10.27.3013: Steel and Marble
Summary: Michael and Avalyn have a small private wedding with a couple of friends and family
Date: 29 Sept. 2013
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Avalyn Michael 

A small chapel near the Grand Chantry Waygate
27 Oct. 3013

Logfile from Fifth World.

This small chantry chapel has been decorated white and gold, beautiful floral displays line the pews along with ribbons and bows. At the front of the chapel is the priest, dressed in his regular chantry finery, holding in his hand a book with symbol of the Six on the cover. He's an older man with many lines in his features and a happy smile, half rim glasses over graying eyes. Just in front and to the right of him stands Michael, he's dressed in his family's favored colors. Charcoal gray and burnished gold, a tailored tunic that tucks into his straight low cut trousers, a vest and long coat over that. Just behind him is his knight and best man, to his right is William.

In the front row on the groom's side are Michael's parents, his mother a stoic gaze while his father a sobbing ball of nervous and joy snuggled into his wife's side.

Trelayna, dressed in a dove gray chiffon dress with an empire waist, accentuated with a wide ribbon of gold, her blonde hair pulled up and back, begins down the aisle carrying a spray of lavender and yellow orchids mixed with white Babies Breath. She reaches the altar and turns, her eyes moist with tears and her smile beaming. There is a hush, a pause as the eyes of their loved ones turn to the back of the chantry in anticipation. The wait is not long, and Avalyn appears, arm in arm with her father, Avan, begins the processional down the aisle, radiant in a gown of white that almost perfectly matches the spectacular black dress they wore on their first date, form flattering and strapless. This gown unlike the black one, has a longer train that follows her. She is radiantly beautiful, her face glowing with the love she feels for the man she is about to marry. She smiles at Michael's parents before looking over at the small group on the bride's side. Valeryn beams a wide smile, his glasses making him look scholarly indeed. Davys has tears running down his cheeks and tries to hide them, but its clear they are tears of joy for her sister. The only one not wearing a smile is Liadain, looking regal in a lavender dress, not even a hint of a smile gracing her lips.

Finally Avalyn makes her way to where Michael stands, shimmering tears in her eyes as Avan kisses both her cheeks, murmuring something to her before taking a step back, nodding to Michael with a broad smile.

Michael steps forward and offers his hand to Avalyn, when she takes it he'll nod to Avan and smile before leading Avalyn to the stand before the priest. The priest begins, "Dearly beloved, we're gathered today as witness to the union of Michael Xavier Athyros and Avalyn Mellisandre Draekerys in matrimony in the eyes of the Six." and so on as he gives the opening of the ceremony. He calls on each of the Six and their blessings of the marriage. He looks to Avalyn and Michael with a smile before looking to the small gathering of family, "The couple shall give their vows." Michael looks to Avalyn, with a loving smile that says she's up first.

Avalyn flushes with color as Michael smiles at her, the pulse at her throat jumping almost visibly, her heart doing flip-flops in her chest. She smiles back at him, her eyes softly glowing with adoration. She speaks loud enough for all to hear and yet never looks away from Michael. Her words are meant for him and the gods that watch over, her declarations before all. "I thought about writing something down before the ceremony, but decided not to even try. I want the words that come from me to be from the heart and not some speech that I rehearsed over and over." She looks at those gathered finally. "So forgive me if I don't make much sense. Believe me, this whole wedding doesn't make much sense, but it is what was meant to be from the day that I was born." She looks back at Michael. "Michael Xavier Athyros, I think I loved you from the moment we met, that evening at the lake. I made a mess of things, said and did things that I never have before and yet you never gave up on me. No one has ever done that before and it only made me love you all the more. Now, I can't even begin to imagine a life without you by my side. Every day I thank the gods for you and I swear before them and everyone that I am yours in mind, body, and soul. There will be times I drive you mad and make you want to strangle me, but never forget one thing. I love you. I will always love you."

