08.01.3013: Squiring Chiron
Summary: Chiron is officially made Agnes' squire.
Date: 01 August 2013
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Back Room, Evergreen Inn, Arborenin
The back room of the Inn.
August 01, 3013

The back room of the Evergreen Inn in Arborenin has been reserved for a dinner party hosted by Lady Sir Agnes Peake. The Knight has seen to it that fine food has been prepared, in the form of a beef roast, and a stuffed goose, along with a variety of vegetable side dishes. Rich potatoes, corn, peas, gravy, biscuits, and honeyed butter are steaming hot and waiting to be eaten. There are also lovely apple and cherry pies waiting in a warmer nearby. The head of the table is reserved for Chiron as the guest of honor, with his siblings on his left, and his Knight on his right. Places have been reserved for all those invited. There is a table for gifts near the back wall, and there are several wrapped packages there already.

Agnes heaps food on her plate, looking relaxed and happy in the moment. "Everyone get something to eat and sit down, then I'll make a toast." Wine, mead, and ale is available along with non-spirits. The Peake Knight is wearing breeches of soft brown lambskin and a gold-hued tunic with the Peake crest on it. She is actually wearing a little makeup, and her hair has been tamed.

Aelewen hasn't put on a dress for the occasion but she is in her nicest set of leathers. They look new enough they haven't seen the field, and are more intricately decorated than her normal set. She even has on a few pieces of simple jewelry. Her sharp eyes scan the room, and she nods to Agnes with a smile softening her face.

Balius will follow closely to his older brother, the guest of honor. He'll take his seat on the left, leaving a space between him and Chiron for Loree. He's actually put some effort into styling his hair and bought a new tunic. He'll be smiling but remain generally quiet, eying the room. Cursing himself for not bringing a gift, Bey will hope no one notices.

Charlie waves enthusiastically to Agnes as she enters with her mother. She is in a dress, and beaming with the excitement of attending an event she gets to really dress up for! Once inside she steps away briefly to place her gift on the table, a small one wrapped in paper of a shimmering purple. That done, she hurries back to her mother's side with a bright smile.

Having arrived just in time, Jarek is a vision. Clean shaven, hair styled with that pulsing red highlight displayed subtly. His outfit is amazing in quality and design. It is very Saimhann in design, and all the house colors. Pants, shirt, waistcoat, overcoat with a ceremonial swordbelt and scabbard. He moves into the restaurant and makes his was to Agnes where he offers a smile and a friendly greeting, before looking at the table and considering a place to sit. "Agnes, where should I sit?" he whispers to her softly, though he's already eyeing a chair down near the not so well known acquaintances of Chiron's would go.

Darious has arrived as agreed as He was invited by Chiron and he looks for the squire to be so that he can properly congratulate the man. He spots Sir Agnes and nods to her as he looks around to see whom else is present. He is dressed in more formal clothing today subdued greens and browns with silver buttons to make his outfit standout a bit.

Zani brought a small gift, having done a bit of research, a card at the least, and she sets it on the table at the back, before she pauses to look around. She's a bit overwhelmed at the sight of the place, but enough of a performer that other than a moment of glazed eyes, it might not show. The keyboardist takes a look around, as she tries to figure out what she is doing here. First plan of action - find Chiron.

Lorelei's dressed in her prettiest dress, the purple and ivory one she got from Lady Iah. Her hair is up in an intricate braid. A touch of make/up is all she has one, but she's young enough to not really need more. While she's appropriately smiling and nodding to everyone, she seems to have her mind somewhere else. Her gift was purposefully left at home. That's what older brother's get when the fight with her. No gifts. Although she does move so that Zani can sit next to Chiron. She's mad at him, not her.

Chiron is all smiles tonight. Dressed in some of the finest clothes anyone has seen him in. He is dressed in Peake colors, a brown, longs sleeve silk shirt with gold trimming. Black pants and a golden cloak complete the look. He smiles as he waves to those here to celebrate his squiring. "Go get some food." He tells his brother has he makes his way towards Zaniyah.

Making his way in a bit slowly, Tristan looks around for a few moments at the various people present, before he looks to Chiron, offering the man a grin now. Looking around at the others, he moves to get himself some food, not much but a little, at least. He then moves to find his seat, smiling as he looks around once more.

Agnes chuckles at Jarek. "You're helping in his training, you sit beside me." When everyone has a plate and a seat, Sir Agnes stands and lifts her glass of wine high. "I have squired many in my time as a Knight of Haven, and I see it as the highest honor that a Knight can have. Our bravery, combat skill, and loyalty are something we choose to give. But it is a squire who chooses their Knight, and to be seen in such high regard by someone is beyond words." She looks around the table, smiling broadly. "Tonight, I have another who has asked for my guidance on the road to their belt and spurs. He is not typical of the usual squire, being as he's been out of diapers quite a bit longer than the norm. But he comes to me with the thing I value above all else in a squire. Respect. Not just for Knights, soldiers, family, and friends. But for himself. And I am truly blessed to be his chosen teacher." She raises her glass. "To Chiron Quellton, our guest of honor."

Aelewen having filled her plate and her glass she sits with Charlie near some of her other relatives. She falls silent as Agnes gets up to speak, then raises her glass to toast the man of the hour "To Chiron" she echoes, then takes a polite sip.

Balius will raise his glass with a huge smile. He seems a little lost in this room full of unknown people. He'll keep searching and attempt go make eye contact with Tristan and offer him a nod, if the Lord notices.

Darious watches the main toast by Sir Agnes and grins, as he lifts his own glass "To Chiron" as he nods to him before taking a sip of his wine.

Zani catches sight of Chiron, and smiles. "Congratulations," she tells him softly, with a smile as she moves to the spot indicated. Lorelei also gets a big smile of thanks, though as Agnes starts speaking, Zani simply looks to find a glass for the toast. "To Chiron," she echoes along with everyone else. Whatever might be in her glass she has no clue.

She's a bit late. Viannea knows this. But she had to get back from Landing and then get changed, putting her at almost thirty minutes tardy. That's why she's almost running into the hall while cussing to herself under her breath. At least she's calm and walking before anyone can remind her not to run inside when it isn't an emergency. "Sorry I am late."

Charlie beams and waves to her cousins and friends as well, as she sees each of them, causing the sleeves of her dress to flutter almost frantically until she gets the hang of making her gestures more subtle. She takes her seat, giggling at the comment about diapers (and covering her mouth quickly to smother it). "To Chiron!" She cheers, lifting her glass with enthusiasm. She drinks carefully though, taking only a sip before she sets her glass back down. Viannea is given a smile as well, as she arrives, though she keeps quiet until everyone is done with the toasting.

