03.08.3014: Taking Care of Baby
Summary: Klaudea keeps to her word and shows up at Lincoln's place when he gets off work
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Klaudea Lincoln 

Lincoln's Flat
A little flat somewhere in the Ring
8 March, 3014

Lincoln's place might not be 'bad', but there's no place on the Ring that anyone wants to 'stand around'. When her knock wasn't answered, Klaudea took a walk around the block and returned to knock again. She's done this a couple of times, and is walking towards his door yet again, running of different routes to walk around. Shifting the shopping back to her other arm, she takes a breath, steeling herself as she walks to his door one more time.

Lincoln 's actually swiping his door open as Klaudea walks up, he has a bag in his arm, although it's not very full. his shirt's now untucked and his hair is mushed and loose now. He looks younger than normal, almost smaller. His dark eyes turn towards her as she rounds the corner and he'll give her an apologetic smile. "Sorry, I ended up having to stay a few extra minutes."

Klaudea tries not to let her relief show when she sees him this time. "'S okay," she says quietly, waiting for him to open the door all the way so she can follow him in. Her eyes sweep over him swiftly, obviously aware of his rumpled appearance, but not commenting on it at all. She's changed into more normal clothing, probably not wanting to attract the attention that her dress had earlier.

Lincoln holds the door open and once she's in he steps though, closing and locking the door behind him. Which is a touch odd for him. He'll frown slightly at the bag , "Whatcha got there?" His own bag is set down, the clear noise of a bottle touching the table. There's other things in the bag as well, but not tons.

"Soup," Klaudea replies with a straight face, glancing at the door, then back. She sets the bag down, and it deflates a little, falling in on itself. She looks at him for a minute, then turns and hops up on the counter to sit facing him. "Okay. What's up?" Her expression is earnestly worried and she's obviously qutie determined, since 4:30 am is not a time the squire is ever awake.

Lincoln glances to the door as she does, "It's fine. Don't worry." He'll actually smile some, "Soup, huh? A dress and now soup? I should have told you about my birthday." He'll lean against the counter, on his elbows, and poke at the bag she brought. "Rook's gone." He doesn't look at her when he says this.

There is a container in the bag, and what looks like very nice, crunchy loaf of bread. There's also a couple more containers, so the food came from a kitchen, either she made it or their cook did. "There's some leftovers from Mom's dinner party, too," she tells him, and gives him a nod. "You told me," she says quietly. She pauses for a long moment, reaching sideways into the bag for the soup container. Her hand is halfway out of the bag when she freezes, and looks at him again. "Gone, gone? How did she pay off LuCorp to get away?"

Well, good. He doesn't have to beat around the bush, "She didn't." Linc'll reach grab the bread and break off an end, "So…sucks to me me." There's that forced smile and he'll pop a corner into his mouth, chewing.

The expression on Klaudea's face says so many things in a few minutes, worry, anger, sympathy, concern. She finishes her retrieval of the soup container, and reaches over to the cabinet where the bowls are, remembering from the last time she was here to cook dinner. Setting two of them on the counter, she pulls off the lid, pouring the tomato basil cream soup into them. She closes up the container on the rest. "How much?" she finally asks quietly.

Lincoln laughs, but it's hard and there's no humor behind it, "Oh….it's not that easy. I don't even have a number. It's …it's owing him…She pretty much fucked me. For life." He'll shake his head and pull the bowl over to him, but does't spoon any, he just stares at it. Like there's an answer with in the broth, if he could just find it.

Pushing down from the counter, Klaudea gently takes the bowl from him and walks over to the microwave. She puts them in and sets the buttons with a series of beeps. She slices some of the bread at diagonals, letting him have the heel to munch on. It seems that the concentration in her face isn't completely on the task, but other things going on in her head. She opens a flat container and takes out some cheese, laying it on the slices of bread. "So… it's not just money. It's… kind of a revenge for losing her services. He’s making completely sure He doesn't lose your services."

Lincoln takes a deep breath, "Yeah….I'm kinda fucked." He's repeating himself.He'll watch her with the soup. "She….yeah. Her indebtedness. And now now interest and fees." He'll shrug, "There's nothing to be done, so…" He'll chew on on the heel. A soft sigh,and Linc's voice is just tired, "He's…He's pissed. I'm lucky I didn't end up in an alley."