There's an aww from the family, save for one person who doesn't even seem to really care to be here. Michael seems to fight the urge to lean in for a kiss, compromising with a warm smile. "I did write mine, but I didn't bring it with me. There's a tradition I heard about where you write your dreams on a piece of paper and then set fire to the paper so the ashes take to the wind. In time, that dream will take form before you." he pauses, "When you met me by the lake, I was dealing with troubles. My heart ached for attention from one I loved. I saw in you something half remembered, and held onto what turned into a dream come true. The two of us were at odds, the same halves of twin broken hearts, and we fought constantly as we struggled to come to terms with our emotions."

"Our relationship has been a whirlwind speed, first friends who fought like crazy, then friends who flirted for fun, then dating because there was no denying it, then courting because I somehow knew this day would come. I asked you to marry me, because when I sat and thought about it all… there's only been one person who's persisted in trying to be with me. Only one person who's gotten so furious with me because I wouldn't even hold her hand." he laughs softly, "Avalyn, my love for you is growing with each day that I see your smile and hear your voice. Each time I hear you laugh. My love for you grows every time you rest your head on my shoulder and cry for whatever reason it might be that day." he smiles, "I love you more than you'll ever know, because my love you won't cease to grow."

Avalyn starts to cry as Michael speaks. Not great heaving sobs, but softly as he speaks, enveloping her in his heartfelt words of love. In her eyes there is a deep felt desire to throw herself into Michael's arms and kiss him until the world falls away except for them, but this is not the time and place to give in. Instead there is a promise there and she laughs a little, remembering those times he drove her mad. She squeezes his hands gently as she holds them and looks to the elderly priest to continue the ceremony.

Michael's words cause even his mother to start crying, the retired thick skinned sergeant of the Citadel borrows her massively weeping husband's handkerchief to dab at her eyes and blow her nose quietly. There might even have a been a watering of Liadain's eyes, but no one will ever be certain of that. Ever. The priest unashamedly wipes a tear away and smiles at them both. He recites several lines more, asking each if they'll take the other through all times in life, if they promise to be there for the other no matter what happens.

"I do."

"I do."

The answers sound out softly from the couple and the priest turns to give the ring to Michael first, he slides the ring onto Avalyn's finger. "Avalyn Mellisandre, I take thee to be my wife." The priest now hands Avalyn her ring for Michael.

Avalyn places the ring on Michael's finger and slides it on, smiling at him with happy tears treaming down her cheeks. "Michael Xavier, I take thee as my husband." She intones in a voice filled with emotion. The priest then asks the assembled "If anyone has any reason why these two should not wed, let them speak now or forever hold their peace." For some reason all eyes seem to wander to Liadain who merely raises a brow at them challengingly as she remains silent at her husband's side. Avan tries not to quirk a smile as he looks from Liadain back to his eldest daughter, looking quite proud of her.

"You are now husband and wife." The priest announces, then looks to Michael, "You may kiss the bride." Michael mutters, "don't mind if I do." before he steps forward and cups her cheeks in his hands. Lips to hers for a long time before he breaks off and smiles at her, "Mine." he whispers softly his smile getting playful along with the gleam in his eye. With the ceremony complete, Michael takes Avalyn by the hand and leads her out of the small chapel to where Thunder is waiting for them, Buddy dutifully on the large war horse's head. The little guy has a bow somehow stuck to his head, and Thunder has been decorated for the occasion.

Avalyn's smile is positively radiant as the priest announces their union, her smile never fading even beneath Michael's lips as they kiss. She laughs softly as she hears his possessive words, nodding in agreement as she whispers "Yours!" back to him, taking his hand as they face the small gathering. She can't help but blink as they leave the small chantry chapel, stopping to stare at Buddy perched atop Thunder's head, dressed for the event in his bow, chittering excitedly. Avalyn starts to laugh and looks at Michael. "He really is dedicated to Thunder, isn't he." she says before looking back at the great warhorse, made up in his finery. She smiles and bows to Thunder "And you look amazingly handsome Thunder."

