08.30.3013 Taking Chances
Summary: Lady Elodie walks into the study at an awkward moment, but it leads to a discussion of hopes and wishes. She also begins to chip away at some of Lady Eiris's issues.
Date: 31 August, 2013
Related: Takes place after the M.O.M. Meeting.
Eiris Elodie 

A Study at the home of Garus Leonnidas
It's a study. It has chairs, desk, settee, and liquor cabinet.
30 August, 3013

Awkward moments are awkward. Elodie managed to walk in on the Lord and Lady in the midst of a rather heavy moment. Meaning she was wrapped in his embrace and her dress was hanging free of one shoulder. His own state of dress was in question, belt gone and shirt open, it was a rather silent moment when they heard the door open. The Lord begged his pardon and after a few words with Eiristra and a gentle kiss to cheek, he made himself proper and left the study, allowing the two ladies together.

Eiris adjusts her dress, pulling at the lacings to try to keep the plain linen piece in place. Tucking her hair back behind her ear, she is gingerly moving now due to the interplay moments before and her ribs bearing the reprecussions.

"Lady Elodie, I am sorry. I should have told you where I was going." She smiles, finally looking up at the other woman before she runs hands through her hair a last time to situate it. "Whatever you gave me did wonders," she adds quickly.

After a moment's stunned silence, and then an almost retreat, which is halted by the leave-taking of Lord Garus, Elodie finds herself a little non-plussed. She finally manages a grin at the Rovehn's words. "Or, maybe you should have, so that I wouldn't have walked in," she offers an attempt to tease. "I can see it worked… wait until it wears off, though." She raises her eyebrows as she walks along, studying the shelves. She's changed into a more casual gown, the finery of earlier in the evening been packed away when she accepted Garus's invitation for guestright.

"I would ask that you not speak of this to anyone, though I have a mind you won't, Elodie," her tone is frank, but there is no shame about her, perhaps embarrassment. "I would not want the Lord Garus' name smeared because of our relations. Especially after the reception he had tonight," her eyes flicker upwards and finally look upon the Iah Lady. "I should ask, did you need something of me…" pause, "Could you help me with the ties of my dress?" Her back turns, allowing the other woman to help her.

Elodie shakes her head. "No, I wasn't looking for you for any reason in particular. Just some company…" she crosses to Eiris and starts tugging at the ties, falling silent as she fixes the lacings and pulls them into place, after the mess Lord Garus made of them. A sigh escapes as she finishes, and gives a little nod, stepping away to look for a beverage tray or some sort of refreshments. Her hair falls down her back in a loose braid, a few curls escaping here and there, and she crosses her arms as she searches.

Silence is also an awkward thing and Eiris never really bears it well, in fact she is turning to watch Elodie for a moment in her search. There is wine and cheese on one of the side tables. "Lady Elodie…I don't often care what others think of me or my actions. They are my own and I will be who I wish to be…" her voice trails off and she then sighs, letting out a long breath. "I care what you think, I respect you and your opinion. I would ask that you not hold me in any ill regard for what you saw." That said she then takes a step towards her. "But you have my company if you still wish it."

Finding the refreshment she was looking for, a small refrigerator and a cabinet, Elodie opens the cabinet and takes out a glass. "Hmm? Oh, no. Nothing like that," she hastily reassures Eiris. "Wine? It shouldn't react too badly with your medicine, maybe make you dizzy at most." She waits for an answer while she pours some for herself, and then gives a shake to her head. "No, truthfully? I'm actually… jealous."

As Elodie admits her jealousy, Eiris' mouth drops a little before she clears her throat. "Sure, wine will do." She finally begins to close that distance entirely, coming up beside her. "Jealous? Do not be jealous, Elodie. You are jealous of me and I have no mind to figure out where I am to go or to do. You however, you have a future, a purpose and someone who cares for you. That is something to hold onto…" Eiris says, trying to reassure as well.

Elodie smiles as she hands over the glass of wine, shaking her head slowly. "You misunderstand me." She takes Eiris's arm to lead her to a place to a sit. "Ever since Sammel and I admitted to each other that we've been with someone before now, and agreed that we wanted to make our first time together special by waiting until our wedding night…" she pauses to take a sip of her wine that she swallows slowly. "Well… actually, ever since I woke up next to him in the tent at the Grand Caravan, I've wanted Sammel to kiss me."

