05.15.2013: Standing in the Rain
Summary: A gaggle of nobles and citizens stand out in the rain and chat.
Date: 15 05 2013
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The Central Arcade
The Westend of Landing is also known as the Entertainment District. It is most active at night, where the neon lights sends the world into a kaleidoscopic glow. The Central Arcade is a wide, circular plaza with various thoroughfares spreading out like spokes on a wheel into the various regions of the district. At the center of the arcade is a round stage that nightly hosts various musical artists and groups to keep the party going even between venues. Neon piping is inlaid into the cement, creating various geometric patterns and creating pathways to various nightclubs and restaurants. AMP and Red Eye dealers covertly move through the crowds, trading doses for currency.

During the day, the Arcade is far quieter and more law-abiding, though by no means empty.


The light drizzle of the day has cleared many away from the more outdoor forum of the Entertainment District, but there are still plenty that have ventured out to behold all of the… treasures that can only be found here. But at least during the afternoon, when the light still shines, it seems a pleasant enough place to be. And this is what has brought the young, dark haired woman. Though she wears a heavier shawl to ward off the chills, Raisa does not seem to mind so much the fact that it rains, or dampens her carefully styled hair. Instead, her pale face is tipped back, enjoying the cool sprinkling against her skin.

"…ling you she /wants/ you, man." Godric has one of those voices that, particularly when there isn't much noise to cover it, booms through space and riccochets off of hard surfaces. "Here's what you should do." Mercifully, his voice dips as he adopts a conspiratorial tone with his companion, a young and much shorter nobleman. That latter either likes what he hears or is determined to escape further advice, for he quickly nods to the Leonnida lord's plan and scurries off. The Young Lord smirks, watching him go, then turns in time to catch sight of Raisa. His eyebrows lift. "Hello."

Elspeth is emphatically off duty, so the concealing scholar's robes are nowhere to be found. Instead, she's wearing some of her own creations - a black cloak edged in dark purple silk to keep off the drizzling rain, a lavender tunic that reaches nearly to her knees, with a subtly shifting pattern in lighter colors woven cybernetically into the cloth, close-fitting black pants, and cuffed boots. She shakes her head at a drug dealer, the motion absent; it's hardly even an offense to be approached by those, anymore. She seems to be wandering without much of a purpose, peering at displays and flyers for upcoming performances. Her wanderings take her in Raisa and Godric's direction, her head coming up as a young nobleman scurries past. "Tis the season for love, or some well-compensated facsimile thereof."

"I told you already, you're not getting that much. You can lower your price per unit, or wait and cross your fingers praying that you see another order this large sometime before you die of old age," Lucretia says as she walks, "And I'm done telling you that, so have a good afternoon. Call my assistant if you have further questions." A hand lifts to tap at her ear while she glances around the area, her emerald gaze settles on Godric, studying the man for a moment, and then she's heading that direction. Being a Cindravale who's spent the past 5 years handling much of her family's economic business, and having been married to a Leonnida family branch member, she recognizes many of her House's vassals. "Lord Godric, good day, it's been some time. You've been well?" A hand reaches up to adjust her hat and she glances to Raisa as well, offering a smile to the woman.

Rain runs down Victor's shaven head, and has darkened the upper surfaces of his dark grey shirt. For all that, he doesn't seem to be particularly concerned about the precipitation. He steps beneath the electrostatic awning of a particularly garish nightclub, letting the rain hiss away over his head for a short moment as he looks about, cradling a cone of noodles in his left hand, his right wielding the chopsticks as he watches the golden nobles coming together from under heavy lids, a touch of condieration and curiosity touching his gaze before he looks down at the noodles, stabbing the chopsticks into them and making his way to a nearby trash recepticle and throwing them out with the casual lack of care that bespeaks money.

Nolan stands at the mouth of one of the alleyways leading off the main strip of the westend, a handrolled cigarette dangling from his lip, and a hand manipulating the controls of a bracer computer as his gaze drifts up towards the etryway of the Sweaty Minx.

