06.13.3013: Stepping from the Shadows
Summary: Taryn seeks Aidan's help to interpret a dream.
Date: 13 June 2013
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A small, dark and dingy bar near the practice fields of the underground city of Khar-Mordune, the seat of House Peake.
June 13th, 3013

Aidan had warned Taryn that he might be not always be around now that the war had started in full and to call ahead, and that is what the young Valen stable hand did. His message sounded more than a touch urgent, and Taryn had indicated that it was not something that he was not comfortable talking about unless face to face. So, Taryn finds himself once again in Khar-Mordune. He approaches the gates to the seat of House Peake, requesting to see Aidan. He is dressed in a new dark blue tunic, even if the leather breeches and boots appear to be the same.

Taryn's expected if not his exact time so once he gives his name, he's directed not to the residence but given a set of directions. They're simple and as he follows them around the outskirts of the city, he comes to a field where archers are practicing. Once he gets close enough, he can see Aidan there helping the instructors teach the new soldiers how not to shoot each other or themselves. The latter takes talent with a bow but somehow, some seem to manage it.

Taryn walks to the edge of the field, not really wanting to interrupt the young lord's teaching lesson. He nervously chews on his lower lip, as he folds his hands behind the small of his back. He does, however, seem to be paying attention to what the instructors are telling the soldiers.

Aidan adjusts the stance of the recruit he's helping, lightly kicking a foot into a better position and straightening his shoulders. He moves on to a second, passing him after looking him over then correcting a third. Turning to another recruit, he spots Taryn at the edge fo the field and walks over. "Ah, there you are. Hello."

While Aidan has said that formality wasn't necessary, Taryn is fully aware that these are the soldiers of House Peake, and he offers Aidan a somewhat deep bow. "Thank you for seeing me, Lord Aidan. " He looks extremely nervous and uncomfortable. "Your aunt, Lady Sir Agnes, suggested that I talk to you or Lady Eilara… Actually, she suggested I speak to both of you, but I do not know Lady Eilara, and I don't know if she would even see me." He glances around, "I had a dream, that your aunt thought you might be able to help me interpret. It's potentially very important… Or it could just be nothing at all… but I'd rather not risk it being important and me not doing something."

Aidan considers Taryn and what he's said before nodding. "You're right. It's better to assume it's important than risk overlooking a true dream." Turning, he whistles and when he catches the eye of the sergeant, makes a 'me, him, leaving' motion which gets an acknowledgement. "Okay, let's go have a drink somewhere quiet and you can tell me about it."

Taryn nods and says softly, "Thank you." He then lets out a slight sigh, "I think something to drink might be the best idea I have heard in a long time…" He looks over at Aidan, "Lead the way, Lord Aidan, and I'll follow." He says it with a slight smirk, knowing Aidan's dislike of Taryn's tendency of following behind a few steps.

Taryn gets A Look but Aidan doesn't comment. Given the possible importance of the dream, he just leads the way into the city. Given that the soldiers practice in this area, it's no surprise that there are taverns nearby and though he passes a couple, the one Aidan picks isn't far and looks exactly like the cheap, lower class drinking establishment it is. "Two beers and something to eat." he tells the tender behind the bar and passes his wrist computer over the plate. "Beers first." Picking the furthest table, he sits down and motions Taryn tot he seat across from him. It's still early so the place is almost empty.

Taryn moves to the table and is silent for a moment. He looks around and waits for the beers to arrive, that way he doesn't have to worry about the server walking over in mid-description of the dream. "Thank you…" He says again. The nervousness in his voice only slightly lessened. Once the beers arrive, he takes a sip from it. "Okay… the other night I had a dream… It was the night before the ships returned to the Ring… " He closes his eyes. "I had a dream of a young golden eagle… it was hooded and jessed like a falcon, with tattered purple and gold clothe in its claws… someone, and I couldn't make out who it was, took ahold of the bird and locked it in a cage… The cage was resting on top of a drake's skull. I thought it was about Lady Sophie, since I knew she had a fondness for drakes… " He pauses, "I told her about the dream, and she said that it could also be about her sister, Lady Sir Ellinor… since she liked to hunt drakes… When I saw your aunt, I told her about it… " He pauses, "Well, more like she got me to after I inquired about Lady Sir Ellinor…. and she said that it could have been about any of the Sauveurs."

