08.31.3013: Steel and Night Blooms
Summary: Over the course of three days, Avalyn and Michael spend a great deal of time together culminating a perfect night to remember forever.
Date: 31 - 01 Aug - Sept, 2013
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1 - 3 September 3013

The world around him flows by in a streaming blur of color and sounds. There are all sorts of carriages, crawlers, people, and pets on the streets below. The small hotel room balcony, current occupancy of one, is made of concrete and painted gray for originality. Inside, the room has just one double bed, a chair, a small desk, and a wall mounted vidscreen with promotions for free specialty channels. There's a docking station for the universal traveling tablets, and thankfully Michael has one of those so he can continue to keep in contact with the outside world. After they'd left Obsidia, Michael checked into a hotel with Avalyn… more so because this was were he'd be until his parents made room for him again at home. He's in his pajama pants, his typical deep charcoal-blue that really make his eyes stand out, contrasting his tanned abs, chest, and arms.

After that night in his old barracks room. Avalyn has changed. Oh not so much that Michael would be startled, but he has chipped away enough of the mask that she doesn't bother to wear it around him anymore. After checking in together, she excused herself, taking her small overnight bag into the bathroom while Michael changed into his loose fitting pajama bottoms. So engrossed in the panorama of Landing below, he fails to hear her come out. She looks at his back for an extended moment, her usual calculated look gone, replaced by one that is more vulnerable and caring. She looks…nervous! When she speaks, her voice is barely above a whisper…"Michael?" she asks, and if and when he does turn, he will see that she has changed into a black peignoir, a silken. flowing nightgown made of a sheer, diaphanous material and lace, a silken robe over it that is tied just beneath her breasts. She is a vision, the dark material obscuring what lies beneath, her hair loose and silken about her shoulders.

It is a long moment before Michael looks over his shoulder at Avalyn, then he motions to the chair next to him. "Hey Avalyn, you look great in that." Michael says before looking back out and down the four stories to the streets below. If/When she's come to sit with him Michael will smile softly at her, "How are you feeling Avalyn? Anything in particular you'd like for dinner tonight?" Their relationship is on the rocks because that's just where they both are at the moment.

Avalyn does indeed take the offered seat, her eyes lowering, a small, if tentative, smile coming to her lips. She nods and places her hands in her lap, looking down at them before continuing. "You know me. I'm resilient," she looks up and says "Food would be nice…" she starts, biting her lower lip "I'm not a fussy eater, so whatever you'd like I'm sure I'll like as well. How are you doing?" the last question brings a curious look. She is worried for him and it shows.

Not exactly taking up smoking, Michael has resorted to an old vice of his. Candy cigarettes were something one of his best friends introduced him to many many years ago during his squiring. They were both squires, and as such the thought of smoking was out… but it looked cool and they wanted to look cool. Tannes picked up the candy version, a sophisticated little sugar stick with a coating of white powder inside to make it appear as if you were puffing on the thing, and when it was sucked down it revealed a gum interior that could be bitten off piece at a time to slowly use up the cig like you were smoking it. Michael has one such stick of sugar in his mouth, and he puffs lightly on it to make the little powder cloud. "I'm fine… and I was just looking at some hamburgers and fries, I don't feel like fancy tonight." he looks over at her, "We'll go out tomorrow night, really go out on a proper date… how's that? Go to dinner in Arboren, then back here for some dancing or even to the Ring or something." he offers her a smile.

Avalyn just sort of tilts her head, watching Michael 'smoke' for a long moment, a brow arching as she regards him with more than a little curiosity, finally nodding after he speaks…"Sure." She says with a tentative smile…"Cheeseburgers sound good." At the mention of an actual date, she sits up straighter and blinks…"Dinner…and dancing? I…I would like that. Are you sure you won't mind being seen out and about with me? There could be…talk." She places a hand over his then and smiles warmly…"I would be proud to be seen with you, but I'd understand if you wanted to…wait longer before being seen together. I said I wouldn't rush things and I mean it."

In between the gentle puffs of powder smoke, Michael chews and then pops a gum bubble. He does this a couple times as he sits there staring out and thinking, currently keeping a tight lid on his inner turmoils. He sits back, taking the 'cig' from his mouth he looks over at her with a smile, "Fuck the press, let them talk all they want… I'm not ashamed of being seen with you." he fixes her with a firm look, "I'm not ashamed with being with you, Avalyn. I chose this… sure, breaking up with her is hard to take… and it hurts… but I'm not shamed by it. This shit happens to people all the time, she and I didn't work, you and I do… why try to make something work that just wasn't? Why deny something that does?" he shakes his head, "No, I want the world to see us together… I want to show you off to them, like I was flipping them off and saying look at me you fuckers. I've found the one, I'll be knighted soon, and I kick hostile ass, the fuck are you doing?" the 'cig' is dragged on so he can chew off a bit more gum.

