01.28.3014: Stand United
Summary: The Senator drops by to speak with Brienne after she asked him to.
Date: 14 November 2013
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Alistair Brienne 

Brienne's Apartment
What looks to be hard wood flooring in a pale golden walnut color stretches throughout the entire apartment. The entryway is wide with a few plants and framed photographs on either wall along with a wide mirror. Further into the room it widens, expanding into an open feel living area with a cream colored sectional sofa, edged by a couple of potted plants, all green and healthy looking. A fireplace, a genuine wood burning one, is built into the wall and there is a plush rug on the floor before it. The walls are rustic logs with high, beamed ceilings. A staircase to the right of the living area leads to a loft style bedroom. A nook with a bay style window edged with a window seat looks out over the forest and gives a breathtaking view of the canopy above and the undergrowth below. In general the color scheme is more cream, forest green and a dark blue color with a few maroon accents. Upstairs, the bedroom is in an open loft with the same tantalizing view of the forest, the color scheme has followed along. The bed is a blissfully soft king size with a thick down comforter and several matching throw pillows. The windows are left bare, open, most of the time, though the shades that draw over the windows with the touch of a button are sometimes used. Other doors lead to the bathroom and closet.

After going and being shown his way in, Alistair stands and gives a formal bow at the waist. The Senator is wearing a Leonnidan blue tunic and mustard colored pants. Somewhat formal. He seems to be admiring the entryway. "My Lady Sir Brienne." He says in formal greeting as he waits for invitation.

Brienne rises easily and gracefully from her seated position, padding barefoot over to where he is, offering a warm smile along with a bow. "Senator Alistair, I appreciate you traveling all this way to see me." Offering him a seat at the sofa. "If you would like to sit down? Would you like something to drink? Wine or ale? Something less alcoholic?"

A broad smile as Alistair walks in. "Thank you, my Lady." He says enthusiastically as he makes his way to the couch. "I'll have an ale. I trust Mott's brew hasn't changed?" The Senator asks as he looks around the room. "Sometimes it's easy to forget the natural beauty of the Arbor until one is back in it." He'll take his seat.

Brienne walks to the concealed refrigerator, made to look like a cabinet, while he seats himself. "Mott's brew is better than ever," she tells him with a quick smile over her shoulder to him before reaching in and pulling out a bottle, walking barefoot back over to him as she opens the bottle for him. "The beauty of the forest is indescribable, the seasons so pronounced." The bottle is offered before she takes a seat where she had been seated before, taking up her own ale.

Taking the bottle, Alistair gives a nod of thanks. "Good to know there are some constants on which one can always rely." He grins and takes a sip, seeming to relax a bit once Brienne has taken her seat. His sips are small and slow. "Quite different from the tropics of the Wilds - that's for sure." The Senator nods agreeably. Crossing his legs, he leans a bit forward. "So how can I help you today, Lady Brienne?"

Ah the small talk was over now. Her smile remains as warm and constant as ever. "You are running for Senator, in order to find out such things, I thought to go right to the source. I admit, I am a warrior, more than anything and it seems our action against the Hostiles as almost skidded to a halt, yet they continue to invade our lands and kill our people. Everyone in the Haven System. The newer named Knight Commander seems content to allow this to happen. As a Senator, you will be in a somewhat influential position and if you have heard recently, the Houses are coming together, despite their differences."

Or perhaps for Alistair all is small talk…or all is political talk. He nods thoughtfully and sips on his ale. "I, myself am not a warrior, though that should hardly come as a surprise, my Lady." The Senator smiles to her warmly. "And I follow the reports and details extremely closely, as I'm sure you do. We are in a fight for our very survival." Senator Hartcliffe leans back a bit, pondering on her thoughts. "I have, yes, heard rumors of such a movement growing, and I wish earnestly for its success.:

Hearing the news, deeming it good, Brienne goes on. "The former Knight Commander, his agenda was, when the Hostiles first arrived, to nip it in the bud. To go to where they had amassed to attack us and take the wind from their sails, for lack of a better term. The newest one seems to be sitting on his laurels. I want to know what your thoughts are on the Current and the Former Knight Commander."

There's a sip of the ale as Alistair looks to Brienne as if he's making a decision. "My Lady Sir…" He looks around the room for a moment and then back to her. "For the most part, I find that the Knight Commander is being cautious. After Amran, the focus become maintaining stability, preventing panic." He sighs a bit, the smile slowly ebbing away from his face. "Do I think there ought to be a shift? That we ought to be clearing the woods and the seas and the moons? Yes. Absolutely." He accentuates the words. "Cleansing our lands of the blight should be the priority."