Aidan drinks his beer as he listens. It's a thin and bitter and he doesn't look surprised or even notice how bad it is. Given he passed a couple bars to come in this one, they must have been truly horrible. He's silent a few minutes after Taryn's done as he considers things. "The purple and gold is obvious, of course. One of the royals. And the eagle just reinforces that. That's it's young… Well, that could be a signifier of age or just a symbol that it hasn't yet come into its full growth. As in a Prince or Princess. The tattered cloth… The most likely interpretation is that of a fight. Especially since it was caged. Captured after a fight? And the drake's skull… My first impression is not that it's someone who likes drakes but that the person is being imprisoned in the Drake Mountains. Or will be."

Taryn cannot help but to look totally awe-strickened by Aidan's possible interpretations of the dream. He shakes his head, "I have never been really good at reading them like that…." He cocks his head as he looks across the table. "Do you think that someone should warn the royal house? I mean I told Lady Sophie… but I don't know how serious she took it or not. She was concerned for her sister's well being until she found out that Lady Sir Ellinor was for the most part well and safe…" He takes another sip of the beer and doesn't seem to realize that this is supposed to be bad beer. "I'm really not used to letting anyone know when I have a dream.. but considering that it's the royal family, I didn't think that I should not.. you know?"

"That's probably why you're not good at it." Aidan points out. "You've been hiding that you're Awakened and haven't received enough training and feedback. I'll let the right people know about it. If you like, I'll try to keep your name out of it but I can't guarantee it. I'm also thinking that if any of the Hostile ships come down in the Drake Mountains, I should be there to keep an eye on the Sauveurs. It might not be a caging in the strict sense of the word but anything that limits freedom and mobility. A cave-in perhaps." Aidan adds "But since someone placed the eagler in a cage, I think that's unlikely."

Taryn frowns slightly as he ponders a thought. He shakes his head, "Given the severity of the dream… I am not sure that my secret is worth it… I mean… " He pauses, "I am sure that coming from someone like you … you would be given more credence, but if someone needed to ask you about the dream, you might not have the answers…"

"No, I wouldn't." Aidan agrees. "Though I suspect, especially if it's a true dream, that you won't have the answers to all their questions either. Dreams don't work like that. They're perfectly clear after the fact but often confusing till that moment. At the least, it hurts nothing to make them aware of the possibility."

Taryn slumps back in his seat. "Well, I can't say that I'm even remotely comfortable about people knowing about me… Seems like that is really insignificant with the War and everything… I mean… I guess I need to come to terms with it… 'cause I can't really let my worry and doubt make me hesitate if someone's life is at risk, can I?" The question seems to be posed at himself as much as it is to Aidan.

"Do you really need an answer to that?" Aidan asks, his tone making it a rhetorical question. The server arrives with two bowls of stew and bread, setting them on the table and then leaving. Cheap, simple fare but it's hot and filling even if there are more vegetables than meat. "It could also mean someone injured, taken to the safety of the mountains to heal though I feel that's kind of a stretch with him in jesses. That implies captivity."

Taryn looks over at Aidan. There is quite a bit of shame in his eyes for even thinking it. He shakes his head, "No, not really…" Of course, if he was the type ot put his own comfort first, he wouldn't be here now, seeking Aidan's help. When the food arrives, Taryn digs into it like a starving man. "Oh, wow… now I understand why you like this place so much… this is amazing." He pauses in his eating, "I just kind of took it that Lady Sophie was in danger… I didn't even to think about it further… than that."

Aidan can't help but blink and glance down at his bowl. Amazing? "It's… adequate." Meaning the odds of food poisoning are slim. "They know how to use more spices than just salt. Someday I'll show you amazing. Anyway, while it's possible it's the Lady Sophie, you can't let your first impulse lock you into a single interpretation."

Taryn is the one to blink now. He looks over at Aidan, "This is probably one of the best meals I have had in a while, Lord Aidan… " He is completely serious. "If this is jsut adequate… I don't know if my stomach can handle your amazing." He nods, "I am learning that… especially after speaking with Lady Sir Agnes. It's like thinking, but not letting yourslf only thinking about what you know… " He smirks, offering a slight shrug, "And thinking isn't really my strong suit."