Jarek only smiled at Agnes and took his seat, before lifting his glass, "To Chiron." he toast before settling once again next to Agnes.

Lorelei watches Agnes as she gives her toast. Her own plate only about half filled with veggies. She'll raise her glass, and smiles. Raising her glass she'll echo everyone else, glassing to Bey for a moment then back down to her glass.

"To Chiron!" The words come softly as Tristan raises his glass. There's also about a second or so when Tristan makes eye contact with Balius, offering a quick nod in return before he looks away now. Glancing around at the different people, then up to the man of the hour again.

Chiron smiles at Zani, taking her hand to his and giving it a light kiss. "Why thank you. It means a lot that you could be here." If it was possible for Chiron to look any happier than he was a few minutes ago, he is now. As Agnes begins to talk he also looks for a glass. He drinks with the guests without saying anything, being unsure if he should be saying his name or not.

Agnes sits again. "After our meal we'll make things official," she declares. "But I am not one for cold rations, and the Six know most of us will be eating those for a long time to come, so let's eat while it's still hot." She digs into some beef and swallows it down before looking down the table again. "A Peake tradition at a Squiring dinner is to go around the table and tell a little story about a knight or a squire you know or know of. Funny, sad, happy, heroic, your choice. I welcome all of you to participate in this tradition. Otherwise, you can say something about our guest of Honor, and why you believe he will make a fine knight."

Having taken only a modest plateful of food, especially in comparison of Agnes' helping, Jarek begins to speak then looks at Agnes for a moment. He starts again to speak, but decides better of it and then says, "To the Six for their continued blessings, I thank them for the ability to share this meal with friends and their family. May the sharing of this meal bring us all closer together, and may the Knight look favorably on Chiron as he enters this new phase in his life as Agnes' squire. To all the Six." with the prayer done, he then lifts his fork in one hand knife in the other and begins to cut and eat his food in sizable bites. Taking a moment to drink from his glass.

Zani is not immune to such happiness caused just by her arrival. She smiles at Chiron and says softly. "Thank you for inviting me. I am honoured to be here at such an important occasion for you." She pauses as there's a prayer, and then she too helps herself to food, veggies and a healthy slice of the beef.

Lorelei frowns slightly, not exactly sure what to say. She is proud of Chiron, but if she tried to say something nice right now…it may end up begin a retelling of the Chocolate War. She'll take a bite of veggies an look to Tristan now, giving him a small wave of her fingers. she didn't expect to see him here.

A plate of food is gotten by Viannea who then finds a place to sit, giving Chiron a pat on the back and her aunt a peck on the cheek on her way to a vacant spot. The mention of the tradition gets her to groan-laugh. While she's all for sharing heroics sometimes it seems like all anyone is ever bent on doing is embarrassing each other.

Darious looks at his plate and carefully eats making sure to see who's all shown up and when he spots Lorelei he smiles and nods his head to her before taking a bite of his meal.
He savors the varied flavors on his plate seeming to enjoy each and every morsel on it.

Charlie pauses politely during the prayer, and even murmurs a soft, "To all the Six." before she starts eating. Her plate is mostly filled with fruits, though there's a few greens and a bit of meat as well. She reaches over to add a biscuit and some honeyed butter, leaning closer to Aelewen as she does so to ask quietly, "That's /him/ isn't it? Sir Jarek." Her eyes move between Jarek and Agnes with open curiosity.

"Thanks!" Is all Chiron says back to Zani. He quickly begins grabbing some food, more meat then veggies. Someone has to make up for his sister's vegetarianism! He stops momentarily while they're praying, but all he can think is 'Thanks? That's /all/ you had to say? Really???' When the prayer resumes he flashes a smile to Tristan.

Aelewen joins in the prayer briefly, then starts to attend to her food. As her daughter leans over and murmurs to her she nods with a small smile that softens her face as she answers softly "That is indeed. And fingers crossed for everything to go well" she adds, smile broadening a little.

Tristan keeps quiet as he listens to Jarek's words, before he offers a smile and a half-salute to Chiron, now. Eating a little slowly, as he begins eating, most of his attention on Chiron for the moment, it would seem.

Balius is trying and failing at controlling his heaping portions of food, though he seems to have made a pointed effort to pick only one or two types of food that clutter his plate. He'll think of a drinking song, rather than any particular tale. Perhaps "To the Spine"? But who truly knows. He thinks this might not be the time for drinking songs. He'll smirk to himself during the prayer but wait to eat. He's rather focused on his plate.

Agnes listens to all the silence, and she chuckles. "I suppose I can go first. Once upon a time, there was this wee little knee high girl with brown curls, who used to follow her Auntie around all the time, poking at the back of her knees with a wooden sword. One would hardly think this little slip of a girl would grow up to become a Knight, but she did indeed, and she squired to her Aunt. Well, this nameless Squire," she looks at Viannea with a grin," Once thought she would get the start on her day and impress her Knight by brushing and saddling her Aunt's horse." She clucks her tongue softly. "This would have been fine, except her Aunt's regular steed had recently been retired and the Knight had a new horse, won she received for a tournament victory. This giant beast of a destrier was the orneriest, meanest, nastiest, biteyest creature this side of a drake. Thinking it was the regular horse, she brought a large bucket of soapy water to wash him, and another full of oats to feed him. Needless to say, when the Knight came out to saddle her mount, she found the wee slip of a squire soaking wet, with ground oats stuck to every inch of her. I think it may have been a week before she stopped finding bits of oat all over the place."

Zani looks over at Lorelei and smiles. "Hi," she says to the other woman. "It's nice to see you again and thanks again for your help." She looks around to see if she recognizes anyone else, her gaze sort of taking in all the folks here. Lady Sir Agnes gets a long look, as she speaks, Zani paying attention to the story that is told. Though truthfully, the keyboardist is having trouble coming up with any stories of any type right at the moment. So she goes quiet.

"I quite possibly have a great tale to tell about a squire." Jarek speaks up after a moment of eating that ultimately shows his meal is done with already. "If you'd like for me to tell it." Only offered after chuckles heartily over Agnes' story. "That, was most cruel of you dear Agnes."

Charlie nods with her mother, "Yes! She deserves to be so happy!" She butters her biscuit almost too liberally (not quite enough to drip or anything) and happily adds it to her plate. A new dress, her new friend becoming a squire, /and/ a new romance for her Aunt! Her eyes shine with the romantic visions swimming through her mind. She grins at Agnes’ story, looking to Viannea as well and laughing as the story progresses. Having been not much younger than Viannea at the time, she still remembers the incident.

