09.29.3013: Steel and Adventure
Summary: Avalyn steals Michael away for a camping trip, one day of fun that goes so wrong
Date: 16 September 2013
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Arborenin Woods
(Done in a TP Room) Two and half hours hike from Arborenin towards the mountains
29 September 3013

Their apartment looks like box city meets hurricane unpackers, Michael and Avalyn have been craftily moving into their apartment and still dealing with day to day life. Their new photos together hung on the wall around the Vidscreen. Michael is in the main room packing his ruck sack and double checking his armor for their trip. He calls out, "Avalyn? Are you finished unpacking your duffel? I need to get it packed for the trip." And he reaches down to tighten straps.

Avalyn enters the living room from the bedroom, carrying a large duffel bag that appears to be half full. Her dark hair is pulled back into a ponytail, a tendril escaping at one temple. She blows it back with a huff of air and sets the bag down next to Michael. "My clothes are already in there, but there's plenty of room for equipment." She kisses his cheek before heading back into the bedroom to collect more of what needs to go with them.

Tent, sleeping backs, clothing, food, assorted other things like books and fire starting equipment. Michael's armor actually makes up for a lot of the technological need for camping, the HUD and on board electronics providing him with a compass, GPS like systems, vision enhancements, and the like. He watches his fiancé walk back into the bedroom, mostly her hips as they sway side to side, but he's back to his work quickly enough. After about thirty minutes of packing, repacking, and growling at the packs, Michael has it all ready. He strips, heads into the shower, then into the bedroom for his skin suit before out the living room for his armor. Once suited up he sets his hammer into its thigh holster and hefts both duffel and rucksack onto his shoulders. "I'm all set babe, you ready?" he asks, heading into the hallway and having to squeeze sideways and hold the duffel out before him after a moment of adjusting.

Avalyn gets everything set up by the front door as Michael hops into the shower, every once in a while stuffing this or that into one of the bags, mostly items that really have no imperative 'need' on a camping trip, like magazines and a digital music player with ear buds, oh and far more clothes than can be worn in just a day and two nights. She checks and rechecks everything, looking around the apartment as she chews on her thumbnail, muttering "I know I've forgotten something." She sighs and puts on her jacket as Michael rejoins her…she has her own light armor on and is apparently ready to go, surprisingly enough.

Heading out the door, the two of them take a public crawler to the Ways hub, then to Arborenin where they set out into the forest. "So, tell me about your mother, I'll need to know when I tell both your parents that I'm marrying you… and that we're expecting as well." Michael says to her, carrying the majority of the baggage with almost apparent ease. Or, he's making it seem easy. He only has his hammer with him this time, but luckily it is one of those with the extending handles so he can fight with it like he was trained, two-handed style. "Damn, Avalyn… we're out here for two nights and one day and we'll be in armor most of the time… you didn't need three weeks of clothing." he says with a slightly annoyed but partially teasing tone. Not mentioning that the majority of the weight is actually his great sword secreted away inside, dangerous territory and he knows it… but she wants to do this, so he will.

Avalyn follows behind Michael as they set out on a trail, hiking their way through the trees. She breathes deep, enjoying the fresh air and balmy weather, Michael insisted on making her pack light, taking everything even remotely heavy oit after she stuffed it in, putting it in his larger rucksack. She takes his hand as he helps her over a fallen log, her nose wrinkling at the mention of her mother. "You know the way she reacted to you when you came to meet my father? Well, that's pretty much her in a nutshell. She was a spoiled 'princess' who saw my father in his armor and decided she wanted to marry him. She got her way and promptly made his life a living hell. She resented him for everything, including getting her pregnant. She never gave any of us a second thought after having us. I really dont know how she even got pregnant with Trelayna and Davys. I thought that after me they never had sex. Take my advice and just deal with my father. He's the only one who will give a damn about us."

"That won't sit well with my mother." Michael states as they continue their hike, dropping down off a boulder to the ground a few feet below. He turns and holds out his hands, "Come on down, I'll catch you." he says, and will catch her when she drops to him. "I'm trying to win her over, and if she truly doesn't give a flying fuck what happens to you then it won't matter if I tell her. And if she does suddenly react, well she can 'deal'." He'll continue on their hike after they clear a couple more obstructions.