Klaudea takes down a pan and sets it on the stove, going about making grilled cheese sandwiches for them, opening the door but leaving the bowls in the micro when it dings. "People like him don't stomach someone taking control away from them in any way. He was probably looking forward to having her baby indebted to him, as well. Probably already plans for him or her." She bites her lip. "She better hide really well… if He ever finds her…" she shakes her head. "It upsets me that she left you to face His wrath, but I wouldn't wish what He'd do to her if He found her on anyone." The tone of voice indicates that 'upsets' might be an understatement.

Lincoln stands up, pushing off the counter, "I don't….I don't think he knew. It's fallen to me, he's not gong after the baby. He can't know." There's a touch of panic in his voice, "Rook can go fuck herself for doing this to me, but….not the kid." He'll sigh, glancing dan at his fist thats balled up. He'll slowly release his fingers, "I….It's gonna be ….He's gonna make sure I'm public,. So…she's know." He'll purse his lips, again laughing without humor. "Silver came in tonight and convieniantly offered me a bit role in her movie. Which could turn into something bigger, if I do well…" He'll smirk turns into a frown and he'll shake his head. "Fuck….I don't know what to do." His run his fingers through his hair, pulling slightly.

Letting the grilled cheese cook, Klaudea takes a hold of Lincoln's shoulders when he starts to sound panicky, rubbing them. "Shhh, if He didn't know, then He won't find out. No one's going to tell Him," she assures him. She pauses to flip the sandwiches, then returns her hands to his shoulders, her fingers gently massaging them. "In a movie? That's great… can you do it in your time off? Switch shifts with someone?" She pauses. "He's not going to keep you from acting as long as you cover your shifts, is He?"

Lincoln's shoulders are tight."I…I don't think so. It's better for Him, if I'm known….Better for whatever He's got planned." He'll puff out his cheeks and grain softly, "Ren's giving me the time off…He's..Fuck, He's about as upset about this as I am. He's who I'm answering to for now, so….At least I'm not gonna have to worry about anyone trying o break my fingers or any of that crap."

Klaudea shakes her head. "Well, no. Broken fingers or anything else broken wouldn't be practical," she says, working at one of his shoulders with both hands before she lets go to serve up the sandwiches and take the soup out. "You can't work if something's broken. I'm glad you'll get the time off… what kind of movie is it?"

Lincoln groans again at the fingers on his shoulders. He'll straighten up more, "Yeah…need to keep working." He'll move to grab glasses from his cabinet and then pulls out the bottle from the bag. It's a mid grade whisky. "You want whisky, or an ale?" If Klaudea looks, there's also 3 packs of cigarettes in the bag. "I honestly don't know..i haven't looked yet. But If I had to guess it's a horror movie….Silver doesn't really go outside that genre much."

Shaking her head at the offer, Klaudea gives a smile. "I'll drink boring old water. Too late, or too early, I'm not sure which, for whiskey or beer." Grabbing the food, she balances it to the table and sets it down. "That would be why I didn't recognize her. I don't watch horror movies."

Lincoln nods and moves over to fill the glass with water before sitting down next to Klaudea. "Yeah…I'm sure it's not anything big. Just a line or two…." He'll sigh, fingers in hair again, "She said I for the look, so…who knows." Nodding, "She's a scream queen."

Klaudea grins at the scream queen term, and pulls off the edge of her sandwich to dip in her soup. "Well, if the line is 'don't hurt me, please don't hurt me!' and then a bunch of screming, it will be easy for you to remember," she mentions lightly. She glances up and raises her eyebrows, still grinning at him, trying to lighten his mood a little.

Lincoln will slowly eat his sandwich, dipping into his soup as well. "It might be, who knows? Maybe I'll get to die on screen." He sighs, "It'd be fitting." He'll take a bite, and then look up at her with her grin. He'll force a smile, "Maybe we'll be able to get a grip to go see it when it's out." And then he closes his eyes and laughs, "Fuck…Koth said he'd bring his girl….cause that's not just weird. All bring Beden and it'll be an awkward movie premiere for everyone. We'll get popcorn to watch Koth and Bed glare."

Klaudea gives a shake to her head, but finishes chewing and swallowing her bite before she asks, "what is the deal with those two, anyways?" she asks. "They're both visiting you at the hospital, and well… at least Lord Beden seems to have some kind of serious thing for you. And Koth… was he all right tonight?"