The appearance of someone speaking to her draws Raisa's attention away from whatever her previous thoughts may have been Slight confusion runs through her dark green eyes before they skip over Godric,taking the entire man in, which does take a moment. And then a smile curves her lips, polite and almost shy. "Good afternoon, My Lord," she greets, dipping down into a bow. Before her words can take her any further, Luretia arrives and she offers the same type of greeting of "My Lady," and a bow.

"Ah! Lady Lucretia," the Leonnida lord bows his head in courtsey to the lady of House Cindravale and his former 'cousin'. "It is always a pleasure to see you. I am quite well, though I must say I am better now, with all of these beautiful women standing about in the rain. It's the kind of thing that should happen more often." His smile is wide, generous and white, as he turns his attention back on the two women he does not know. "Godric Leonnida," he gallantly offers.

Elspeth raises a skeptical eyebrow at Godric's flattery, but since the introduction seemed to be wide enough to include her, she offers a bow of her own to the two nobles, and a friendly nod to Raisa. The front of her hood flops over her eyes, trickling water onto her face, and she has to push it out of the way, sputtering, before she can reply, "Elspeth Adeyemi. A pleasure to meet you."

"Many men likely agree with you," Lucretia comments to Godric with an amused smile before she glances to Raisa, "Hello, Miss. Who might you be?" And then she hears a familiar name and belatedly notices Elspeth, her attention turning to the dark-skinned woman, her smile growing briefly, "Ah, Elspeth, darling! What have you been up to recently? Any new feats of fashion to share with the world?"

The smile blooms even further at Godric's compliment and a very light color touches her cheeks. But she does tighten her shawl further about her shoulders to perhaps lessen the amount of skin she has showing. The drops of rain make the gauzy material of her gown all the more transparent. "My, how gallant a Lord of Leonnida," she half-gushes but there is amusement dancing in her eyes. "It is an honor Sir Godric. I have heard your name spoken before." She brushes back her hair before she answers Lucretia. "Raisa Lorellio, My Lady."

Victor passes by the collection of nobles and current hangers-on, looking around the area surrounding the stage, and shortly spotting whatever it is he's looking for. Chuckling softly to himself, he walks over to scoop up a now-soaked shirt of black gloss material shot through with metallic red highlights. The big man twists it, wringing out a dribble of water, then heads back toward that electrostatic awning. Along the way, as he passes the knot of finely-dressed folks, he rumbles with apparent amusement, "You'd think that people'd have the sense to come in out of the rain."

Elspeth's smile warms a bit as Lucretia greets her. "Only what you see before you, my lady," she says, sweeping the cloak out a little to let the now-damp silk catch the light. "It's rather pedestrian and dreadfully utilitarian, I fear. But most of the more exciting pieces are not ready to be exposed to rain. "Thank you for asking. And yourself? Setting the world on fire? Or pieces thereof?" She keeps half her attention on Raisa and Godric, amusement glittering in her eyes, until a slightly familiar form tromps by. She turns to Victor. "It does no harm, my lord. A bit of water will only melt those made entirely of sugar…something I doubt applies to any of us."

"Elspeth and Raisa," Godric says as if committing the names to memory. "I'm extremely pleased to meet you both." The fact that Lucretia seems to know Elspeth earns a small smile from the knight, and he steps closer to Raisa to 'open up' the conversation. "And how are you, Lady Lucretia? How is the family business?" Victor's comment earns a robust laugh before the answer can come, and Godric reaches up to swipe at a strand of wet hair that clings to his cheek. "He may have a point. But in the meanwhile, may I offer you my doublet," he asks sotto voce to Raisa.

"And here I had been told the gallantry of knights was a thing of stories," Raisa says to Godric with a beaming smile. But that amusement has not faded from her eyes in the least bit. She looks about and laughs. "The rain has a most tranquil effect, would you all not agree?" she asks. "In fact, I could hardly think of anything that would be more pleasant or fun than to walk through the rain in your bare feet and just enjoy." Though she pauses. "Or are nobles not allowed to have bare feet?"