Thunder horse-mutters softly then snorts his approval, Buddy leans to stare deeply into Avalyn's eyes. Of course, he's just a chipmunk so there's no real hidden messages, he most likely just likes to stare deeply into people's eyes. Michael laughs, "Yes, Buddy will not leave even as cold as it is. I've decided that he can stay so long as he doesn't interfere with Thunder's combat training. He's taken to hiding in a small compartment at the front of the saddle." Michael'll climb into the saddle, then help Avalyn climb up into it and sit side saddle across his lap as his arms go around her to take the reins. He plants a kiss to her cheek, "I'm sorry wife, but a honeymoon will have to wait. The price we pay for having the wedding this soon."

Avalyn stares back at Buddy, smiling at the furry little beast. She laughs as Thunder paws the ground and once settled in Michael's lap, she winds her arms around his neck and kisses his lips gently. "I don't need a honeymoon Michael. I have everything that I have ever wanted." Her voice is filled with emotion, her smile for him alone. Both of their families leave the chapel, all waving and smiles and good cheer. Well, for the most part. Liadain does manage to smile just a little after a whisper from her husband, lifting a hand to wave as she whispers something scathing back at him.

The two on the horse turn and ride from the Waysgate back through Landing where Michael leads them to the stable and has Thunder put back into his stall along with Buddy. He took the scenic route, the whole slow trot taking a good thirty minutes. He then lifts Avalyn up into his arms like he'd done that day on the Veldt when he'd kissed her for the first time, when they fought. And carries her to the lifts of the Sunset Towers, up the lifts to their front door and then across the threshold down the hallway. He sets her into one of the lounge chairs and then takes the next one. On the low table are two champagne glasses and a bucket of ice with a bottle in it.

Avalyn is in a dream the whole ride back through Landing, her head resting against Michael's shoulder as she enjoys the ride in silence, no words needed between them now. She listens to the steady beat of his heart her arms going 'round hid waist, leaving him free to guide Thunder with a steady hand. Her feet never hi the ground as Michael takes her from Thunder's back, up the lift and into their apartment. She gasps in delight as she sees the champagne and the goblets laid out perfectly for a private celebration. She watches Michael as he takes the bottle, waiting for him to pop the cork as she hold her champagne flute.


Michael breaks the seal and the bubbling drink, complements of his knight, starts to flow. He fills her flute before filling his then re-corks and sets the bottle back into the small chiller. He lifts his glass and twines his arm with hers, "To us, to our love, and to our child." he toasts, before clinking his flute lightly with hers and then taking a sip. He'll set his glass to the side as he looks at her all smiles, "We've finally done it… we're married. It's weird, I'd thought that I would feel as though something major had changed. But, as I think about it, it was almost like we've been married this whole time and today just lets everyone know that."

Avalyn laughs delightedly as the cork is popped, taking her glass with a smile as Michael twines his arm with hers, her eyes staring deeply into his before taking just a small sip and setting it aside much as he did. She leans forward, her weight on one hip as she leans towards her husband. "We have done it indeed. You make it sound so ominous." she teases lightly, laughing softly. "I'm glad you insisted on a small wedding. It was perfect and pure and uncomplicated. Just the way we should start our life together…at least officially. I think in our hearts we were married the night of our first date. Right there under that gazebo when we gave our hearts to each other. I think that's why it feels like we've been married even before today."

"Yes, I know what you mean…" Michael sighs softly as he lifts up his flute again for another sip. "I plan to spend tonight just sitting with you, looking out at the city. We need to talk about names for the baby… we'd started to but didn't get a chance to finish." he looks over at her, "I'm glad your mother didn't say anything, I'm hoping the shock that it was happening without her first knowing was what made her shush."

Avalyn smiles as she stands and holds out a hand to Michael. "Alright, we can discuss that for a while, but you're crazy if you think I'm not going to just attack you at some point. I want to kiss every inch of your body, but before that happens, lets go out onto the patio and sit on the loveseat together." She takes up her flute and leads him there if he lets her. "It was more likely that my father threatened to make her life miserable if she ruined this day for me. She can be a graceful loser and I think she knew that we weren't going to be denied our happiness."