Lincoln takes a deep breath and then nods, "Yeah…Beden…it's complicated. But yeah." Cause that explains so much. "Koth? He's a client….and I guess a friend? I mean, I don't dislike him, he's cool. But kinda… " Linc trails off, not wanting to use the word possessive, as it implies a level of creep he doesn't quite mean. "He worries. Too much. He has his own issues to work through, he doesn't need to be caught up in mine." he'll take another bite, knowing he needs to eat, but he's not really tasted anything for a week, it seems. Is this how Rook felt all the time? No wonder she was the way she was.

"Complicated?" Klaudea asks, her eyebrow raising with the question, but that's as far as she'll go in asking how complicated. As for Koth, she nods. "Yeah, I kinda got that vibe from him. Kind of a protective thing. Maybe overprotective. Isn't he the one that offered to help me with my swordsmanship?" She takes a few spoonfuls of soup before she traces her sandwich around the inside of the bowl to sop up the tomatoey goodness that clings there.

Lincoln takes rather long sip of his whisky and nods, "Complicated. He's…It's…The betrothal kinda came outta left field. He-we were already….it's a mess." He'll sigh and swirl the booze in his glass before setting it down to take another bite of grilled cheese. Another nod while he chews, "Yeah, he's decent with a sword. He really can't know what's going on with me. He'd definitely make it worse."

She's listening as she eats, and she's not eating in great hurry as she glances across on occasion to make sure he's still eating. "So, you guys were sort of getting together in a more than just friends way, and then he had to do his duty as a noble, and it threw a wrench in things," she surmises, picking up her spoon. "I am sooooo glad I'm not a noble. Being told who I have to marry for the sake of making better alliances… because Six above know we can't just figure out that working together is more practical than working against each other. We have to send people into loveless marriages to create children in order to help each other out." There's not any bitterness in her voice, just sour humor at the ludicrosity of it all, to her mind. She puts her spoon back down and looks directly towards Lincoln's eyes. "Lincoln," she asks softly. "Do you really think I'm going to tell /anyone/ what you tell me?"

Klaudea's views on nobility aren't making Linc feel any better about the whole thing. He just nods, finishing off his whiskey in a long drink. "No…that's why I told you. But Koth's got a huge mouth, and a big enough ego that he thinks he can fix anything, if he throws his title at it." It's how Linc got his neck broke, technically. And then Linc smirks, "Well…I have my doubts that you might tell Georgina."

"Title?" Klaudea briefly closes her eyes and takes a breath. "Yeah, kind of like my father's friends who think throwing enough money at something will fix it. Except they don't throw it at the right things." A smile grows at the end of her sentence as she pokes a little fun at her own set. Then she shrugs, reaching down to pull apart the second half of her sandwich. "Georgiana is my friend. I tell her /my/ problems. Except for being nervous about asking a guy out. She already teases me enough about me and guys. She'd probably just tell me some crap like, "be yourself and there's nothing to it." or whatever else like that.""

Lincoln just nods, not gonna out Koth. "yeah…this whole thing…It's just gonna get messy." His fingers go to his hair, making it fall in a messy kinda way. He'll snort, "Yeah. Leave me outta your Georgiana talks, if you can." There's a clear dislike in his voice for the woman. Although he does tilt his head, there is some truth to the advice.

Klaudea shakes her head. "It'll be… well, it won't be /fine/, it is what it is, but it doesn't need to get messy. Maybe, in time, He'll get someone to replace Rook, and then won't be as mad anymore." It could happen, when a pig flies past the window. She knits her brow and glances up as she dips her bread. "What's with Georgiana? Not that I talk about you all the time or anything, but…" she gives a shrug and lifts the sandwich to her mouth, taking a bite.

Lincoln laughs, shaking his head. "It's not about replacing Rook…It's about making sure everyone knows what happens when someone crosses Him." He's not really wanting to get into details. That smirk is still there, the one with no humor, "She doesn't like me, I don't like her. End of story." He'll shrug himself and take a huge bite, so he can't talk , too busy chewing.

"I think you're mistaken on the her not liking you part, since she's never said anything bad about you, but…" she shrugs and looks down at her soup, slowly eating it. She sets her spoon down and picks up her sandwich, but she looks at him for a long moment, and the huge bite after eating so desultoraly earlier. "What happened with you two? You aren't telling me something."

Lincoln snorts, chewing. After he swallows, "She's just said things… It's fine." Of course he's not telling her stuff! He'll reach for the bottle to pour himself another whiskey.

