04.02.3013: Sun Salutations
Summary: Canis and Ines have some small talk in the morning.
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Canis Ines 

The Lagoon
A tropical lagoon in front of the House of the Albatross blade school
2 April, 3013

With her paddle board facing east, Ines greets the sun with a series of yoga poses referred to as “Sun Salutations” when it rises over the eastern horizon. It is a informal ritual that takes place each morning, and she’s been joined by her children, except for the toddler who plays in the sand under the watchful eye of a nanny. Over time, some of the other students of the school and visitors for private lessons have joined in, and the lagoon is dotted with people on paddle boards.
Although a couple may wobble, there are no splashes heard from the small group as they move from one pose to another.

It’s a great day in Honor’s Keep and at least for the moment not a training day for the young man who approaches. Canis Ligonier moves towards the group lightly until he nods towards the nanny first approaching the toddler “What are you building there pal?” he asks a smile breaking his face at the young child though he’ll look towards the boat to see if he’s seen waving “Good Morning sis and crew.” he calls out otherwise

Nigel looks up, and holds out a handful of wet sand. Seems at the moment he’s building a hill beside a hole that he leans forward, almost falling in, to pick up another handful that runs down his arm as he lifts it up towards Canis.
As yoga is a practice of inner focus, those on the paddle boards don’t respond to the greeting. After the sun has fully risen, they glide into the beach, and Ines walks over with a smile to flop down next to brother and son.
“Good morning, Canis. When are you going to join us?”

Canis accepts the wet sand of course and helps pat it down ontop of the hill making it stronger as he goes. He turns his body to her as she approaches “I mean to really I do but always seem to be busy or out of the house when practice is.” he says and truly this isnt on purpose “How did it go I only saw the very end?” he asks

Ines chuckles. “It’s yoga, if no one falls in, it’s a good morning,” she replies with a grin as she watches Nigel reach down into his little well again. “Everyone does everything to their own ability. Yoga is your own thing.” She traces her fingers in the wet sand around the toddler’s digging, creating random swirls and lines.

The young man brushes his hands off again after messing with the wet sand a bit “So I can say that I did my yoga when I worked out this morning?” Canis asks with a grin towards the other knowing it doesnt quite work that way. “How are you doing Ines?” he asks after a moment a bit more seriously as he’s been traveling about and trying to help the war effort “Anything I can help with?”

Picking up a small glob of wet sand, Ines lobs it over to land on Canis’s foot in answer to his question of yoga. The first question tugs her gaze up from the sand and to the horizon. “I’m waking up each day,” she says quietly. And that is all she says on the subject, her gaze quiet but she can’t hide the bleak emptiness behind her eyes. There’s a long moment of silence before she blinks, shakes her head once and returns her attention to the miniscule hands playing in the sand. “Nothing, really. There is a rather irksome older student, a knight, but other than that, the school is going well. Oh, there is…” her eyes go over to where the older children are splashing in the lagoon in an after class romp/swim. “Marie wants to squire out. I’d like to find her a good noble knight somewhere, if I can. You’re traveling more than I am, perhaps if you meet someone who seems like they would be a good influence on Marie?” She pulls her gaze back to her brother, raising her eyebrows hopefully.

The young man chuckles as he’s hit by the sand though it fades as he looks and listens further to his sister nodding lightly at her answer. She doesn’t need to say much more he understands and won’t press further. “I will of course.”

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