And Aunt Agnes lives up to the tradition! Holy Six, thanks for the moment of embarrassment. Vi scrunches her face and slouches in her seat before laughing slightly, unable not to despite how humiliating that story was. "That's so unfair," she points out with a snigger. "Seriously, Aunti! And here I am without a story to tell about you in return." She sobers a moment and lifts her own glass. "On a serious note, Agnes is the best knight I've ever had the honor of fighting with… no offense to our other knights present… and Chiron is brave and awesome. Here's to the two of them and the start of a beautiful… and probably ache-inducing… relationship."

Aelewen eyes Charlie sidelong a moment, and looks to the heavens with a fond smile for a moment. This is interrupted by Agnes's story, her low laughter sounding out with the others who join in. She returns to her food, taking a few mouthfuls before Vi's reply "Hear, hear" she calls out then stage whispers over the room to Vi "I knew your aunt when young, if you are good I might share some stories" she adds with a grin cast Agnes's way.

Lorelei looks up catching Darious's nod. She'll smile back, a bit more genuine than she's been. No need to be mad at everyone. Looking back over to Zani, her smile brightens even more, "You look lovely tonight. Chiron's lucky that you’re gracing his side."

Chiron is quiet as Agnes tells the story, and laughs quite loudly as she finishes it. He has an idea of who it could be, and his suspicions are confirmed when Vi begins to speak. He flashes a smile and a waves to Charlie and Aelewen. Other than that he's silent, unsure of /what/ to say next. He just eats and seems to get a bit red as he overhears Lorelei speaking to Zani.

Darious looks around the table and listens to the story Sir Agnes provided he grins. "While I don’t have any fancy stories of any knights I know, or know of that would match Sir Agnes's. I will say something about Chiron."
"I have only personally met the man," Pauses to teasingly count on his fingertips. "A few times, and for the love of me I have no idea why he's as generous as he is or as kind and warm, but I am grateful for it. as he's made me feel welcome every time I've encountered him, He is also the only one I can think of who's either got a great ear for music or just too kind to complain as he lets me torcher him with my playing. I will be proud on his knighting day to call him brother as I am now to call him a friend."

Zani's expression brightens and she gives Lorelei a half shrug. "Thank you, you are very kind to say so." She takes a breath, and then says, "But I feel like a fish out of the frying pan." That said, she pauses, and then she pauses to listen as someone else talks. "Who is that?" she asks, giving a clue that she really has no idea who Darious is. Or most of the people at the table. Oops.

Viannea smiles and nods to Aelewen. "I'll take you up on that. Perhaps over wine and supper." Just about nothing else does a former-squire's spirits well as getting the dirt dished on their knight, after all. A bite of dinner's taken, then, and she falls quiet.

Jarek just sits and listens to the rest of the partyers as they discuss Agnes' story about her niece. His does grin slightly at Viannea's initial reaction, and then his grin becomes a smile as the rest continue to chat. He maintains his silence for now, content to listening.

"Thank you, Viannea. I should note that said Knight feels that squire getting her spurs to be her greatest achievement. Also said destrier also chewed through three saddle blankets, kicked down four stalls, figured out how to spit out his bit at will, threw said Knight fourteen times, and then bit her right on her backside before they came to a meeting of the minds. Or of the Knight's fist to his nose. Now they have a deep and abiding respect for each other, provided the apples keep coming." Agnes grins. She eyes Aelewen, "Oh I know there's a story or two you have to tell. Likely regarding a young squire and a dirty diaper incident while being told to guard someone's rugrats."

Overcoming an extreme feeling of awkwardness, Bey will stand. "I would like to say a few words about my brother." He'll swallow. "I've been more than lucky to have such an example as Chiron. This man is honor personified. He fights to defend the just and the weak. All of Haven is lucky to have the bold and the brave, but it is the honorable who remind us why we fight and for what it is that we strive." And he'll sit back down quietly, focusing hard on his plate.

Tristan smiles as he listens now, but he doesn't say much at the moment. Eating a bit in quietly as he looks between the others. Looking a bit thoughtful, yet attentive for the moment.

Lorelei shakes her head to Zani, "It's not kindness, it's truth." Loree looks to see who Zani's asking about, "Oh…that's Sir Lord Dariuos Arboren." She'll smile, "Need help with anyone else?" Loree frowns, hoping that Agnes is joking about punching her horse. Smiling up at Bey, once he sits, she'll reach over and give his hand a squeeze.

Charlie offers Chiron another enthusiastic wave when he looks her and Aelewen's way. She even gestures to Zani and offers a thumbs-up, then resumes eating for a while. She listens attentively, eats quietly, and generally seems just pleased as punch to be here.

"I love you too, Aunt Agnes. Thank you for allowing me the honor of being your squire." Viannea lifts her glass to the Lady Knight and then falls quiet. More stories means it's a good time to enjoy supper and drink.

Aelewen chuckles softly and raises her glass in salute to Agnes. Taking a long draught she sets it down to attend hungrily, but politely to her meal. She listens to Bey and nods briefly with a smile to the younger man "Dress looks lovely on you Char" she says softly to her daughter.

Zani laughs softly. "Most people here," she says. "I'm afraid I don't know - well, I don't know most anyone here at all, really." Lord Sir Darious Arboren. Right. She makes an effort to memorize that name and face. She does look around Lorelei to Bey, giving him a smile. "Hi, I'm Zani," she tells him. "That was well done." She looks over at Chiron next to see how he's taking the good things being said about him. "

Brigham slips into the room just as it quiets down, his attempt at being stealthy a victim to poor timing and his naturally /un/stealthy nature. He doesn't look like he should be here either, and in fact, looks less like a noble than usual. With his face hidden away under layers of soot streaked with lines from running sweat and missing his trademarked coat and eyeblistering shirt(s), Brigham is perhaps only recognizable because he's the only person who'd show up to an Event shirtless covered in ash, soot, debris, a smithy's apron, and of course… he's wearing his hat. Slung over one wiry and surprisingly corded shoulder is a package of sorts that looks like it was wrapped in butchers paper and tied with string. He looks around curiously, his lips pursed in confusion.

Chiron swallows a bit of food before speaking, but Lorelei beat him to the punch. He does however learn over to Zani and point out a few other people, "The girl who just uh… thumbed up you is Lady Charlie, and that's her mother, Lady Aelewen. They're related to the Arborens. That over there is Lord Sir Tristan, also Arboren." He points over to the man sitting next to Agnes, "That's Young Lord Sir Jarek, he's Sauvitor (I totally butchered that… <_<)."

Balius will look up at Zani with a smile. He's enjoying his brother's big day. "Just calling it like it is. It's great to meet you Zani. Glad to know Chiron wasn't exaggerating." His nerves will ease as he teases his brother.

