07.20.3013: Swords and Family
Summary: Kaedin and Jarek have a spar, Agnes and Odette join them.
Date: July 20th 2013
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Volken Barraks
At the base of the Blackspyre are several floors of barracks, training facilities, armories, and cafeterias, all built to house the defenders of House Khournas in rough comfort. Soldiers are bunked in rooms each large enough to sleep 50, with lockers and desks alongside each bed. Deep within the barracks levels, close to the training areas, are communal bathhouses, some set aside for single-sex use and others open to members of both sexes. There, the soldiers and nobles of House Khournas can soak away the aches of a hard day's labor. The corridors are all narrow enough that two soldiers could hold them against a tide, except those leading from assembly areas to great doors that open to the exterior surface of Volkan, allowing the soldiers of House Khournas to march out already in formation if need be.
Saturday July 20th 3013 Evening

Jarek spoke with Anabethe, and that sort of put him in a 'Visit the Blackspyre' mood. So he visits the Blackspyre, he still has his swimtrunks with him so he went for a dip in the bathhouse before coming up to the gym and doing some work outs. Why he's working out suddenly, he doesn't know, just felt lik it so he did.

Kaedin moves into the barraks, he was in the crescent to see his father's side of the family, that and secretly, to test the mettle of their knight lieutenant. Spotting Jarak, he smiles as he cracks his neck. "I hope you brought armor suitable for sparring cousin." He says as he walks twoards a cleared out area that would be suitable for said spar.

Jarek turns to smirk at Kaedin, "I have armor I can use, something to spar in without all the bells and whistles. Are we using swords?" he regards his cousin with interest, the young man he barely knows but already likes.

Kaedin smiles and gives a nod. "Of course, unless you want me to put an arrow in you, but then My father and his brothers might have a few choice words for me." He says as he moves over and removes the cloak, it';s not as up to date and tech savvy as his actual armor, but it's good enough for a spar. He takes a dulled greatsword blade from his back and gives it a few swings. "Loser buys the drinks?" he asks with a smirk.

Jarek ducks out for a few and returns in armor of his own houses' colors. His normal sword in his hands, however there is a restrictor field generated around the blade so it cannot cut things. "Sounds fair to me. I'll let you swing fist, show of good faith… in the Six."

Kaedin chuckles. "Funny thing about gods, they have a very wicked and sharp sense of humor. I'd think they would want youy to put your faith in your abilities, and use those abilities to their ends, whatever those might ultimiately be." he says as he steps forward with an attack.

Jarek smirks at Kaedin, "Best becareful Kaedin, the Knight might gift your opponent over you. Having faith in the Six, is not blinding, just relaxing and reassuring." All said as he brings his blade to meet Kaedins mid strike. He slips his own blade is a whipping motion at Kaedin's chest.

Kaedin chuckles as he parries the blade with a strong hit to Jarek's sword. "Tell me, would you relax on the battlefield? leave me an open?" he says as he sword comes up to strick at jarek's chest in an attempt to show his cousing how that particular counter move is done.

Jarek grins at Kaedin, as he easily just palm smacks the blade away. Two hands to his own again and Jarek is bringing it up at his stomach. "I am relaxed on the battlefield, I'm soo stressed out from being a Lieutenant off the field, that when on it, it's calming."

Kaedin smiles as the blade is 'shoved aside' and he actualy no handed cartwheels over his counsins blade, brining his own blade in for a diagonal strick at his cousin's shoulder. "Maybe I should switch to the Saimhanns then, show you how being a Lieutenant is done cousin." He says, clearly in jest.

Jarek laughs heartily, "Perhaps I need you to, clearly hopping about like a Valen on parade works for you." he also jests, having stepped to the side of the strike. His own massive blade pulling up into a chest shot at Kaedin.

Kaedin takes a hit in the chest and back up, twirling his blade as he looks back at his cousin. "I would be inclind to take that as a compliment, since the last time I saw a Valen lash out, it was against a Lord from the Cresent, and his head got quite a gash." She says with a smirk as he twirls in and feights up, only to bring his blade down twoards his cousin's chest.

Jarek knows this attack, has taught others this strike. He shakes his head slightly as he parries away and then follows through with a riposte. Well a sort of riposte, about as much as someone can do with such large weaponry. "Ah, the Nitrim thing again… Anabethe told me about it. Poor boy doesn't know to quit while he's behind."

Kaedin chuckles. "That boy is also engaged to my cousin, so many cousins… with the contacts I know, I could probibly win this war with a well fit army." he says with a smile as he twirls his blade about his body, both blocking the reposte by his cousin, and then bringing the attack around in a quick motion much like a snake attack.

