04.11.3014: Stepping Into Paradise
Summary: Ines and Canis meet the latest charge of Honor's Keep.
Date: Varies.
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Canis Cyrielle Ines 

Honor's Keep, The Vale
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Friday, April 11 3014

The transition from the Waygate at Beacon to the one at Honor’s Keep is at once familiar and foreign. It’s a different kind of weight in the air from the humidity and the breeze smells and feels altogether different. The air is full of fresh and bright things, as Spring affects a place even as far removed from the weather changes as the southern end of The Vale. Clouds drift across the skies; the afternoon’s rains come and gone, leaving everything with a damp, but crisp and clean feeling.

The youngest of the Hollolas main line moves away from the area surrounding the Waygate at a slow pace; leaning heavily on her crutches. She wears lightweight clothing befitting her station and the region. Trousers of a lightweight, mid-grey material shape well to her hips and thighs, stopping just below her knees. The gleaming white of her cybernetic leg is obvious before disappearing into supple, well-worn black boots. A sleeveless top of a similar lightweight material forms to her torso; it’s hues a dark blue, with the Hollolas maelstrom at the breast. Her hair is bound in a series of braids woven with small bits of sea glass and shells; all gathered at the nape of her neck. It’s a style meant to last for days, with minimal fuss. A seawater hardened leather bracelet winds around her left wrist; braided and adorned with various charms. A black cord bears a pendant at her throat; the metal worked to bear a glass bauble that bears a sort of red liquid. It settles just between her breasts.

Over her back is a compact backpack primarily meant for ranging trips. It’s made of a synth-weave that modifies to match the surrounding landscape. Still, it’s enough to carry basics for a few days (or so) of a stay. The woman gets well and away from the flow of traffic around the ‘gate and waits, casting a glance around for whomever may have been sent to meet her.

The woman sent to meet her is tall and slender, darker of skin than the Hollolas, but still with milky tinge to her complexion. Dark hair is pulled back tightly to the nape of her neck, but from there is springs into a cloud of corkscrew curls and stray wisps. The lightweight pale green silk gathers at the shoulders before crossing down in a deep V the wide, lavender sash at her waist. Sleeves slashed to the wrists flutter around her arms as she approaches, the material itself seeming to flit through changing shades of green, mimicking the shade of a tropical glen as the warm breezes stir the palms.

“Lady Cyrielle Hollolas,” she greets quietly, bowing her head and lifting her hands to the new arrival. Her dark eyes are as quiet and still as her voice “I am Young Lady Sir Ines Ligonier. Welcome to Honor’s Keep.” Other than the expensive material of the light gown, similar in cut to the pleated linen seen around on the locals, nothing would mark the woman as noble. Like the others, she is barefoot, her feet used to the sand and smooth wood or plascrete that makes up the buildings and walkways. “May I offer you refreshment before I show you to your suite?”

The angle of the plastic crutches is set wider so that Cyrielle can rest upon both feet, though her weight is clearly heavily canted to the left. Her right knee is somewhat bent; fabric of her pants sliding up enough to reveal that the cybernetic is from the knee down. There’s a smile for Ines and a tilt of the head in response. “Thank you, Sir Ines.” She’s heard enough of the heir to Ligonier to know that her swordplay is her most renowned ability; so the Hollolas plays to that. Acknowledging her place as a Knight above all else. “My thanks for allowing me to come here to work towards my rehabilitation. I have been so very long out of combat capability, they felt at Willowtree that Honor’s Keep would be best suited to assisting me.”

To the request, there’s a brief thought before the young woman’s head tilts in assent. “Refreshment would be lovely, thank you.”

Canis is running a bit late to greet the noble though he’s greeted her here before and so wishes to be there this time as well. He has been teaching a class but has wiped up a bit though he’s wearing more of a workout style outfit with a sword at his hip. The young knight will approach the way gate moving swiftly he will spot the pair. “My apologies for being late Lady Cyrielle.” He will say nodding politely once he’s close enough. “Hello sister.” He nods to her as well.

A tiny smile tugs at the corner of Ines’s lips, lending some warmth to the cool composure of the Heir. “Hello, little brother,” she replies, glancing between the two. “I am thinking, since he didn’t introduce himself, that you have already met my brother Lord Sir Canis?” Turning to her brother she gives a slight wave of her hand to the Hollolas’s pack. “You may be late, but you are just in time to take Lady Cyrielle’s pack for her.”

Waiting for Canis to relieve the guest of carrying her burden, Ines then turns to lead the way to a moving walkway to the lifts that go to the Noble Keep. “We would be honored if you would take tea with us in our home before dinner.” There’s a flash of smile. “You will be tossed into the crowd soon enough. A little peace before hand might be welcome.”

“Aye,” Cyrielle notes to Ines, after a slight nod for Canis. “He provided for my visit during a renewal of some of our House’s trade agreements some months past.” The woman shifts her weight as she removes the pack, letting it pass hands to the waiting — whether he designed to be or not — Knight. “As for tea, that sounds just perfect.”

With a glance about what can be seen of the island resort from the area around the Waygate, the Hollolas lets out a soft chuckle. Her head cants to one side, a few of the trinkets tied up in her hair letting out soft glimmers of sound. “To the crowd? I’m afraid I couldn’t imagine a crowd here. It’s a great deal more peaceful than Beacon’s busy docks.”

“Of course, I’d be honored to.” He says and accepts the bag from the other but nods to her words “Yes I believe I did fairly well on the last visit.” Canis gives a smile relaxing a little bit after the introductions are made all around. “Honor’s Keep itself is always a safe place should you need a quiet moment and as before anything you need we can provide.”

