06.29.3013: Stubborn Love
Summary: Jeremy looks in on Lionel after the Rovehn mission. Both are stubborn, but also stubborn about each other.
Date: 29 June 2012
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Jeremy Lionel 

Hospital, Phylon
A hospital room in the hospital of Phylon. It is probably very shiny.
June 29, 3013

Jeremy heard about the patrols being sent out, but that was normal enough not to draw the Arborenin knight across Imperius, but when he heard that there was a small battle, and casualties, and that Lionel was one of them, that was enough to bring him from the Woods of his home. And so he waits in the hospital room set aside for the other knight, knowing that there's nothing that he can do while the doctors actually do their magic on his husband. Instead, he sits in a chair in the corner of the room, quiet, outwardly calm, simply waiting.

Lionel was not the worst of the injured to be hauled through the Ways of Upston — the closest waygate to the Hostile camp — but he still was a person of concern according to the Phylon doctors. They had explained the wounds to his chest and abdomen, explaining the extent of the damage, and asking that Jeremy be patient while they worked on stopping the bleeding and closed off the most concerning of the wounds. It took only an hour at most for them to patch, stitch, and bandage his wounds, and then he's being hovered in, in a chair by a rather lovely brunette that Lie is doing what he does best with. The woman blushes softly at the Mane's warm words, and it causes Lionel to flash her a broad smile. When he looks over and spots Jeremy waiting for him, his smile turns soft and he reaches up to pat the nurse's hand. "You're a sweetheart," he tells her before she murmurs something in reply and starts to step out to see to the next patient coming out of intensive care. Lie looks after her briefly, but it is only to shake his head before he glances over to Jere. "I'm okay," he starts to reassure him.

Jeremy looks over at the door when it opens, although he doesn't rise to his feet immediately, remaining seated in the chair. He nods to the nurse, then finally stands as she moves to exit the room, leaving his sheathed sword and cased bow alongside the chair. "I know." The words are simple, without complaint, although concern still shines strongly through his clear blue-gray gaze. "I checked with the doctors." The ranger steps over to the horseman in the hoverchair, leaning down to press their foreheads together for a moment, the fingers of his left hand coming up to brush across the other man's scalp just behind his ear. Straightening up again, he offers out an easy smile, "Are you going to stay in the 'chair, or do you want a hand into the bed?"

Lionel closes his eyes as their foreheads touch in a familiar, affectionate gesture. He almost seems to release some tension at the mere closeness of Jeremy, allowing the other man to relieve some of his burden. At the question though, he shrugs — and immediate winces — before he shakes his head. "Bed," he says after a moment, perhaps foregoing the smartass response that was on the tip of his tongue. Pain always trumps sarcasm — or at least almost always. He reaches out to accept Jeremy's hand, taking a laborious time standing.

Jeremy accepts the burden of that tension, squaring his shoulders a bit, and offers another light smile, "Good, then I won't have to drag you there with you fighting and calling for pretty nurses the whole way." He braces himself easily, taking the hand, draping it over his shoulders, and getting his body under the other man's arm to help lift him from the torso rather than just tugging on his arm. He doesn't rush the process, moving his husband over to the bed and helping settle him down there. Once that's done, he perches up on the edge of the bed, dropping his hand to take one of Lionel's, "So. Tell me about your big adventure on the Plains."

Lionel also takes a laborious time sitting, though he manages without much complaint. He is thankful to being lying back, though, once he is, breathing out a whooshing sigh of relief. "Gods… I don't think I recall ever feeling this brutalized. Even when we had that small skirmish with the Leonnidas a few years ago, they at least felt bad about whacking me over the head." Then the Rovehn sobers. "Lady Rovehn tasked us with finding out if the Hostiles had take the fifty missing captive, and if so, rescue them. We found their encampment somewhere northwest of Northon." He grimaces a bit, and though he would rather keep light and gentle around his partner, he can't muster it. "They were killing the hostages while we assaulted the camp. By the end, we only managed to pull out twenty. Twenty of fifty."

Jeremy leans forward, puffing up the pillow under Lionel's head, then straightening up again. "None of them felt about whacking you over the head, Lie. They all saw you flirting with that knight's son." His amusement fades at the description that follows, and he purses his lips together, breathing in and out slowly before he finally says, "Twenty is better than none. I do wish you had come out to the Woods with me." Because he's not going to start up with the 'I don't like sitting at your bedside' speech.

Lionel tolerates Jeremy's need to puff his pillows, though he does offer up a scoff. "Or that they saw me flirting with his sister," he mutters a bit, though he does cast a grin up toward Jere. It does not last all that much longer before he breathes out a heavy sigh, leaning his head back into the pillow. He closes his eyes a moment. "Woods or Plains, I would have gone, Jeremy… you should have come with me."