Avalyn's smile warms then, her trepidation fading with each time the word 'fuck' leaves his lips. Fuck em all, right? There is something proud in her gaze, proud of him for taking the stance he has, proud of his unwillingness to let the outside world ruin what they might be building between then and most of all, proud that she is the one he has chosen. Her eyes sparkle as she leans towards him, her hand still resting on his arm, "Then I will make sure I dress in something that will make them sit up and take notice. Men will envy you for having such a delectable woman on your arm and the women will be jealous that they aren't as lucky as I am." She laughs softly "And if it is allowed, I will be there to see you knighted as you should be."

"I still have that kilt outfit I wore at the fashion show… if you think I look good in it… I'll wear it just for you. What ever color scheme you want too." Michael removes the 'cig' and leans over to kiss her lips softly before smiling, "Of course it will be allowed, because it will be my knighting ceremony… they aren't baring my girlfriend from it." he shakes his head, "My parents are a little skeptical of us, they aren't entirely pleased that events happened like they happened… however, my mother understands how I feel right now and as such she's somewhat okay with 'us'. You're just on the downhill side of her respect, so you'll need to work your ass off to earn it. I warn you though, these little stunts you've pulled in public, while erotic for me, would make her drag you off me and toss you on your ass outside. She's one for respect, decency, and requited love."

Avalyn's lips linger on Michael's, a soft sigh emitting from her as she smiles softly, just a quirky little smile as she nods thoughtfully. "I like the sound of that…girlfriend. I haven't been anyone's girlfriend since…" she furrows her brow but it is quickly erased by another smile. "Those days of flagrant displays are gone, Michael. I want you and your family to be proud of me…" she looks a tad scared though…mothers can be frightening, especially the ones that care about their sons. "My family will be overjoyed that I am 'dating' anyone at all, and ecstatic when they find out you are to be Knighted. My father may even cry." She laughs softly. "Now there may come a time where I cannot contain myself in public, but you'll have to get me pretty worked up…then I promise that instead of kissing you like I have before…I will find someplace secluded, maybe a bathroom or a closet, and there I will do things to you that would make a sailor blush."

<Scene fades out as they sit and discuss family, friends, and other such things about their pasts and presents.>
<The next day, Michael rises early and heads out to start planning for their date. Avalyn wakes and heads home to gather a few things so that she can spend the next few days with him… of course, this plan of hers is unbeknownst to Michael. After Michael returns to their hotel room, he gets himself ready for her and goes to pick her up. The scene starts after they've arrived…>

True to his word, Michael has found her a great place for a wonderful first date. At least in his eyes is should be a wonderful evening show and dinner combination. The squire had spent the better portion of the day shopping around for some romantic, fancy, dinner for two restaurant with candlelight service and expensive wine. None of the places he came across really spelled Avalyn for him, so he continued his search until he found The Hastilude House in Phylon. A sort of funny, quirky, jousting and other events dinner and theater that he knows will bring a bright smile and a warm laugh from his date.
Also true to his word, Michael is wearing his kilt and coat combination in a wonderful deep lavender with cream gold trim. His Swiss mocha fitted tunic that latches with embroidered frog closures up the front is covered in a deep lavender vest with cream gold buttons and folded handkerchief. Over the vest is another deep lavender coat with similar cream gold buttons and piping accents along the folded cuffs with solid gold cuff links of a modern design with a script M and A monogram etched deeply into it in black relief. Below this coat ensemble is the kilt, a menagerie of tartan dark lavender and cream gold with solid gold studding down the front left and right of the apron. To top it off are his studded tall boots coming to half leg with lacing up the side.
“I found a great place for us Avalyn, it's a dinner and a show I think you'll like it.” Michael smiles at his date, taking in all that she's wearing including her resplendent make-up and hair. “You always look beautiful… but tonight you're just absolutely gorgeous”. and that means leaning in to steal a sweet kiss, hoping a little of her lipstick rubs off on his lips. Most men find it embarrassing when they have a display of their female companion's affections on their lips or face, probably from the fact that it's make-up and as such not a guy thing. Michael is different, to him it's a sign of being claimed as hers and her being his. He wears any lipstick stain about him proudly, and he walks tall with her at his side, arm through his.