Avalyn trusts him to catch her as she drops down, catching his arms with hers. She leans into him as he cushions her fall, smiling up at him beguilingly, chin tilted up as she lets her arms slip about his waist, copping a playful feel of his backside. "Mother does her own thing. She never took an interest in us beyond how we reflected on her. As you can guess, she and I have always been at odds. I was more a mother to the twins than she ever was, to Val as well, even though he's the older one." Her smile turns wry. Stella and she will hate each other, this I already know. Your mother loves you dearly and mine will look at you like you are beneath her… like she did at the house. Now my father…" she shakes her head ruefully.

<FS3> Michael rolls Alertness: Success.

"I'm hoping he doesn't 'demon-" Michael stops midsentence as his helm suddenly snaps closed around his head and onboard proximity flags up red on his HUD, "Babe, get behind me and stay low." Moving to take up the defensive and dropping the backs as he pulls out his hammer. A twist of his wrists and the haft extends to full length. Right then, a wicked looking hostile with an axe in hand steps from the shade of the trees and comes into view. He eyes the squire, focuses in on him and lunges. The lighter metal 'skin' shifting and sliding as it pounces. Michael hefts his great hammer and prepares for the strike, guiding one of his own to return the favor.

Avalyn knows better than to get in the way of a seasoned fighter, her role as medic making her keenly aware of the danger that she doesn't even see yet. She immediately backs up to the boulder behind her, kneeling as she draws her long dirk…not to attack, but to defend. Her eyes look around furtively for any sig of the enemy's approach.

<COMBAT> Michael attacks Hostile12 with Great Bludgeon - NEAR MISS!
<COMBAT> Hostile14 passes.
<COMBAT> Avalyn passes.
<COMBAT> Hostile12 attacks Michael with Bludgeon but Michael DODGES!
<COMBAT> Hostile13 passes.
<COMBAT> Michael has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.

As the hostile leaps at Michael, his hammer grazes right past its head and its own slashing axe doesn't come close when Michael steps to the side. Turning to keep the thing's attentions on him. There's a sudden bright gold glow from the eye slit of Michael's helm taking on a threatening form. He wades straight in, no show of fear or backing down, hammer poised to strike the thing. In the distance, two more hostiles slowly slip out of their cover and begin to make their way towards the embattled knight-to-be. The outspeakers kick on, there's an animal growl from Michael's armor as he floods into the next blow.

<FS3> Avalyn rolls Alertness: Good Success.

Avalyn can only watch with gritted teeth, willing herself not to cry out as the hostile attacks the man she loves, willing herself not to distract him from his focus. Something catches her eye though, a glint of sunlight off of a reflective surface…a second enemy come to menace them. She makes a snap decision to alert him, but she keeps it short and to the point. "Michael! To your right! A second!"

<COMBAT> Michael attacks Hostile12 with Great Bludgeon but Hostile12 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Hostile13 passes.
<COMBAT> Hostile12 attacks Michael with Bludgeon - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Avalyn passes.
<COMBAT> Hostile14 passes.

The damn thing slips under Michael's strike, and as he takes a glance in the direction of the hostile now joining them, Michael's only option is to finally acknowledge Avalyn's presence. "Babe, my great sword is in the duffel… get it for me!" Just as he turns into the slash across his chest dragging blood from beneath his plates. "Fuck! Asshole, I'm havin' a romantic weekend here!" Words spat out as he drags the hammer up into the first, while the second one now on his right comes in with an axe of its own. Clearly the larger threat, the hostiles are focusing on the knight-to-be, though the third one seems to slink back into the shadows for now.

Avalyn keeps her wits and scrambles low over to the dropped duffel, quickly unzipping it to draw out Michael's great sword. Taking it in both hands she shouts for him, alerting him to the incoming attack…"Michael!" then works to drag the heavy blade free of the well packed camping supplies. Working it free from entangling clothes and oddities.

<COMBAT> Hostile13 attacks Michael with Bludgeon - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Hostile12 attacks Michael with Bludgeon - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Michael attacks Hostile12 with Great Bludgeon - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Hostile14 passes.
<COMBAT> Avalyn passes.

Glancing cut to his chest is met with a strong cut to his right shoulder blade. "FAWK." Michael spins around and slams the hostile hard sending it back a few steps. Michael turns on the other one, calling over to Avalyn, "Babe, if you can fight with that, do so." Neither of them see the third hostile creeping up over the edge of the boulder behind them waiting for the right time to strike. Michael's hammer spins in an arc as he steps into his next blow at the second hostile.

