09.11.3013: Stumbling Through the Woods
Summary: Chiron takes a walk outside Khar-Mordune, now that he's feeling a little better. Eiris joins him.
Date: 09 September, 2013
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Chiron Eiris 

Just outside of Khar-Mordune in the woods somewhere.
11, September 3013

Camp is made again and finally in Khar-Mordune, but those still not suited for the rest of their travels home, remain. Eiris and those willing to remain with have set to making food for the group once more as supplies have been brought in and better care. Tends have beem erected so there is little need to try to fit around one small space. Walking through the camp near dusk, she is busy getting water to and from patience and checking in with the medics. Blonde hair is pulled back in a hasty bun that is near to follow out, one she scratches at near continuously. A sigh escapes her, letting her hand fall to her side as the last pail is lugged, slowly, back towards the main camp where she abandons it. Placing her hands to the small of her back, she stretches, arching herself in a way to make her spine pop and realign.

Having been forced to do almost nothing and move as little as possible Chiron decides that it's time to get up and walk around. He grabs a blanket from his tent and drapes it around his shoulders, clean bandages wrapped around his entire chest and a pair of loose, light blue medical pants complete the look. He moves slowly, trying to take things easy for the time being. He spots Eiris popping her back and grins, shuffling over towards her. "you're still here? I figured you would have had enough of this place and headed back to the Vale by now." He teases, but seems genuinely pleased to see her again.

A soft laugh escapes her and Eiris smirks some, shaking her head, "No, you see, I was given a promise. This promise encompasses pies. How could I say no? I just have to stick it out a few more days, apparently. I can prove myself strong enough," she admits and then lets her hands fall back to her side, giving him a look over. "Besides, I made a promise. Now how are you doing today? Seem much better if you want my opinion, which I am sure you always do." Her smile quirks up on one side and she adjusts, turning to face him fully.

"Lots of promises have been made this trip it seems. I believe I've witnessed about five…" Chiron says sarcastically, wrapping the blanket around him even tighter. Summer was clearly coming to an end. "You're right, actually. I've considered consulting you before I did anything, but I figured that might get a little difficult in combat. But, thanks all the same." He smiles. "What's for dinner tonight?"

A soft chuckle escapes her and Eiris watches him, giving a shake of her head, "I am not sure, apparently they think they can do better without me, but probably stew again, sorry," she apologizes for something she really has no control over. "I don't know if they have even started it, but if you needed to go for a walk," She makes a motion, as if to say she is willing to join him. "You are well enough, yes?" There is a moments concern for him.

"I'm sure it won't be as good today, then." He says, it's not quite clear if he meant it because of eating it again, or if it's because Eiris isn't making it. He notices her concern before nodding. "I think I am well enough, yes. Would you like to join me?" He asks, motioning to a path that leads out of the camp.

"Since you asked so nicely, I think I might be able to," Eiris teases, glancing back over her shoulder briefly towards the main portion of the camp before scrubbing stray locks of hair from her face back behind her ear. "After you," she motions grandly but falls into step moments after him, making sure to able to keep him in view enough to help catch him should her waver on his feet. The Rovehn then intones, "I have to admit that it will be a little odd to see you back, I think I have gotten use to being out here."

Chiron grins at the woman's tease as he begins walking. He takes it slow and takes each step with great care, as a slip could undo all of the healing he has made and quite possibly cause even greater harm then before. He turns his attention over to her as he says, "Growing attached to the Arboren woods, are you?" He says, a smile beginning to grow on his lips. "Lionel and Kassandra detest the forest, quite heartily. They were very vocal about it, too. What about it do you like?"

"I suppose you could say that," Eiris says, hand reaching out at one point to touch his arm, hovering to steady him as the walk is not exactly the easiest to take. "I am not surprised, I think perhaps if you get the chance to visit the Vale, you may well understand their frustrations," there is a curling smile that leads to a slow exhale, "Must I give away my secrets?" A glance is given over to him and she grins. "Well, I enjoy the scents, it is a little damp, but the way the light filters through the trees during the day is rather hypnotizing. I am certain there is more that I have grown attached to but I can not quite say exactly."