Avalyn steps back after Michael kisses her and gives a slow spin, arms out, She has outdone herself this evening and made Michael wait quite a long time while she got ready. So much time that it may have started to anger him, but when she appears, his jaw may well drop a bit. The strapless gown fits her figure like a second skin and very much looks almost…painted on. Black lace reveals hints of skin on the bodice, the full floor length skirt made of a shiny black material that almost resembles snakeskin and reflects the light with tiny sparkles. Her dark, silken tresses are pulled up and back, falling in thick curls down her back and is interspersed with dark onyx pins. Her dark blue eyes are rimmed with black kohl and her full lips are painted a deep ruby red. She smiles at Michael, her eyes sparkling and soft, a blush suffusing her cheeks with color. She smooths her dress over her hips and looks down at herself. "I wanted to look nice for you. I hope you like it." she says as she moves to take Michael's arm, tucking her hand into his elbow, hugging his arm as she looks up at him with an adoring smile. "I am excited to see what you have planned.

"You look stunning Avalyn, like it is too soft a descriptor." Michael replies as he smiles back to her, leading her down to the first rows of seating. The royalty box had been reserved for over a month, so the next best was front row seating and Michael wanted her to feel as special as she makes him feel. They are seated with Michael on the end, Avalyn just in and next to him. Goblets with wine are poured for them prior to the first course, a light but sweet and spicy tomato soup with fresh baked bread.

Down in the center a man in half armor walks out onto the grounds and picks up speaking to everyone as his voice pick-up amplifies, "Milords and miladies, welcome to the Hastilude House of Phylon. Where the medieval fantasies of old Earth come to life right before your very eyes. Knights jousting in armor without electronics, riding atop non destriers at his speeds. Sparring matches between unaided swordsmen, falconers, and the of course! What spectacular spectacle would be complete without a little bit of the mystical?" he pauses for dramatic affect, "Thaaaaaaaats Right! Our master of mysteries, the powerful sorcerer Solanus will be performing powerful magics in a miraculous display of morganic miasma." he takes a step to the side, to start off tonight's events we have our falconers." he gives them names and two tabard clad females step out on the field with huge falcons on their gloved arms.

Avalyn's smile widens as she listens to the announcer, blinking and looking at Michael as he reveals the coming mystical display. She places a hand on Michaels and smiles at him, whispering so as not to disturb those around her. "I have never been here before. I never new such a show existed." she smiles warmly before taking a sip from her soup. She is a delicate eater, very well trained in etiquette, being the daughter of a former Knight and reputedly very rich man…somewhat a princess herself, just not the royal kind. She perks up as the falcons appear. "Oh Michael, aren't they beautiful?"

Michael nods to Avalyn, also whispering, "Yes, neither did I. I found it by accident while I wandered around today trying to plan out the perfect first date for us." he smiles softly to her before also sipping lightly at the soup. His father instilled into him a habit of eating and drinking so lightly that one isn't sure he's actually eaten or drunk until the evidenced empty bowl or cup. He dips the bread into the soup and takes a bite, smiling his appreciation for the sweet herbal notes of their combination. Swallowing and washing it down with wine, he nods, "Yes, they are incredible to watch." he says, "I hope you're enjoying it so far." he seems slightly nervous, like a schoolboy on a first date with a woman two grades above him.

The falconers command the birds to soar out over the crowd in beautiful, graceful arcs and sweeps before diving right down and pulling out upside-down at the last minute. The aerial acrobatics of the birds eventually comes to a close as the first course finishes. There is a light break between to allow for people to get up and move around if they need to, after the twenty minute show. When the announcer comes back on, servers are already discoursing the main meal. A beautifully cut and prepared fillet of porterhouse steak on a bed of roasted potatoes, and potatoes. The wine also changes to a flavor more suitable for the meal. "Up next, something most people watch from the comfort of their living rooms… Jousting!" he waits for a moment, "Now, you may not know this, but in ancient times knights used armor that didn't have special equipment in them. They relied on their eyes alone to aim the lances they fought with… tonight, we strive to bring back some of the magic of those times." And two beautiful chestnut horses cantor out into the lists, the Knights atop them resplendent in their highly polished plate mail, helms having slits cut into them instead of armored and tinted transparent plating. Their lances made of wood instead of lightweight metals with monomolecular tips.

