10.10.3013: Street Entertainers
Summary: Lord Darious and Balius perform during the Tourney for Tomorrow
Date: 23 September. 2013
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Market of Phylon
In Log

Crowds are bustling through the streets of Phylon, the Archery Contest of the Tourney for Tomorrow has wrapped up and the fireworks show has winded down for the night. Vendors from all over Haven line the streets, offering their wares, though many have closed up shop for the night. Though tonight certainly won't be the most packed night of the tournament, the markets are still jam packed with folks. Most now are selling food and drink. Periodically around the city, especially in busy spots and those near the Coliseum itself, entertainment venues have been erected.

A wooden platform away from the central pathways of the marketplace currently features two gentlemen, apparently getting ready. One of these is Balius Quellton, who is dressed in rather nice clothing, in his favorite shade of green. The outfit had been purchased just a day prior by the other fellow, Lord Darious Arboren. Bey has a tumbler filled with some liquid or another. He's been rather nervously quiet.

Darious wanders the stage in a nearly matching outfit to that of Balius. His Guitar out as he paces the stage and looks to Bey "How did I let you talk me into this?" as he teases the singer, a bit of nervous energy in his voice. He is glad that not many have shown up yet as he needs time to let his stomache settle from all the knots that are forming in it.

Lorelei's already there, but is trying to stay out of the way. She has a small cup of some kind of drink , and is dressed in her pretty blue dress, not quite fit for a noble, bit close(Thanks House Iah!). Her hair is up in an intricate braid.

The druid arrives and he's bathed and gotten his hair brushed back in a short pony tail. He's wearing leather boots, black slacks, dark grey t-shirt and a navy blue cardigan. He looks much more polished than he's previously appeared. However, his attractiveness is also a downfall for him. People look. So his eyes are on his shoes as he walks around people. He finds a quiet place to stand but his eyes stay on the door. He invited someone else to join and it seems like he's waiting on them.

Bey is doing some soundchecks on the equipment. This was very low budget, so they were utilizing whatever was there from the previous performances. He grunts to Darious' question. "As I recall it was you who invited me." There's some teasing, but it's much weaker than Balius' normal attempts. He sets his satchel down on the side as the holoposters start revealing lists for the Jousts and people congregate at all those locations around them.

Darious hmm, and nods. "Now that you mention it I think your right. " he looks out and spots Balius's sister and Grayson. "well on the bright side It'll be a small audience.. " then he spots Lady Ashleigh in the far back Darious lets out a low breath and slips on his gloves and tests the new pic out to see how well it works with the new strings he bought for his Guitar.

Grayson finds a place to sit closer to the stage and relaxes back to watch the men work. He looks a little disappointed when he sees the time but that moment passes quickly and the nicely dressed citizen grins while he sees them setting up. He really does love music so watching two friends play makes him very happy.

Lorelei grins , giving a small wave to both Arboren's on the stage. She'll not approach Grayson, as he seems content on his own. Instead she'll let her eyes roam, smiling softly as she waits for them to begin.

Chiron had gone to grab some snacks for him and his sister, giving a polite wave to Grayson as he takes a seat by Lorelei. "Well, here we go. Who knew our brother was a rockstar as well?" He says, being a little silly.

Three men, dressed in red, orange, and yellow tunics are making their way through the crowd. Grennel, Hent, and Rhonan are making their way to see the show too. Grennel sends the other two away. He's not seen anyone he's looking for yet. Another man, dressed in red, like his father points towards Lorelei. It is Grennel's son, Vincent. Grennel gives him a nod and turns and disappears into the marketplace. Vincent, 17, is waving wildly at Lorelei. Tan skin and brown eyes, he's not yelling though.

"Which one are we doing first again?" Bey stands up to the microphone as the posters nearby turn to remind everyone of the various entertainers. A few additional onlookers have stopped by but Balius is clearly nervous and not paying attention to the crowd.

Darious grins as he looks to Bey and says, back as he's clipping on the mini-mic to his shirt. "Immortal soul, concidering you've told me you could sing it in your sleep figgured it'd be the one to start with. " he winces as he gets a bit of feedback and adjusts the mic a bit.

Grayson sees the look Balius is giving and he knows that look. More people so up so he stands up and moves the wall that Balius would be looking at. He grabs a piece of paper and draws something before tacking it up on the wall. It's a big happy face. He waves, trying to get Bey's attention and then points to his eyes then the happy face effectively saying 'Look here'. He moves through the crowd and takes a seat, crossing his legs smiling up at the two men.

Lorelei is looking down at the snacks that Chi brought!"Oh! Fried chips!" She'll grin at her brother, who didn't bring jerky like he threatened. "I Know, this is so exciting! I know they'll do great!" She doesn't seem to notice the waving Vincent yet.

Vincent makes his way towards Lorelei, tangling through the crowd. He's a little embarassed but trying to be confident. "Lorelei?" It's a question more than a statement as he looks to her. He's still a few feet away and his voice could have been easily lost in the crowd.

