying to not hold you back." He smiles slightly, "So if that's not so.. then there's nothing to rebuild…"

Michael smiles softly, "Good." he looks down at the box, "I'm going to a wedding tomorrow, with my girlfriend." there is a look of pride and disbelief on his face when he looks back up, "I wish you could attend as well, I'd buy your outfit if I knew you were going."

Taryn chuckles slightly, "I have no place at a royal wedding… Maybe if they were in need of servants to clean up afterwards.." He smirks, "That's the closest to me being there."

Michael smirks, "I could always have you come with me as a retainer, personal assistant to make sure I don't forget things like getting Nimara a drink, or to be nice to Sir Johana's betrothed when lord high and mighty desides he'll stoop to hear the words of his bride to be's squire." he snorts in clear disgust, "Arrogance like that is unbecoming an Ibrahm, even if he's only marrying into the house. Sure, Ibrahm is the best house out there, but we aren't arrogant about it." he smirks again.

Taryn cocks an eyebrow at Michael, "So I could come as your servant, huh? Jee, thanks…" He reaches up and combs back his hair with his fingers, "I think I'll pass."

Michael laughs softly, "You wouldn't actually be serving me anything, I would see it as an arranged sheep skin pulled over noble's eyes, while having my friend there to watch my back incase I start to screw up. You know, since I have that penchant and all." he grins, "You don't have to go, if you don't want to."

Taryn considers for a moment before shaking his head, "I don't think that I would be comfortable there. I mean even if I was posing as your servant… I don't think I'd belong there, you know?"

Michael nods, "Yeah, I know." he pauses and smiles, "Right, something I'll need your help with… I'm working on buying one of the horses from Lorelei's father. I have the money, and my better armor was a gift from my knight so I don't have to worry about that, so I'll need help with training him. Hoping it's Thunder, he and I had a moment when I met him, think we'll be a great team."

Taryn smiles slightly, "Well, if you're buying him to be a warhorse, then he should already be trained.. Well, he should be trained regardless.." He chews on his lower lip slightly, "Have you talked with the Quelltons about someone else working one of their horses? While Lorelei and I are friends, it doesn't mean that the rest of the family won't necessarily have a problem with me working their animal for them. If they don't have a problem with it, then sure.. I'll help you."

Michael hms softly, "I hadn't thought about that… haven't heard from her father yet on the offer either, so it's a bit up in the air. He's partially trained, and Lorelei said that the rest of the training is done with the new owner so they can bond." he pauses, "Perhaps, after I've completed his training with the Quelltons, you can show me how to ride better… I need all the practice I can get."

Taryn chuckles and nods, "That won't be a problem, Michael. I can certainly help you learn to ride better." He looks over at Michael, "So if your knight is about, you want me to pretend not to see you?"

Michael chuckles and pats Taryn's shoulder, "No, Sir Johana just wanted me to grow up… she's fine with me having friends. I have a girlfriend now after all, that wouldn't have happened if Sir Johana maintained a tight leash on me. My chores get done, and I do my training and studies. So what time I have left is my time." he smiles softly, "You need to meet Nimara, she's a senator from Cindravale."

Taryn nods, "Just wanted to make sure… Like I said before I don't want to be an obstacle in your way."
You paged Lorelei and Michael with 'Coming from the guy that's tried to hook up with how many different female characters in the month that he's been playing?'

Michael smiles, "Thank you, but you aren't in the way… you might be a pain at times, but that's more because two smarmy guys can't share the same room without causing electricity to flare up." he brohugs Taryn now before stepping back. "You hit on Nimara though, I'll hit you harder than Lorelei ever could." his playful grin shows he's both joking and serious.

Taryn is standing with his back to one of the large planters in the middle of the Esplanade. Michael is standing next to him, and the two seem to be having a conversation. He cants his head slightly, "Michael, have I ever shown any indication that I would do something like hit on someone who was involved with someone?" He shakes his head, "No, I wouldn't do such a thing."