Avalyn has eyes for Michael alone, her attentions solely on him. There are appreciative looks from more than one man, some of whom have dates of their own, but she pointedly ignores them all in favor of keeping her brilliant blue eyes trained on Michael and the show. "It really is perfect…" she whispers with a smile as the steaks are placed before them. A few bites are taken and the taste is absolutely delicious by the look on her face and the pleased little sound she makes. "I haven’t eaten all day and this is absolutely delicious.." she admires the knight's atop their horses then, their old fashioned armor gleaming in the light…"I would love to see you in something like that. You would look magnificent…"

The knights joust over and over again until one finally yields to his better. They lead their horses off the field and the center rail is taken down to open up the area. Michael eats his meal quietly, and finishes it at a medium pace. He washes it down with wine, before smiling at Avalyn. Several other women have been giving her slightly daggered looks as they watch the transactions between the squire and medic, clearly jealous of her… and not entirely because she's with Michael. Avalyn's dress has been ogled by several men, in a way not many other women are getting looked at. Then, there's Michael's attention on his date alone. He watches the show, but when he does look to his date his eyes do not roam, he doesn't watch any other women… and that makes them greener and greener with their heat filled emotion. He smiles, and then stands up. "Excuse me my darling, I need to see about a horse, if you get my meaning." he smiles, "I'll be right back, please don't go anywhere." and then he's wandering up the steps and disappears from sight.

Avalyn seems to ignore all the daggered looks she receives, her smiles alone for Michael, her attention drawn to him again and again. She pauses her eating to watch him for a moment, her eyes softening…"You really have outdone every expectation I had for our night. And the way you look…" she admires his dress as her eyes soften and her smile warms.."You really were meant to wear a kilt. I am the envy of every woman here…" she obviously has seen some of those stares. When Michael excuses himself she blinks a little at his words, finally taking it as a euphemism, blushing a little as she nods. "Oh! Certainly…I'll be here…"

It takes a short while before the announcer's voice picks up again and the field looks ready, "For our final event of the night, we have a special treat for you. Sadly, I must admit that our sorcerer was unable to make it tonight. As one of the sorcerers of House Cindravale he was called off to fight the good fight and keep Haven safe. So, we've invited someone to come out to the field to fight in a melee with our house Champion. These two will be facing off in the ancient armors of old, using old style swords and shield to duel for the honor of a woman.” And suddenly there's a spot light illuminating Avalyn's beautiful countenance. "The daughter of the afamed Draekerys Steelworks, Miss Avalyn Draekerys, will be fought over by these two knights. I now present to you our challenger…" and a man of Michael's height and build moves out onto the field with a massive claymore set over his shoulder. The light watches him walk in the antiquated plate mail, but he moves with the same alacrity as he does in his own combat armor. "Your challenger for this evening, fighting for the honor of Miss Draekerys, Young Master Michael Athyros!" there's an explosion of clapping and cheers, then the crowd hushes and the Champion walks out, wielding a towershield and longsword, a great axe strapped to his back. "And the house Champion, Rythvain!" eruptions of cheering and excited clapping. The two move to face each other, and both raise their blades in salute. Michael, as the challenger, offers the first move to Rythvain who raises his blade and surges forward for a downwards strike.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — ManAtArms1=Swords Vs Michael=Swords
< ManAtArms1: Success Michael: Good Success
< Net Result: Michael wins - Marginal Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Michael=Swords Vs ManAtArms1=Swords
< Michael: Failure ManAtArms1: Good Success
< Net Result: ManAtArms1 wins - Solid Victory

Avalyn had assumed incorrectly that Michael was…relieving himself, so she continues to take small bites of her steak before the servers come to remove the plates. She looks around for him, a small furrow on her brow, so she fails to see him step out onto the jousting field, her name being announced doesn’t sink in until suddenly she is the center of a spotlight. She looks back at the field and her jaw drops, the look of utter surprise bringing chuckles from some of those around her. Ava's face flames with color, but she smiles almost shyly as she meets Michael's gaze, sending him a blown kiss, making her choice be known by all. When the two men begin their match, she is riveted. She has seen…and even fought him herself and knows his skills, so she isn’t worried in the least as the match starts.

The ringing of their blades fills the stadium as first the Champion's sword is deflected just in time by Michael's armored forearm, then the towershield proves to be a nuisance for the squire as his claymore strike bounces off the hard wall of steel. They go at each other over and over, trading blow after blow to no avail, Michael sidesteps a wide strike and brings his claymore up into a sweeping strike.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Michael=Swords Vs ManAtArms1=Swords
< Michael: Failure ManAtArms1: Great Success
< Net Result: ManAtArms1 wins - Crushing Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — ManAtArms1=Swords Vs Michael=Swords
< ManAtArms1: Success Michael: Good Success
< Net Result: Michael wins - Marginal Victory

Avalyn is on the edge of her seat, her brow furrowed as she holds her hands together up to her lips. He isn’t used to these old fashioned armors and weapons and she seems to realize that during the next round…

Once more that towershield gets into the way and Michael's strike is thwarted, however the squire is good enough to deflect the strike jabbed at him. The Champion presses his attack, and Michael lets gives up ground as he pushed further and further towards the wall. Their blades don't seem to make contact with body, just ringing against each other or on the shield. As Michael is pressed against the wall, he waits for the strike…
<FS3> Michael rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Michael rolls Athletics: Failure.
<FS3> Michael rolls Athletics: Failure.
<FS3> Michael rolls Athletics: Success.