Klaudea shakes her head and puts her sandwich back down. She reaches for her glass of water to take a sip looking over at Lincoln again. Then she shrugs and looks down at her food. "Whatevs," she murmurs.

Lincoln sighs, "Fuck, Klaud… Everyhting' a mess… Give me a bit of a break…Please?" He does look up at her, finally making eye contact. He's admitted a lot in the past few days. it's draining. Speakign of draining, he'll turn back to his drink, taking another long sip.

Klaudea looks up. "What? I am… eat your soup. You’ve become too skinny and no one's gonna want a guy they can see through." She finishes up her own soup, using her sandwich to clean the inside of the bowl.

Lincoln laughs again, he has lost few pounds, nothing too much, but yeah. So he eats,"You'd be surprised…there's some weird clients. …I used to have one, before I worked at the blue Nirvana that insisted I eat off of her…." He's lying…maybe. But there's a touch of humor in his eyes at least as he says this, "Ice cream and birthday cake."

"It's a wonder you didn't get fat, you'd have to do some extra working out to burn all that off," Klaudea replies. "Although, you could use some, now." She finishes the last of her sandwich and picks up her bowl and glass, still drinking her water as she goes to wash her stuff. That done, she starts taking the rest of the containers out of the bag so she can put them in the fridge. "Mostly finger foods, it's nothing fancy… but they're easy to pick at now and then when you don't really feel like eating much."

Lincoln raises an eyebrow, cause he did have extra work outs. "Yeah, that balanced out some of the other weird clients." He'll smirk again, but there's a touch of that sadness from earlier, "Yeah, I didn't get cake this year. I should maybe do that." Maybe he'll drown his sorrows in a cake, just him and a fork. He'll watch Klaud move about, suddenly feeling even more like Rook as he sees her putting food into his fridge, "….Thanks. I just gotta get used to this. I'll be ok soon. promise."

Settling the containers in the fridge, Klaudea nods, folding up her shopping bag. "Don't worry about it," she tells him easily, and that in itself is what makes it sincere. "When is your birthday?"

Lincoln finishes of his second drink, smacking his lips lightly. "It just passed. Maybe I'll get a big chocolate one…"

"Well, maybe we can have a belated birthday party for you, then. I can get you a huge chocolate cake, and sing happy birthday and everything," Klaudea gives a smile to her friend, working at cheering him up."

Lincoln smiles a bit more honestly, "It's ok. Really. I'm not huge Birthday guy, anyway….But maybe we can get a cake or something." He'll tack on the cake thing, as he realizes this is as much about letting her do this, as it is about cheering him up. He just dumped a lot on her that she can't fix. A quirk of an eyebrow, "You'd sing for me, huh? Would I get birthday wishes and spankings too?"

"You'd probably prefer the spankings. My singing voice isn't much to speak of," Klaudea quips in return, seeming to get more comfortable with the bandied jokes, at least in private. She cleans the fry pan she made the grilled cheese sandwiches in and looks over to him. "You gonna be able to fall asleep?"

Lincoln chuckles. "I'll sing, you spank, I think I could handle that." He'll wrinkle his nose, "Sleep? Who needs that?" While he's not drunk, he just slammed two glasses of whiskey. His eyes trail after her, watching her do his dishes.

Klaudea finishes the dishes and looks over to him. "You do," she tells him sternly. "You've got to stay smart, Lincoln. You can't make any mistakes right now. Tired people make mistakes." She walks over behind his chair to hug him if he lets her. "You need to take care of yourself."

Lincoln makes a pppssst noise, "I can go without sleep for a few days." His smile drops, "I'm not smart, Klaud. Which probably means I'm screwed." He'll sigh, reaching for the bottle again, "I'll sleep. Don't worry."

Klaudea straightens as he reaches for the bottle. "You're not dumb, either," she says quietly. "Stop putting yourself down. You're going to pay attention, keep your nose as clean as possible so He doesn't have any other reason to come down on you, and get your debts paid." Her voice is calm and sturdy, almost firm enough to actually lean on as she lays her palms on the back of his chair.

"Yeah….I am. It's ok, I know it, so I can work with it." Linc gives a small Shrug and looks up at her. His eyes peek through his bangs to her, "I'm not gonna do anything, but there's no way out of this Klaudea. I'm not gonna be able to pay this off. It's a life debt. The best I can do is not have any kids, so it won't be passed on." He'll lean back, letting the back of his head touch her arm.