Ines smiles. "Said by the woman who has yet to visit the school." Although her legs are long, she somehow manages to amble at a slow enough pace for Cyrielle to keep up easily without appearing to wait. Once on the moving walkway, she stops and turns sideways to look out to the vistas of lagoon and The Barrier beyond that surround the central island.

"Our rehab facilities are separate from the House, but if you wish to also learn the sword when you are able to bear weight properly, you will see quite a crowd." Her eyes see distances further away than the island as she continues in a voice slightly tinged with a heavy weight. "Ports of pleasure are rarely as busy as a working port. The noise and scurry is what people are generally trying to escape when they come here. But there is a charm to the camaraderie found among those who toil on the docks."

Once upon the walkway, Cyrielle lets her weight settle to her left leg once again. It’s a touch of relief; weeks drag into months upon the crutches and her body is weary of them. They build a strength that will aid her when she returns to her naval path, but they are a constant reminder. A constant ache. The woman follows Ines’ gaze, taking in the islands and lagoons that pass the wandering eye as they move along.

“I have learned a bit of the sword, but I fear perhaps it is not the weapon for me. I will be learning the weapon of my House, the trident. I need to be able to stand solid on my own two feet once again first and for that… House Ligonier is like as not my best option.”

The young knight follows along with the others listening to his sisters words about the rehab facilities as well as. Canis is watching about them though it’s familiar being his home and all. He is listening still as they speak of weapons it draws him out of his thoughts. “A trident, I wonder if that would be the base training same as a polearm, it’s my armor AI’s name either way.” He chuckles a bit before adding “If I cannot help with training I do imagine we can find a practitioner which will be of use here.”

"A trident is a pole arm," Ines confirms calmly, her eyes and her attention returning to the two next to her. "But the first thing appears to be working on having you evenly distribute your weight while at rest, my lady." It has not escaped her notice that Cyrielle is leaning her weight. "I am not a specialist, but I can hazard a guess that you are perhaps doing more damage to your left leg by favoring your right whenever possible." The statement, rather than being accusatory is delivered in the calm manner of one who is practiced in the art of sizing up the person across from her.

"We do have some of the best physicians here for rehabilitation, as good as the staff at Willowtree." White teeth flash in a smile as Ines continues. "But Willowtree doesn't have is a warm ocean that is more soothing to the aching muscles than any massage. A lot of therapy takes place in the water as well."

“And yes, tridents are a type of polearm. The pronged ends are handy for disarming other opponents with long weapons.” It’s a pride and symbol of Hollolas as well, which makes the decision as to weapon of choice rather more an easy one to make. “My father is seeking a good tutor for me in the craft, but if I can learn a bit as I go…”

Cyrielle does cringe briefly as Ines brings up the weight issues. She chews on the inside of her lip for a few brief seconds before casting a glance down to her legs. “Ah, yes. Old habits and… I suppose I still fear the thing.”

Canis nods to his sister’s words “Ah, well that answers that. I should be able to teach you that then. “Being the odd man out and preferring the polearm first and sword second has it’s uses sometime. He will listen a moment “The physical therapists are very good so no worries there.” He says easily.

Although inscrutable, Ines’s mein isn’t exactly intimidating. She calmly eyes Cyrielle’s cringe, then gives a slow nod. “Whether by taking a long time, or by a most unpleasant means, old habits do die hard,” she allows. “But I believe that you are tired of being afraid, or else you wouldn’t be here. I would say it is time to leave the all the crutches behind.”

The walkway ends in a small, covered court, with vines hanging from the roof, and a lift doors ahead. Dark eyes land on the younger knight, and then there’s a quirk at the corner of her mouth. “You will have to make room in your schedule to take a private student, then. It will be a good thing to keep you busy. Perhaps Lady Cyrielle can make a real sailor out of you in return." The slight pursing of her lips and the light tone indicate an oft repeated sibling banter.

“What I’m truly seeking is a broadening of knowledge and skills. I am Awakened and capable in that regard in combat, but I wish to be more versatile.” Cyrielle looks towards the courtyard and shifts on her crutches to step away from the moving walkway where it ends. There’s a moment of struggle in the transition, but she recovers well.

“Ah, Ligonier may shine when it comes to swordplay, but it is Hollolas where sailors are made. Valta may wish to claim to own the sea, but did you know the heir has never sailed? Not even once!” Cyrielle snorts slightly to herself.

“I will make room then, it’d be an honor to do so.” The young knight says about teaching the other weapon forms. Canis looks between the two as they speak his focus finally landing on his sister at her usual jab. “Maybe I will do so, I enjoy sailing but only recreationally for the most part.” He chuckles a bit though still listening. Though the talk about that heir quiets him for the moment.

Ines leads the way and opens the lift, then steps inside and makes sure the doors do not close on their guest. “It is refreshing to have someone arrive who is seeking to expand their mind,” she remarks calmly. “Most people arrive thinking they are going to learn a different stance, or a new parry, some way of holding their weapon that will miraculously improve their military skills.” She stands placidly, her feet shoulder width, but rather than being solidly planted, despite her stillness she looks ready to move. Her arms hang comfortably at her sides, elbows slightly bent. “So few realize that it is their mind they must improve. A physical skill set can only be perfected so much.”
“I have less experience than I should need or like in the realm of melee combat, Lady Sir Ines,” Cyrielle explains as they approach the lift and she enters. There’s a slight lean against the wall to relieve the pressure the crutches place upon her arms. “I do wish to learn a new skill, aye, but I know there’s much more to the matter than the physical actions.”

There’s a brief flash of teeth; a smile nearly wicked in nature. “It is something an Awakened must understand. That change and learning come from within first and foremost.”

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