The swing is waited for, anticipated even, and when it comes Michael is acutely aware of it. He ducks just so, and the blade embeds into the wooden wall behind him. He steps to the side only the other Knight's shield is brought around to trap him, the squire steps to the other side but is thwarted there… he seems trapped in place unable to get free as the Knight struggles to drag his sword free. Then, Michael does the impossible, he plants his sword into the ground and uses it to push himself up, placing hands onto the knight's shoulders he uses his momentum to slide up and over the large Champion and land behind him. Only now, he's without a blade…

Avalyn gasps and comes to her feet as Michael becomes trapped, her hands covering her mouth to stifle the cry that threatens to erupt from her, She does not want to distract him, not at this crucial junction. Her hands drop but remain clenched into fists as she watches the impossible unfold. Michael's maneuver is brilliant and bold and Ava cannot help but cheer him on, her eyes bright and proud. "Michael!" she cheers with a ringing voice as some of the audience comes to their feet as well, repeating her cheer "Michael! Athyros!" They chant, getting caught up in the show.

The Champion yanks out his blade finally and turns to regard the unarmed squire, he doesn't seem to relent though, and swing after swing is rained down as Michael steps side to side. Finally he makes it to where another weapon is waiting for him, he lifts up the longsword and runs his arm through the strap of the heavy metal kite shield. This time he rushes in at the Champion sword readied for his assault…
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Michael=Swords Vs ManAtArms=Swords
< Michael: Good Success ManAtArms: Good Success
< Net Result: Michael wins - Marginal Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Michael=Swords Vs ManAtArms=Swords
< Michael: Amazing Success ManAtArms: Success
< Net Result: Michael wins - Crushing Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Michael=Swords Vs ManAtArms=Swords
< Michael: Success ManAtArms: Failure
< Net Result: Michael wins - Marginal Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — ManAtArms=Swords Vs Michael=Swords
< ManAtArms: Success Michael: Good Success
< Net Result: Michael wins - Marginal Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — ManAtArms=Swords Vs Michael=Swords
< ManAtArms: Good Success Michael: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW
<FS3> Opposed Roll — ManAtArms=Swords Vs Michael=Swords
< ManAtArms: Failure Michael: Great Success
< Net Result: Michael wins - Crushing Victory

Avalyn remains on her feet, cheering with the crowd, her pride in Michael apparent in the sparkle of her deep blue eyes. Most of the audience is with her and they give thunderous kudos to the exciting match…

In a blinding show of speed and skill Michael's blade sings! It clashes against the towershield and rocks the Champion back a step, then he smacks the wall of metal clear away from the Champion's body, the poor fighter works to keep up but Michael is clearly the better of the two as he drives his blade at his enemy. In a powerful show of skill and finesse, Michael not only disarms the Champion but also topples him off his feet to set the point of his blade against the knight's neck. The announcer's voice picks up over the roar of the crowd, "What a spectacle folks! What an exciting show that was! The Young Master bested our house Champion and won the honor of Miss Draekerys." he steps to Michael's side as the squire helps the knight to his feet, "Young Master Michael Athyros, may I ask you a question? Will you tell the crowd for whom you dedicate this amazing victory?" Michael's eyes go straight to Avalyn as he says, "It goes to my beautiful girlfriend, Avalyn Draekerys. I love you babe!" he calls up to her, clearly using the last bit to get the crowd cheering… or was he?

Avalyn whispers to one of the attendants near her, the man nodding as he opens a small gate for her that leads onto the jousting field. As Michael makes his declaration, she is running across the field, her skirt raised a bit in one hand. Its no small feat either, running across the packed dirt to reach his side. She stops a few feet from him and seems to search his features for some spark of confirmation. She then closes the distance and throws her arms around him, kissing him deeply. She pulls back and whispers…"I know I promised I shouldn’t do this again, but….I love you Michael." She kisses him again to the thunderous cheers of the crowd.

As she runs out to him, Michael tugs his helmet off of his head and plants his sword into the dirt. His arms open wide to catch her, searching his face she'll see one expression… pride. Then she kisses him, and he doesn't hold back until she pulls away and whispers her confession, all he can do is kiss her again, deeply. Passionately, before pulling back and saying, "I have more planned for tonight… let me go change back into my clothes then we'll get out of here." He'll lead her with him out to the back area and she'll be guided by attendants up a waiting area for him. It isn't long, about the same amount of time it took earlier when he'd left her side, before he's walking out the double doors in his kilt and coat. Michael smiles at her and offers his arm, "Lets get ourselves to the club shall we? Drinks and dancing, what do you say?"