Nolan wraps up whatever it was he was doing on his bracer computer as he watches the entrance of the brothel. A short time after a man departs the building, a wealthy business type by his dress, perhaps, who starts off down the street. Nolan soon pulls the cigarette from between his lips, drops it on the street and crushes it beneath foot before he heads out into the rain trailing the other fellow.

"You will have to show me your latest pieces sometime soon, and..Oh, no. Little of interest lately, I fear. A bit of..dreaming," Lucretia comments to Elspeth, a rather pointed glance given to the woman before she smiles at Raisa, "A delight to make your acquaintance, Miss. Even if it is a bit damp out. I fear I will have to pass on walking about bare foot, though perhaps Lord Godric can be persuaded." Grinning briefly she glances to the Leonnida, "And business has been perfectly fine. A lot of large weaponry and armor shipments to arrange recently, in preparation of things, so I've been keeping busy."

Victor shakes his head at the responses his comment gets, lingering just a moment as he runs a hand over his shaven scalp, wiping away water that has gothered there, "The Valen just wants to show off his muscles in a wet shirt." Not that he's not doing the same thing, honestly, which is why there's no real venom in the gravelly words. He shrugs a little helplessly at Lucretia, "It would be a shame to miss the first battles against the Hostiles because of a sniffle…"

Elspeth takes in that pointed glance thoughtfully, giving Lucretia a nod in return. "Perhaps we should take tea together at some point, speak on various things," she offers, quietly. At Victor's comment, she turns, and subjects Godric to a rather more penetrating than flirtatious stare. "It's always good to know our warriors and protectors are in peak condition to face the rigors of conflict, on the field battle and elsewhere." It's a bland observation.

"Speaking as a member of the nobility, I think there are many parts of the body which benefit from baring," Godric says solemnly, giving Raisa a firm nod and a little wink. Struggling out of his doublet, he shares a smile with Victor as he draps the garmet over Raisa's shoulders. Lucretia's answer to his question seems to have brought some measure of sobriety to his demeanor, however. He meets Elspeth's gaze evenly. "I imagine I will be quite wet and miserable in some gods-foresaken place soon enough, awaiting battle. For now, it is nice to rack up pleasanter memories of the rain. It may be as a shield against dispiriting times to come."

"We should all be proud that the men who will protect us all are in such excellent condition," Raisa replies to Elspeth. "If they must one day pay for our safety with a little flaunting now, I believe that it is certainly a worthwhile price to pay for any of us." She looks back to Godric, a sly smile rising. "Especially if they are such exemplary examples of what being in excellent condition means." As the doublet is draped over her shoulders, she gives a nod in thanks.

Lucretia smiles at Victor, "Sir Victor, a pleasure to see you again, though I'd hope a Khourni warrior wouldn't be bedridden by sniffles. I know it'd take much worse to stop a Valen Knight from tending his duty." There's definitely a playful curve to the brunette's lips there as she speaks. The Witch laughs openly at the exchange between Raisa and Elspeth, "I've always been fond of the Leonnida men. My husband was quite handsome. And yes, we will have to speak soon, Elspeth. I've already been discussing it some with others."

Victor shakes out the last water from the shirt he collected from the ground, draping it over his neck to free up both hands. He doesn't seem particularly put off by Godric's gallant show, apparently not seeing the need to try and compete. Lucretia's recognition and the words that follow cause him to laugh softly, "Like a pretty painting or a floral arrangement, Milady? I've heard Valen lancers are often distracted by such things."
Elspeth gives Raisa an innocent look, somewhat ruined by the fact that her hood once again decides to dump a small bounty of water from the edge onto the bridge of her nose. She wipes it away with an indignant mutter, then adds, "I don't believe I ever said otherwise, Miss. They're both very nice torsos and I've no objection to either or both of them being bared to the world, so long as one's dignity can remain intact." But apparently, that is as close as she'll get to flattery, as she turns back to Lucretia and nods. "I'll defer to your greater experience, my lady. And I look forward to the opportunity. My colleagues are, I fear to say, wandering around with their craniums inserted into certain other bodily orifices about the matter at the moment."

