Taking Command
Summary: Solon wants to pick up the number of patrols he participates in/leads due to recent events.
Date: 09 Dec 2013
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Solon Kallista 

Mar 19 3014 — Phylon

TO: Kallista.Cindravale@Phylon
From: Solon.Cindravale@Phylon
Subject: Patrols

Dearest Mother,

Since the rather unfortunate set of circumstances that saw Nikomachos and Lady Ellinor nearly captured, or worse, killed, by the Hostiles, I have been considering many things. Greatest among these is that I feel the need to step up my own schedule of leading patrols. It will be good for the morale of those who are tasked with being a part of these patrols, I think, and it will also do more to firm up and broaden my own experiences with commanding men and women in the field.

Mother, if there is any specific task or duty you wish for me to perform, please let me know. Oh, and I suppose that I should add a final note to let you know that the Lady Eirene Volen and I are getting along rather well. We have spent time talking to one another and I do believe that things will work out well between us after we are married.

Sincerest regards,

Your ever dutiful son,
- Solon

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