Avalyn would be happy enough to remain in his arms forever judging by the look in her eyes. This Ava has left the other behind, transforming into this loving creature willing to risk all of her fears for the man she loves…Their kiss is electric, filled with all the emotion she has kept at bay. Her lips are soft and pliant on his and when he sets her down, she smiles and nods, an attendant coming forward to escort her back to her seat as Michael heads for the changing room. When he reappears next to her she smiles excitedly…"I cant believe you have more planned. Oh Michael…I don’t think I'll ever forget this night with you." She tucks her hand into the crook of his arm and nods…"Lets go!"

When they get outside, Michael's clearly worked this whole date out start to finish. A horse drawn carriage pulls up to wait for him to help her into it, and then step up and sit down next to her. "Okay… so I lied about drinks and dancing… we're actually going to be taking an open carriage ride through the park together. I just wanted it to be a surprise for you… I wanted this whole night to be a surprise for you." he puts an arm around her waist to pull her closer to him, "I've never done anything like this for someone, and you make me feel so special and wanted… I wanted to make you feel special too." The carriage starts off as the sun fully sets, causing the hanging lanterns to flicker to life with a warm romantic glow. Michael works off his coat and leans Avalyn forward just enough to place it around her shoulders before hugging her to him.

Avalyn is surprised and pleasantly so, her eyes sparkling as Michael reveals his deception. She smiles at him as he places his jacket around her bare shoulders, grateful for the added warmth in the cooling air, the sun setting causing a myriad of colors to splash along the horizon, golds, purples and oranges. As he draws her closer she leans against him and rests her cheek on his shoulder. her voice is soft "I've never had a date like this Michael. I’ve never felt so special. First the combat and now this…" she looks around…"Its all so beautiful. I've never felt like this…" She looks up at him then and kisses his lips softly "I've never felt so special. Thank you Michael…"

"I've always wanted to make just one someone feel special to me… just one. I thought I had… but it seems I was wrong." Michael's tone darkens for a moment, then he shakes his head slightly, "I want you to know something… I'll let you in, give you access to my heart, but I don't want to disappoint you." he rests his chin in her hair, stroking her arm gently, "It's going to be a long time before I've healed, before we've both healed. My friend was right when she said that falling for someone so fast was unhealthy." he pauses, "But that doesn't mean I can't, and I want to." he leans down to kiss her, "What I said back there, in the stadium… it's a first admittance of a growing feeling. Not fully realized or matured, but it will be someday."

Avalyn's hand rests over Michael's heart as she listens, the soft perfume of her hair filling his senses with jasmine and vanilla. She doesn’t interrupt and listens quietly to his heartbeat as he confides in her. After he stops, she is silent for a long moment before raising her head, her gaze vulnerable but her voice resolute "You've never disappointed me Michael, far from it. We both know that there is something there between us, there has been from the day we met. I was just too selfish to let it go as I should have, I complicated your life and for that I am sorry, but I cant be sorry for falling in love with you. No one has managed to make me feel this way, no one has even tried. I've never been one to wait Michael, but I will wait for you. No matter how long it takes. I will wait."

"I won't make you wait for me Avalyn, you have me… whatever you'd like from me is yours." Michael says softly, taking in a strong deep sniff of her intoxicating perfumes, "Waiting for me sounds like you'd be on the sidelines… cheering me on but making me walk through this alone. I don't want to be alone anymore… not in matters of the heart. I spent a month in love but completely alone for it all." he hugs her tightly, "I'm yours Avalyn, all of me is yours… you stamped me as yours with that first kiss at the fashion show, and you reminded me of it with the one in front of my knight… I am yours."
The carriage passes through a Waysgate taking them to a lush evergreen park. The leafy pines closing in around them with the strong scents of winter, even in the end of summer. The chill here means that Michael pulls Avalyn closer to him, his heart beat steady and strong, he breathing peaceful and his deep voice rumbling in his chest.

Avalyn smiles as she rubs her cheek against Michael's shoulder, enjoying the closeness of him, his arms around her making her feel safe and whole. The chill makes her tremble a bit, seeking refuge deeper against him, her dress not one meant for such weather. He can feel every curve of her, her heat radiating through to him "You won't be alone Michael, I promise you won't. I can't go back now… I’ve come too far and it is all due to your friendship, your faith in me that I could be a better person and not this…callous, thoughtless, selfish woman. Its easy to just say I will not try. But I can't be that person anymore." She looks up at him then and her eyes mist a little. Her hands cup his cheeks and draws him into a kiss that is gentle at first, just a spark between them, but something blooms, and the fire grows warmer, her lips sliding across his gently, her tongue grazing his lower lip.