"What the…" Balius says, realizing the microphone is already on after he starts talking. He blushes and sees the poster and follows Grayson back. Giving the druid a 'what are you doing' glance, the Quellton shrugs and looks to Darious to start them off. He puts his hand over the mic. "After you, Lord Darious."

"You honestly thought I was going to bring jerky?" Chiron says, laughing and shaking his head. "I wouldn't have done that." He's lying. He considered it, but then decided that it was best to not have his sister mad at him right now. He laughs harder at Balius's mishap with the microphone. All in all, it's a pretty good day until someone by the name of Vincent comes along to speak to his sister. He blinks a few times and then says looking at Vincent. "What are you doing here?" His smile and laugh is completely gone, replaced by something more angry and aggressive.

Darious grins at Bey and begins warming up, and making adjustments to his mic so that there ins't any interferance. He plays the cords long enough to get the mic perfect before he see's The rest of bey's family show up and pats the man on the shoulder. "you'll go fine .." he tells Bey his hand covering his mic until he move to a stool where he sits down and nods while he starts to play and waits for Bey to join in.

Lorelei looks up to Vincent, not recognizing him at first. It's been years. "Yes..I'm Lorelei?" She'll turn to look at Chiron, why is he being rude to this kid? When then they's Bey fumbling with the mic and Loree will smile brightly and wave again, hoping she's begin supportive, and not distracting.

Grayson smiles happily and points. "Loo…look at it. Less nervous." He speaks quickly to Balius before they start but he'll quiet right down with his hands in his lap, legs crossed and watching the two play with such a happy expression on his face.

Starting on a rousing version of the ever popular "Immortal Soul," Balius takes a hard drink from the aluminum container and starts to sing, a bit quietly at first. He's not accustomed to public performance…though he's trying to convince himself that killing a Hostile has got to be way worse than this. He gets to the chorus and seems to have found his stride for the moment.

Stunned to embarassed silence, Vincent takes the opportunity to look back up the stage. He seems to physically cower at Chiron's bold pronouncements. There's a wary smile to Lorelei before he looks up at the performance on the stage.

Darious continues to play once he see's that Bey's got his voice back and in full swing. He spots the actions in the audience but doens't let it interupt him playing. He keeps his eyes on bey to let him know he's got his back, shifting into the second course.

Chiron doesn't do anything yet about Vincent, but he doesn't need the spawn of Grennel fawning at his sister. The sister-fawning quota is full, and that quota is exactly zero. He looks over to listen to the performance, and is happy to see that they're able to pull though, he was slightly worried his brother might choke being on stage.

Coming to the bridge, Bey becomes slightly theatrical and begins to seem like he's forgotten about the crowd or his fears…perhaps both. The music, while technically passable, seems to have become bolstered by some well of emotion.

Grayson turns to see the commotion and his smile turns into an angry frown. He shakes his head at Chiron and then turns back to the stage. He brings his fingers to his lips and whistles at the two on stage. Back to grinning happily.

Lorelei doesn't say anything while the music is happening, instead she'll give Vincent a small smile back, trying to figure out who he is. She'll grin up at the stage, clapping along to the song.

The music stops as Bey comes to the end of the song. The mic's are then shut off as both performers take a short intermission to get something to drink or eat before they return on stage to play the next set. Currently Darious is comming off a high as his adrinilene is making him nearly giddy as he bounces a bit as he walks behind teh curtain to get a drink of water and a bite to eat. He waits for Bey to arrive so that he can talk and encourage him more, as he thought Bey did a great job over all.

Balius quickly ducks off the stage when the song ends, as if he came out of a trance and suddenly remembered he didn't like being in front of a crowd of people again. He goes behind the curtain. Once back there, he gives a grin to Darious. "Great job up there man!" He gives the Lord a hearty pat while taking a strong, deep swig from his tumbler.

Chiron claps and cheers as his brother and his friend finish their song. "Bey did really well, I think." he says, leaning over to his sister some. "You wanna grab something to drink?" He suggests to her, hopefully they'll loose Vincent in the crowd.

Grayson stays in his seat with his legs crossed. His eyes on the stage while he stays quiet. He's really waiting for more music. His little happy face drawing, smiling happily still.

An announcer shows up to let those who've shown up know there'll be a Five minute intermission before the next set but from the look on his face he was hoping to see more people in attendance. Though he finishes his statement and heads off stage.

Lorelei gives Chiron an odd look, and holds up her almost full cup."I'm good…what's gotten into you?" Before she lets him answer she'll turn back to Vincent , "Hi! Yes, I'm Lorelei…do I know you?" maybe he was in Bey's class and she just doesn't remember.

The poor Vincent blushes embarassed again, but he smiles nonetheless. His full grin showing teeth. "It's been a while. I think I was like fifteen when you saw me last. Remember when Hubert was a little too curious about that beehive?" He's hoping to jog Lorelei's memory before Chiron gets aggressive again.

"That's Vincent. His father Grennel and his friends are probably here as well." Chiron says to Lorelei, shooting a glance back at the timid boy. "What'sup?" He says, staring at him.