Sir Agnes got a note that Sir Jarek was going to be in the Volkan barracks, and to stop by to see a spar. She steps in, wearing her usual simple breeches and tunic, her sword at her hip. She spies the pair fighting and moves towards the ring where they are squared off, to watch.

Jarek slaps away Kaedins yet again fancy sword work, "You know, you might be on to something there… a pulling together of all of us nobles as relatives." he pauses realizing something, "Anyone ever stop to consider that most of us are related? All we do is marry each other, and have kids… that are related." he doesn't know where this thought is going because, Agnes, but after a short smile her direction, he's back to throwing his sword at Kaedin in a nice arc at his shoulder.

Kaedin takes the hit and grunts. "A lady Knight walks in and you begin to get bolder, by the six you are a Saimhann… but so am I." he says as he comes back at his cousin, all his fancy foot work gone in favor of a straight forward quick attack.

Agnes chuckles as she finds a place to perch, folding her arms over her chest to watch. "Don't get fancy on my account."

Jarek smirks at Kaedin, and then flicks a grin at Agnes, "Why not? Oh, got your message about colors… my outfit is all fitted and ready to go. Pain that was, tailor always fusses over my dimensions… how'd dress shopping go?" Jarek asks, even as he shifts so that the straight attack deflects off his pauldron. He arcs his sword at Kaedin's leg now.

Kaedin chuckles as he lowers his sword to block the incomming attack. "Because your waist is growing cousin, maybe you should lay off the healthy eating." he says as he brings his sword up for an attempt at a hit to Jarek's lower chest. "So, you and Sir Agnes?"

"Don't ask," Agnes implores Jarek. "I think the trauma will be nested in my soul for months to come." She waves off Kaedin's question. "He is doing me a kindness by agreeing to escort me to tomorrow's wedding."

Jarek shakes his head with a smile, "It isn't just a kindness Agnes, you are my friend… at least I hope you are my friend, would be odd to escort my enemy to a wedding… and I am glad to get to go with you there." he returns his attention to his cousin, and though they both seem to be evenly matched, Jarek decides to do this from on high thing.

Kaedin takes the hit and grumbles slightly as he looks back at his cousin. "It may be odd, but some of our noble bretheren do it all the tim,e though some don;t realize there are enemies in their midsts until it's to late." he says as he comes back with a thrusting stab.

"You are indeed my friend, Sir Jarek. I just don't want young Sir Kaedin to misread us as something more. There is a rash of banns occurring of late." Agnes' eyes follow the sword play with a discerning gaze.

Jarek nods to Agnes, even as he side steps the stab and brings his own sword in a cross strike at Kaeduin's chest. "There is a rash indeed, and though I might not personally object to see one of us, Agnes… and you can drop the titles around me… I would rather is happen on it's own.

Kaedin smiles a the sound of a click is heard, and his greatsword splits into two single edged blades, one moves to block the incomming attack while the other moves in for a strike at his cousin's hip. "a whole rash of them, and hardly anyone is rishing for ointment."

Agnes smiles wanly at Jarek's words, well aware that an heir will marry someone far more suited to a position of power than she is. "I would much rather have a dear friend in my life, than worry about pleasing a husband."

Jarek smiles at Agnes, "I know, and as I said to Anabethe earlier, this is also that whole getting to know your friend better than you expected to part." he chuckles at this, then he hrms at Kaedin's sword. "Fancy. Almost Cindravale like… you're starting to pick up on their traditions, don't tell me you're after one too." he smirks at this though, as he blocks the strike and thrusts his blade at Kaedin.

Kaedin block the incomming attack with one blade as he goes at Jarek wit hthe other, aiming for the Young Lord's Jaw. "More of an Orelle flavour.. I doubt a Valen would try such a innovative move." He says with a smirk.

"Now boys, no need to get insulting. We're all friends here," Agnes notes with a faint grin. "And if you say anything untoward about House Peake, I will have to step in."

Jarek does something unexpected, gets hit. Only the blow is glancing and his sword is spinning for a strike at Kaedin's pretty boy face. "Watch the face, I have a house to represent, and women to try and woo." all with a grin. He flicks that grin at Agnes, "I would never say anything bad about a people who live under a rock." he teases at her, his airy tone definitely playful.

Odette hasn't seen Kaedin for a few days so the tiny knight is looking for him. Sure enough she finds him fighting. The expression on her face instantly turns to ice. She's wearing leather armor and her knives at her hips. Her arms lift to cross and she watches the spar with very little expression on her face.