"We must be handsome," Godric confides to Viktor, not the least bit modest about the compliments he has received from the women. "Most of us die young, you see. If we weren't pretty, we'd never manage to produce offspring in time. It's uh…" He smaps his fingers, then flops his hand about as he searches for the proper word. "There's a scientific word for it. Or phrase." He looks at Elspeth. "You have a large vocabulary," he says, by way of requesting help.

Raisa snorts in the most unladylike manner, but those are the advantages of not being a lady. She gives Elspeth a flashing smile. "It is truly the matter of if they can maintain their dignity as the key point, wouldn't you say," she muses. "And in most cases, that is something that never quite happens. But for those that can… well, I do believe that it can be quite the show, either way." She looks at Lucretia curiously. "If your Lord Husband bore any resemblence to Sir Godric, then you must have been a very fortunate woman, My Lady. If it is not improper for me to say."

Elspeth gives Godric the sort of look that suggests that if he weren't a noble, she might reach over and draw an 'F' on his forehead, for all the world to see. "Natural selection, my lord, is the phrase you may be searching for." That, at least, is pleasantly said, but it's blatantly clear that she's holding herself back from launching into some sort of lecture or rant by only the barest of margins. She stomps the urge down, and offers her best, most guileless smile.

"It helps to compare, I find," Lucretia comments to Elspeth with a laugh offered for her choice of words. Then she smiles in Victor's direction once more, "Indeed, Sir Victor. Thankfully both are rare on the battlefield. Perhaps if you compete in the tournament and face a knight of the Vale, you can make use of flowers and paintings as weapons." The middle-aged brunette grins in response to Raisa, "There was a touch of Lion resemblance, yes, and I count myself quite lucky. I am simply sad to have lost him so soon." (re - ignore previous Lucretia pose!)

Victor chuckles softly at Godric's words to him, "And that's without having drakes or Hostiles close by, Sir." Once more, dry amusement filters through his words, "Can you imagine how short that lifespan is likely to be around either of those?" He eyes Elspeth a long moment, then notes to his fellow knight, "Although our tutors apparently missed a few steps along the way." Lucretia's response to him draws a nod, "Well, I prefer to finish them off directly when it comes to the melee, Milady. Fewer complaints that way."

"Natural Selection! That's it. Yes. Thank you," Godric is all smiles for Elspeth, smiles he turns on Raisa a moment later. "I like this game," he tells her frankly, giving his eyebrows a little waggle. "As for Drakes and Hostiles, I would trade a Leonnida brother and sister for each, and likely fare the better for it," he tells Victor with a small smile. He continues by adding, "I should like to compete in a melee with you, sometime, Sir. Provided you do not 'finish me off', as it were."

Raisa looks to Godric with a warm laugh. "Yes, it is quite a fun game," she agrees. "But there are always fun games to be had if you are in the right company, Sir Godric." Her amusement brightens. "Will you be competing in the upcoming Tourney?" she inquires. "For such a brave knight should win with very little trouble, should he not?" Her head tilts to the side as she cranes her head up to get a better look at the Leonnida knight.

"You're quite welcome," Elspeth replies to Godric. Only a touch warily, like getting thanked was unexpected. "Hopefully, no one's lifespan will be significantly decreased by the changing situation, however irrational such a hope might be." That's said softer, more thoughtfully, before she lapses into silence, listening intently and somewhat clinically to the conversation, a window to a world very different from her day-to-day.

Lucretia glances to Godric as Raisa asks if he plans to compete, interested in hearing his answer, and she adds, "I imagine all of us would be delighted to watch any sparring bouts the two of you might decide to have, hm?" She looks to Elspeth, regarding the woman with mild curiosity, "You do not spend much time away from your studies and your work, do you, darling?"