Charlie beams at the compliment, "Thanks, mum. You look awesome, too!" She notes Brigham as he enters, and offers him a wave and a bright smile. "Look, Brigham made it! I'll have to go talk to him later. Just look at him, he must have been making something /fantastic/." she falls silent again to eat a little more, pondering the wild possibilities.

Agnes doesn't seem at all surprised that Brigham is late, or phased by the state he is in either. After knowing the boy since birth, she's used to it. "Brigham, do at least wash your face and hands before you sit at the table, please," she request of her nephew with a grin. She leans over to Jarek to murmur," You didn't hear any explosions nearby, did you?"

Jarek sips at his drink, regarding the squire for a long moment. "When I was serving the Chantry guard as a Knight on loan, I knew a certain young knight who'd met this vision of all things beauty and raw knightly power." he looks around the table, "You see, this young knight had never before seen a woman taller than him, more badass than him, and so absolutely drop dead before… he took his time learning the knight's name from others, then learning a little about her…" he grins, "So this young chantry knight got it into his head that he'd leave a present for the lady knight with a note. The note read, "If you're interested, I'd like to get to know you better." of course he hadn't signed the note but left a time and place… that was completely three hours off because his suit's chronometer was wrong. He waited for almost three hours, but left ten minutes shy of it and was so heartbroken… and of course embarrassed in front of all the barracks of Primus." he grins over to Agnes, "Took eight years, but I finally got an answer. And no, no explosions just yet… of course, if you kiss me I might."

Viannea looks up at the same time Brigham's arrival is made, the fact that he too was late making her feel a bit less crappy for how she was herself. A hand with a butter knife is waved as she invites him to join her, there being a free seat to her right, while the other hand is used to fork a bit of beef to her mouth. Must be damn good as she closes her eyes and hmmms happily.

"Or blowing up something" Aelewen adds a little more sceptically as she looks from Charlie to Brigham and back again, a crooked smile wrinkling her face. This turns into a laugh as she catches Jarek's story, her laughter ringing around the room as she hoists her glass to Jarek and Agnes both "Now that would be a sight"

Zani grins at Chiron, leaning a bit closer to hear what he's saying. She smiles over at Charlie, repeating the thumbs up back for her. Nice. Her gaze goes to each person that Chiron is pointing out in turn, though hopefully they don't really notice. Then at Bey's words, that gets a grin from Zani. "Oh my stars, what have you been saying about me?" she asks Chiron, her cheeks going a bit pink. Though at Jarek's story, her eyes widen just a bit and she laughs again. "I see these stories are meant to be embarrassing somewhat." She too raises a glass for the story, catching on to the tradition.

Brigham looks down at himself and his half-dressed appearance and his blackened streaked hands and seems genuinely shocked. "Oh." he says, then seems thoughtful, "That… explains a lot." one can only imagine what a half dressed charred Brigham walking through town must have been like… interesting to say the least. In Khar-Mordune they don't even notice anymore, save to pause and check for smoke and fires on the horizon, however this is not the mountain. "There's a trough outside, I'll be right back." he walks over and hands the somewhat sooty package to Viannea, "Hold this. It shouldn't explode or light on fire." then he turns to walk back out of the room, presumably to dunk himself in a trough.

Arriving late and quite out of breath as he's been running nearly the entire distance from the Ways, Taryn comes to a stop, not really sure if being this late if it might be better to just sneak out gracefully and not show up at all. The young man is dressed not in his normal simple fair, but in a new pair of duel colored leather breeches and a golden shirt that is highly decorated with couched embroidery from shoulder to shoulder and halfway down the front and back. His normal mane of golden hair has been pulled back into a little pony tail, which was probably more neatly bound before the marathon run.

Agnes' cheeks take on the look of a third degree sunburn at Jarek's story, and she takes a big gulp of wine. Then she gapes at him. "That was you that left that note!? My sister found it and thought it was for her! She railed for weeks about the secret admirer who stood her up!" She leans in to kiss his cheek though. "Better late than never?" she offers. She eyes the package from Brigham warily. "Why don't you put that over there, Vi?" Away from the food. "Is it time for PIE?" because PIE.

Lorelei doesn't stand, but leans forward, speaking loud enough for any to listen if they wish, the start of the story is directed first at Zani, and the slowly she'll look around the table to anyone interested in listening, "When we were younger, Ma and Da would let us off into the forest. I can remember Da yelling at Ma, "If it's good enough for the Arboren family, our kids can play there!"" Loree grins, looking to Bey a moment before resuming looking around the whole table, "We had these awful play swords and lances. Chiron would always demand to be the knight. Bey would by default be his squire. We tried to make me an archer, but I was rubbish with the bow." Looking to the knights in the room, "I would always end up in a tree, after being chased by the 'Hostiles'. Chiron and Bey would always save me. I'm very lucky, not only to have a future knight as a brother, but a scholar as well. They are both my heroes, no matter what. I'm just glad that now the rest of Haven will know."

Darious leans back and makes sure his Guitar is still safely hung on the back of his chair as he alternates between meats, fruits, vegetables and some bread. Sipping his wine as he listens to everyone else talk and tell stories. He continues to look at Lorelei and Chiron and smiles to both and then at the woman who seemed to ask about him and nods Zani as well, giving her a polite smile. As he then goes back to lightly eating his food.

Charlie gives a tiny squeal, her hands going to her mouth at Jarek's story. She beams at Agnes, at her Mother, at Jarek, and then at Agnes again for the cheek-kissing. Her eyes go to Lorelei as her story begins, clapping when this one ends. "Ooh! I'll take some pie!"

'Shouldn't' means 'there's a very good chance it will' which is why Viannea's more than happy to move the odd package over to where Agnes suggests. "Pray to the Six that he got it right this time," she whispers to her aunt and Jarek both, not pausing to do so in her hurry to get to the other wise of the room. Once there she sets it down very carefully in case jarring it is a bad idea as well. She then stands and stares at it for a moment, using her vast mental powers (insert snicker here) to will it from doing anything damaging. "I think it's safe, now…. wait, pie?" Yup, she is her auntie's niece.

"Your sister? Your sister got the note? I… would have been devastated. I would have thought you sent her to deal with the note leaver instead of…" he grins slightly at the kiss to his cheek, "I suppose I should have been like what my father sees in me, bold as the Knight he says… right." Jarek smiles and turns to the pie, "I'll take a small slice sure."

Agnes sniffles at Loree's story a little, and dabs at an eye with her napkin. A waiter rushes in to begin serving the pie. Because no one wants giant lady knight tears in their pie. Coffee and tea accompanies dessert. "Come now, who hasn't spoken yet, before we finish this meal and move on to official business?"