Kaedin chuckles. "Or drool all over the table." He says as he ducks under the swing and brings both blades in twiards Jarek's sides. "Hello Poe, be with you in a minute." he says with a smirk.

"Jarek, remember that tomorrow we will no doubt have to dance, and I may just deliberately trod on your toes if you get uppity," Agnes quips back at the Young Lord. She gives Odette a small nod of greeting when she approaches.

Jarek puts his blade in such a way between Kaedin's twins, that they are stopped by it. He then waggles a finger and Kaedin in an 'nuh uh uh' before he reverses his grip on his blade, steps into the movement and uses his strength to force his sword at Kaedin's stomach like a edged ram. "Agnes, you trod on my toes, and I will compliment you on your attire." he playfully threatens.

Odette sees Agnes nod to her and she returns the nod more deeply. Then back up to see more of the spar. Her body is tense and she looks coiled and ready to attack but the measure of control she has holds her in place. She's just watching. Her eyes more on Kaedin than Jarek.

Kaedin that last hit hurt, quite alot, and everyone can see that it hurt… wuite alot, even to the point as when Kaedin rises he give's his cousin a good fist to the gut. "Crone on a cruch… that last one hurt." he says, thoug hthere is a smirk on his face, his sparring record is abysmal of late, even if his battle field record is flawless, well, if you have to have one over the other…

"You wouldn't dare," Agnes scoffs back at Jarek with a hint of amusement. "Should I ask what has brought you two to blows in the sparring ring?"

Odette takes a few steps forward and her jaw tightens. She doesn't yet break it up but the look in her eyes tells Kaedin all he needs to know at least. Her arms uncross and her breathing slows. Her head bows slowly as if she really will pounce on Jarek and bite the poor man.

Jarek is caught off guard by the sudden jab, but he laughs as it hits him. "Well, had to show off a little bit after all that fancy dancing you just did." he flicks a smile at Agnes, "If you slip, or trip up, I'll kiss you in front of everyone and the cameras." he winks, his smile becoming a grin to show he's toying with her. He eyes going back to his cousin, "Oh, you know… Kaedin here has something to prove, and I proved it in his stead."

Kaedin chuckles as he stands up, connecting his swords back together. "Yes, I guess fighting hostiles has made me soft for the like of you cousin… though I have grown weary of freaks trying to kill me." he says with a chuckle, he turns to Odette and tilts his head. "Don't worry, we werent going to kill eachother." he says, in good spirits considering the loss.

"Sir Kaedin seems to have something to prove often," Agnes notes pointedly with a smile. "The last time I witnessed him doing so, he wound up unconscious after challenging a rather large citizen on the Ring."

Odette turns those icy blue eyes on Kaedin. She watches him and keeps that look on him hoping to burn him in some way. However, the look turns to Jarek. Tiny, angry, knight from Ignis. The fire of her people burns inside her and the almost impossible living on the planet has hardened her like magma rock. The icy look burns on both men. Disappointed.

Jarek smirks at Kaedin, "You might spar with Sir Odette then… she seems about ready to literally bite my head off." he turns to Agnes, "We shall have to spar at some point Agnes, always nice to just relax while bashing a friend." he nods to Odette, not entirely reading her expression well.

Kaedin chuckles at Sgnes. "What I was trying to prove to him then, wasnt exactly my prowess with a blade, though, Mister Jor is a man who would rather wallow as he is now then rise up to what he can become… and I beleve the last time we were together Agnes, you were a punching bag for our mechanical friends." he says with a raised eyebrow. "Though, I think killing you is impossible, after what I witnessed." he says as he turns to Odette and frowns. "Upset? why? it's not like it was a duel with real weapons." he says. as he sighs and gives hismelf a strech before pulling off the sparring armor. "Jarek Sir Agnes, meet Sir Poe, a knight of the ash legion." He says with a bit of pride, being a close friend to an ash legion member is an honor afterall.

"I will be sure to protect you if the young Knight there decides your head indeed needs biting off, Jarek. Though she would do well not to glare so at a Knight Lieutenant," Agnes points out with a faint smile. "And yes, Sir Kaedin, I suspect I may just be unkillable, although I believe I know have a reserved room in Willowtree Hospital. Sir Poe, how fares the Knights of Ignis?"

Odette takes a few steps towards Jarek before looking at Kaedin and assessing the damage with her eyes before turning to Jarek and bowing her head to the other knight. She glares at everyone, a knight lieutenant isn't going to avoid what the royal lines hasn't avoided. The knight turns to Agnes and nods her head at the question but she doesn't speak. Perhaps she means they are well. The tiny knight turns back to Jarek and extends her toe. She lightly kicks his boot with the tip of her shoe. Her version of a friendly gauntlet throwing down.

