09.07.3013: Sweeping Lady Elodie
Summary: After the volunteers have been met and attended to, Elodie finally gets some food and is joined by Eiris before going to bed.
Date: 5 September
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Mountain Pass The Spine, Imperius
High up in the mountains, the air gets thin and the views get spectacular. The forested plains stretch out below like the Gods' own carpet, and a narrow track winds its way along the shoulder of the mountain toward the entrance to Khar-Mordune. These gates are heavy, hewn from solid stone and inlaid with electrofilaments mimicking arcane runes. That track may not really be necessary for moving masses of people or materiel down into Khar-Mordune, but it is there for those who prefer to take the long way around. One side of the path falls away precipitously to a narrow canyon far below, while the other rises sharply up the face of the mountain. The path winds behind a waterfall just out of sight of the gates, and then down toward the forest far below.
7 September, 3013 (or maybe extremely early 8 September 3013 by this time)

Once the wounded have all been stabilized and fed and taken care of, Elodie finally steps to the fire to see if there is anything left in the pot. Her braid hangs over her shoulder, and disheveled strands frame her face, a face that now shows her weariness. Once the last patient was reassured and the need to keep up someone else's spirits and confidence had passed, she let her expression fall, although her posture is still as lady like as ever.

Having spent time with Chiron, getting him food, a bed and offering conversation, Eiris finally slipped away and now has come to the central fire as well. Not as worn out as the Lady Doctor, she is stepping into the illuminated area with a bit more pep, though she begins to slow upon noticing Elodie and the expression she bears. "El," she greets softly, offering a warm smile before she draws closer to the other woman. "How are you holding up?" The Rovehn gives her a critical eye.

Helping herself to some of the stew in the pot, Elodie sits back against a log with her bowl. For the moment, she just cradles it in her hands, her spoon sticking out from between her fingers. "Tired," she admits, which may be an understatement, though she does muster a bright enough smile for her friend. "But relieved. It could have been much worse, and Sir Jarek was the touch and go one, but I'm confident he'll make it, now."

"They were all roughed up, El, but you did amazingly well. I wish I had an ounce of your skill, I sort of felt like the extra body that was not needed." Eiris offers another smile and moves to take a seat near the fire and her friend alike, settling to the ground with a sigh. "You know, you should eat and get some rest right away. We have a long trek back too…it won't be easy with the burden we have to take."

Elodie gives a smile to Eiris as she shifts the bowl to one hand and gives a twirl to the spoon so she's holding it properly for a bite. "Thank you, Ris. You did well, yourself. You'll get used to it." She spoons up a mouthful, closing her eyes in bliss (funny how the small things can bring such pleasure when one is exhausted). "It took me about a year before I didn't feel like a hinderance on the teams. Even when you've had the training, there's just a certain… efficiency that those who've been doing it for years move with that makes you feel all thumbs sometimes."

"Yes well, you had actual tutelage, there is a reason you are called /Doctor/, El. I just don't think I am going to measure up to that when all is said and done. I am quite alright with this though if all truth be told." Her smile remains warm, friendly and she drags a leg towards her chest, leaning into it before her gaze slips over to the other woman. "Well, really, these people have you to thank for their lives. Its amazing they even made it this far without more help."

Elodie chuckles. "I didn't have as much tutelage when I joined the Search and Rescue teams on Niveus. I was sixteen, and although I knew it was dangerous work, I didin't /know/ what it was like." She continues to work slowly on her stew, her legs drawing up so she can rest the bowl on her knees instead of making her arm bear the burden all on its own. "The only way you won't measure up is if you try to compare yourself to others. We never measure up to another person, because everyone is different, and we'll always find someone who's better."

"I meant skill level wise, El, but thanks," Eiris does however consider her words, "I can't imagine attempting to understand complicated procedures or even attempting to help with them at that age. It still bothers me now…I worry what I could do wrong." A shrug of her shoulders and she sighs before artfully changing the subject, "You miss him, don't you? Looking forward to the return?"

"I started with basic emergency procedures, like the ones I'm teaching you. I didn't try to understand surgery or things like that until I went to Academ." Another bite of the stew, and then a warm smile spreads slowly on her lips. "I do." she admits. "I wonder how he and Douley are doing, and if he's thinking about me as much as I'm thinking about him." She looks up, and a mischievous grin lights in her eyes as well as her lips. "And looking forward to him keeping his end of the bargain when I return. It was kind of Sir Kassandra to make keeping the part pertaining to her so easy."

A laugh escapes Eiris and then she sighs, "Oh El, I am certain Sir Kassandra would have been the last one standing, she is quite stubborn, so I have seen." There is a lingering humor in her eyes, "I am certain he is. Why would he not? The two of you have gotten on rather well considering." Her smile warms, "You are joining the Crindravale house, are you not?"

