King Regnant Symion Sauveur

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Christopher Lee
Christopher Lee as Symion Sauveur
Full Name: Symion Sauveur
Byname: Silverhair
Age: d. 3013 aged 87 years
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: The Royal House of Sauveur
House: House Sauveur
Title/Profession: King Regnant
Position: King Regnant of Haven
Spouse: Lyla Leonnida (d. 2998) Height: 1.85 m
Father: Jeso Larent (d. 2998) Weight: 80.7 kg
Mother: Queen Allisa Sauveur (d. 2952) Hair Color: White
Siblings: Evony Sauveur
Other siblings
Eye Color: Green
Children: Prince Jarkin Sauveur (d. 2970)
Princess Eugeina Sauveur (d. 2990)
Prince Emund Sauveur
Princess Janelle Sauveur
Princess Ophia Sauveur
Prince Beau Sauveur


Symion was never a knight, but he did spend some time as a squire to former High Lord Sir Tycho Cindravale's father before he decided that there were more important things for him to do than learn to hit someone with a sword. Instead, he put his mind to learning everything he could about space ships, tactics, manufacturing, and trade — everything the last king before the return of the Hostiles.

He married an ambitious lady of House Leonnida (not that there is any other kind). It was a political marriage, but not one without affection. Symion's closest friends, however, were High Lord Ilo Orelle and High Lady Sir Eryn Arboren. Despite the competing political ambitions of the Arborens and the Orelles, Crown Prince Symion was the glue that held the group together.

The loss of his first child at age 10 was King Regnant Symion's first taste of grief, but it was not to be his last. His second child died twenty years later in a training incident, leaving his third child, Prince Emund, to be named heir. Emund proved himself quiet quick-witted and adept at playing the political game, despite being initially unprepared for the role. Emund's younger sister, however had her mother's drive. Janelle has pushed Prince Emund at every step, especially after the death of their mother.

Since the death of his wife, King Symion has become more withdrawn, not the same dynamic leader he had been previously. Prince Emund began taking over more of the tasks of running the System as his father's Hand — until the death of Emund's beloved wife. And then Emund withdrew as well, leaving a void that Janelle was only too happy to fill.

King Symion has never once mentioned abdicating his position as King Regnant, nor has he shown any signs that he might prefer his eldest surviving daughter to his eldest surviving son, but there are still those among the nobility and the Citizenry who push one, the other, or both of those steps in the face of imminent invasion by the Hostiles.



A dignified man in his late eighties, King Regnant Symion Sauveur stands tall and proud despite his age. His hair still retains some of its original dark color, but most of it has gone as white as snow. Both his hair and his full beard have been neatly trimmed, and his green eyes remain bright and intelligent for all the white in the bushy brows above them. His face and frame alike are narrow, his shoulders slightly slumped, but he still takes enough care of himself to dress well and neatly.


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Emund Crown Prince Emund Sauveur : United in their grief, Symion and his eldest surviving son also share their belief in duty over self, which is likely why he chose Emund over Janelle as his heir in the first place. But will Symion decide that Haven needs a more dynamic leader to guide it through the upcoming war, one not weighed down by the grief he knows so well?
Janelle Princess Janelle Sauveur : Symion's eldest surviving daughter is a willful creature, ambitious and sly. For all that, her ambition requires the survival of Haven, and perhaps that drive to succeed and to win is just what is required of the Crown for the next 40 years.
Orelle Lord High Admiral Ilo Orelle : Symion's childhood friend has aged more harshly than Symion himself, and is starting to grow senile. In his old age, he has lost his Seat to his son and begun to rail without end about the need to flee the Haven System, to gather all the resources of the Inner System together and build another sleeper ship to take them to some other system before the Hostiles can destroy them.
Arboren High Lady Sir Eryn Arboren : Once, these two might have been romantically involved. Now, however, they are merely old and good friends. Symion respects Sir Eryn's drive to protect Imperius, although he certainly places the people of Haven over any of the individual planets or moons of the system.

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