05.22.3013: Swords and Suitors
Summary: The Larent sisters shop on Landing, discussing the tourney and suitors.
Date: 22 May 2013
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Ariana Veryna 

Foundry Plaza, Smith's Tower, Landing
A distance South of the Ways is the Foundries and the Smith's Tower. There is a sense of warmth here, almost tepid compared to the rest of Landing. An expansive viaduct leads from the Ways, occasionally bisected with alleys and smaller roads that lead deeper into the city. About a half kilometer before the main plaza is a looming archway, almost double the height of the largest gate at the central Ways. This allows freights from the moons Ignis and Nubilis, and other mining-rich regions. The Smith's Tower is actually four arcologies, one at each corner of the plaza, and each with particular focuses; catwalks crisscross between the four towers, allowing for easy travel between them despite how high up you go while also creating a geometric canopy above.
May 22, 3013

When she heard that her elder sister was heading off to Landing to do some shopping, Ariana expected that they both would venture into dress shop after dress shop to try on some of the most elegant of gowns for the festivities that are coming up. What she did not expect was this. Looking for a reputed swordsmith. The young Larent lady trails a few steps behind Veryna as the heir of Larent takes the lead. "I do hope that we find someone to make you a sword soon so that we'll be able to spend some time actually dress shopping before our return home." She even sighs dramatically here, before bringing up, "Oh, I met with Young Lord Solon Cindravale and Young Lord Declan Arboren just the other day. The heir of Cindravale certainly shows his pride in his weapon, as well as his martial prowess: wielding a broadsword singlehandedly." As she speaks, her words come out in their usual matter-of-fact tone.

"I'm so pleased to hear that he can wield a broadsword singlehandedly. I don't doubt for a moment it's the only thing he's proficient in wielding singlehandedly," Veryan quips back at her sister's statement of their cousin's skill in combat. "Wouldn't it be more appropriate to find a dress at home on Nubilus for these festivities? Then you could tell everyone how fantastic our tailors and seamstresses are, even finer than those here in Landing." In this endeavor, Veryna shops for a weapon with the same care and consideration that other noble women would shop for fashions. With the arrival of the Hostiles, the imminent start of all-out war, she has decided it's time to commission a blade just for her.

"He also trained in combat while blind folded and wearing ear plugs." Ariana brings up, recounting Solon's many tales of his training. "And with one arm tied behind his back. I was quite amazed by his feats and I am curious as to the sort of training that you were forced to endure when you were still a squire." Though she is the promotional face of the Ring and Nubilus, the younger Larent sister still longed for things that could only be found far away from the Oculus system. "I already have many fine dresses from our seamstresses as it is. You are correct though, I suppose. The fashions of Nubilus do tend to differ lightly from the fashions that can be found anywhere on Imperius." And though she admits that her sister is right, Ariana still continues to peer around the area, in search for extravagant dress shops.

Veryna simply shakes her head. "I think he may have been praying on your naivety, dear. Blind-folded and deaf reduces a man to little more than sword fodder, unless his opponent is an honorable sort and fights only from the front side. The one armed combat, however, is more useful. That particular activity I'm somewhat familiar with. Though, I still struggle to find a blade crafted just right for someone my size and stature." Meaning, she needs something lighter, somewhat shorter, and better suited to a graceful flow of combat. "And sapphires," she says softly, smiling, as her thoughts bubble to the surface for a brief moment.

Ariana's perfectly shaped brow arches lightly when Veryna calls her naive, but the younger girl decides to add in, "If that is the case, then the Young Lord of Arboren was doing his best to humor our Cindravale cousin throughout his tale. Which very well could be the case. Why, when the topic of archery was brought up and Young Lord Solon mentioned that it was a skill looked down up in Cindravale, the Arboren heir took it in stride." Drifting alongside her sister, Ariana then quiets down to listen to the requirements necessary for this particular sword she seeks. "Sapphires would certainly look lovely, I do agree."

"It may be the case that Valen knights do such things in the training. Our uncle, however, seemed less-inclined toward such things." A few more strides along the shop promenade, window shopping, takes the two of them to the front of another shop. "As to the matter of archery? Noble, honorable, or lacking both, when the Hostiles arrive in force, we're going to require the martial skills of all houses, great and small, to defeat the threat. The Valen knightly code might require their knights to look down upon such skills, but the knights of House Larent, few though we may be, recognize the contribution these weapons can make to turn the tide of battle."

"Oh, I completely agree." Ariana intones to her sister's words. "I, for one, would never look down on anyone's martial prowess. Especially, in these dire and dark times." After a few moments of silent thought, she brings up, "I would assume that our defenses would be even more elevated and that we would be on high alert despite the tournaments and festivities to come in the next few days… It is of some concern that our guards may be done in our revelry while there are still Hostile scouts potentially looming about."

"We have to trust in the leadership of our paramounts and the royal family," Veryna puts forth, even managing to smile as she does so. "The festivities are done in no small part for the benefit of the commoners. It's a distraction. However, that shouldn't mean that we don't remain ever vigilant to the growing threat. Realistically, the best we can do is to ensure the defenses of Nubilus are set as best as can be managed, that we've let no stone unturned in the hunt for Hostiles on our moon, and that our citizens are secure."

"The Young Lord Declan Arboren put out an offer of assistance if we should need it." Ariana mentions in light tones to her sister, "He is willing to send forth several Arboren scouts to help us cover more ground. Perhaps, you should speak with him at some point and see about working something out. I've offered my assistance to look into the Hostile's pod. I ran into Lord Keanen earlier and he mentioned to me that the enterior of the found pod was covered in a biological substance. From what I've heard, these Hostiles sound frightening and terrible."