Lorelei raises an eyebrow at Taryn's entrance. After a moment, she'll smile softly and wave him over to an empty seat near her and her family.

Chiron also begins to turn a darker shade of pink when Balius finishes speaking. He gives Balius a look of both terror and anger before turning to Zani. "Oh, uh. Well I was telling Bey about how you were a famous keyboardist in a band, and that I was a fan of your music and I thought you were the prettiest member of "Hell if I Know"… after Drake of course." He adds the last bit in hurriedly, trying to turn the awkward situation around. He listens as Lorelei tells the story of their playing, and waves to the latecomers. He quickly grabs his fork and eyes the pie, much like a predator eyes its prey.

Listening to the stories, Tristan finally stands up, looking around at the people present for a few moments. "I… I don't really often talk too much in such company as this. And I don't have any stories to tell, But that man over there." Pointing at Chiron, before he points at Lorelei and Balius as well. "Him and his two wonderful siblings over there. Whenever I need someone to cheer me up, the three of them always manage to do it. I can't ask for any better friends than them." A brief pause, as he looks around the room for a few moments, taking a few deep breaths. "So, Chiron. I'm happy I could come here and share this moment with you, and I wish you absolutely everything well in the future. Because if anyone deserves that, it's you." Having spoken his part, he drops down into his seat again, looking towards the table for now.

Brigham returns a few moment later, his face now only slightly lined with black soot and ash, his arms more or less clean, however… he's dripping where ever he goes and his wet hair is plastered down over his face and ears, though a few valiantly stubborn strands remain sticking out of his head like black thorns to filled with iron and stone to yeild to simple water. The apron is gone, and in its place is a shirt obviously borrowed from someone in the hotel, or perhaps purchased. It's white, about 3 sizes too big, and currently all but see through given its level of water retention. And his hat is on his head. Cause he's not a savage. The shirt sleeves are rolled up to the elbow and the top buttons are open, the hanging wet garment clinging to him and falling nearly to his knees at the same time. "Better." he states as he walks back inside and looks around for the package he left with Vi since /she's/ not holding it like she was told. Bad sister. Bad.

Charlie slumps a little in her seat. Speeches? No one told her /everyone/ would have to make speeches! And even Tristan is doing one! Biting her lip, she hurriedly takes some pie for herself when it comes her way, offering Tristan as encouraging a smile as she can despite her growing nervousness that someone will make her get up and speak too. And just for extra measure, she shoves a piece of pie into her mouth. There. Now she can't talk.

Taryn swallows and nods slightly to Lorelei before moving to the gestured seat. Still quite out of breath, he leans and says softly to Lorelei, "Sorry… something.. kind of happened on my way…" He grins slightly, "And yes, everything is fine… So, am I too late? Did I miss the thing?" He glances over at Chiron, with a slightly apologetic smile.

Zani's grin turns into a burst of laughter that has her clap her hand over her mouth. "Well, nobody beats Drake's hair, after all," she replies. Though now that she figures she's dragged attention her way, she takes a breath. She looks over as Tristan speaks, and then she stands up. Despite her words to the contrary, her stage presence does help, as she says, "I haven't known Chiron very long, but I don't know any stories about any other knights. I can say that he's a very brave man, even daring the horrors of shopping for new concert ware with his sister and a member of a rock band. I am not sure how many men would manage to hold onto the types of purchases that go into that. But Chiron handled it with grace and not too many blushes. And he's even still talking to me." She darts a look at Chiron now, and winks, before she settles down.

Aelewen reaches out to gently stroke Charlie's back and smiles at her as she leans in "You don't have to say anything love" she reassures her daughter then takes a very small piece of pie. She settles in to listen as she absently picks at it, evidently one of those weird people who don't have much of a sweet tooth.

Viannea points to where the package is, it being tucked safely away with the other gifts that the attendees brought. "Auntie suggested I put it with the others since we were eating. Don't get bitchy with me." She steers Brigham to where the selection of food is after that, whispering as she does. "It won't get stolen here and it won't grow legs and walk off so don't be upset…"

Brigham blinks at Vi, "It won't? But… it's supposed to do that!" he seems crestfallen at her words. Then he straightens, "How was that? Was that funny? Someone told me I should try to be more humorous and I'm experimenting. On a scale of one to ten, please describe the pain in your sides from the laughter my jest caused you, assuming one is none, and ten means I need to get my medical kit…"

Darious's face lights up at the site of pie.. as he hastily clears what little remains so that he can make room for the desert and even coffee. His eyes following the servers who carry the pie until a slice is placed before him. He's nearly salivating as he waits to dig in.

Lorelei gives Taryn a small smile, "It's ok. I kinda figured…. Just some food, a toast and a few stories." She'll motion for him to get some food before it all disappears. There's all types on the table. "Pie's next, it seems."

Agnes covers her mouth a moment to hide the grin that her nephew's appearance causes. For Brigham it is, indeed, better. "Much," she says to him. She pushes her empty pie plate away and stands. "Chiron, while these fine folk, who all clearly hold you dear, finish their dessert, come and kneel before me." She steps into the center of the room so everyone at the table can watch, and she draws her sword, resting the tip against the wooden floor as her hands fold on the end of the hilt. She smiles, gently, at Chiron and waits.

Jarek watches Agnes and Chiron with a knowing smile. Taking a small bite of pie now and then with drinks in between.

Taryn arches an eyebrow and cants his head to Lorelei. He goes to question her about something but decides now isn't the time or place. He nods slightly and puts an assortment of foods on his plate. Considering everyone else has apparently already moved on to dessert, he gets a goodly amount of food. He, however, doesn't start eating so that he can watch Agnes and Chiron.

Chiron attempts to not meet anyone's gaze as Zani begins to tell the story of how the two of them met. He get s some pie and begins to start eating as Agnes calls him over to her. He looks back to her, mid chew, and quickly swallows what he has in his mouth before getting up. He says in a low voice, "Here we go…" To Zani and his siblings as he walks over to Agnes and kneels down and looks up to Agnes.

Viannea heaps up a pretty large plate for her younger brother, guessing it's been at least a day since the easily-distracted scientist has remembered to eat. She even adds two slices of pie. "I'd give it a five. Delivery needs work, kiddo." At that she grins and gives his cheek a smooch, aimed for the driest part of his face. "So what did you make Chiron or are you going to make me wait until he opens it to find out?"