Aidan makes a noncommital sound. It's rude to comment on someone's pverty. "We'll go with simply excellent then." is all he says though he does shake his head at that last comment. "So how long have you had that inferiority complex? Or do you not really believe you're inferior and just insult yourself before someone else can?"

Taryn has just about finished the bowl of stew already. He shrugs slightly, "I don't really think that I'm inferior… I just know what I'm good at and what I'm not… and I wouldn't really count stuff like thinking as one of the things that I am good at." Taryn adds as an afterthought, "Besides… I was always taught that it's best to not stand out… otherwise people notice you too much."

"Well, if you've been trying not to stand out, you've failed miserably." Aidan points out. "So that, at least, you can truthfully claim to be horrible at. As for the rest…" He shrugs. "You are what you make yourself to be. If you think you're not good at thinking, work to improve it. Don't just shrug and let is slide. But you're obviously not stupid."

Taryn starts to shrug, but stops. It is his usual noncommittal gesture. "I'm good with horses… and I'd like to think that's decent with a sword… but that is really all that I can say that I'm good at… everything is just… adequate."

Aidan is taking his time to eat but when he sees Taryn is almost done, he motions to the server for a second bowl as well as two more beers. "Be confident in yourself, Taryn. No one else will if you aren't. How do you expect the royals to take you seriously if you're hesitant or putting yourself down?"

Taryn looks up, "Oh, that really isn't necessary, your lordship… one bowl is more than enough." He frowns slightly, "If the rest of the royals as like the ones that I have already met… I don't think that they will ever take me seriously…. " He pauses slightly, "but I will try to stop."

Too late, the server is already off getting the food and beer. "I'll be there with you to lend you my noble blood." Aidan offers dryly. "It automatically makes everything more credible since I was born to the right people and you weren't. But I'd hope that would be meaningless to the one I have in mind to speak to."

Taryn cocks his head slightly, "And who do you have in mind?" For someone who just said that one bowl was more than enough, he certainly doesn't look like he's willing to let the second bowl go to waste.

"Lady Sophie." Aidan answers. "I've spoken to her before and she seemed sensible. She's also Awakened so will understand not only the reliability of dreams but their unreliability. After all, without someone else having dreamt the same thing, we can't say for certain if it wasn't just a normal dream that freaked you out."

Taryn nods slightly as he eats. Yeah, the second bowl is disappearing nearly as fast as the first. "And the fact that she knows that I am Awakened won't hurt… " He pauses, "Hopefully, her cousin has not completely poisoned her from me…"

"That will help." Aidan agrees. "I was thinking Sir Ellinor to begin with but someone with experience with dreams is the better choice. Non-Awakened really can't understand."

Taryn finally starts to slow down in his assault of the stew. "How does one go about making an appointment with a member of the royal family… I really have no idea how this work… the last time I tried to find her, I got sent to like a dozen different places, before I finally found her… and even then, it was mainly because I reached my mind out to make contact with hers…"

"I'll comm her." is Aidan's simple answer. "She's actually training with the house forces to get some experience under her belt. She's also doing some other work at the request of my aunt. There shouldn't be a problem."

Well, duh. Of course it would be just that simple. Taryn does look over at the Peake lord. He reaches up and combs his hair back with his fingers. "We are talking about the same Lady Sophie, right? I cannot imagine her training to make war in any manner… I mean, I understand with the Hostiles… but still.. I thought she was a pacifist or soemthing."

"No, she's actually quite skilled with the bow." Aidan answers, sitting back and sipping his beer. "She just needs training in war instead of merely hunting. Given what you dreamt, I'll let her know it's important."
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Taryn seems surprised, but yet at the same time, very pleased to hear it. He smiles slightly at the idea of Sophie with a bow. "Well, she knows what I dreamt.. I told her.. I just don't know if she has even really thought about it.. I mean considering everything that has happened in the last couple days."

Aidan nods. "That's right. You did mention her earlier. But with what you've been saying, it didn't sound like your warning made it to their ears. It won't hurt thought to discuss it further and in more depth. Let's arrange that." He reaches up to his earbud and then over to his wrist computer…"

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