08.01.3013: Stress and Fear
Summary: Kaedin and Odette have a small spat, but resolve and share their feelings later.
Date: Aug 1st 2013
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Odette Kaedin 

Odette's apartments, Ignis — Kaedin's Apartments, The Ring
August 1st 3013: Evening.

It's been about a week since Odette was injured and Kaedin knows she went missing from the Ring about a day and a half ago. Rumor has it that she was at the hospital in Imperius and then she went to Ignis. If Kaedin searches, he'll find her in her family home alone. One of the attacks of one wave of hostiles ended up burning her place. The inside is all scorched and destroyed but since it's made from stone the walls are still standing.

For his part, Kaedin has been fighting all across cresent, and had managed to avoid injury this far, ever since his head wound. Walking into Ignis, and to the Grantham stronghold, he walks twoards Odette. "Sturdy." He comments to her, not really having any other comment to say at this point.

Odette nods slowly and turns to him. It doesn't take her long before she's moving for him. The knight leaps up, wraps her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist and holds him tightly. Something must have happened but it's clear by her silence that she doesn't want to talk about it right now.

Kaedin wraps his arms around her as she leaps to him, and he holds her there as he gives a soft, almost content sigh, just happy to hold her instead of a sword at this moment. He turns his head to look into her eyes, and she can see a slowly buiiding wearyness, it's not being tired, it's being in battle so much. he places a kiss on her lips gently.

Odette sighs quietly and kisses his lips softly. "Pace yourself. Stop finding the war. It's going to be raging for many years to come." Her hands brush over his face and down to his chest. "If you fight this hard, you will die from exhaustion. Choose your battles, love."

Kaedin smiles softly as he moves to walk through the Pit's stronghold, twoards Odette's room. "I know, it just, you start with one battle, and then another, and then another, and eventualy it just blends into a whole series of them and a week has gone by."

Odette sighs again and leans her head against his shoulder. "Stop and think before going into the next battle." He voice is serious. "I do not need my husband to die because he was too stupid to stop and breathe."

Kaedin smiles. "Kaedin not like think.. Kaedin crush metal men with sword, eat meat and have woman." he says with a smile as he looks at her, he will do what she asks, though, he wants to see her smile. Opening the door to her apartments, he walks in and closes it with his foot.

Odette lifts a brow slowly and tilts her head. "Well, Kaedin better start thinking or his wife is going to start locking him out of her bed chambers in punishment." The threat is very real but the tease in her in eyes. Still no smile though.

Kaedin smiles and sets her down, mostly so he can find a seat. "But thinking hurt Kaedin, wife think for kaedin?" He asks, still trying to joke aroumd, because there hasent been as much happy around the whole system lately.

Odette is set down and she looks up at Kaedin. Her expression less than amused. "If Kaedin doesn't learn how to think quickly, Kaedin isn't having sex cause I don't want to be hurt cause he got confused." She lightly pokes his chest and moves into her room and leaps on her bed.

Kaedin he frowns and looks at her. "Jeez, stop taking everything I say so seriously love." he says. "And stop useing sex as a punishment." He says, knowing that they shouldent be figjhting like every other bethrothed pair in the system, and unlike every other bethrothed pair, they have much more stressfull things on their plante then worrying about why they have to marry who they are suposed to marry.

Odette stands there and lifts her eyes to him. "Anything else you'd like me to stop. Better yet, lay out all the rules your wife has so I may never upset my lord." She almost hisses at him and kicks her door closed. Yeah she's upset now.

Kaedin blinks… well that escalated quickly. he guives a shrug and turns to head off. he isn't going to deal with her if she is going to explode at him, and he deffinately isn't going to be baited into an arguement just because he made a request… maybe if he said please…

Odette is dealing with a crippled cousin who feels like he's lost it all, her own self consciousness, the many changes that happen with an engagement and marriage, she's become bridezilla in her own frustration.

Kaedin is dealing with constant war, his own cousin who shouldn't be in battle going into battle, a harping on him mother, and NOD a pissed off bethrothed. He figures he will go home, and sleep all this off like a bad hangover.

Some time Later

Kaedin lays on his bed, some time after returning to The Ring. He himself rarely sleeps in his bed, though, still dressed in all his clothing save for his boots, and he lays wit hhis head at the foot of the bed, unmooving like the dead. Scattered around his apartment are boxes of vibration dampers, which gives the room an oddly quiet feel, as it if was on a planet, and not a space station.

Odette decided to find Kaedin and talk to him. She walks into his apartment and walks to his room. Her eyes scan the area and then him. She removes her shoes and moves to the bed. She crawls onto it and lays her head on his chest.

Kaedin opens his eyes and looks up to the ceiling, the time is projected onto the ceiling, and it looks like he has been asleep for six hours, more then his usual. He then looks to the person who is laying on his chest, and he raises a hand to run his fingers through her hair. "Morning." He says softly as he looks at her.

Odette slept far less than he did. She's not nearly as tired but she's still tired. She doesn't move from against his chest, nor does she speak. Lately her words have been getting her into trouble so she just stopped. She does relax slightly when he greets her though. Her hand lightly brushing his chest.

Kaedin smiles softly. "I went and installed some vibration dampers… most places have them, but it never bothered me much." Basically, he did to so that she would be comfortable. "I'm sorry if i said anything that offended you… we both have had a troubleing past few weeks, and I should have realized that other people have problems too… so I'm sorry about being a jerk."