"I have no idea why she would speak out against me." Michael stands and takes up his flute and her hand to be lead to the patio. "However, it doesn't matter. She didn't and can't now, with the result of you being mine. And me being yours." he'll nudge her slightly, "Attack me huh? No, definitely not tonight. We're going to hold hands, cuddle, kiss, then sleep. No attacking, tonight is for romance." with that, he places a sweet kiss to her cheek and steps to the railing of the patio. "So, if we have daughter, I was thinking Roana would be nice. Sort of a combination of Roan and Johana, the two female knights that have trained me. For a boy, I like Thaldin. Or Thadin, You?"

Avalyn sits on the bench swing they bought together from a small flea market, she having been so excited to find it in such good shape. She even recovered the cushions in Michael's family colors, She urges him to sit so she can lean back against him and feel his arms around her. "Its not you, Michael that she is against. She just has certain ideas when it comes to her family. She was groomed to think of the Culraven name before doing anything and I'm sure my grandfather chewed her out for not being able to control me better." She mock pouts but doesn't contradict Michael when he says the night was for romance. She's learned a thing or two about trying to get her way with him. Not that she's stopped trying, nay, more that she's far more cautious and aware of the consequences. She still hasn't found those toys even if she is even still looking. The swing slowly rocks back and forth. "My father seems convinced we are having a boy. He says the women of his family always give sons first…"

"That doesn't answer what names you'd like for either gender." Michael looks over to her, turning his back on the city and leaning on the railing as he takes a sip. "I'd name a boy after your father… but we have one person in the family with AA as their initials. I'm sorry, but I just can't do that to the poor kid." he chuckles and finally moves to sit next to her on the small swing like chair. "And, actually my boy name isn't all that good. I'm liable to just name him Curtain or Stirrups or whatever happens to be the first thing I see when I'm in the delivery room." he laughs.

Avalyn laughs softly and shakes her head "Stirrups Athyros is not a very good name," she arches a brow. "And what is wrong with the initials AA? I had toyed with the name Avan Achaeus Athyros even." She sighs and leans against Michael, her hand going to her abdomen. "We have seven months to decide. What about Roanyn in honor of both Roan and myself for a boy and Roana for a girl? I'm mulling over many names and new ones keep popping in my head. I like Arielle for a girl as well."

"You really want our child to live through the hell of other children with the initials of Addict's Anonymous?" Michael asks rather seriously, "You can get away with it, because you married into the last name and if anyone made fun of your for it I'd beat the tar out of them, along with many teeth." he smiles, "But I can't go about beating children into the ground now can I? So, if possible we should look at non 'A' names for our kids. Perhaps put those names as middle names." he pauses, "Roana is a combination of the names Roan and Johana. Would be a nice name for a girl I think. Roan was my first night, I've always dreamed of honoring her memory in this way. Johana was my second knight, and someone I was in love with. I am grateful to her for taking a chance with me, and helping me make something of myself." he sighs, "It's why it hurt so much when she abandoned me like she did."

"For a boy, there's always Xandre. A combination of both our middle names." Michael smiles, "And yes, my middle name is Xavier. It was my great grandfather's name on my mother's side. Michael was my great grandfather on my father's side. They liked the order of Michael Xavier over Xavier Michael."

Avalyn listens quietly and nods. "I know you want to honor them, your Knights" She sighs softly and bites her lip. "I like both Xavier and Xandre for names as well as some others running around my mind…like Hunter and Donovan."

Michael slips an arm around Avalyn, and pulls her close, taking a sip of his champagne. He'll thank his knight later for it. "Donovan is a good name, Hunter as well." he'll give her a gentle squeeze, "We'll buttheads over this for seven months then probably flip a coin or something." he laughs, "And I want you to dream up names, write them down on a list… I'll do the same. Think up first and middle, then we'll compare over the next seven months. That should help us… Xandre Avydan, or Roana Vynrielle… those will be on top of my list."

The Scene fades into the night

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