"I'm not seeking an overthrow of power. I do admit I squired and was knighted with the Valen and would support Knight Commander Cindravale, for his proven track record and for his beliefs and intentions, but it does not make me rebel against the current one. I do believe Sir Alexandros was what we needed and his dismissal was at the most inopportune time." Brienne lifts her ale to her lips and takes a drink before continuing. "I would like unity in the Houses. To all fight for the same cause. Humanity. Not for petty arguments and strife within the ranks. I have witnessed firsthand dissension in the ranks while on the battlefield, and it made for a sloppy battle with more losses than there should have been. I want to know that people being put into positions of power are responsible, and they are not afraid to give orders, even if they lead to the unspeakable. What do you have in mind to do with your position, if gained in the senate, to fix what is so obviously broken?"

Alistair nods thoughtfully at Brienne's statements and sets the ale down on a surface nearby. "My Lady, I shall continue to advocate for that which I have done before - an efficient use of our resources to survive. There is no magic bomb, and nor is there room to pretend we aren't engaged in an existential struggle." The Senator continues, holding eye contact as he does. "What will I do, you ask? I'll fight the only way I know how. To shine light in the darkness we'd rather not face, wherever they might. My slogan has always been 'Serving United,' but it means more than spending a day at a soup kitchen. I'll advocate for better allocation of our funds to limit the Hostile threat. But I won't sacrifice our humanity in pursuit of a pipe dream that's doomed to fail."

"An efficient use of our resources to survive." Brie echoes quietly, continuing to meet his eyes as well. "Allocation of funds.." She crosses one leg over the other, lacing her fingers together on her lap. "You sound like a politician." She smiles, a teasing one, absolutely zero malice in her eyes. "What does that mean, exactly, to me. In laymen's terms?"

Alistair chuckles. "You try spending a decade in the Senate Tower and see how you turn out." The Senator laughs a bit too, probably aware of himself. "Well, my Lady, I don't want to suspended our funding to everything else. Education, Health care, and the like. War requires a dedicated citizenry. We must fight. I'm saying that we can't start building a mythical fleet that's going to somehow appear on the Fifth World to end the war." He says a bit more bluntly. "It means we should clear out the Hostile camps quickly and efficiently rather than building a giant bomb to blow up the Hostile homeworld."

"In other words, we keep doing what we are doing." Brienne says quietly. "And don't rock the boat. Playing it safe instead of looking for a solution."

"More raids against those on our lands. I'd advocate more forceful strikes." Alistair says. "What solutions would you suggest I pursue, my Lady? Is there something you think I should be advocating? If you have a method, a plan to end this awful cycle, I'm all ears." And he's leaning forward, attention focused on her response.

Brie unclasps her hands and regards him almost solemnly, as he leans forward, she studies him, his sincerity. "It almost feels like there are sides to this war, other than the obvious Hostiles versus Us. The Houses have lines dividing us and I think as you say, Unity is the answer. In everything. Were it me? I would advocate for the line of action the former Knight Commander had before his position was taken from him by… politics. I believe were he still in command, we would not be where we are now, scrambling to garner forces. We met as one when the war began. All of the Houses were together, fighting side by side. That is what should happen."

An understanding nod is given to Brienne. "My Lady, you are far too right, I fear. But I am just a citizen, no title to my name. I work tirelessly to unite citizens everywhere I go. I'll tighten the glue of our society together, but it's hardly my place to overcome the politics of nobles. The Six have granted on your shoulders a higher calling and a greater burden. The people need united leaders. If I may be frank, I sometimes hope that citizen helping citizen can bridge gaps. We survive together. We win together." He shakes his head. Though his voice is quiet, his face is flush with emotion. "The only path forward is hand in hand. Regardless of house or party." The Senator takes a breath and pulls out his datapad, ever a man of motion. "Would you like me to see more information about the issues regarding the Knight Commander? As well as current strategy?"

"Do you need a title to make a difference? Your title is Senator. That means people believe in you, they trust you. Should that not be enough to use your influence to help guide the masses? You represent the people, without the people the Nobility only have themselves. It would indeed be a lonely system without everyone in it." Brienne observes. "I agree, hand in hand into the future, who is one without the other?" Without even pausing to think about it, she gives him an eager nod. "Yes I would like that. I would want to know so I can continue on informed."

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