"Their problem was more that they were out in the wilderness. While they complained about all the trees, I'm sure if they were in the same predicament in the Vale that they would have similar complaints." Chiron says as he continues his walk, quietly thinking the Six that none of his wounds really impacted his mobility. "Ah! So you have secrets…" He teases, attempting to sound accusative. "The trees here truly are amazing. I think I could make a strong argument for the Spine having some of the best sunsets."

"I think you are just enjoying life after a near death experience," Eiris teases back and then her green eyes flash, "I have several secrets, Chiron. I wonder if you will figure them out or could even guess at them," she goads him lightly but then looks ahead along their path. "We likely should not linger too far from camp, what with your injuries…and I seem to have forgotten my bow in my excitement to wander off with you - must have slipped my mind." White teeth flash and she turns to face him, walking backwards, "Just think, in a few days you will be home, rested, well and sharing pie and then I will be back in the Vale. I don't tend to ever leave without good reason."

"It is good to be alive, I can agree with that." Chiron laughs, stopping to face the direction of camp. "You're probably right. Imagine if we ran into a wild beast? I would be eaten for sure. Besides, every step I take away from camp is another step I need to make." He says, re-positioning the blanket and looking down at the bandages, picking at a loose string. "You don't tend to leave the Vale for good reason, or you don't tend to leave me?" He asks.

The way her statement could be taken is glossed over briefly, stepping closer to him as she shows some worry, "Are you wearing yourself out? We could head back, Chiron. If you wish." Her smile remains, studying him before she rolls her shoulders back and lets out a long breath, "I don't often leave the Vale…but I will find it hard to leave you. Besides, you have offered me pie and it would be poor of me to forgo this and turn my back on the promise I made." She turns her admittance into a joke, as if covering it up with a quick bit of mirth.

"I don't quite want to head back yet, but I also do not wish to continue walking." Chiron says as he makes his way off the path some to sit on a fallen tree trunk. He motions for her to sit next to him as he continues. "Perhaps we should come up with an arrangement then? I come visit you in the Vale, if you come visit me here in Arboren? I admit I find the idea of parting with you a difficult one as well."

"I could stubbornly tell you that you should have been born a Valen, what with your love of horses and all," Eiris insists, hesitating before she moves to take up a seat with him, slowly lowering to sit next to him. "Perhaps we could, though I would guess you owe me a month for all my tender loving care and also the visit I will make upon seeing you home," she teases him, reaching her hand back to undo her hair from the loose bun, scratching her fingers against her scalp. "THe ways make it easy though, we can lament all we want but it could be worse."

"I've thought the same thing, actually. Though I admit that my love for the trees and this home is rooted rather deeply as well. All in all, I think it's a good fit for me." Chiron says, taking one hand and stroking his chin thoughtfully. "You're already getting paid for the visit with pie, but I imagine you could make an argument for the tender loving care." He says, giving her a wink. "I could come visit, but I am still squiring, so I wouldn't be able to visit for longer then a day at most for a while."

"Visiting is all on your, Chiron, but I think seeing the Vale could change your all too stubborn mind," Eiris intones, leaning into her legs before passing her hands through her hair. "I will remember to make an argument for the tender loving care, I take it that you have enjoyed it at the very least, I promise next time that it will be someone else's cooking," she muses and then considers, "Well, while you are injured you could take an extended stay…" This she lets linger.

"It might, but it would take quite a bit of convincing." Chiron smiles, enjoying the conversation. "I have rather enjoyed your tender loving care, actually. your cooking wasn't /that/ bad." He says, lightly nudging her with his shoulder. "An extended stay? My… I don't know about that. The offer is tempting, but I imagine my family might make a fuss."

Laughing, Eiris shakes her head, "I would hate to rouse your family, the wrath coming down upon my head." She touches her hand to her chest and then smirks over at him. Nudging her shoulder to his, its sort of a moment of youthful flirting that causes her to cough and sit upright, smoothing her palms to her thighs. "I suppose I will just have to make the time to come see you to ensure good relations between all."

