03.21.3014: Take Care Who You Count As Friend
Summary: A chance meeting with Tomas and Brienne and he gives her a little advice.
Date: 10 December 2013
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Atherton Mall
A mall. With stores and stuff.
March 21, 3014

Brienne has taken to not meeting anyone in private.. Though if it is mandatory, she makes a point to be in public. She's gone to the Ring of all places and is wandering about the Atherton Mall. Alone. Dressed in her usual tunic, pants and boots, she wanders around, not really looking at anything really.

The Orelle did not spend much time at the Arborenin, he certainly did not attend the event that was suppose to take place at Mott's Taphouse as the place was not exactly to his liking. The brief scene he witnessed was certainly amusing though, as it also gave a bit of back story to the rumors he has heard.
Which is why Tomas is surprised when he catches sight of the Lady Knight wandering the Mall here on the Ring, curious enough to approach. He also couldn't let up on this opportunity to find out more, or perhaps to poke fun. His approach isn't loud or formal, instead it's as if an acquaintance walking up beside Brienne before dropping a greeting, "Lady Sir Brienne, welcome to the Ring."

Unaware of his thoughts, probably to the good of the both of them, Brienne offers a concise nod of her head. Her brows lift though at the question, the subtle hint that he had heard the rumors and is letting her know he had. Eyes that have been warm in the past now are cool green as she regards him. "Actually yes. I've decided to purchase a few things for an upcoming trip." Leaving it vague.

"A trip." Tomas echos in turn, letting her calling it such if it is, certainly not prodding directly for more information. "If you would like, since the Ring is my home, I can help you find what you need while you're here?" The open invitation there to help, no doubt giving him a chance to find out more of what happened, fulfilling his curiosity and possible amusement.

"Yeah?" Brienne seems surprised at the offer, unaware of any ulterior motives he may harbor. "Oh that would be great, if you're sure. I think I can get everything I need here with no need to go anywhere else." Taking no chances on being alone with another. "Sporting goods?" It's a combination statement and question. "Tent and all that. Things I will need on patrol. Tomorrow marks the first day of spring and time for me to be back out fighting."

That is when Tomas studies Brienne, as her request seems rather unique, "Sporting goods store? If you're going on patrol… I don't believe that is where you would purchase what you need. You would need more military grade equipment, something that your House's quartermaster should be better at equipping you with than a store." Sounds like the Orelle doesn't fully believe her story, though he doesn't ask if she is secretly planning some other trip, with someone else. "It sounds like it would be nice for you to be back out at the front again, instead of fighting the battles of court and politics."

Busted. Brienne shrugs. "I'm definitely not one for politics." Giving a more internally directed self depreciating smirk. "Though I suppose it's quite obvious about now. To everyone." Able to just let it wash over her, her demeanor still is mostly in that 'back off' stage. "Just going out on patrol for awhile." Not going with the rest of the patrols. "I'm thinking thermals and all for warmth. It may be spring but it doesn't automatically mean its warm."

Tomas can certainly still sense Brienne's defensiveness about the issue so he doesn't press further on what she wants to purchase, instead he nods his head and begins leading her, choosing to not offer an arm as escort but to have her follow at his side. Either he is being considerate in case a picture was snapped with them two together, or he doesn't feel a particular need to go to that extend to escort this Lady Knight at the moment. "There is a large sporting goods store this way that should have what you are looking for. And you are right, politics and field battle are two very different realms. However, both are battlefields in their own regard, equally dangerous."

"Don't I know it.." Brienne murmurs almost under her breath, but still loud enough to be heard. As he begins walking, the lack of arm isn't noted really, very few in her life succumb to that particular gallantry any longer. And with everything currently attached to her its probably a smart move on his part. Walking at his side, her boots make little sound, so used to treading lightly. Looking at her surroundings, she notices a store that sells data pads and stuff. "One moment.." Stepping inside, she peruses the items. "I want one with wood grain outside." The clerk moves to look for one.