That warm smile returns and Elodie's gaze returns to the fire, seeing something other than the flames. "We have. I think maybe we have personalities that are so compatible that it would be almost impossible for us to not fall in love once we were thrown together," she considers this idea as she chews another bite of stew. "And I will be joining the Cindravale, house, yes. I will be Cindravale nee Iah when the day comes."

"The Vale is gaining a great woman, the Iah should be mourning their loss. I trust you enjoy the Vale? Otherwise the change could be rough, even if you are happy. But trust me, I am certain more than one of us will be glad to help you acclimate." Watching Elodie a moment, Eiris lets her gaze slip to the flames, lapsing into silence.

Elodie's eyes widen at Eiris's compliments, and her cheeks tinge with a red that isn't just a reflection of the fire's glow. She swallows carefully to not add choking on her stew to her embarrassment. "Thank you, Eiris… I do like the Vale. It is hard not to find some beauty or something to enjoy in most any place, and the Vale is one of the most agreeable places."

There is a proud smile at that, "Good, I agree," she says easily enough, her head turning to look back over her shoulder at the other woman. The blush causes Eiris to laugh, "Oh no, not you too…between that squire Chiron and the Lord Sir Solon I thought I was done making people blush for a life time." Pushing herself up, she moves closer and leans down to kiss El's cheek lightly as her hand touches her shoulder and gives it a squeeze. "You should not color so easily at truth, you should accept it."

Elodie leans her shoulder into Eiris a little as the woman offers her encouragement. "My family just… isn't that demonstrative with compliments and praise. And it's sometimes met with disapproval if I 'do it up too much', so to speak." She grins over to Ris. "I guess it's as Sammel said, 'welcome to a whole new world'."

With the warm response, Eiris finds a seat beside her friend and lets her hand fall away, giving an enthusiastic nod, "Quite, a whole new world. One that is glad to have you, I am certain. El, I don't see you being anything but happy, but let us get you home to your betrothed as soon as possibly, which means finishing your food and then resting, because if you don't I will have to tell Sammel you were must disagreeable"

The bowl is slowly emptied, but Elodie gives a grin to her friend. "You wouldn't do such a thing!" she replies with mock horror. Her legs slowly stretch out in front of her, the empty bowl cradle in her lap for now. "I hope I will get on well, and be useful. I've never been sure what made Lord Sir Alexandros propose the match, so I hope that I don't give him cause to regret the idea." She smiles, and leans her head on Ris's shoulder. "I'm almost too tired to get up and go to my bed," she admits.

"Try me," Eiris threatens, eye glinting as she turns her head to look at her friend. "I would say you have nothing to worry about as to the reason for the match. Let it be and enjoy the measure of happiness afforded to you." Her head tilts, resting her cheek against Elodie's head lightly. "Well I could carry you, be good preparation for Sammel…always go for the backend if you get a chance and are conscious, just sweep your hand down while he's got you all cradled close."

Elodie shifts her head on Eiris's shoulder to look up at her. "You have devious methods of getting your way with men for every situation?" she would like to know. But then she smiles, and hugs herself. "I do like it when he holds me close." That smile takes on a silly dreamy quality, and then she rouses herself, giving a playful backhand to the Rovehn's leg. "Stop it, you're turning me into a little schoolgirl fool again." Putting her other hand down on the ground, she leverages herself onto her feet, the smacking hand taking a hold of the bowl and holding it in front of her.

"Perhaps I do, perhaps. I just realize in each of us are desires and if I find someone attractive life is too short not to let them know. Besides, I would certainly want to know if someone found me attractive," Eiris teases and then grins as Elodie drifts in though, smiling in return until she gets swatted. "Hey!" she jumps, nearly unsettling the Iah who is already in the process of pulling herself up. Eiris rises, puffing out her chest and throwing her shoulders back to stride proudly after Elodie, "Come here, I shall make you giggle." She affects as manly a voice as she can mustter. "For I am Sammel Cindravale and I wish to sweep you off your feet!"

Halfway to the dishwashing station, Elodie turns and looks backwards to Eiris striding after her. She half bends over laughing, her hands and the bowl resting on her knees once more, to hold her up. "Shhhhh…" she admonishes in between giggles. "People need to sleep!" She's still giggling as she stumbles over to the washbasin and cleans her bowl, placing it with the others.

"How dare you deny me, my Lady Elodie," still that manly voice an Eiris stalks after her, waiting until the bowl is set aside before she attempts to reach out and lift her, grunting. "My Lady, how much weight you have put on…." She strains, deliberately so - if she is able to get ahold of the other woman.

Elodie gives a little squeak as Eiris tries to lift her up, and she squirms, swatting the woman's hands while still giggling. "My Lord! How you insult me! Is this how you- show- your love.." the last two words are swallowed in giggles as she tries to get away to go to her own sleeping bag.

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