Jarek nods to Odette, "Poe is it? Interesting." then he smiles to Agnes, "I wouldn't be surprised if you did. And I would say you are quite the hard person to kill, I saw you in battle… bear is almost an understatement with how hard you fought that day." again, he's not good a compliments. The toe to his shoe brings a quirked brow at Odette, "Another time, Sir Poe, tonight I grow weary, and I hope to spend a little time with a friend before I sluff off to the Drakholt to sleep."

Kaedin smirks. "She glares at everyone, if you are going to let her glares ruffle your feathers, I wouldent piss her oiff then." he says with a smile, though it's a truthful warning. "And while most disagree with me… I beleve she has earned the right." he says as he watches her. "Yes, I gave him quite a workout." he says with a smile as he looks to his cousin. "Worked hard, but you earned every hit… even the punch." he says with a sly smirk.

"Well, a woman of few words is not a bad thing, but when the silence is accompanied by scowls, I fear one might be misunderstood," Agnes notes. The Bear comment from Jarek gets a chuff of a laugh from her. She clasps Kaedin on the shoulder. "You did well against him."

Odette turns to stare at Agnes. Then to Kaedin. Then towards Jarek. She huffs quietly and turns away from the three of them. She comes back with a small stool and steps on it. She's still not as tall but she's not hurting her neck anymore. She crosses her arms again and tries to avoid the shame of being so small. The woman nods to Jarek letting him know the IOU is remembered. Her hand reaches for Kaedin's and she takes it, firmly.

Jarek doesn't smirk or chuckle at Odette's need for the stool. He actually respects that she's willing to acknowledge her height and work to improve her situation as needed. "You did well, but you could do better." then Odette's hand in his gets a quirk of his brow and a smile.

Kaedin looks down at the hand taking his and he smiles softly. "You know a public display will raise eyebrows, or do you not care about that anymore poe?" he asks with a smile, he of course, wouldent mind it at all if they were bethrothed, but of course, she has things like war and battle, which are good things to worry about, on her mind.

"Do I spy a love match before me?" Agnes asks with a sweet smile at the younger knights. "We need more of those in Haven."

Odette pulls him closer and puts her other hand on his stomach and chest, feeling around to see if he's really hurt. She quickly looks at Agnes and then her hands. The other woman got her to blush bright red. She pulls her hands away from Kaedin and how natural that felt. She climbs off the stool and uses it as an excuse to run away. People are staring at her and she needs to not be stared at. The first expression really hits her face, upset embarrassment.

Jarek smiles softly at the two, glancing over at Agnes "I wish it were in the cards for me… vassel heirs tend to get less than they're hoping for when it comes to marriages." he shrugs slightly, "Still, I have to deal with whatever I'm given… emotional distance is one of the first things you learn in this situation." When Odette retreats, he slides over to Kaedin, "You did better, cousin, I'd say write the letter." whispering in reference to Poe.

Kaedin sighs and looks at Agnes. "Agnes, well, I cant expect you to know she is more intorverted with her feelings, a small display of affection is, not her usual." he says with a raised brow. "Not your fault Agnes, for some reason, I forsee the blame falling on me, I am a man and it is my falling after all." he says with a shrug as he moves to find his friend, well, maybe more then friend.

"Huh. That's one odd duck of a Knight," Agnes notes as Poe and Kaedin depart. "I'm surprised someone that inwardly turned made it through squiring. But she must be tough to be Ash Legion." She looks back to Jarek. "How are you, my friend?"

Odette is sitting on the stool where she found it. The bowmen bringing her knees up to give her arms something to rest on. The Grantham is the least socially successful Grantham so far. She is panting quietly since having two people notice her got her off guard. She is supposed to be the invisible one that is in and out before anyone sees her but in the political ring, someone is always watching and she's very not used to that.

Jarek smiles at Agnes, "I'm doing well, and you?" he pauses, "You missed out on a great party, that ended with a battle of sorts… a battle of the sexes, I think the men won the fight too." he shrugs slightly.

Kaedin leans against a wall looking her over. "You're social anxioty is starting to get the better of you Poe… I'm getting worried." he says with a look of concern. "In the social arena, it's those who say little, and attempt to be unseen, that are seen the best." he overhears the conversation between jarek and Agnes and sighs. 'It was a Draw, you only think we won because Captain Bosom was drunk." He says before looking to Odette, his voice softer. "but don't worry about it here, you are amoung allies." he says as he offers her his hand with a warm smile to her.

"I'm a bit of a stick in the mud at parties, I'm afraid," Agnes says softly. "I always feel like I'm there as a chaperone. What sort of shenanigans did you get up to?"