Jeremy nods at Lionel's correction, smiling a little wryly at the sigh and the words that follow, "Just because you want to see me trying not to fall off my horse keeping up with you is not a good reason for me to be out in the Plains." He squeezes the other man's hand, "But yes, I should have been there, shooting people off your back. Then maybe you wouldn't be laid up here in bed surrounded by nurses in white uniforms."

Lionel has raised his hand to rub at his temple, trying to fight off a headache that he can't quite decipher is a result of his wounds or an actual mental discomfort. He blinks though, dropping his hand down from his head as he looks over toward Jeremy at his agreement. It isn't that he wasn't expecting it, but… "You should come home with me, Jere," Lie says abruptly. "Arborenin doesn't need you… they have plenty of scouts and archers…" He smirks then, but the expression has an edge of aggressiveness to it. "Because I don't care about the cute — " Yes, he adds in that word. " — nurses in white uniforms."

Jeremy shakes his head slowly as the oft-repeated argument bubbles up again. He sighs softly, responding to the last point first, "I know you don't care about them. Just like you know I don't care that you tease them." His gray-blue eyes are a tumble of emotion, his brows knotting together in a frown, "The Arborenin do need me, Lie. Just like the Rovehn need you. Neither of us can leave our families behind. And I am home when I'm in Arboren, just like you're home here in the Plains."

Lionel tightens his jaw as Jeremy falls back on the same old argument for their separation. He shakes his head, breathing steadily in through his nose before he releases a slow breath through his mouth. He looks as though he might have something a bit more to say, but he decides that there is already too much ache in his muscles, in his bones. He reaches out, sliding his fingers across the back of Jeremy's head, drawing him down toward him, and their foreheads press together once more. He holds there for a moment. "If you're going to ask that I come stay in Arborenin with you for a little while, you better ask me now while I'm in a weakened state."

Jeremy nods his head at the counter frustration, smiling just a touch and squeezing his hand just a touch. He leans down over the wounded knight willingly, touching brows and then tilting his head up to press a light kiss to the other man's forehead. "I was just planning on wheeling you over there when you fell asleep. Just until you'd recovered, at least." Smiling faintly, he puts in, "But you know how sneaky we Arborenin are."

Lionel smirks. "I suspected, which is why I decided just to offer myself. It is my attempt to take the fun out of things." He then breathes out a sigh as he drops his head back into the pillow. His expression twists with a moment of pain, and he squeezes at hand as the stab of pain passes. He breathes out a slow breath through his teeth before he shakes his head. "I never liked Phylon anyway," he lies. Terribly. Even though public displays are not terribly common for these two, Lie doesn't quite view this as public. He presses a brief kiss to his lips before he chuckles a bit. "You'll need to go pick up Dax." The nine month old puppy that Lionel has been using as an emotional replacement while Jeremy has been intercontinental.

Jeremy smiles, "Yeah. You're real good at that. Don't worry, I'll let you come back when you're feeling better." He returns the kiss without complaint and with a smile. "You mean the little whiner-butt currently playing with my little sister back in Arborenin?" Sitting back on the bed, he pats the back of Lionel's hand, "How bad is it really, Lie? Is it like, fell out of the tree bad," as in, when Jere fell out of a tree and cracked a rib, "or is it Leonnida mace bad?" Those brothers and parents…

"Of course he fucking is," Lionel mutters, grunting good-naturedly as he rubs at his bandaged chest. He continues the gesture after Jeremy's questions, and he takes in a breath that only reminds him that filling his lungs is a short trip to lots of discomfort. So, he breathes out shallow. "Fell out of a tree," he lies again before he shakes his head. "Okay… fell out of tree and while on the way down get hit by a Leonnida mace." He casts his husband a weak smile before he starts to sit up a little taller, starting to move with a gesture that suggests he is starting to get out of bed.

Jeremy puts his hand on Lionel's shoulder, pressing down just a little to try and keep his husband in bed, "No. No. You're not moving yet. Once the painkillers kick in, we'll get you moving across to the Spine. But if you think I'm going to let you hurt yourself even worse, you've got another thing coming." Smiling a little crookedly, his eyes clearing up with amusement and love, he adds, "I'll ogle you in your hospital gown later, and when you're healed up, I'll take you tromping through the Woods where you can scare all the animals away."

"They're kicking in, they're kicking in," the Rovehn Knight complains as he allows himself to be pushed back. He grasps the hand that he uses to push him back, squeezing it with a kind of comfortable tightness. It isn't that Lionel didn't hear the suggestion of Jeremy and potential ogling, but he definitely does grunt. "I do not tromp… I walk with purpose and dedication, and a fuck-all to what's in my way."