As their kiss deeps slowly into something passionate, Michael makes a soft muted sound as he lets his lips part with hers. The moment accentuated by the brilliance of the moon, the sweet tangy smell of the pines, the chill of the air, the fleeting hoot of an owl now and then. The warm glow of the lanterns is eventually paired with a comforting radiance of soft heat from the floor of the carriage to keep the occupants comfortable. Even still, Michael works to keep her close to him while he continues this highly emotion filled and incredible first real kiss. It lasts longer than any kiss he's ever had, a full eight minutes of their lips gliding together, parted just enough as they welcome the other into them, in a way their kiss was symbolic of their slowly building relationship. Eventually the mark hits and they are parted, Michael keeps her hugged to his chest, his coat around her shoulders. "There's one last surprise darling… one finale for this perfect evening." and as he says this, the carriage clears a bend in the road to cobbled down towards a little wooden bridge above a steady stream, the path leading up to a gazebo decked in beautiful night blooming vines, the deep crimson and purples of the flowers mixes with their fragrance, the horses stop and Michael helps her out. Then he leads her at a slow pace along the path, over the bridge and up to the gazebo. All the while humming softly a light romantic melody one might hear at a wedding reception as the bride and groom's first dance.

Avalyn gasps slightly as she sees the beauty of the vine covered gazebo, her eyes brilliant as he leads her up the path, her hand tucked into his arm. When they reach the wooden, flower covered structure, she enters before him, her dress making a soft swishing sound as she walks and he cannot help but see how the gown clings to her curvaceous form, how it makes her skin glow above the lace bodice, her breasts accentuated. She turns then and smiles, holding out a hand to him. "Oh Michael, I keep thinking this night cannot get any better and you keep surprising me."

"Life is full of surprises, and you surprised me the most when you literally ran into my life." Michael steps into the small gazebo and a beautifully romantic violin, viola, and cello piece picks up from nowhere as Michael takes her hand to his lips to brush a gentleman’s kiss over her knuckles. He bows slightly, "My lady, will you do me the honor of this dance?" he asks with gallantry and chivalric romance in his tone. When she does accept, he'll pull her to him yet again, left hand at the small of her back, right hand taking her left in his as he starts to sway into a four step slow dance with her.

Avalyn curtseys to Michael as he asks her to dance, her eyes fluttering downward demurely, her smile warm and inviting as she nods. "I would be honored to, Sir Michael." she intones softly as she steps into the circle of his arms with a natural grace. She is so very light and airy on her feet and it feels like they dance on clouds. He can feel her heartbeat quicken…the romance of the music, their closeness and the perfume of the flowers combining to make everything just…perfect.

As the night envelopes them in its sweet cocoon of music, fragrances, chill, and silvery light, Michael and Avalyn dance slowly together in their private gazebo. The hour passes as they move in slow steady circles to different weeping violins and guitars the ache out the slow melodic joining of two people's hearts. The hour grows later, and they are sitting together on a small deck overlooking a serene lake, the moon brilliantly reflected on the mirrored surface of glassy water. Michael's fingers interlaced with hers as they share the peace filled moment together, perhaps the last chance either of them have for sort of thing. Eventually Michael's carriage arrives to pick them up, and he leads her down the path and onto the bridge where he stops her, and pulls her into his arms to kiss her. Telling with his lips, of the growing passion and desire for her within him. The kiss is a time stopper, as the world slowly grays out and stands perfectly still while his strong arms keep her steady and lean her back slightly into a semi-dip.
Their many moments together throughout this evening seem to culminate when they return to the hotel they'd checked into the day prior. The lift ride up to the top cannot be spoken of in public, nor can the shuffle through the doors and down the hall to their room… Michael couldn't get the key card into the door lock quickly enough, but eventually they were through and thank the Six for pneumatic springs that shut doors for people in this very situation… a night to be remembered, for the rest of their lives.

<Obviously we took what happens off camera ;P However, we'll give you a hint via song.>

<The scene opens up here… the next morning around 6:30am or there abouts.>

Their hotel room is a mess, the lone double bed is sheetless save for the base covering the mattress. The errant sheets are sprawling over just about everything, the chair is toppled over, the desk has moved a few inches and the once partially covered surface in now clean with the items littering the floor. Pillows are wantonly discarded here, there, everywhere… lets just describe the place as rather untidy.