Agnes looks around at each guest in turn, then at Chiron before her. "Many, many years ago I took an oath, to be as brave as the Knight, as true as the Maid, as just as the Father, as compassionate as the Mother, as attentive as the Sage, and as wise as the Crone. In speaking this oath, I vowed to pass all those attribute, honed by experience and study, on to those who chose me as their teacher, as their Knight. On this day, Chiron Quellton of Arboren, is it your wish that I, Lady Sir Agnes Peake — sister of Lord Peake, Trentin, Daughter of Lord Peake, Xander, loyal vassal of Arboren and defender of Haven —become your guide and guardian on your path to Knighthood? Do you join House Peake, to defend and protect her as my squire, until such time as you receive your spurs and belt, and join the ranks of Haven's protectors?" A servant moves up to hand her one of the packages.

Lorelei reaches over and grabs Bey's hand, biting he flower lip nervously as she watches the ceremony happening in front of them.

Charlie's smile to her mother is radiant with relief. A few more bites finish off her pie (it was a small piece and a rather large first bite), and then she's wiping her mouth and sitting up in her chair again, eyes fixed on Agnes and Chiron. Now that things are beginning, she sits up with perfect posture, her hands in her lap, everything about her polite and attentive.

Balius will squeeze her hand back, taking in the moment, committing details to memory. This day was important, and Bey somehow felt that he didn't understand just how important it was, as if some hidden meaning waited.

Brigham does not pay much attention to this part of festivities, but that's his sister's fault. She put food on a plate, with PIE, and stuck in it front of his face. He eats almost animalistically beside her, sometimes with utensils, other times without. She was right, it had been two days. He'll feel bad about missing this later.

Zani looks at Taryn and gives him a smile, though her attention is taken by Agnes starting the official part of the proceedings. Now she watches, with open curiosity as she's never seen a squiring ceremony before. It adds to the moment to have the squire to be someone she knows. So, the rock'n'roller keeps quiet now, just watching - almost forgetting to breathe.

Chiron is quiet for a second, thinking on Agnes's speech, realizing that this is huge. He swallows again before he speaks. "I do, Lady Sir Agnes Peake."

Agnes draws from the first package a tabard with House Peak's colors and sigil on it, intended to be worn over armor. "Then I present you with this, that you might wear it proudly on the field. Do you, Chiron Quellton, vow to do honor to House Peake, heed the words of your Knight, hold her lessons to heart, and live them in battle at her side?" she asks. A servant hands her the second of the packages.

Tristan looks up from the table again now that the ceremony itself happens. Thinking back now, his expression goes a bit distant, as he watches, while he keeps silent.

Chiron nods, and speaks again, this time with a little more confidence. "I do, Lady Sir Agnes Peake."

With Brig properly fed Vi turns her attention to the squiring ceremony with enough attention given to her brother to make sure he doesn't choke.
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From the second package, Agnes draws an embroidered House Peake banner and hands it to Chiron. "Then I present you with this, that you may fly your colors proudly. Do you, Chiron Quellton, vow to continue this path to Knighthood with dedication, conviction, honor, and pride?" she asks as a servant hands her the third package.

Chiron takes the banner in his hand, nodding to Agnes. "I do, Lady Sir Agnes Peake."

Jarek looks on in silence but with a smile as the young boy that was Chiron begins to reshape before his eyes and a young man. Even though he isn't becoming Jarek's squire, there is a sense of pride all knights who've done something similar with a squire of their own feels.

From the third and final package Agnes draws out a beautiful pair of hand-worked leather boots, with steel tips to prevent damage from horse hooves, and elegantly tooled designs on them. "Then I present you with these, as I have true faith that you will one day have your spurs attached to them. Rise, Chiron Quellton, Squire of House Peake."

Taryn returns Zaniyah's smile briefly, as he watches the ceremony with an intense sobriety.

Lorelei tightens her hold on her younger brother's hand. She's so very proud…and terrified for her older brother now.

Brigham looks up from his plate with cheeks stuffed like a chipmunks and something fruity and pie like smeared across the majority of the lower half of his face. Ooo. A thing is happening. He stares.

Chiron slowly rises and smiles, his almost pale face finally returning to its normal color as he holds the boots, the banner, and the tabard in his hands and on his arms. He turns to face the people gathered around the table, unsure what to do next."

Jarek stands up and clasps the man's shoulders, "You've done well Chiron, glad to have you as part of the ranks of potential knighthood."

When you squire to the Bear, you get a Bear hug next. Agnes hugs Chiron tightly. "Welcome to the family. You shall do great things." Tears well in her eyes.

Once Chiron turns to face the group, Charlie jumps to her feet and starts clapping while various others congratulate him. She'll wait for her turn, there are others closer to him to go first.

Balius will notice his sister's reaction. He'll smile at her and speak softly. "That's our brother, the protector. He's doing the thing he knows how to do best. He couldn't be in better hands, and Haven is better off because of his service."

Viannea makes sure Brigham's face is wiped clean before he can hurry off to give Chiron his gift. And once he's demessified she claps and cheers for the newest squire in House Peake.

Zani watches the ceremony, leaning a bit forward and curious. She stays in her seat, letting those who want to give bear hugs and what have you get their congratulations in. For the moment, she's just eyes shining all impressed with the ceremony and Lady Sir Agnes. Never mind how nice Chiron cleans up. She does clap her hands as others start to, keeping an eye on Chiron. A glance over to Lorelei and Bey and Zani grins. "Oh you must be so proud," she says softly.

Brigham suffers the motherly attentions of his sister with a minimum (for him anyway) of squirming and complaining. Then he turns back to his food. Presents can wait until he's in a food coma. Or close enough. He picks up a leg of some bird nearly the length of his arm and starts trying to stuff its business end into his mouth.

Lorelei looks to Bey, "…I know." she doesn't sound as sure as her words, but she nods. She'll let go of Bey's hand and will clap with everyone else. She doesn't move forward, letting everyone else mob Chiron. She'll nod to Zani, "He's wanted this his whole life."

Aelewen joins in the applause for the newly squired Chiron, although not quite as enthusiastically as her daughter. She does get to her feet however and raise a glass his way in a salute to him, then to Agnes his knight.

Chiron makes a soft "Oof!" sound as Agnes wraps her arms around him, as he wasn't expecting it. The hug is not unwelcome however as he does what he can to hug back while still holding the items given to him by Agnes. He smiles at Jarek, "Thanks, this is a great honor.'

Balius will be confident but suddenly feels like he's starting to lose his family. Sir Chiron now…and Loree off to her poetry. And he, taking the internship at the Academ…how could things stay the same. His mood seems to drop, so he takes out his newfound feelings on a second slice of pie.