Jeremy nods his head, "Including my chances of ever bagging a bunny or a deer." His laughing words are light and easy, "And I don't know what they call that in the Vale, but in Arborenin, we call that 'tromping.'" He pauses for effect, then adds, "And kind of endearing." Standing up, he leans over to help the other man sit up, "Okay, if you promise the painkillers are kicking in, I'll help you back into the chair and over to Arborenin."

"Of course it's endearing," Lionel grunts as the man helps him up, bracing an arm across his shoulders so that he can stand fully. "It's me." He breathes out a slow exhale as he starts to loosen his arm from around him, trying to stand on his own while also having Jeremy just a breath away in case he loses balance. "No chair," he says firmly. "I'm not going to have a Rovehn being hovered around. What will the rest of Phylon say?" He casts a glance toward him before he gently and affectionately scrubs the back of Jeremy's head.

Jeremy slips an arm around his husband's back, doing his best to support him. He sighs in exasperation at the insistence, shaking his head and not stepping away, "Yeah, no. I can get you a wheelchair, sure, but if you pull those stitches, I'm going to chain you to a tree." He tilts his head back into the scrub, then looks over to the bright eyes, "Besides, if you get a wheelchair, you might even talk a nurse into pushing you around, and you can look down her shirt or eye his ass when he's opening doors."

There is an honest pause from the Rovehn Knight as he considers his husband's words, then he flashes him a relaxed smile. "You just get me," he says with a boyish warmth, before he braces his hand against his head once more, and then he nods. "Get the chair." Then he will sink down into it once he is wheeled up to him.

Jeremy settles Lionel down for a moment, shrugging helplessly at the response, "I'm okay with that." He slips out to replace the hoverchair with a wheeled one, bringing it back quickly, "You were considering whether or not you wanted me to chain you to a tree weren't you?" Helping him into the chair, Jeremy moves around behind it, running one hand through Lionel's helmet hair and then pushing the chair out the door.

He tilts his head back into the Arborenin Knight's hand, closing his eyes a moment, and then he starts to chuckle. Lionel's bushy brows arch earnestly over those piercing blue eyes, and he looks over his shoulder a bit toward his husband. "It crossed my mind, and then I decided you would have left me there so I wouldn't go tromping around." He smirks a bit as he settles into his chair comfortably. He then points forward. "Ho," he commands. "Commence with the charge." He pauses after they start forward, slipping into a thoughtful silence. Only after a few comfortable moments of this does he speak again. "We should go out to the Southern Observatory… where the Arborenin Knight and his wife had gone. Maybe even follow the same route they did."

Jeremy considers his words, then nods, "Probably. I need to bring home the bacon somehow." Of course, boar is more common on the Plains…. At the call to charge, he puts a boot on the axle, tilting the wheelchair back as if it were a rearing horse as he brrps out the trumpet call to charge. Wheeling the chair out of the hospital, he considers the suggestion, "Maybe some time I don't have to protect you. I'd rather not have to fit this thing with off-road tires and start calling you 'Wheels.'"

"Whoa!" Lionel laughs out at the rearing wheelchair, but he seems to be relaxed even as it settles. He breathes out a slow breath, leaning back a bit as he rolls his hands back through his short, plain brown hair. "I meant after I healed up a bit more… I wasn't going to have you start wheeling me through the forests. That has to be worse than tromping." He smirks a bit, but only then he sobers. "Look, I'm trying… if you give me something to do in the Spine, I won't… maybe I'll have an excuse to hang around the Spine…" There is a hint of retirement in his voice.

Jeremy nods at Lionel, "Much worse than tromping." As he wheels the other man through the tiers of Phylon, "Lie…" He hesitates, then goes on, "You know I'm not trying to tie you down in the Woods, right? I'm totally okay with spending time with the Caravan sometimes too. Really." Slipping one hand onto Lionel's shoulder as they roll through the streets, he adds, "I do like the Plains."

Lionel breathes in that cool summer air as they wheel out. His partner's words does tilt his head a bit, glancing over his shoulder toward him. "Yeah… I know…" He is quiet for a few moments before he reaches up to grasp at Jeremy's hand on his shoulder, squeezing it with a tight comfort. "I just miss you," he confesses quietly. "Don't tell Dax… he's been trying really hard to make up for the empty space."

Jeremy squeezes that broad shoulder, "I miss you too, Lie. That's why I'm thinking we should spend some time here, some time in the Spine. Split our time, you know?" He goes another couple of steps, then leans down, speaking quietly, "And don't tell Dax, but I kind of miss him too." Straightening up, he continues, "I mean, he's getting so big. I almost didn't recognize him."

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