Odette looks up and up and up at Kaedin. She can glare down a horde of Hostiles but damned if she can't have one conversation with someone she doesn't know that's a non-hostile. She reaches her hand up and takes his own, standing. She curls into his side, putting her forehead against his ribs and pulling his hand and her own, behind her back

Jarek glances over at the other two, and awws softly, before smirking at Kaedin's words. "Yes, well Captain Bosom did die twice if I remember correctly… so I suppose I can forgive his mistaken claim to victory." he turns back to Agnes, "Ellinor's bachelorette party crashed Niko's bachelor party, and a waterballoon, silly string, and whip cream fight ensued with the usual chaos that a group of over paid and under sexed young nobles usually finds themselves in." he deadpans.

Kaedin walks over with Poe now curled against him, shooting a glace to the other two that if they make one snarky remark… there will be trouble… most likely a repeat of the fiasco last night. "I was there to support Lord Niko, and make sure Cedric made it home in one peice." he says, with a sagely nod.

Odette stays against Kaedin and keeps her head level but it looks like she's looking down to giants, but she's not…she's just not looking up. She stays against Kaedin and keeps his hand in her own and huffs quietly. She doesn't know about this party but with her not looking up no one can see the expression on her face.

"Should I ask who Captain Bosom is, and how he earned such a moniker?" Agnes says with a chuckle. She moves to take a seat on a bench, hopefully reducing Odette's height discomfort.

Jarek takes a seat next to Agnes, "Cedric, he was self appointed Captain Bosom, when he was gifted the Brassiere of Powah by one of the twins from the show." also given deadpan matter of fact. "I also happen to be a bit of a mudstick at parties… especially one where most of the attendants are already paired off, and they chaos is nothing more than lead in to thier trists."

Kaedin chuckles. "They are all kids, sides, I got to spray people with silly string, AND see a scrap that was pretty nice." he says with a nod. "Though, spraying Anabethe with whipped cream was funny, nice one Jarek.' he says with a respectful nod to his cousin. "Uncle farPhax would have been.. well, proud wasn't the word, but he would have made a crude ice cream joke at the very least."

Odette lifts her eyes up to Kaedin in a /You went to one of those?/ Then she looks back down now having dark thoughts of things her Kaedin did or saw. She tries to put on a face that says she doesn't care but it's in her eyes. She keeps her eyes down.

"I think I'm doubly glad not to have attended, then," Agnes says with a grin. "That sounds like it was rather wet and sticky."

Jarek nods to Agnes, "It was indeed… I have bioflurescent pinks, yellows, blues, and greens all over me… took a while to scrub off too." he smiles at Agnes, "At least the bride and groom had some fun, of both kinds." with a telling wink. "Tomorrow is going to be a specatacular event."

Kaedin nods and remebers. "Poe, will you acccompany me to the Wedding tomorrow?" he says with a tilt of his head. "I don;t have anyone to escort me there, and I couldent think of anyone else I would want to."

Odette doesn't know what's happening tomorrow nor has she been invited so the woman stays quiet. She doesn't go to parties usually since that would require a dress and then Kaedin asks. She slowly looks up to him and the panic reads in her yes. "Of course." She speaks ever so softly just before her eyes roll up into her head and she goes limp at his side. Dresses and weddings too much for the socially awkward tiny knight.

"I fully imagine it shall be, Jarek. We are talking about a wedding of a member of the extended royal family, and a Cindravale. I think lavish will be the least of its descriptors," Agnes notes.

Jarek smirks at Agnes, "You are right, so I was wondering if I might get a tour of the mountain before we go to the wedding tomorrow. I've never been there after all." he glances at Kaedin and then Odette with a softer smirk, "Poor thing is love drunk."

Kaedin rolls his eyes at his cousin. "She isn't the only one Jarek." he says as he moves to take Poe into his arms. "Cousin, Sir Agnes, I'lll take my leave, be safe." he says as he turns to walk out.

Odette seems to feel safe enough in Kaedin's arms to not bite him in her sleep. A habit she picked up while growing up. She's breathing calmly and doesn't seem to be aware of anything. She did faint after all.

"Fare well, both of you. Hope to see you at the wedding feast," Agnes says after the two younger knights. She sighs a little at Jarek. "Young love. I think I may be glad I missed out on that."

Jarek hms at Agnes, "I feel it was worth it, actually. Having fallen for someone, and then having to deal with pain when it ended… it grows you up emotionally. Makes life realistic, and gives you a sense of what you really want from life." he shrugs slightly, "Surprisingly, I'm not the sappy type." he smiles at her.

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