Avalyn sees that Michael is in trouble and makes a decision, ripping off the mag-clamps that strap the blade to Michael's armor as she widens her stance to accept the weight of the great sword. Instead of throwing him the sword, she grabs the hilt in both hands and lets out a battle cry as she charges at the hostile attacking him. Throwing caution away and her own body into the fray.

<COMBAT> Michael attacks Hostile13 with Great Bludgeon - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Hostile14 passes.
<COMBAT> Hostile13 attacks Michael with Bludgeon - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Hostile12 passes.
<COMBAT> Avalyn attacks Hostile13 with Greatsword but Hostile13 DODGES!

The first hostile has regained himself and leaps to strike the squire again, Michael's hammer pushes the second hostile off of him as the thing's axe meets his chest plate and stops. He turns to look at Avalyn joining him, first there's a frown, instinctual of all men who see the mother of their child leaping into harm's way, but he overcomes it as he'd asked her to join him. The second hostile spins out of the way of her attack, and turns to face her. Michael cries out furiously to try and get it's attention back but just then the third hostile drops down and lunges at the knight-to-be.

Avalyn is not the best of fighters, more wild than controlled, her training being not as rigorous as most front line soldiers and definitely not as intense as a Knights. But she has one thing, the wrath of a woman whose love is in danger. She snarls at the hostile attacking Michael and attacks again!

<COMBAT> Avalyn attacks Hostile13 with Greatsword - Moderate wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Michael attacks Hostile12 with Great Bludgeon - Serious wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Hostile14 attacks Michael with Bludgeon - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Hostile13 attacks Avalyn with Bludgeon - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Hostile12 attacks Michael with Bludgeon - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

Pain is oh so much fun, not. Michael's left shoulder blade suddenly starts to shoot pain into his head, then he finds an axe to his left pectoral… so much for romantic steamy camping trip with the fiancĂ©. Michael puts weight into his strike, slamming the hammer head into the hostile again and sending back a couple steps where it stops for a moment. A glance over to see the strike to Avalyn's chest, "Hey! Watch the boobs! Those are mine!!" he shouts, trying in vain to get the things attention back. He can't keep fighting two on one while she's in danger like this. He steps forward and presses the attack on the first hostile, intent on making it pay for ruining his camping trip. The sun sets and his helm auto-switches to low-light vision locking onto the hostile before him. Up the hammer goes.

Did Michael just yell 'boobs'? Avalyn blinks over at him, wincing at the glancing blow to those sensitive orbs, made even more sensitive by her 'condition'. She laughs then, a reaction to all the fear and fighting…and one that a hostile might find confusing. She knows just how serious it is, this fight. She manages to land her next blow on the hostile before her, opening a gash on its left temple. She presses forward and yells at the thing…"By the gods if you ruin my honeymoon, I'll find your whole fucking race and make them pay!" She presses forward to attack the same hostile again.

<COMBAT> Hostile13 attacks Avalyn with Bludgeon - Critical wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Michael attacks Hostile12 with Great Bludgeon - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Hostile14 attacks Michael with Bludgeon - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Hostile12 attacks Michael with Bludgeon and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Avalyn attacks Hostile13 with Greatsword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Avalyn has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Avalyn spends a luck point to keep fighting!

Pressing the attack, Michael's hammer slams into the hostile and knocks it into the dirt. Then there's a shooting pain in his ass, literally. The hostile's axe cuts into a slot between the plates and draws blood. Michael spins around to face this other foe in time to see Avalyn go down, with a hell-bent fury the squire pushes past the hostile between himself and his love and drives into the hostile attacking her. He brandishes his great hammer with a ferocity as he swings.
The first hostile sees them attacking and not paying attention to it. Cutting losses and slinking back into the shadows for now. The third hostile likewise takes slipping into hiding, creeping around a couple trees to get a better angle on those being attacked.

The incoming attack on Avalyn glances off Michael's great sword as she attempts to block it, but only makes a mess of it, the hostile's axe landing a crushing blow that sends her reeling, blood spurting from her temple. She hits the ground hard, blinking in confusion, too confused by the blow to even react to the pain. Its all she can do to struggle to her knees, somehow making a heroic effort to fight on.

<COMBAT> Hostile14 passes.
<COMBAT> Hostile13 attacks Michael with Bludgeon - ARMOR on Left Arm stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Avalyn passes.
<COMBAT> Michael attacks Hostile13 with Great Bludgeon - NEAR MISS!
<COMBAT> Hostile12 passes.