"My family can be rather scary, should they have cause to be angered." Chiron murmurs. The statement was said in jest, but he's not completely joking either. He rests his head on her shoulder before continuing. "I can totally come visit you at the Vale, I just don't think that an extended stay right this minute would be well received. I would like to come see the Vale at some point, I've heard it's quite majestic."

"My family can be rather scary, should they have cause to be angered." Chiron murmurs. The statement was said in jest, but he's not completely joking either. He rests his head on her shoulder before continuing. "I can totally come visit you at the Vale, I just don't think that an extended stay right this minute would be well received. I would like to come see the Vale at some point, I've heard it's quite majestic."

His head on her shoulder causes her to still and Eiris blinks, drawing a breath before she looks down at him and then nods her head, trying not to jostle him. Her voice pitches lower, "Family can be intimidating, I have no doubt, but scary?" She doesn't sound like she believes it. "I think you would enjoy yourself at the Vale, in all honest, but I am certain you will see it," the Rovehn promises softly, her gaze looking down to her hands as she spreads them.

Chiron says, "Lets put it this way; I once ate a chocolate bar that belonged to my sister. This set off a chain of events that lasted for several months, and ended with our parents writing up an 'official' peace treaty." he sounds serious amidst the absurdity of the story. "Most times it's not directed at each other. We're fiercely loyal and protective of each other." He sighs, looking over at Eiris's spread hands. He moves one of his hands beside hers, mimicking it's position as if he was comparing them. "I am sure I would enjoy myself at the Vale. The only place I've truely detested is Oculus, and that's because it's cold there. Oh, and my sister about died there too…"

"A peace treaty…" Eiris sounds as if she has a hard time believing it save a soft chuckle that stirs him at her shoulder. The sound carries faintly and then she nods, holding her hand still as he places his next to her's. Swallowing again, her cheek briefly brushes the top of his head and then hesitates, brows furrowing at the last, "I am sorry…" Still registering all that has happened, she bites her lip and lowers her hand finally, resting it back on her thigh. "We should look at getting you back soon, the food is likely somewhere near done."

"There's no need for you to apologize, Eiris. You didn't almost kill my sister." He says, assuming Eiris was referring to his sister's misfortunes. He lifts his head back up and slowly stands himself up, extending his hand out, offering to help her up. "We should probably get back, yeah. I imagine that Lady Elodie would freak if she caught me out this far." He laughs. "Besides, who wants to miss a meal?"

Looking to his hand, she takes it, rising to her feet without pulling upon him, giving only a little of her weight to the action. Coming up to stand near face to face with him, she tilts her head, giving him a dashing smile, "Elodie will flay me as well, come.." She steps around him, tries to rather as her hand releases his in attempt to get back to the trail.

Chiron gives her hand a light squeeze and a smile before she heads back to the trail. "I'd rather not see you flayed-Ah!" He begins to say as he accidentally trips over a rock. He manages to catch himself before falling, but should she turn to look at him he looks rather terrified for a split second.

Turning about at the sound of his shocked voice, Eiris is not there to help right away but long strides bring her to his side and her hand goes to his arm to grasp him. "Chiron?" Eyes scan him then, her humor all gone as she takes a moment to ascertain the squire is indeed in one piece. "What happened? Are you okay?" She asks, her voice pitched lower a an end result of her concern.

"I'm alright, don't worry." He gives her a grin to communicate that everything is ok, but it's clear that he was terrified for a second. "I just tripped on this rock, clumsy me." Nervously he laughs, walking more carefully this time to the trail. "Perhaps we should stick to the more well-walked paths for now."

Eiris does not relent, stubborn as she is, "Chiron, please, be careful, take my hand." Because like hell if he's going to be tripping again. Her hand reaches out, seizing his own to fall into careful step at his side. "Lean into me if you need to and please, watch where you are putting your feet." Finally some relief from the heavy gaze she gives him, one that lingers as her brows furrow. "Besides, what would I tell Elodie if I brought you back broken? She would ask what I did to you to rough you up so badly."