Tristan applauds as well, getting to his feet again, with a quiet smile. Looking between the others for a few moments, looking over at Lorelei and Balius, offering them a quiet nod now.

Agnes releases Chiron to hug Jarek, then moves to hug Aelewen and Charlie, making her way around the room for hugs.

Darious as rest give out gifts of this or that nature. He pulls out his guitar and begins to play a lively tune figuring it’s about time to gets some feet a-stompin'. Darious finds a nice spot to sit down as he gets comfortable before he starts up his playing

Charlie waits until Agnes reaches their table. She jumps up and wraps her arms around her aunt's waist, "I'm so happy for you!" And beams up at the woman, "Sir Jarek and a new squire! And they both seem so nice!"

Once the ceremony is completed and everyone else starts applauding, Taryn joins in. That done, he starts eating, all the while, fighting the urge to gobble it up like a starving man, especially once he tastes the quality of the feast that is on his plate. He swallows the mouthful of food and looks to Lorelei, "So what happens now? I've never seen a… " he pauses, "a squiring" he says unsure of the term, "before."

Zani takes a moment to say, "Hi Taryn. Nice to see you again." She smiles at the folks who are close, and then she glances over as Darious starts to play guitar. Her eyes widen. "Oh. If I'd known, I could have brought my keyboards." Ah well, she's off duty it seems. A slight shrug, and then a smile as she lets all those nobles congratulate Chiron, watching to see how it all goes down. Her gaze does keep going to the guitar player as her fingers drum on the table, as if tapping invisible keys.

"Don't forget to give Chiron your gift." Viannea kisses Brigham on a cheek that is full of food, not minding that he looks like a chipmunk right now. After that she rises and goes to give Chiron a handshake and those with him are greeted, Vi feeling more than comfortable to do so now that dinner and everything else has concluded. "I do hate to do this, but I should go. Thank you for letting me attend this most special occasion."

Balius will nod politely at Taryn, but doesn't bother to smile, beginning on his third piece of pie. He'd pledged to not have more than one drink before coming here, lest he be tempted to sing or dance. He was going to be proper and fine. And he certainly wasn't about to get emotional. Besides, it was good pie after all.

Chiron gives Agnes a smile after she releases him from her hug. His eyes show nothing but gratitude for the Knight. He makes his rounds, giving handshakes and hugs. He makes his way back to his table to begin finishing his pie when Darious begins playing his guitar. he looks up at Zani, who seems to be silently playing along and says, "Care for a dance? I'll warn you though, I'm not very good…"

Lorelei reaches over and gives Balius's arm another squeeze. She knows. Nodding back to Tristan, she'll turn to Taryn, "I really have no idea…It's not like I've seen this before." She'll give his a shrug, "Seems like there's gifts now." She'll look to his outfit, "I like your tunic."

Zani gets to her feet at Chiron's invitation, reaching a hand out in a friendly fashion. "Are we allowed to dance?" she asks, though certainly the guitar music is suggesting that to her fingers and toes. "I like dancing, almost as much as I like playing music. Though I won't promise I'm good at dancing, since I'm usually on the playing side, not the dancing side." That is returned with a mischievous look on her face. Chiron better watch out for his own feet!

Tristan keeps quiet as he listens for now, before he makes his way over towards Lorelei and Balius. "Hey…" he offers to the two of them, before he adds, "I guess you two are pretty proud of your brother now?"

Brigham hops up from his seat, having forgotten all about that in the face of food. He nods his head and then scampers over to pluck up the package he brought in with him. Slinging it over a shoulder he turns to head over to the new squire. Seeing the young man start to dance though, he alters his course to head for the musician, listening to the music and watching his fingers intently.

Balius will ignore protocols and lean into his sister briefly as thanks for the understanding. He looks at Tristan, forcing a smile. His face is full of pride and his words sincere. "It's who he is. I'm proud everyone else realizes it too, just like Loree said." The youngest Quellton will nod to his sister.
Taryn looks down at his tunic as he shoves a fork-full of food in his mouth. He glances at Lorelei with a 'perfect timing there' grin, followed by a 'now you have to wait for me to swallow' look. "Is it good enough? You said it was kind of formal." It looks new and like it cost a pretty penny to buy.

Jarek looks to Agnes with a smile, "Are you going to ignore your squire all night? Or dance with the man?" he moves to get something else to drink before coming back to his seat, appearing about to sit once more.

Darious continues to play for a while until someone replaces him so that he can relax his fingers. At which time he looks around to see who's stayed and who's left as he seems to look for something else to do while his fingers recover.

Aelewen looks down at her watch and frowns slightly. She leans over to Charlie "I need to get back, got some things to organize before I go on patrol tomorrow. You can stay if you want to" she says with a smile as she leans in to kiss her daughter's cheek gently.

Agnes chuckles merrily at Charlie's enthusiasm and kisses the girl's forehead in a motherly fashion. "I am happy to, dear. Very happy. Hostiles be damned, life is good and I'm going to survive this war to enjoy it." She smiles to Jarek. "The boy has prettier ladies to dance with. Will you dance with a weary old knight, milord?"

Lorelei grins to Bey, leaning back into him. Her smile stays as Tristan walks up, nodding to what Bey says, "Yeah. Although there's part go me wondering if he's just doing this to get out of Ranch chores." She's clearly teasing. Raising an eyebrow as Taryn shoves food into his mouth, she'll wait till he's done, "Yeah…it's really nice." She'll tilt her head, giving him grin and then a small laugh, "I guess you clean up ok."

Giving her mother a quick nod and a tight hug, Charlie releases her and beams once more at Agnes before heading over towards Lorelei and the others. "Yes, exactly!" She calls to her aunt. Once she's found Lorelei, Tristan, Taryn and the others she grins happily, "Loree, your dress is so pretty!"

Jarek doesn't sit down but rests his glass on the table, "I'd dance with you on the battle field, enemy swarmed around us Agnes." as he steps to her side and offers his hand. "Trod on my toes earns you compliments, falling earns kisses… same rules as always." with a slight teasing grin.

Chiron takes Zani's hand and leads her to the front of the room and scratches his head before moving his body. It's clear he's /never/ had a dancing lesson in his life, and looks a little ridiculous honestly. But, never the less, the man has gone through so much embarrassment today that a little dancing isn't going to do any more damage. He gives Zani a smile as he says, "Are you having fun?"

Brigham hears Jarek's words and groans aloud, "Save that talk for some place that's Brighamless!" he says, his face screwing up with distaste. Bah! Someone is making with the Feelz! This is why he doesn't do parties.

Darious having seen Lorelei and then the other he moves over that way and smiles to Lorelei and Charlie, before asking Charlie. "Would you care to day M'lady?" as he gives Charlie a bow while keeping eye contact with her and giving her his most charming of smiles.