Theres a clang as the hostile's axe meets Michael's armored left arm. The squire's hammer snakes past the thing's neck and only the haft strikes it doing nothing. He pulls back, glancing over at Avalyn to make sure she's standing and seeing that she is, he breathes again. The golden glow of his helm flashes brightly, menacingly as he presses the attack. "You will not harm her, none of you will, she is mine and mine alone and you will fall before me and beg to see death for touching her." His voice eerily calm as his steps force the hostile farther away from Avalyn, walking this hostile backwards until it finally has enough and aims a new strike at Michael, who reacts in kind. There's movement in the shadows to either flank of the knight-to-be, things getting ready, waiting.

Avalyn does manage to stand, Michael's great sword somehow still in her grip, though it hangs from her hand loosely. She staggers unsteadily, the back of her hand coming up to wipe away the sweat and blood that trickle into her eyes, stinging, obscuring her vision and smearing a stain of red all over her temple. She moans as the pain finally hits her, grimacing and gritting her teeth as she grabs the sword in two hands again, Michael's words ringing in her ears and giving her courage. She is ready!

<COMBAT> Avalyn attacks Hostile13 with Greatsword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Michael attacks Hostile13 with Great Bludgeon - Critical wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Hostile14 passes.
<COMBAT> Hostile13 attacks Michael with Bludgeon and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Hostile12 passes.
<COMBAT> Hostile13 has been KO'd!

Stepping just to side to avoid the axe, Michael brings the hammer down. Literally. The hostile's head awkwardly sinks downward, neck snapping in three places under the weight of the strike. The body crumples before him, "I told you to beg, asshole." then, shadows lash out at him from behind, and he takes hold of Avalyn and drags her behind him again, becoming once more the human shield as well as an enraged and rather aggressive father-to-be, husband-to-be, knight-to-be. "Stay down Avalyn, I don't want to risk you or the baby…" he'd say more but things are happening fast and he doesn't have time, already noticing the first hostile and stepping to just end the damn thing. Both coming at the squire with their blood dripping axes.

Avalyn flashes an angry look at Michael as he pulls her behind him, still reeling a bit from the obvious concussion she received from the hostile's axe. "I'm not going to let them take you from me!" she snarls with defiance, hefting the great sword as she faces the hostile who menaces. "C'mon you piece of shit!" she spits at the thing as she attacks.

<COMBAT> Hostile12 attacks Michael with Bludgeon - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Avalyn attacks Hostile14 with Greatsword - Serious wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Michael attacks Hostile12 with Great Bludgeon - Light wound to Right Hand.
<COMBAT> Hostile14 attacks Michael with Bludgeon - Critical wound to Neck.
<COMBAT> Hostile12 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Michael has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Michael spends a luck point to keep fighting!
<COMBAT> You spend a luck point to soldier on.

There's denting to his clavicle plating, and a pain there but nothing he can't over look. His hammer blow isn't the force he wants but the force he needs, and he knocks the hostile off balance by striking its hand and then he steps in to shove it bodily off the edge of the short rocky cliff. The thing lands hard and doesn't move anymore. Michael is about to turn when an axe embeds itself into his neck, and takes him down. Emergency foam suddenly spreads around the area sealing in his blood to keep him from bleeding out, and Michael rolls, kneels, stands and taps the hostile on the shoulder. When it turns to look at him his fist slams into the things jaw and takes back its attention forcefully. "You and me, are not through. There's blood on her face still, you need to answer for that." and he holds the hammer out with one arm, pointing it at the hostile who steps forward the strike the squire.

Avalyn manages to land a blow on her opponent, thrusting the great sword into the hostile's belly and is rewarded by a howl of pain from the thing. Thankfully there was no attack on Ava because when she sees the blow land on Michael's neck, she nearly drops the sword, her cry one of concern for the man she loves, her instinct to run to his side. Not very soldierly of her. "Michael!" she cries out, relief flooding her features as the foam temporarily stops the bleeding. As the hostile turns to face Michael, Ava glares at the back of its head and has murder in her eye.

<COMBAT> Hostile14 attacks Michael with Bludgeon - Critical wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Michael attacks Hostile14 with Great Bludgeon and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Avalyn attacks Hostile14 with Greatsword and MISSES!