Taking the wine first, Eiris listens, finally taking a sip with the brush of the edge of the glass to her lips. Led away by the Lady Iah, she sits with her on the chaise positioned near the chairs she and Lord Garus had occupied before being found. She gives them a glance before green eyes briefly widen and find Elodie once more. She clears her throat, "Well I am glad I could allow you two some much needed time for yourself and its noble, I suppose..waiting that is, but if you want a kiss Elodie, I say you just take it. There is no reason you have to wait on him, but I don't mean just force the moment. Find the right one and show him how you feel..what you want. There is nothing wrong with a kiss," she would say so.

Elodie chuckles and gives a sidelong glance to Eiris. "If only you knew how much I wanted to murder you that night. The awkwardness… well, walking in on you and Lord Garus was nothing compared to the two of us that night." She sighs, and lifts one shoulder. "But, it made us talk about some awkward things we'd been avoiding. And it wasn't exactly when we talked that I realized how much I want to be with Sammel, but… well…" she takes another sip, then stares into the wine itself, as if it were some magic crystal ball. "That's exactly my problem. I never would have questioned before, if a time was right when I felt like kissing someone. Now, with Sammel, it's… it's like I want to make sure it's the right time, that it's something special enough. I've tried a couple of times, but then I lost my nerve and kissed him on the cheek." She pauses. "And what it he… what if he wants to wait for the 'kiss the bride' and I jump the gun and he gets upset about it?"

A soft laugh escapes her, looking every bit the sly trickster for the moment from over the cup of her wine. Eiris shakes her head and sighs, "Oh Elodie, sunshine…" she chews at her cheek and then shifts closer to the Lady Iah and touches her arm before saying in a rather direct tone, "If Sammel loves you, nothing will upset him in the idea of you kissing him. Whether he wished to wait or not, he will never resent the act. You are both no longer innocent in many things…you will not steal his first kiss from him. He has had it already. But if he truly cares for you, I don't think you should be worrying so much." Her hand squeezes Elodie's arm lightly, giving her a warm, knowing smile. "THe first time Lord Garus came to the Caravan, it was I that approached in the midst of the night. I like to think he does not resent me for this…and perhaps has come to care for me because of it."

Elodie bilnks at the use of a nickname for her, and glances over to Eiris. Her hands lower a bit to cradle the wine closer to her lap. "You and Lord Garus have…" the question is cut off as she realizes the impertinence of it, but then she shakes her head and gives another sigh. "I /think/ he loves me." There's a pause as her gaze returns to her glass. "It's so hard to tell with an arranged marriage. We're getting along well, and we agree that we don't want Companions to be a part of our lives, we want children, we want to grow old together… it seems like he loves me, but he's not… said as much."

"Give him time to say it, Elodie," Eiris intones, skipping over the unasked question. "If he has said everything else, no companions, children, growing older together I think you are worrying too much. Sammel is a good man, Lord or not. He is also a /man/ which means they are not always as forward with the things they should be and far too easy handed with others." That is when she leans in an lowers her voice, her gaze going distant as she glances just past the other woman, "Yes, Lord Garus and I have shared private moments several times. But that is all they are, I am not certain love is even in the equation. Concern and care yes…perhaps he is being careful because he does love you, Elodie."

"That's the thing… I feel that there is definitely concern and care, like with you, but I don't know about love." Elodie pounces when Eiris speaks of her relations with Lord Garus. She pulls her lower lip in with her teeth, letting it slowly slide out as she considers. "Do you think so?" She's quiet, and her brows pull together as she concentrates on a thought. "Do you think maybe he's careful because he doesn't want to offend me?"

"Well of course he doesn't wish to offend you, her's nervous. You are still getting to know each other and neither of you wishes to be overly forward. I think once that ice is broken, you will feel more content. Perhaps you should just kiss him," Eiris advises. "I do not think you could ruin anything, Elodie, I do not. In all honesty, he seems to care a great deal for you."

Elodie nods slowly, absently raising her glass to her lips, pausing before tilting it until the barest sip passes her lips. Lowering the glass she glances over. "Do you really think he does?" She gives a little chuckle. "I sound like a school girl with a crush." An inelegant snort is added to the chuckle. "I am like a schoolgirl with a first crush. All nervous and jittery. The next thing you know, I'm going to be picking up flowers and pulling the petals off saying, "he loves me, he loves me not"."