"Well," Klaudea starts then looks down, lifting her other hand to rest lightly on his head when he leans against her arm. "Since you don't have the right parts to have a baby, I'd say you don't have much to worry about there."

Lincoln's hair is always soft, it's one of his better features, so he uses good product. "Yeah…just gotta keep up with the shot, and no babies." Not that he was ever really planning on it, but when that option is taken away, it smarts. His eyes close as she touches his head, and a sigh, "I hope Rook's ok…"

A moment after Lincoln leans his head back, Klaudea gives a sigh. Leaning down she rests her chin on his head, her arms going around him. "Rook is a survivor," she assures him. "She will be fine. She'll be able to take care of herself."

Normally Linc would do something to make the squire blush at this point, but he's just too stressed. Instead he takes a deep breath, letting her hold him. "Yeah…she is." He's not so sure abut her taking care of a baby, but he can't do anything about that now. His hand goes up to wrap around her arm.

It may surprise her that he's not trying to tease her, but Klaudea is comfortable just giving him some comfort for the time being, letting him lean on her.

Lincoln sighs, his hand tightening some on her arm. "Maybe a cake would be nice…" His eyes stay closed, and he'll nestle his head into her more. "Make Beden come over…He can bring ale…"

With a grin, Klaudea wraps her arms a little tighter around him as he snuggles. "Cake, ale, and Beden, check." She teases quietly. "In that order?"

Lincoln snorts, "Yeah. that order.Cake's most important." He'll sigh again, "OK…Maybe I am sleepy…"

Klaudea grins and absently drops a kiss on top of his head. "Come on, you. Let's get you to bed." She doesn't exactly pull her arm out of where he has it wrapped up, but she does manage to get around in front of him to offer the other hand to help pull him to his feet.

Lincoln groans and lets her pull him to his feet. He'll look down at her, their height difference apparent, "You know…If you wanted to get me into bed, all you had to do was ask." He's smirking, but underneath is his normal flirting. At least that's a throw back to normal.

Klaudea chuckles. "Listen, you. I may have gotten bolder, but I'm not /that/ bold, yet." She supports him towards his bedroom, her cheeks a little pink, but not nearly as much as they would have been in the past.

Lincoln grins, his arm going around her, "Yet." He's not getting too fresh, but he's definitely leaning into her. The bedroom is surprisingly modest, while it's a double, and there's a lot of pillows. None are satin, or anything that one would imagine a whore bedroom to look like.

Klaudea chuckles as she helps him. "I know better than to say never about anything. But being bold enough to ask a guy to go to bed… it's a ways away, yet." She wraps an arm around his waist and helps him towards the bed, reaching out to pull the covers back for him. She doesn't say anything, and the half smirk on her face seems to say that she knows /whatever/ she says will get her in trouble.

Lincoln doesn't let go. In fact he holds onto her, trying to drag her down with him, "I'm a good first…" he's smiling softly, it's rather enduring. He'll leave his hand out, trying to intertwine his fingers with hers as he wiggles over, leaving plenty of room her her to join him.

Klaudea smiles at him, although there's a little distance to it, someone else might be on her mind. She's a squire, and strong enough to not be completely pulled down, but she does sit on the bed next to him. "I'm sure you are," she replies quietly, but she gently removes her fingers and tucks his hair back. "I can stay until you fall asleep if you want me to, but not that way. And you need to take your shoes off."

Lincoln sighs, "No… I'm not." He'll shift, "You ….You can go. I'm crackerjack."He's got his eyes half closed and is being suddenly hard to read. "You've got training…and stuff…"

"I have tomorrow… or today, off," Klaudea says quietly. She reaches down to pull of his shoes or boots or whatever he's wearing on his feet, and pulls the covers up over him.

Lincoln grumbles, "I don't…." He'll help, kicking his get to get his boots off. "I have work…always work now." He'll close his eyes, but isn't asleep yet. "You should go…"

When the boots are on the floor, Klaudea pulls the covers up and tucks him in. "All right. Sleep well." She goes to the kitchen and gets a glass of water, not knowing how much he might had drunk before the whiskey he had with dinner. She puts it next to his bed where he can find it when he wakes up, then closes the door quietly.

As soon as the door closes, Linc's eyes open and he let's out another sigh. It's going to be a long night.

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