Outside on the small patio Michael sits with another of his candy cigs in his mouth. There's a cup of terrible coffee on the tiny round table to the side of him, a partner to it just there a couple inches from it, and then the other chair currently unoccupied. The owner inside for the moment. The imagery of their night plays over and over in the squire's mind, having neither of them drunk they are both sure to remember every beautiful, savage, and amazing detail in vivid memory for years and years to come. He stares out at the city skyline, remembering their entire night from started to glorious finish, remembers why the comforter is currently draped over the chair next to him, and all over the ground… and why they woke up on the patio during the sun's rise.

One of the reasons the sheets are 'missing' from the bed, is that it now has become a wrap for Avalyn, Much like her black gown (that now lies in a crumpled pool near the door) the sheet leaves her shoulders bare. With hair tousled, she smiles at Michael as she slips into his lap, just the thin cotton separating flesh from flesh. There is something so relaxed in her right now and she winds her arms around his neck, every care just washed away, every thought focused on Michael as she kisses him softly…sometimes though, forgetfulness has a price, but life is just to spectacular at the moment. Soft lips meet his as she murmurs…"Good morning…did ypu sleep well?" she asks in a husky, purring voice.

"Best night of sleep I've gotten in over a month, I can assure you of that." Michael's deep husky morning voice replies against her lips, his hands sliding up her form before pulling her into him more. "How did you sleep my little rebel?" he asks, a slight tease from the events of the midnight hour. "I'm am both curious and not, at where you learned to do some of what you did… and I'm surprised at myself by some of it. There's plenty we'll need to try again." he winks at her with a smile, "What should we do for breakfast?" he asks even as his stomach announces his need for food.

Avalyn smiles lazily down into Michael's face and leans close as she nibbles softly at the edges of his lips. She sighs softly as she remembers the glorious night they spent up and up…and up. "Rebel, eh?" she teases lightly as she grabs a menu from off the table. "we better make sure we have a hearty meal. I'd hate for you to lose all strength, especially because I plan on a round two. I particularly liked the way you took me up against the wall. You have very strong arms to be able to hold me up like that…" she teases lightly as she rubs his stomach, hearing it growl in protest…"We need…." she reads from the room service menu…"Coffee, juice…eggs and hash browns…some fruit aaaaand…blueberry muffins."

Michael grins up at her, "I work out…" a laid back drawl as if acting cool about it, his arms stretch out to the sides, purposefully flexing his large biceps and triceps, his pectorals and his well cut eight pack (those two littler muscles just above the six normal indicating that he also does something similar to kickboxing) "Mmmm, that all sound amazing… you make the call?" he asks as he nuzzles her neck gently, "And a round two? Sure we'll survive a round two? Granted, crying out for more over and over again does lend you credit for a round two." he grins into the soft of her throat. "I wonder if Sir Kaedin will contact me soon, discuss my squiring… I think that doctor was serious about really examining my physical fitness." he gently shakes his head, "I'd rather you gave your opinion on my readiness." that being more and a provocative comment than a serious request for her opinion on whether or not he's fit to be a squire. It is morning after all, and he's currently sans cloth coverings aside from the inverse of her sheetwrap.

Avalyn chuckles softly and mmms as Michael shows off his well developed physique. "Oh I know I'm up for another round…its you that I'm worried about." she teases lightly as she reaches across Michael to grab the cordless phone that just lies on the floor. She never leaves his lap as she squirms about, ending up on her stomach across his lap, like a child about to be spanked. She orders from that position and after she hangs up she frowns slightly. "I think that doctor wanted more than to just examine you. I'll scratch her eyes out if she touches you…" she seems only to be half teasing this time…

Michael watches her squirm around in his lap until she finishes ordering their breakfast, in her current position he can't help but give her rear a nice little swat, something playful at best. "That a fact?" he asks her as she threatens to defend her claim on him. It's several long moments like this until he starts to move around, getting them repositioned such that, while he doesn't really need to say anything based on her point of view, he says, "I think I'll be good for another round… or three." he smilesmirks at her, giving her the implications she needs.

The morning ends up being theirs to enjoy, its about thirty minutes until their meal arrives. Then, after their meal it's shower time… not something describable for general public… followed with getting dressed and heading out for the day, Michael turns to Avalyn, "Shall we just take a day to walk together along the various main streets? Shopping when we feel like it? Grab something light for lunch and follow up later with a nice dinner then going out for drinks?" … their conversation fades as Michael takes her hand in his, entangling their fingers together, proud and confidently showing to the world she is his and he is hers and they are both quite happy together.

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