07.10.3013: Stone and Light
Summary: A Knight pays a visit to an in-progress public works project in Detritus.
Date: 10 July 2013
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Cynan Demos 

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July 10, 3013

It is a good day in Detritus, warm per the usual and with evening on the approach, its the time of day when a lot of out door activity tends to take place from markets to civil duties. One such project is a Light garden, part of a project of city works spiraling off one of the Light Arrays that feeds energy to the Ring, this one intended both to give regular citizens a better view of the regular happening of energy going to the Ring with some religious overtones while also a place to rest with shaded benches set just right to block the sun when the Light energy is transmitted.

Amongst the stonemasons working is Demos Osteros, somewhat known beyond his stone work as both a Geologist (one of few citizen's that have received a Crown Scholarship) as well as an amateur artist working on light sculptures. His work today is double duty, both functional as well as assuring the buildings will remain geological stable, including artistic elements. After guiding a few young apprentices from the local schools in the craft, he is pausing to find some water and admire what has come together so far of this project.

With the preparations for a potential incursion going relatively well, Cynan finds his way off the walls more and more frequently these days, and that has given him the opportunity to walk about Detritus more and more often. It's there that he finds himself tonight, observing the projects that are springing up around the city, and in short order the Knight finds himself walking through the unfinished garden. "Good day, Citizen," he says to the nearest stonemason, who just happens to be a Mister Osteros. "How goes the project?"

Turning to the voice and whether he's ever chanced on the young lord or not before, Demos is well aware enough to realize whom has addressed him. With a more then polite bow of his head, the citizen returns the greeting. "Good Sir Cynan," he says, still in a bowed position, "The project proceeds well, better than expected." As his head comes up, he reaches for a towel to wipe at some presperation there and closes some of the distance. "Such a good day to work, a good time to visit. Perhaps you would care for a closer inspection than most, I can assure you you're criticism would be gladly accepted Sir."

"That is very good to hear, Mister…" It's entirely possible that Cynan has heard Demos' name, but he evidently doesn't recognize the stonemason's face. Still, he's polite and courteous, smiling and dipping his head in a little nod as he's greeted. "Especially in times such as these, it is critically important to recognize the primary importance of the Light. A tribute such as this one does us all great honor." Pale hazel eyes flicker over the area, though he's silent for a few moments.

Given the opening, the silent moment, the citizen supplies, "Mister Demos … Osteros sir. I do believe I am ingratitude to your noble house sir, as the recipient of a scholarship to the Academ. While most of my scholarly duties are given in research on the Ring, I retain my gratitude for opportunities thus granted." Then he smiles, and offers a way for the knight to come within the work itself. There are columns supporting framework overhead that supplies shade at the right times of day, pointing out the benches, he further explains, "Come morning when the shade is at its coolest, the Light will warm the bench, welcoming Nobles and Citizens alike to enter. As the day warms, the Light will move to the center of this section, and as the Ring passes, this area should be well full of shade for most passings that attention may draw upwards for the transference." As if explaining the concept, like any artist would. Then as further aside, "Again sir, my humble gratitude."

"Ah, Mister Osteros. I've heard many glowing reports of your contributions to Detritus and the Ring alike." Cynan's smile gets a little bit wider, and his eyes light up just so in an expression of recognition. Easily he steps into the work proper, nodding toward each successive component. "Impressive work. So many sculptors believe that their work is written entirely in the stone… umoving, unyielding. But this…" He reaches out to tentatively brush his fingers over the edge of one of the columns. "It will change throughout the day, and just slightly on each successive day. Constant, yet in motion."

"Aye sir," grins Demos, enjoying the walk, while the young apprentices enjoy the break themselves, watching from a distance or conversing amongst themselves. "I may have to borrow that mind you. Constant motion, written in stone." There is inward reflection, his smile indicating appreciation of the thought laid out so directly. As if even himself as the artist were searching for that realization, even if he's only one artist of the work as a whole. "As wiser scholars than I have said … this too will pass. Perhaps an intrigue on that idea, depending on the fate of our Light, this work shall be subdued, or better, subsumed, by the Light." A chuckle even from the citizen, "Perhaps I find myself grateful yet again, a new doorway to insight has been revealed to me."

"Mmm. You are more than welcome to use whatever insight you glean to further the project." Cynan's walk through the space is relaxed, his strides long and easy. "That it shall, that it shall. Perhaps as our people walk through this space and observe the way that the Light cycles throughout the day, they will be strengthened in their resolve, and filled with hope as we move through these uncertain times." A little pause. "Speaking as one who may be on the front lines at any moment, it does appear to be most helpful."

Nodding himself, matching the walk, perhaps not quite so long as stride, but increased steps to match, Demos follow suit just the same. "And affirmation each morning that the Light is eternal." In its own way at least. The towel he had used is no longer needed and it is tossed back to the area where personnal affects are kept by the stone masons and artists. "You are well spoken sir," hopefully a compliment from one who has studied with many master scholars, "I begin to understand now how you have come to be a fine leader amongst our knights. I am glad you had this opportunity to visit open this work today. As such, I would gladly offer what services I can to you and your family as well."

"Etiquette is among the disciplines prized by the Servants of the Light," Cynan replies. It's not quite a 'thank you,' but the little upward twitching of his lips and the little bit of light in his eyes indicate that he appreciates the comment nevertheless. "One must have command of language in order to have command of men, no? And one must likewise have a proper appreciation for talent and quality of work." He comes to a stop, turning to face the stonemason directly. "There is, perhaps, a task for which I would ask your assistance."

No knight himself, not a soldier disciplined so much, Demos seems to nearly stand at the ready. That is, despite his work thus far, there is a well reserve of energy present in his standing before the young Lord Sir knight. "Sir, you have but to name such a task," he offers, assuredly, "And should it be within my abilities, I will do it to the best of those. As a learned scholar myself, I will freely tell you my own limits, should I fear they a hinderance for any such task all the same Sir Cynan."

"I would no sooner ask a scholar to stand on the front lines than I would require a soldier to deliver a presentation at an academic conference. We all have our Light-given talents, Mister Osteros." Cynan gives a little smile, eyebrows quirking upward. "The defenses of Detritus are in order, insofar as our men are concerned, but I remain uncertain as to the state of the physical fortifications themselves. Any weakness in the walls could prove to be a possible breach, and such a breach would threaten not just our fair city, but the entire Ring that depends on us for vital power." A pause. "Thus, the walls must be inspected to ensure that they are ready to withstand a full assault."

"Sir Cynan," returns Demos, respectful in their solitute within the garden while not right next to all the other workers, "I am honored by this offer. I would be thankful for the opportunity. The walls, and the environment that supports them, is indeed within my realm of expertise. I would only request some insight into the potential, or theoretical, raw force that we could expect to bear down upon them, from you and your experts. With such a harmony, we could assure the walls are ready and, if not, they can certainly be made ready."

"At the very least, we will make our siege engineers available to you at the soonest convenience. In the absence of data on the Hostiles' siege capabilities, we can only extrapolate from our own equipment and hope for the best." A pause. "In addition, I will make whatever data we obtain on the matter available as soon as it comes into our hands." Cynan stretches a bit, leaning backward, and then gives a short nod. "We will be in contact, Mister Osteros. Enjoy the rest of the day." At that, the Knight turns on his heel and makes his way back toward Detritus proper.

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