08.02.3013: Straight Talk
Summary: Sean and Demos talk about Rox.
Date: 2nd August 2013
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The Quad - Academ
This is just one of the many quads scattered throughout the Academ — even if it is one of the largest. It is truly nothing more than a stretched of neatly manicured lawn that is divided up with concrete pathways that strategically lead toward little clusters of stone benches. At the center of the quad is a magificent, hectagonal basin with a tall enough rim to allow people to sit and relax before the water. This quad lays before the grand tower of the Imperius Library — a tall, looming spire with a stained-glass crown. There are various buildings also attached to this quad that host a variety of scholarly schools and classrooms.

The quiet quad is not so quiet at the moment as Sean sits on a the hectagonal basin's rim. He's got a bass guitar in hand and he's playing what seems to be a decently paced rock song part. He's humming to it as he goes over the chords in rapid succession. His state of dress is surprising, a full white dress shirt with a collar, black pants and shoes, and his hair is slicked and styled.

While he passed staying with the Academ to teach in favor of dedicated his continued scholarly activities to research, Demos still has reason to visit friends and colleagues at the Academ. Walking in his regular attire, lab safe perhaps, he is headed for the library when the notes of rock from a bass waft through the air and catch his ears. Looking curiously, he takes a moment to enjoy before he moves along. Just as he does this, there is a double take, he recognizes the player finally through the different state of dress. Crossing towards the other, he'll approach to listen while trying not to disturb the man from his playing. He'll take a moment to move towards taking a seat, if there is a lull every, he'll great the other, "Well played Mr. Sean." Quiet enough not to disrupt any of the concordance of the quad and the lingering quality of the music perhaps.

Sean looks up at the man with a slight smile, "Hey Rock man, thanks." Sean stops playing and quiets the guitar, hanging his arms slightly on the bass. "What's going on? Got any where with your research?" he asks, before looking around, then a beep sounds and he looks to a comm device with a smile. He reads the message, smile getting wider, before looking up to Demos, "My girl Roxy, we're on for tonight… been too long since we went on a proper date."

There is a nod from Demos at first, as if there is always a process of getting somewhere in research, but there is never an end. A quirk at the text and the date, composure regained smile returns. "Ah, she is the one then, you've managed to fend off all the fans from your arms," he affords a chuckle at that thought. Perhaps recalling when he first saw the younger man in the Bazaar and the attrection he received then. The scholar finishes settling into a seated position, his eyes between Sean and the water feature.

"The one? Roxy is my girl! Between us, I couldn't want any other and I've loved her for almost a year now. Don't say anything about it." Sean gives Demos a stern look, "As for the fans? She and I are used to it, she's been in bands and I've been a DJ for a long time now. We've dated off and on for almost two years… with her having said yes to being on again just the same day you and I met." he smiles at this. "So what's going on?"

"Interesting," says Demos, digesting news to him, turning over all that Sean says in his mind. "Hopefully then, it is on again with no more offs for you. I couldn't imagine such a … well, a ride." He shrugs a little, "I needed to research a few materials, I figured the best place for that would be the library. Do you know much of the Storytelling festival on Niveus?" His eyes look at the water, reflecting the distance, he brings them to Sean when he ponders the festival, curious perhaps.

Sean nods a couple times, "Roxy has this… issue with gushy sappy romance stuff. Plus, we've had out differences… I've probably proposed before too but I can't remember much of the last couple times." he shrugs slightly, "Not going to screw up this time though." he says with a firm voice. "As for storytelling on an ice moon? Not much, don't care for the ice moon really. I like the cold, but damn that is too cold… though, it would be a great place for a rave. I might just need to start asking around to see if there's an interest in hosting one there."

"Sean," begins Demos, looking more seriously at the other man, "If you feel serious about making it work this time, I shall respect your desires with Roxy." He says that simply enough, straight talk, guy sort of straight. Then he nod, "If you asked around enough about a rave on the ice moon, I'm sure someone might have a good ice home or location that would be perfect with the right play of lights even. I imagine if you found an ice builder, you could work up your own light and sound arrangement within the ice. Muffled accoustics through the ice played off natural cracks and creaks could be entertaining."

Sean gives the man a moment's hardened look, "What have you done with Roxy?" he asks calmly, as if this isn't entirely news to him, "If you've slept with her, was it before or after you and I met?" also straight and calm.

A shake of his head, Demos responds "Slept together, no, nothing has been done between us to such an affect, before or after I met you. At best, light flirtation, friendly conversation. However, we've continued such after you and I have met." A pause, and he continues, "She may just be friendly, but she knows I would have considered the prospect of more with her, perhaps she leads me on. But I would rather play things straight and honest, not be mislead myself nor would I care to be the broken cog between the two of you just the same."

The look in his eyes is distant when he claps Demos on the back, "You've missed out then." he comments lightly then the rest of the words seem to have no effect on him. "If she's into you, I'll find out soon enough." he says, the tone whispering the faintest hint of let down. He goes back to strumming his guitar strings. "No hard feelings if that's the way things roll." still, the look is distant.

Taking the clap and shruggins just a little, "My interest isn't in sleeping with her," he says, as if he might of missed out, but he has to accept that just the same. Demos offers, "No hard feelings, I just wanted to be forward with you, and let you know, if you wish to pursue your mixed relationship, I will glady make no effert to confuse the situation. You're an enterprising young man Sean, I'd rather see you as a friend then as some weird rival because of any odd confusion."

"It's up to her, really. She's the one who gives either of us attention. I won't help you out with her, but I won't stop you two either." he shifts slightly, "If she wants more from you, and nothing from me then that's fine… I've offhanded about picking up girls like I'm shopping, and that's true… I'm Schizoid. I can walk into at club or go to any rave, and leave with more dates on one arm then most noble playboys have had in one year." he shrugs, slightly, "I wouldn't think of you as a rival… but I probably wouldn't be cool enough to be friends."

Grinning a little, Demos nods, "Fair enough Mr. Sean." Though scholar errant he is, old habits die hard, and he sticks with the Mr. that he would afford any student out of respect for their pursuits at the Academ. "I appreciate your kindness, it is I who wouldn't be cool enough. My musical interest is odd, my hobbies more so. I would actually be honored to call you a friend young sir. I know Balius likes you, both of you with bright futures. In this world, as a citizen, it is better to make strong networks than to risk jeopardizing them."

Sean shrugs slightly, "If she's into you, don't stop on my account. She and I have baggage and history… if she's onto something new then more power to her." he stands up and sets his guitar onto a pad, sudden arms slide out to embrace it before a sheet of small metal plates flow out to encase it. He picks up the case and slings it over a shoulder, "Bey is cool, needs to lighten up a bit and try a little harder for what he wants of a more personal nature, but otherwise he's a good guy." he takes his 'funbag' in hand, "Listen, chatting was great and all but I should get going. Need to stop by home before I go to work. See you around, yeah?" and then he'll start to leave.

Standing himself, in the bottom part of the lowered area, Demos looks towards Sean, "Assuradely Mr. Sean. We shall see about our friend Balius, his family pulls at him, but he has tasted some of what he seeks I believe. A covenant, you and I will feed him that he realizes he can have what he wants, not what he is chained to?" He offers a wave, to allow the other one to go, turning himself, "It was a pleasure sir."

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