Eiris sighs, looking somewhat amused as she shakes her head, "I think that is a good thing, that you have those feelings. It means something to you rather than something to be feared. I am certain you will be happy with what comes as a result." She bumps her shoulder into Elodies and gives her a warm look, eyes softening. "I think we both need more to drink…much more. We must have a evening for ourselves before your wedding. Who are your other bridesmaids?

Elodie grins as Eiris bumps her shoulder. "Perhaps we do, although not tonight. I don't feel equal to the task of carrying you to your room." She takes a more substantial sip from her wine, and then thinks. "The Lady Ariana Larent, and my older sister." She stops, then turns her head. "That is all. I don't think that one needs umpteen zillion bridesmaids attending them to make it down the aisle and stand next to a man and promise to be true to him. Do you?"

"I will have to meet them both, I feel honored that I am the only one not bound to the Orelles that shall be there for you. I will be certain that you remember the night before your wedding. If you trust me to coordinate a small gathering for you that is?" It is a hopeful sound, but then laughs softly and shakes her head, "I do believe so, Elodie, but then I never plan on being wed…so there will be no walking. I think if you have those that are true and dear to you, no matter the number, that is what counts."

Elodie's glass pauses halfway to her lips. "Don't plan on being wed?" she asks curiously, seeming a little bit perplexed by the idea. "Why not?"

"Because…." Eiris trails off, as if formulating a proper response, "I enjoy being who I am without answering to anyone. My decisions are mostly my own and I have the ability to go where I please. There are no strings, attachments…I am free. Like the wild of the Vale. I am directionless, I realize this, but I have come to accept that I don't have very many ambitions save for protecting my people." Her gaze slips away, as if she doesn't know what to say before she adds, "The Lord Garus hinted a match during one of our interludes, but you saw very easily how he few every eye. He could do with a woman ready to settle."

Elodie grins. "I don't think it would be that much of a hardship to answer to Lord Garus," there's a bit of a devilish glint of her own in the blue eyes, and she nods her head to the side. "Besides, you obviously care deeply for him. I imagine neither of you could stand to be in a cage, or to put someone else there."

A brow lifts and Eiris gives Elodie a long look before nodding her head, "I suppose you are right in that….he wouldn't attempt to keep me under hand." She lets out a breath and there comes a wave of unease, "It just makes me nervous..and not in a good way to consider a banns."

Elodie nods. "I can understand. But it seems, in your case, that are lucky enough to be the maker of your own destiny when it comes to your banns." The wine swirls in her glass as she looks down, her wrist rotating idly. "And, with someone you care about, well…" she pauses, and her wrist stops, the liquid finally coming to stillness. "You never know when you can lose someone you love. I almost regret making that agreement with Sammel some days, because I worry that he won't come home, and I want to share everything with him."

A soft sigh and she wets her lips, nodding her head and brooding, "Come, let us go back to my room and we can speak a little more in private and really all you need to do is this," in a quick jesting motion as the Rovehn attempts to steal a quick peck on the Lady's lips.

Elodie's eyes fly open in surprise, as she's not expecting the 'demonstration' of how to get what she wants from her betrothed. Then she gives a shake to her head as she stands. "I'm hoping for quite a bit more than that," she informs Eiris, still managing a playful tease of words, even if her cheeks are flushing scarlet at the moment. But she does nod. "I'm sure you will be much more comfortable in your bed. Keeping you sitting up to talk has been inconsiderate of me."

Pressing her lips to hide her grin, Eiris rises as well, moving to find a place to set her glass down and leave it for those that will sweep through after them to clean up the little bits here and there. "Well you should have /told/ me you wanted more…see this is the problem, you need to tell him," batting her lashes, Eiris laughs and reaches out, gently taking Elodie's arm. "I only wish the best for you, Elodie. I would like to see you happy." With that she begins to lead the way out.

Elodie finishes the little bit of wine in her glass, and leaves the glass alongside Eiris's. "You have been most helpful," she assures as she allows her arm to be taken and to be lead away. "I would hope the same for you, however you would be made happy."

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