"It's harder to cover more ground than we already do! Between the gliders and the limited land mass, there's not much of Nubilus to scout. Though…it would be downright uncivilized to refuse such an offer of assistance from a paramount house, even House Arboren." Here, it is somewhat hard to hide her smile. "I shall have to speak to our lord father on the matter, but I suspect he'll accept the offer, if made formally by High Lady Arboren."

Ariana's brow furrows gently, her cold eyes looking a touch thoughtful. "I do hope that we find something. A Hostile corpse would be delightful!" She then says with a single nod of her head, "I've informed the Heir of Arboren to speak to you or our Lord Father. Perhaps, the Young Lord will see about gaining his mother's permission beforehand." Gracefully, she steps forward to peek into one shop or other before inquiring, "Do you feel prepared for the tourney to come? I just know that your presence alone will bring great pride to Nubilus."

"Just yesterday I spoke with the The Wall and Sir Drakefire - Sirs Thalo and Ellinor, that is - and while Sir Ellinor seems eager to participate, I heartily dread the though of Sir Thalo joining. He's…exceptionally large. And while I fell I may best him for speed and grace, I've no idea how he fights with a sword in hand. The man carries the largest warhammer I've ever seen. I won my knighthood in a melee on foot, though I would guess the odds will be placed against me in this tourney. A knight from The Ring is rare enough; one from House Larent even moreso! However, the joust should be splendid fun to watch!" Veryna speaks on this subject quite fondly, eyeing some fine weapons in a shop window as she does.

Ariana's blue eyes light up at the mention of Sir Ellinor, her words now coming out quickly as she is in amused gossip mode, "Sir Ellinor! Why, Young Lord Sir Solon mentioned her just the other day. It seemed that she bruised his hand quite badly that I needed to tend to it during his visit here. I also heard that Sir Ellinor had mentioned that she did not wish to rob the cradle… in regards to my "friend", Lord Keanen Arboren." And here, her voice trails off into a bit of laughter, "Just the day prior, Lord Keanen was telling me about the worst date he had ever had and brought up a woman who accepted his offer to date, just so she could upset one of her male friends. When that woman did meet with Lord Keanen, she outright told him that it didn't matter either way, Lord Keanen was far too young for her. I do wonder if this 'worst date ever' and Sir Ellinor are one in the same." When Thalo is mentioned, however, she only vaguely recalls the name from previous tournaments. "Win or lose, you will represent Nubilus and Larent splendidly, I'm sure, dear sister."

"That all sounds so…exhausting," Veryna declares. "Dating for spite? Does it have a point? Marry for purpose and keep your pleasure on the side, if needs be. Marriages are to better you line, to produce children who will do the same and strive to surpass you in everything, and to ensure future generations are left elevated. I don't see where emotion needs be a part of a marriage," she continues without no hint of emotion or even second-thought in her voice. Just as easy as you please, she concludes her statement by asking the price of one smith's work, a sword not-at-all like what she requires, but beautiful nonetheless.

"And to think, Lord Keanen is a member of a Paramount House. And while I do believe that this Sir Ellinor is a Sauveur, it truly seems so disrespectful, to me." Ariana pipes up, adding her own thoughts to this whole 'dating for spite' ordeal, or as Keanen put it: The Worst Date Ever. She quiets down once Veryna speaks to the smith regarding the purchase of a lovely sword. Once the purchase is made or the inquiry is answered does Ariana finally ponder aloud, "I do wonder what plans our Lord Father has for my own marriage. Young Lord Solon felt that it was a shame that I were not 'picking and choosing' my own courtship, but as an heir, he does understand the need for political alliances."

"I fear I may be delaying any plans for your marriage, as they seem to be decidedly lacking for my own. Perhaps a tourney is just what's needed to start searching for a suitor," Veryna says with an overly-sweet smile. The answer the smith gives doesn't seem pleasing, so she waves her hand and shakes her head in polite refusal. "Swindler, that one. I've seen higher-quality steel two shops down, though lacking the beauty, for half the price!"

Ariana allows a sigh to escape her lips at what Veryna says, "I do hope that an appropriate match is found for you. I would mention that Lord Keanen is single, but he may very well be too young for you as well, as he was for Sir Ellinor. He does have brothers, however… if you do not mind Arboren. But you are correct. This tournament sounds so exciting. One of the few rare moments when we get to actually meet with the nobles from Imperius and mingle. It's unfortunate that so many of our own nobility may decide to boycott the event altogether, but I do know that our Lady Mother will be so thrilled to be able to attend and I shall be right by her side." When Veryna voices a complaint about the blacksmith, refusing his wares, Ariana merely shakes her head, "It's unfortunate. That sword was lovely. Maybe you will be able to have one custom made, though it's a little late for it to be used in this tourney."

"I don't intend for it to be used in a tourney; that would require it to be blunted. No, the sword I commission will be as sharp as can be. I intend for it to be used in destroying our enemies, blooding it in whatever oil or coolant or toxic fluid those Hostiles subsist on. Then to be passed down generation to generation." Veryna wears a wistful smile on her face as she continues to browse the shop windows along this part of the smithy, but it's evident that she'll have to come back and have a more serious chat with several of the smiths. "Well, I see some whose work may indicate they possess the required talent, but I may have to travel to The Crescent or The Vale to find what I need." She stands straight and tall and starts to stride with purpose towards the other markets. "I think it's time to see what Landing has to offer when it comes to dresses!"

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