Odette lies there against him listening to his heart beat and feelilng more solid. When he speaks, she hears it start in his chest and then roll up to his throat. She nods slowly and pets his chest lightly, letting him know she heard him. Her leg drapes over his casually.

Kaedin smiles and nods, letting in a big intake of air, before releasing it. "I had a nightmare… I dreamed that I got captured by Hostiles… and they kept saying that it was time to go home…"

Odette lifts a brow and pets over his chest. Her head tilts back and there is confusion on her face. She nods slowly and keeps her eyes on his eyes. The question is there for him to continue if he wants.

Kaedin sighs. "I woke up after that… it was about three days ago." he says with a frown. "I don't know why… but… I had the feeling that if I took a long enough look at myself.. I might not like what I saw."

Odette nods slowly and frowns at him when he mentions how he might not like himself. She shakes her head and brushes her nose against his own. She likes him well enough of course. Her head returns to his chest.

Kaedin smiles. "Maybe I'm just being hard on myself." he says as he sighs and continues to lay there, eyes closing as he les his thoughts cease from his mind, just thinking about nothing, like the ring in it's oblivion, so to his his mind in his thoughts.

Odette lies on top of him. "Kaedin… I'm afraid of space. I'm afraid of getting married. I'm afraid of dresses and high heels." She lets it all hang out. Her fears right there and clear for him to listen too.

Kaedin looks up to her and sits up. wrapping his arms around her waste. "The ring has been in orbit for over two millenia, nothing bad will happen, and there are plenty of fail safes if somthing should happen. Getting married is just apart of life, and we shouldent be afraid of it. I mean, you know me well enough, and so there shouldent be any real surpises from me, and as for dresses and High heels, don't be scared, I think you would look wonderfully beautiful in them." he says, while not a philosophical person, he does give the attempt to aleviate her fears. "That and I'll be here, with you the whole way."

Odette lifts her foot up to his chest in an amazing bending feat. She rolls up her pants and shows him her swollen ankle. She points to it and her eyes narrow. "I tried to practise walkin in high heels and I rolled my ankle." She pulls her foot against her chest and rubs the ankle lightly. "We need to adopt Flint." Her voice quiet. "He's… unable to use his legs anymore. He's a warrior who can't even walk. He feels alone and he needs us to be there for him."

Kaedin blinks and tilts his head. "How about cybernetics?" he says with a tilt of his head. "I can see what my mother can do for him as well… but I know Cedric lost an eye, and has a cybernetic one." he says as he looks at her ankle and frowns. "You know, high heel boots will fix that, to lace them up and they keep your ankle from rolling." he says, going off the reasoning for why people wear regular boots.

Odette shakes his head. "His spinal cord was severed. Cybernetics takes care of the bones and muscles and needs some nerve connectivity. He doesn't have any." She frowns and sighs. "I talked to him a lot earlier. He yelled, he threw things, he got upset at me for not talking to him… a bunch of things but then he made me faint when he talked about children." She scratches her head. "Let's not talk about them for a while. Let's just focus on finding him something that will make him feel useful."

Kaedin blinks and nods. "I'll talk to my mother anyway, I mean, if she is willing to look into a brain cancer patient, then repairing nerves shoulden't be a problem." He says as he looks at her. "That and if he had a mind for war, he could become a strategist, there is always a place for someone somehwere, and grunts like me do need a heads up on what to do." he says, thinking the idea is a sound one, and making a mental note to talk to his mother about it.

Odette sighs quietly and shrugs. "I don't know. I've never fought beside him. He ran right into a battle and almost got killed so I think there is some strategy missing there but then so did I." She rubs her stomach which is still healing. "There are doctors looking at what happened. He's in a bunch of air casts." She frowns. "I couldn't barely curl up beside him without bumping something that hurt."

Kaedin nods and frowns softly. "I spent the last week fighting alongside khourni… I know what that's like. Refreashing, but it can make for a real cluster fuck." he says as he hugs her close. "I'll see what can be done for Flint with the Paramount Military, but before any of that, he has to get a release from the hospital."

Odette sighs quietly. "That will take a long time. He's being a very bad patient." She lies back on him getting tired. Those dampeners are helping. "I wanted him to walk me down the isle but I will accept being rolled down the isle." Her eyes slide closed. "Do you mind if I just close my eyes for a few?"

Kaedin chuckles and lays her head down on a pillow, and lays next to her. "Go ahead and get some rest, everything will be fine, we wont let flint be forgotten, and we can make sure he feels usefull still, and he will be there at our wedding."

Odette nods slowly. "Bring him closer. Invite him into our lives. He's my cousin and he should be a very dear friend of yours. He saved my life. If it wasn't for him, Kaedin, I would have died when I was a little girl." She curls up and yawns. "I owe him everything."

Kaedin nods. "Alright." he says as he lets his hand run down her side. "Just remeber, he is a prideful person, we don't want it to look like we are trying to give him a handout.' Kaedin says softly, though he himself knows the approach that he is going to make, possibly light a fire under flint's ass.

Odette nods slowly. "Don't push too hard right now…" She sounds like she's asleep but when she slowly wiggles her way to lying on top of Kaedin as much as she can, she passes out and starts breathing rather heavily.

Kaedin smiles and closes his eyes as well, he dosn't plan on pushing the man to hard right now, only making sure he gets the propper medical care he needs, though he does yawn.

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