Michael is next to Taryn, a large box under one arm and a coffee in the opposite hand. He nods to Taryn, "I know you wouldn't… but since she's my first girlfriend, I felt I needed to say that to at least one person." he smiles.

Lorelei's decided to take Agnes's advice and do some walking. As nerve wracking as the past week has been, she's just looking for a good distraction. She's dressed casual, her riding gear and is walking with a small forced bunco to her step. she will be in a good mood, a better mood. She'll smile and nod to people as she passes, not noticing the boys at first as she's got her eyes on a couple walking hand in hand.

Taryn smirks, "So you say it to the person who is least likely to ever do it and least likely to take the accusation personally, huh?" He shakes her head, "Senator, huh? You know.. maybe I'm not good enough to be seen with you."

Michael smirks, "Well, yes… granted Sir Lionel did compliment her, but he flirts with me as well so I don't get mad by it. Hell, I flirt back most of the time." another grin, then a shake of his head, "Nimara is a citizen just like we are, her senator title just means that she's given access to places and people." as of yet, he hasn't seen Lorelei.

Lorelei sighs softly, and will turn away from the couple. Her eyes land on the two, head tilting in confusion. She'll walk up, giving them a smile, "Hey…hi Taryn, Michael…" She'll look between the two, trying to make sure it's ok to join them.

Taryn smiles as Lorelei approaches the two of them. Before he says anything, he gives her a 'are you okay' look. "Hey, Lorelei…." And though Taryn looks exceptionally tired, which is not a new look on him of late, he does not look to be upset at him talking with Michael.

Michael takes drink from his coffee, and then smiles at Lorelei. "Hey you, how's everything?" he seems to be comfortable around Taryn, friendly even. His smile is still there when he asks, "Were you given a chance to ask your father about Thunder? I only ask, becuase I'm anxious… and I got the okay from Sir Johana."

Lorelei smiles at Taryn, but there's small shrug of her shoulders. She has no idea. Turning to Michael, and blink, "Oh…Six, Michael, I was so distracted…I promise I'll talk to him tonight, as soon s i get home. It's just been a …"She'll glance to Taryn, "It was a rough week."She'll swallow nervously turning back to Michael, "I promise, I'll talk to him…I'm sure he'll say yes."

Taryn offers Lorelei a sympathetic smile. He is a bit at a loss of words. What can he really say without talking about that night, which she probably doesn't want to think about much less talk about.

Michael smiles at Lorelei, "Don't worry too much about it, Lorelei. When you can, sure." he holds up the box, "My newest outfit… you two will have to see pictures of me in it.. can't wait to Nimara in her dress." he glances between them, and does that thing he's good at… not getting involved.

Lorelei nods to Micahel, "I will, tonight. I promise." Her hands go together, fingers lacing in front of her. "Oh…It'll be nice, I'm sure. You'll have to tell me all about it." She'll glance to Taryn, giving him a small smile, but won't say anything.

Taryn nods, "Yeah, I'm sure that the whole thing will be telecasted for all of us who can't be there in person to see it…" He grins, "I imagine it will be a big to-do, like those red carpet things."

Michael takes a drink of his coffee, and seems to finish it too. He smirks at Taryn, "Well, if it is… then I hope you guys can watch it on Lorelei's tablet. I'm slotted to dance with Sir Johana at least once, and then Nimara and I will be dancing as much as her senator requirement to socialize allows us."

Lorelei will look over to Taryn, "if you want, we can watch it. I don't have anything to do after getting everyone ready." If anyone where to notice, her cheeks are a touch pink.

Taryn nods, "We can do that… Considering, I would imagine that everyone that I would need to watch will be at the wedding, under better security than I could possibly offer."

Michael smiles at hearing this, and certainly Lorelei's blush is noted by Michael. It's answered with the faintest glint in eyes before he opens the box to display the outfit. It's a handsome one too, made of quality cloth. The dress shirt, a tailored look with buttons down the front to only above midchest. Straight titanium white in color, a stark contrast to the dusky blue of his pressed canvas pants. There is also a matching blue vest with a white handkerchief that has black and scarlet embroidery on it. "I got the jacket too, but they have to resize it to me, so I pick it up in the morning." he explains.