Victor runs another hand over his head to swipe away the gathering raindrops, twisting his lips into a crooked smile at Godric's 'request,' "Don't worry, Sir. You're not my type." The low, rumbling words are followed by a chuckle as he shakes away the joke, "I'll be there in the melee at the end of the month, unless thee Hostiles provide sufficient distraction. I'm much more interested in putting a blade in them than my fellow Havenites." Elspeth's commentary sobers him again, and he nods, "There will be casualties, but Six-willing, they'll be from fighting men and women, not those at home."

Godric's smile for Raisa is radiant. "I shall indeed. I am…surprised that they have not been cancelled in light of recent events," he continues somewhat soberly, before brightening once more. "But one last chance to sharpen my skills before they are put to the true test will be most welcome. As for your faith in my abilities, my greatest wish is to thwart your disappointment. We'll," he continues with a crooked grin, "perhaps it is my /second/ greatest wish. At the present moment."

"Then I will be certain to cheer for you, Sir Godric," Raisa replies brightly. "Even if I'm sure there will be thousands in the crowds cheering for your good fortune and victory." She flashes a cheery smile, looking at all of those assembled. "A final chance for merriment and happiness, if we were fortunate enough."

Elspeth laughs at Lucretia's question. "I can't imagine what gave it away, when my social skills are so finely honed and well-practiced," she replies, with a self-depreciating mockery. "As for the Tourney, cancelling it would frighten the population." She nods to Raisa. "People are looking forward to the event, and holding it in the face of the oncoming storm projects an image of strength and security to reassure everyone. Cancelling it would project the opposite, and make an already worrisome psychological situation worse among the people. At any rate, I wish all the competitors good fortune."

Lucretia smiles at Elspeth's laughter, "I shall have to see about helping you work on that, then. Good company can be hard to find at some events, it's occasionally best to bring your own." After commenting, she nods agreement with her remarks upon the tournament, and adds, "I am certain the Vale will be well represented with such fine knights as Sir Godric present. Are any of your siblings planning to compete?" The last bit obviously directed at the Leonnida himself.

Victor nods at Raisa at her explanation, and again at Elspeth, adding a rumbled, "Morale. Not just avoiding the loss of it, but reminding people of just how badass the people defending them are." Yes, the noble knight just said 'badass.' Then again, in a wet shirt and with no weapon on him, he hardly looks like a noble knight.

Godric gives Raisa a very serious nod. Perhaps at the idea of thousands cheering for him. "I'm certain your cheers shall lighten my sword-arm," he tells her. "If the tourney shall improve morale, than I suppose it is a good thing for it to proceed," he continues with a roll of his shoulders. "As for my siblings…well, as you may have heard, my older brother has recently been murdered." He smiles. "Shame, that. So he's indisposed." A finger taps his chin. "I doubt Aisling will. But perhaps Quinn. And truth to tell, I'm curious to see her fight. She's been away for some time."

If Lucretia were trying to throw Elspeth off her stride, she at least briefly succeeds. The scholar looks more than a bit dismayed at the offer. "Ah…thank you, my lady. I appreciate the…offer. But I'm certain there are more worthy people to whom to offer it." She twitches her cloak more firmly around her shoulders, as if to disappear beneath it, then touches a finger to her earbud. "Ah. It seems I must be moving on. It was a pleasure to meet you all. Good luck in the Tourney for those who will compete, and otherwise, I wish you all well."
Raisa smiles at all of those assembled before she dips her head down. "It was also a pleasure of having met all of you," even if he gaze does linger on Godric as she speaks the words. "But I should intrude upon your conversations no longer."

Emerald eyes study Elspeth as she seems thrown off for a moment, the Cindravale woman amused. "Of course, Elspeth. And I will have to call on you soon, for that chat. And to see your new works, and perhaps discuss that offer again," Lucretia says to her as she makes her farewells, "Have a good day, darling." The word 'badass' catches her attention and she laughs, shaking her head as she glances to Victor before addressing Godric again, "It should be an interesting event. I'll look forward to seeing you and perhaps some of your siblings there. Quinn, one of your little sisters? I believe I've likely met her, but it has been some time."