There is a slight tweak on the edge of Tomas's lips as he hears Brienne mutter those four words, a smirk threatening to escape and one that he has kept in check. He does feel a bit sorry for the Arborenin Knight and what she is going through, amused, but sorry. When she asks for a pause and detour, the Orelle arches a brow when she goes into the store, following her. When Tomas sees what she is purchasing, he asks, "You know how to use one?" It isn't clear if it was a teasing question or a genuine one, due to Brienne's Arborenin origins.

Brienne notices the tweak from the edge of her vision and finds herself responding, against her better judgment. For the first time in awhile, her lips curve slightly in response. As she waits for the clerk, she leans back against the counter and regards Tomas with an arched brow and half smile. "I just recently learned how to do messages and mail." Is that pride in her voice? "I have one already, but my brother Declan broke his the other night."

Tomas does look a bit surprised when she shares with him that she is capable of performing those feats on the datapad, "I see. It's certainly a very useful tool, Brienne. And it can do much more than that as well, I didn't know that the Arborenin used such items down on Imperius." There was no sarcasm or biting remark from the Orelle.

"Can they?" Green eyes flicker over the Orelle in surprise. "I saw how Ephraim brought the news on his but mine is new and I only have the basic mail ad messaging part down. I was rather impressed to do that without breaking it." Brienne smirks, tilting her head to he side. "Did you think that everyone there was like me? My brother is very electronically inclined, and my mother is quite open to it also. Only me, because I want to preserve the forests and my home, as natural as they can be. Technology has its place, after all." Just then a datapad is offered and she turns, inspecting it then paying for it. "Now my brother had a replacement. Can we continue now?"

There is a slight shrug of shoulders from Tomas, as if to show his comment was made more in a generalization and stereotype manner than blanket, "Well, not just /you/, but I have heard that the Arborenin… abhor technology. I mean, your House…" There is a pause there, as the Orelle doesn't finish his initial sentence which would have been 'live in trees' but chooses a more tact way of putting it, "is very close to nature and the land. So I guess I am surprised that it isn't a way of life in your House." As she wishes to continue, Tomas inclines his head and turns to lead her out of the store, so they can continue on.

"My youngest brother has a cybernetic arm. Without technology he would not be able to use it like he does. I don't abhor it, I respect it as I do the forest. There is a time and a place for everything and the forest isn't the place for the more technological advances." Brienne does hear the mention of her 'House' and can possibly guess part of the rest. "My House is a home and there is indeed technology there. I have a vidscreen and a refrigerator in my apartment. It's nice. Just because it's available doesn't mean we need it. Yet if we find we need something, we use it. I prefer the feel of paper and books in my hand to electronic stories and books." As he leads her out, she walks along, following behind until they are out where she falls in step beside him. "And your house then, does that mean you do not decorate with plants and trees and foliage?"

Tomas listens on in silence, filling in the blanks in his mind about the Arborenin or overwriting incorrect assumptions as Brienne fills him in. When she finishes, there is a slight nod of understanding from the Orelle, "I see… though I do not know why you would hoose paper and books, as those can be damaged beyond repair, where as a file can be saved and backed up without effort." As for his own House, this is when Tomas turns his gaze to the Lady Knight as they walk, "We do, we decorate, as you say, and even though, it is technology that sustains them."

"Why? Why use technology when simple water would do the job well? It is harder to kill a tree than to assist it in living and growing. Life wants to be lived and to grow." Brienne smiles just a little, ducking her head as she walks alongside him. "It has been a long time since I've seen you, Lord Tomas. Has the military been keeping you busy?" The last meeting had been at the zoo park, if she recalled.

There is an amused smirk when Tomas hears Brienne's answer, a slight shake of head offered, "Because technology does the job better. Easier at times, more efficient as well. Life is also to be improved upon, as our people advance forward when we can." When the subject shifts though, the Orelle transitions smoothly in turn, "It has, the battle in space continues. We continue to strike the Hostiles when we can, in quick fashion to do what we can to slow their reinforcements."