It's hard to tell if Loree's happy with Taryn's response, or slightly disappointed, but she'll nod. "Ok. Where do you want to meet?" Her eyes go a little wide and she'll smile bighter, letting her fingers go up to touch the shirt that Michael's showing her, "Oh..Michael.that's beautiful."She'll grin up at him, "You're going to have such nice time."

Taryn looks at Lorelei, "That's not what I meant… " He sighs slightly, "The grace has slipped from my tongue… " He looks over at Michael, "I bet you'll look spiffy."

Michael gives Taryn an I'm touched look before smiles at Lorelei, "I certainly will, it's always a nice time when Nimara is with me." he goes to Taryn's rescue, "Taryn just meant that he'll give you proper attention."

Lorelei blinks some at Taryn, not sure what to amok of his response. Looking up from the outfit, she'll pull her hand away,"It's ok. I know the wedding is more interesting. If half the things begin whispered are true, it's going to be huge." She'll shrug, looking over to Taryn, "Maybe we can get food, I feel like I could still eat a ton. I can't seem to get filled up yet."

Taryn grins over at Lorelei, "Hungry enough for a nice steak or maybe some fried chicken?" He is teasing her. Though as he says it, his stomach rumbles slightly. He looks over at her, "Oh, what have you heard?"

Michael waves his hand dismissively at Taryn, "Enough of that you." he says playfully, before goign into a pack and getting out a long bread sandwich and handing it to Taryn. Then he gets out a salad and hands it to Lorelei. "Both of you eat. I will not leave you two alone until you do, just do." he nods once, then mumbles under his breath something to the effect of just date already.

Lorelei wrinkles her nose, "ewh…no. Gross." She'll shrug, "Just mostly about who's going, what everyone is wearing. Noble drama."she'll roll her eyes slightly, and then will look down at the salad being thrust at her, "Were you just…carrying around food?" She's a bit to puzzled at the salad to understand his mumble. So instead she'll frown slightly, tilting her head at Michael first then glancing o Taryn to see if he caught it.

Taryn looks at the sandwich, "Um.. I don't want to take your food, Michael." Though he can't help but to look at the sandwich with a great deal of hunger in his eyes. He looks over at Lorelei, "Well, can't help but to hope that I could eat real food around you without feeling guilty."

Michael frowns at the both of them, "You are going to eat, and yes I was carrying food around… I happen to eat a lot better than I did thanks to the both of you." his frown has become playful for a moment.

Lorelei rolls her eyes at Taryn and huffs, putting a hand on her hip that's not on the salad, "My food is real!" Loree looks to Michael after catching Taryn's hungry look, still a bit unsure, "Are you sure?"

Taryn doesn't have to be told twice. Well three times. He takes a huge bite of the sandwich. He chews it and swallows the bite beore looking at Lorelei, "No your food is food's food." Chomp! Another mouthful of sandwich is torn away.

Michael smiles at Taryn digs in, then nods to Lorelei. "Of course I am, I've done so some stuff and gotten my finances all secured away now… and with Sir Johana saying my armor was a gift, I have a bit more freed up. Still plenty for a horse and gear for it, I'm able to keep him in the Obsidia stables without issue, and hopefully this training in hammers I'm getting from Sir Thalo will pay off and I can speak to Sir Johana about getting knighted once I've done something note worthy."

Lorelei smiles softly as Taryn starts eating, but the frowns, "No! My food is perfectly fine!" Still frowning lightly, she'll turn to Michael, "You and Thunder are going to be a good match. I brushed him down good yesterday. I'll make sure my brother takes him out for s good run tomorrow too."

Taryn grins over at Lorelei, obviously picking at her about the food thing. "Well, you still make me feel guilty for eating meat around you…" Not that he's really given it much of a thought with the sandwich, but he's not making a deal of it having meat. After like the third mouthful bite, he looks over at Michael. "Thank you… " It's probably the most food he's eaten at once since the cold and wet food he ate out in the forest with Elodie.