Chiron does indeed take Eiris's hand as he gives her a nervous laugh. "I'll be careful, I promise. That uh… wasn't the most pleasant experience ever." He tries to deflect some of his terror into humor as he begins walking, looking down at the ground for now. Watching each step. He gives her a roguish smile as he replies to her last inquiry. "I imagine you could come up with a few creative things." He laughs.

"I could name a few, Chiron. But let us keep me from having to make up the excuse that I jumped you, though she might believe that," Eiris laughs to herself and then shakes her head. Her fingers curl tightly around his. "But I am not going to let you damage yourself due to rocks or roots or anything else hazardous to your ability to walk." She tells him, giving him a glance before she smiles and lets out a long sigh. "I have no shame, Chiron, I could come up with a lot of excuses." A wink is given.

Chiron blushes slightly, but does his best to not seem affected by her boldness. "Is that so? Has Lady Elodie commented to you about the time we've been spending together?" He asks, sounding genuinely curious. "You must have a very good imagination then, to come up with so many excuses." He gives her a wink back.

Clearing her throat, Eiris gives a shake of her head, "Lady Elodie is rather…elegant when it comes to handling others' privacy, even mine." The Rovehn dips her head, glancing to their hands and then smiles. "I am sure others have noticed, but who cares what they think. I find that when someone has to pay too much attention to what I do they have nothing better in their lives than to concern themselves with mine. I pity them," she admits and glances over to him, noticing the blush. As if feeding off his discomfort, she leans over, giving a tug on his hand to bring him along side and brush her lips to his cheek.

The kiss to his cheek causes him to blush even more. He grins stupidly, looking up at Eiris. There seems to be some inner turmoil in his eyes as he does his best to make a quick decision. He stops suddenly, softly pulling her to him, he stares into her eyes momentarily before moving his lips to hers, kissing her if she allows.

Triumphantly she grins, lifting her chin as she looks back down the path, as if to prepare them for any incoming pitfalls - so to speak. She feels the tug on her arm and the pull inwards and for a moment she thinks the worst her other hand coming up to grasp at him as she turns to see if he's having trouble. This brings her face to face and within a span of what seems like minutes, the second his lips touch her's she tenses. Muscles coil but then relax, the Rovehn exhaling in a rush as her breath fans out over his lips and her free hand grasps at his upper arm to keep them steady - or perhaps herself. Nose brushes his and she returns the kiss, a soft pressure as green eyes slide shut.

Chiron closes his eyes and moves his free hand to the Rovehn's back, pulling her closer to him. He doesn't notice the blanket he had draped around him slowly slide off of his shoulders as he kisses her, leaving only the bandaging that covers most of his upper body to cover him. When he breaks the kiss it seemed like minutes had passed. His cheeks are very flushed and he gives her another silly grin.

Nestled in close, Eiris catches her breath as he draws his lips away and lets out a slow exhale to follow, eyes opening to look at him. Searching his face, she can not help but smile in return. "Red is your color…" She teases him, though for all the life of her, Eiris is slightly colored as well. Bold. She is just that, leaning in to press her lips to his once more in a chaste kiss before her hand cups his jaw, fingers feathering along his neck in response. "You lost your blanket…let me get that for you." She starts to pull away, reluctantly to retrieve his lost garment.

Chiron kisses her back and looks over to the blanket that's laying down on the ground. He lifts his neck slightly as her fingers brush against him. He lets out a soft chuckle and replies. "It is when you're around, anyway." He doesn't move as she gets the blanket, the fear of tripping still lingering in his mind.

Gathering the cloth up, Eiris slowly slips it around his shoulders, careful with it so as not to bump or jostle him. "You must be feeling better, you were quite assertive…" Not that she sounds like she is complaining. Green eyes study his and the Rovehn errs on the side of prudence, but keeps his hand. "Come, let us get you something to eat to help keep that red in your cheeks." Her voice has softened, her smile growing faintly before she guides him carefully back to the camp.

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