"What is the joy in growing a plant or a tree when you aren't the one making it grow? What pleasure can you get? What feelig of accomplishment is there for you?" Brienne smiles, finding amusement with his reasoning. When he goes on to mention his duties, she is genuinely interested in the reply. "Are you making any large steps in getting them down? I sometimes feel like it's a losing war."

Brienne poses a good question, one that Tomas doesn't know the answer to because the Orelle would not find joy in such plantings. At a loss of words, he can only shrug his shoulders once more. "No, our orders so far has been to harry them when possible and to avoid the larger Hostile fleets. If we fight them head on without full coordination and plan, it would be very brutal."

Without an answer about the plants and trees, the subject ends, and Brienne finds it amusing he would be as stumped about her own likes as she is about his technological ones. "I am sure it would and I am glad there is prudence in opting to fight them in limited numbers. Have you found any more ground battles?'

There is a inclination of Tomas's head when Brienne agrees with the strategy of avoiding large, direct fights with the Hostiles in space. However, he quickly stiffens when the Lady Knight mentions ground battle, "I'm afraid I have not, Lady Brienne. My duties have kept me in space, I have been on boarding strikes though." In smooth corridors as opposed to tree plagued forests where random roots could spell the end of anyone.

Brienne notices the stiffening, and so she doesn't elaborate. Remembering the last time, she doesn't wish to embarrass him, so she inclines her head and lets the matter drop as she realizes they were coming up to the sporting goods store. "Well here it is, after all. I was beginning to wonder." She teases him gently, unsure if he was accompanying her inside or opting to leave now that he had kept his word and delivered her safe and sound. Thinking he was leaving now, she broaches the subject of the rumors. With a hesitance, she looks at him, a somewhat sheepish expression on her features. "All of the rumors aren't true. Just wanted you to know. Some are though, but I haven't really been entertaining noblemen by the dozens in my apartment. I have friends and there was… one who had requested a betrothal when I wasn't aware my mother had already been working on one with the Sauveur. She had told me the only house interested any longer was Ligonier and now even that is out as the friend I had there has opted to back out of the idea of it. So, as I mentioned earlier, I've decided against a marriage and I am going to be solely patrolling our lands from here on."

As the subject changes again, Tomas smirks when she heads off the main thought that had the Orelle approach Brienne to begin with. For her to be so forward with the issue that was looming over her head, it sort of takes the fun out of getting the chance to poke and prod teasingly, but it does confirm and deny what he may have heard. "So the number that is being passed along has risen to a dozen now, eh?" There is a slight shake of head from the nobleman, "That is what rumors are, it is never all true. But it is usually never all false either, Lady Brienne."
"As for friends… take care who you count as friend, as they may have other ideas, hidden behind honeyed words and silver tongues. You are a Paramount, never forget, those that are below us would strife to stake a claim when they can." Perhaps the Orelle was feeling sorry enough for the Arboren warrior princess that he is sharing words of advice for the battlefield she had admitted to have no skills in.
There is a glance at the sporting goods store and then Tomas turns his gaze back to Brienne, "Here I will take my leave, My Lady. I hope you find what you need and I wish you luck on your patrols. Till we meet again."

"Thank you for the directions and… everything. I've never really come to the Ring so much, so I was as lost as always, outside of the Spine and Phylon." Brienne glances towards the sporting goods store, then back to the Orelle, eyes as serious as ever. "Just be careful out there." Hitching a thumb towards the sky. Space. Whatever. "Gotta worry about my.. friends, you know?" Lips twitch in a flash of a smile so quick it's over in just a second, finding it necessary to tease him just a little over his previous comment about counting people as friends. After all, it's what they always did, find reasons and ways to one-up or laugh at the other. "Till we meet again, Orelle." Bowing her head before turning and heading into the store.

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