Victor nods as Elspeth makes her excuses, then looks over to Godric, shaking his head in apparent amusement at the gloating over the death of his brother. "Leonnidas." He pauses a long moment, then adds in, "Honestly, not much of an insult suggested. Everyone does things differently. Just seems like a waste to me." He nods again as Raisa makes her excuses.

"Thank you for the well-wishes," Godric says with a nod to Elspeth. "It was a pleasure meeting you as well—" When Raisa, too, throws in her intention to depart, he pouts, looking profoundly hurt. "Then you shall leave me wet and broken-hearted, Raisa. But I do there are further…intrusions…in our future. Gods speed you." He says nothing about the doublet around her shoulders. Returning his attention to Lucretia, he nods once more. "Quinn is two siblings down the line from me, and a knight. I'm sure you've met, at the wedding if nothing else." Victor's comment earns a steely look. "Your opinion on my family's traditions is noted," he offers cooly.

A warm look is spared for Godric as Raisa listens to his words. "Then as to not leave you so heart-broken, Sir Godric, perhaps you would be so kind as to name me a time and place when our paths might cross again and then you can go forth until that moment with gladness in your heart," she teases. "But if nothing else, I would surely see you at the Tourney, and you would know where I was for I would cheer for none other as loudly as I might for you." Whether he has forgotten about the doublet or not, Raisa certainly has not, and she slips it from her shoulders to offer it back.

"Kallista and I may not be the closest of sisters, but I am quite content that I do not have to worry about her arranging an accident of some sort. I do rather like my family for the most part," Lucretia muses in a dry tone. She glances to the exchange between Raisa and Godric, lips curving in amusement before she looks back to Victor, "I imagine we all look forward to seeing this upcoming display of our 'badass' warriors, but for now, if you will all excuse me, I've some other business to tend to myself. Lord Godric, have a good day."

Victor lets out a low, rumbling laugh at Godric's steely words, "Don't get your shorts in a twist, Sir." A slow smile spreads across his lips, "I'm not saying that having the strongest in charge is a bad thing. I'm just saying that not having the second strongest around at all could bite you in the ass when you're facing the Hostiles." Lucretia's words get a nod, and he offers a slightly deeper one as she excuses herself.

Godric accepts the wet doublet with another warm smile for Raisa. "I shall look forward to hearing /and/ seeing you at the tournament," he tells her. Still, his voice is tight, the exchange with Victor lingering like a thorn in his paw. A touch defensively, he offers the other knight, "Not all generations kill each other off completely." It is grim talk, but for the time being it is curtailed by Lucretia's decision to depart as well. "Lady Lucretia. Always a pleasure." He bows his head to her.

Raisa keeps a lingering grasp on the doublet, no doubt to see if she can recapture the defensive Lion's attention with a small tug and a searching smile. "I am certain that you will see me before then, Sir. But if not, then yes, at the Tourney." She smiles a farewell to Lucretia.

Victor watches Lucretia walk off, then slowly turns his heavy-lidded eyes back to Godric, eyeing the man in silence for a long moment, then a faint smile, maybe even a touch mocking, rises to his lush lips, and he merely says, "See you at the Tourney, Sir." He gives a nod, then turns away, heading back toward the east and the majority of Landing.

Godric watches Victor depart for a long moment, the doublet continuing to hang between him and Raisa, dripping onto the pavement. "Why do I feel like the melee has already begun," he asks the wet air. Then, as if suddenly realizing she is still there, he turns back with a smile so at odds with the earlier look that it is almost demented. "Tomorrow, then. The Violet Siren. I look forward to it." Before she can depart, he makes a delicate play for her hand and a kiss on its back.

"There is always one sort or the other in motion, Sir Godric," Raisa makes note quietly. "It is just a matter of ensuring that you are never caught off guard when it switches from one to the other." But she dips her head down with a final blush at the kiss on her hand and then nods. "I will see you tomorrow then. I would not dare leave a Knight waiting." She takes a few steps bac before turning to make her departure.

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