Michael smiles at Lorelei, "Thank you, I really think he and I will make a great team. I hope Chiron is careful and nothing bad happens. How is he doing by the way?" then Michael nod to Taryn, "One of these nights, you'll both have to come over to my bunk room… I can probably borrow the kitchen at my parents and cook us all a great a meal, then we can sit and watch a movie or something like normal people for once. I might even have a chance to borrow the parent's apartment for it… dad has been chomping at the bit to go to the Ring for extended stay." he starts to ponder this over.

"I do not!" Loree isn't sure if Tarn is teasing , or actually means it. She'll from slightly, "Oh…No, Michael. Not Chrion, my younger brother. "She'll laugh softly, "Chiron's doing well. Great, even." She'll grin, "That could be fun. I haven't watched a movie is ages."

Taryn stops eating about halfway down the sandwich. He looks at Michael. "I'll eat the rest later… I promise… I am stuffed…" Which considering how little he's been living on, he probably has eaten as much as he can stand to. He smirks, "You know you almost sound like someone in high school… Party at my place… 'rents are out of town for the weekend…"

Michael grins at Taryn, "Hey, they will be… granted mom is currently a Ring permanent for her testing and treatment if there ever is one." he shrugs slightly, luckily his eyes are closed at that very moment or the grief in them would be evident. "And it wouldn't be a party, just you two and Nimara are invited… granted, don't be all weird around us okay?" he eyes them both, "Of course, if the two of you came together… it wouldn't be so awkward." there, he's finally spoken that unspoken thing.

Lorelei looks over to taryn and seems a bit worried about his food situation. Must smuggle more apples to him, apparently. Her eye go wide at Micahel's last statement, and she'll look over to taryn, cheeks flushing some.

Taryn cocks his head, "Michael. Lorelei are friends. You do know that you can be friends with a girl without trying to date them, right? The only thing your constant innuendos are doing is making Lorelei embarrassed."

Michael rolls his eyes at Taryn, "Yes I know that Taryn." he shakes his head slightly, "Constant? I only just barely started to suggest anything in the last or ten minutes perhaps." he shrugs, leaving to them. He turns to a trash bin and tosses out the empty coffee cup, then turns back. "Anyways, it'll be a few days at least before we can have this little get together."

Lorelei's cheeks turn bright red, and she'll swallow, clearly embarrassed. "I…uh…should get going…"her eyes go down to the salad in her hand, "I have to buy ribbons for tomorrow…"She'll swallow and try to turn to just leave, in which ever direction is closest to begin away from this.

Taryn looks to Lorelei with an apologetic expression. "See you, Lorelei… I'll give you a call tomorrow to see if you still want to do something." He looks to Michael, sighing slightly. "Sorry.. I'm running on fumes here… but you do make a remark about Lorelei and me almost every time you see us… often several times… It obviously embarrasses her, 'cause she looks away or blushes or both whenever you do it."

Michael looks after Lorelei, before looking back to Taryn. "Right, well… perhaps I'm just playing captain obvious at those times." he holds up a hand, "No matter, if you two don't have those feelings for each other, far be if from me to point out how much the rest of the world seems to see the opposite." with that, he shoulders his bad, "Lorelei, I'll see you around. Hopefully we can walk Thunder, or you can laugh at me as I try to ride him or something." he glances at Taryn, "You need to eat more, and sleep. I'll be talking to Lady Orelle about that medicine." then he starts to walk off towards the Way gates.

Lorelei just kinda bids, no looking at either man. "Ok..yeah. i'll…talk to you tomorrow Taryn. Michael, We'll take Thunder out. You'll do fine. Have fun tomorrow." She'll glance one last time at Taryn before hurrying off.

Taryn nods, "Take care, Michael… Have fun tomorrow.. Maybe steal me a piece of cake." He then smiles slightly, "I'm glad you decided to talk to me."

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