Darious steps back on stage, and toss's the empty cup into the garbage can as he moves back to his stool and sits down and begins to lightly strum his Guitar, warming up to the next song on the list they were going to perform. Hoping that by starting slow it'll help bey warm up as the Music perks up his spirit to singe amazingly.

Lorelei's eyes go wide at the memory, "Oh Vincent, yes! I…Wow, you've grown!" He was like, shorter than her last time she say him, now he's seems afoot taller! "Oh, poor Hubert, He was so scared!"She'll grin up at him, "It's nice to see you. I wanted to say thank you for the horse grooming kit, it's beautiful. Hubert loves it. He's been prancing around more than usually lately!" She'll give Chiron his third look, which will start to translate to foot stomps if he doesn't start to behave. "Aren't Lord Darious and Bey doing well?"

Downing his tumbler of ale, Balius sets it down and walks back out from behind the curtain. There's a surge of adrenaline now within him. He was finding this parts enjoyable, parts terrifying. He nods to Darious, smiling again to the crowd, seeing Lorelei and Grayson specifically.

Seeming to think that Lorelei is a source of protection, Vincent will take a diagonal, awkward step closer to her and further away from Chiron. He's still smiling. "I'm so glad you and Hubert are both okay…I asked father if I could come visit, and he kept saying we'd just get in the way." Vincent pauses for a moment, eying the older brother. "And that's your brother right? I didn't know he sang?"

Chiron gives Vincent a look when he takes a step closer to his sister. He's testing the Squires patience. He stays quiet, however, letting Lorelei talk to the boy. He's not done anything to her… yet.

Darious smiles as he spots Bey return and motions to his mic to remind Bey to turn it back on, so that those in the audience will be able to hear him. Then Darious picks up the pace so that he's got the proper tempo and speed for the final song Bey's to perform and nods to Bey to begin when ever he feels like it.
You paged Balius with 'rolling now for my first part.'

Bey starts singing the verse to "The Warrior's Return," which he is far less experienced with, especially as it's a rather fast one. He starts the verse and manages to hit all the right notes, even if he's somewhat lacking for style.
So we fight and slash and toil
For this here is our soil
The trumpets shall sound
When we're still around $r$t We fight till the Warrior's Return!

Lorelei waves at her broth on stage, edited for him. Turnign to Vincent, "Yes, that's Balius. This is his first non pub show!" it's doesn't quite register that vincent said he could come because he'd get in the way. The way of what? But Bey and Darious are on stage,and she's clapping again!

Grayson watches Balius start to sing again and his lips upturn. He quickly looks to Darious and back. He's enjoying the show, legs crossed and hands in his lap, all alone on his chair. His eyes close and he starts to sway slowly.

Chiron bounces along with the song, enjoying the performance. He still keeps a watchful eye on Vincent however. No boy of Grennels can be good, or at least that's the theory anyway.

Darious has enjoyed this song as its fingerings are a bit more complex to hit the right notes and Dar does love a challenge. He smiles over at bey knowing that he started off a bit slow but knows he'll pick it up as he gets going and lets the song take over.

Bey hits the chorus and again hits his stride, putting more feeling into it. Still not very skillful or anything, but he's keeping pace and tune as he rounds out the next verse.

Vincent claps and cheers too. "You must be so proud!" His attention has turned fully on the performance. He's even tapping his foot and half-mouthing the words.

Lorelei makes an agreeing noise at Vincent , before softly singing the words underneath her breath as well, like she's helping Bey some how.

Chiron is enjoying the music, but looks around for any sign of Vincent's father.

Darious finish's up the song on a good note, as its still a work in progress as he enjoys performing with Bey who shows a lot of raw talent that if he applied himself could be a great singer. He's also watching the reaction of the crowd and from what he's seeing its been a good show.

Upping it a notch before the end, Balius lets himself loose from the stoic, methodical way he's approached the song. Getting louder and also throwing in a bit of harmonizing at the end, it is obviously an improvement from where he started. He hold out the last note nice and long for the audience, smiling as he knows he killed it.
Return Return Return!
Both day and night, we'll fight for what's right
Even once the Warrior returns!

Lorelei claps loudly, yelling for more, doing her sister duty and being alighted embarrassing , but proud. She' silently kick herself for not recording it later. "I so glad the went with that one!"

Grayson listens and enjoys. His eyes open up and there is a kinder softness within his blue eyes. The grin that lifts his lips is blissful and he sits motionless. Nothing else matters, no sounds, no yelling, no movement. Just the stage and the men on it.

Vincent cheers for Balius. "Lorelei, I've got to go, I just wanted to…say hi. May only wishes remain in the sky." He smiles to her and kinda runs away, blushing again through the crowd.

Chiron claps and cheers, his brother and Darious did well, especially at the end. He gives Vincent a weird look as he says goodbye to his sister. It's rare day when Chiron is thankful for Lorelei having a boyfriend, but it seems today is one of those days. He eats some of the fried chips he got and passively looks to see what Lorelei will do.

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