"FUCK!" Michael exclaims at his chest finds the edge of an axe slicing into it, blood sprays from between the plates for a second. And Michael's arm drops during the swing, missing the hostile. More foam expands to fill the cracks and stop the bleeding for now. He shifts, cracking some of the foam but not seeming to care as he swings at the hostile again. He WILL win.

Avalyn cries out as Michael is hit yet again, her eyes reflecting the horror of her thoughts, her utter concern for the man she loves and will marry, the father of her unborn child. Her thoughts do not lend well for a fight though, causing her to swing wildly, missing the hostile even though it faces Michael. She screams to try and get its attention off of him…"You bastard! Face me! I'll KILL YOU!" She swings again, in a frenzy of anger and bloodlust.

<COMBAT> Michael attacks Hostile14 with Great Bludgeon and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Hostile14 attacks Michael with Bludgeon - Critical wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Avalyn attacks Hostile14 with Greatsword - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Michael has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Michael spends a luck point to keep fighting!
<COMBAT> You spend a luck point to soldier on.

The axe bites deeply into Michael's ribs, blood spraying out from the large gash. The hostile watches as Michael falters, dropping to his knees. There's an eerie sound from the thing, "Unworthy, big talk." before it turns to Avalyn, and narrows its eyes at her. No longer the talking type it would seem the hostile moves to strike her next, forgetting the near dying knight-to-be. Michael sways on his knees for a long moment, but as the hostile turns and starts to move towards Avalyn his mind goes blank. He half realizes he's standing, half registers that he's swinging his hammer again…

Michael sees Avalyn's eyes widen as the thing turns on her, menacing her. She takes a step back, brandishing the great sword before her. She knows she is in trouble, but can't give up or give in…there are no options. She MUST protect Michael and their baby. Her eyes flicker to Michael…"I love you, Michael…I will always love you." she says with such utter clarity before she yells out a war cry and attacks the hostile!

<COMBAT> Michael attacks Hostile14 with Great Bludgeon and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Hostile14 attacks Avalyn with Bludgeon and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Avalyn attacks Hostile14 with Greatsword - Critical wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

There's nothing going on upstairs for Michael, he just swings at the thing attacking his love, his child, his future….
The hostile's swing misses as it looks between the surprisingly still standing hammer wielder and the female. The gash to its chest is forgotten as it presses the attack on the female.
Michael continues to swing, stepping forward into his strike…

Avalyn is a lioness protecting what is HERS! Somehow she makes an incredible move to avoid the weapon swung by the hostile, sidestepping as she brings the great sword in a slashing arc that hits the thing squarely in the chest, bringing an angry look from it as the blade slashes a great gouge in its chest, clean to the bone. Avalyn seems almost as surprised, but presses forward, striking again. She cant let it retaliate now.

<COMBAT> Triggering new turn.
<COMBAT> Hostile14 attacks Avalyn with Bludgeon and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Michael attacks Hostile14 with Great Bludgeon - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Avalyn attacks Hostile14 with Greatsword - Serious wound to Left Arm.
<COMBAT> Hostile14 has been KO'd!

"Yeah, die bitch." Michael half seems to care as he suddenly topples to the side and releases his hammer. The heavy body thudding softly into the dead twigs, leaves, and rocks. The hostile caves to its injuries, falling to the ground and going motionless.

Avalyn is overcome with emotion as she drops Michael's sword and rushes to him, ignoring her own injuries as she kneels beside him. She has to take a moment to hold back her emotions, angrily wiping away tears as she dons that mask that lets her work without giving in to her weaknesses, steadying her hands as she works to stabilize him. She activates her emergency beacon, calling on her comm device for retrieval and transport to the hospital. While she waits she does what she can, her brow furrowed, her hands steady as she works to stabilize him for transport.

At no more than two and half hours journey from Arborenin, the distress call is picked up by a patrol of rangers. A short interview and relay of events and they have the two of them and their gear moving out to the city quickly. As night begins to fall, Michael and Avalyn are rushed into Arborenin Medical where the former is rushed into surgery while the later is put on a bed for treatment of her head wound.

Avalyn makes sure to relay her condition to the doctors that work on her, refusing to let them put her under for anything. Local hypo sprays only for the pain, no potentially harmful drugs, no matter what the pain level. She winces while they pit a few stitches in her scalp, constantly on them to update her on Michael's condition. She is an awful patient. When they suggest she get into a bed while she waits, she refuses yet again…"You tell me the second he comes out of surgery…and I want copies of his charts and scans!"

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