"Well don't do that, please, Jarek. We have a war to win and last I checked, Hostiles do not die to dancing," Agnes quips with a happy smile as she moves to dance with him. FEAR the 8th grade shuffle! "Brigham, avert your eyes. I am going to kiss Lord Jarek."

<FS3> Zaniyah rolls Dancing: Good Success.

Aelewen heads over to touch Agnes's shoulder "If I may interupt Young Lord, and remind me to talk to you about trying to fool on old ranger" she says to Jarek with a crooked smile. With that she hugs Agnes again "Keep an eye on Charlie if you could" she murmers then with a nod to them both she offers Chiron a salute as he escpaes to the dance floor.

<FS3> Chiron rolls Dancing: Success.

Tristan smiles, nodding a bit as he listens to the two siblings. "If so, he picked the wrong way to go about that," he offers to Lorelei, before he looks to Charlie as she approaches. "Hey…" he offers a bit quietly now, with a smile as well, before he glances around the room again.

<FS3> Jarek rolls Dancing: Success.
<FS3> Agnes rolls Dancing: Success.

Zani laughs, relaxing as she listens to the music. She sings along with the song, assuming it's something she can recognize, and she's a decent dancer, despite her words to the contrary. "I am having fun," she decides, tossing her head a bit. "Good food, better company, pie - it's a wonderful party."

Lorelei laughs softly at Charlie, "Thank you, my lady! It was a gift from House Iah." She'll snicker at Tristan's remark, "Maybe. Or maybe he's just trying to get away from Ma's picking?" She'll look to Bey."

"Call on me to talk anytime Aelewen, always learn something when it happens." Jarek looks to Agnes with a smile and certainly they kiss, and not the soft unimpressive sorts of kiss either… no, Jarek totally plants one on her. Of course, this doesn't interrupt their 8th grade shuffling… like they do every time.

Balius will force a smile at his sister. He's doing a good job pretending and will give a chuckle. "We both know that it's a miracle he ever left that woman's cooking behind for more than a day!" The tease is sincere, but his laughs are brief, his smirks short-lived.

Agnes blushes and laughs brightly when the kiss ends. She finishes the dance. "I think my new Squire needs to open his presents," she declares.

Darious smiles as it seems Charlie was too excited or distracted, to answer his question so the gives another bow and heads for a chair to sit down upon.

Taryn smirks slightly, "Gee thanks…" He quiets down when people come over and starts talking to Lorelei and Balius.

Chiron smiles again at Zani, "Good, I'm glad. I was worried you wouldn't have fun or feel awkward being here or something… But I'm glad you came." He says, somehow getting in sync with the moves that Zani makes. He looks over at Agnes and says, "That sounds like an excellent plan." He turns back to Zani, "Care to join me?" He says as he extends his hand, offering it to take hers.

"It’s lovely! The sleeves are so fantastic!" Charlie grins at Lorelei, and starts to ask a question (her curious gaze toward Balius might suggest she's about to ask for an introduction). But then Darious is there, asking for a dance! "Oh! Alright, just, ah… I'm not the best of dancers…" She smiles sheepishly.

Well that's got Zani in the center of reflected attention. "I'd love to," she says, reaching her hand out to take Chiron's offered escort. "Though fair warning, I haven't got a clue what I'm doing, other than standing around waiting for the other foot to drop."

Tristan remains quiet as he looks between the others, stepping back a little bit now, so he can just observe the happenings now. Moving over to the wall for a few moments now, since walls are always good things.

Lorelei smirks at Vey, but won't argue. Chiron is kinda addicted to Ma's cooking. She'll laugh at Taryn, "You look very nice." She'll reach over and tug on the tunic shoulder, "Where'd it come from?" She's grinning though, a bit teasingly. She'll look over to watch her brother and his gifts.

Darious escorts Charlie onto the dance floor, smiling at her statement. "That’s quite alright, I’m probably a bit rusty myself." he says charmingly. "I am pleased to get such a lovely lady onto the floor, just hope I don’t embarrass you with my rusty skills."

Taryn swallows slightly and glances down slightly. "I bought it for tonight…" He glances at Sir Agnes, then over at Lorelei, "I didn't know I was supposed to bring a gift."

Agnes chuckles and pats Taryn's shoulder. "Gifts are not required. The true gift is the company of family and friends, Mister Wystrel."

Chiron leads Zani to the back of the room with all of the presents. He smiles at her, then looks over to Agnes and Jarek. Turning back to Zani, he says, grinning, "Which one should I open first?"

Brigham walks over, the long package still wrapped and slung across his shoulder, "Finished this today." he says as he walks over and with a shrug deftly spins whatever the package is up over his head so that it THUDs on the table in front of Chiron, hard enough to send the plates and cups for a few place settings into a single hop. "Don't die." he offers inspirationally, "And there's a panic button at the bottom I installed for you and synced to Auntie. Press it and Auntie's HUD will light up with a red message asking her to come save you from whatever." he offers helpfully and with no regard to the man's pride. Once the string is untied and the butcher's paper has fallen away a warhammer is revealed. Its long metal shaft makes it a weapons obviously designed to be used from horse back. The coppery tint of shaft almost mimics wood, but shines too much to pull it off, and there are steel straps wrapped around at intervals, designed to make it harder for the weapon to fly from the wielder's grip. There's a half ball on the end, a cap of black iron, and the head of the weapon itself is square on one end and thick, spiked at the edges slightly. The back end is a faintly curved spike with a tapering squared designed meant to punch through armor. There is a knot like pattern carved into it, and the Peake house Mark, that of the Mountain, stamped where the shaft meets the head. It's beautiful, in a way that most Peake things are beautiful, without graceful whirls or frou-frou. Its beauty lies in its obvious usefulness and simplicity. One the other side of the hammer is a single word, stamped in heavy solid straight backed letters. STEADY. "I think I made it to your height, but I wasn't sure. And /everyone/ gets a silly sword from somewhere. So I thought… eh… Anyway. Welcome and stuff." he looks nervous now, "Is that pie?" and he quickly moves away towards the pie, removing himself from the scene.

Lorelei cheeks turn touch pink, but she'll smile brighter, "It look wonderful, Taryn." She'll lean in and quietly say, "I didn't know either." Loree turns, her eyes wide at the huge hammer presented to her brother. She'll swallow nervously, looking at the weapon.
Chiron has partially disconnected.

When it's her turn, Zani passes over the envelope she brought. She's a little uneasy now, since her little gift doesn't match up necessarily with the other things that Chiron has been getting. Like that war hammer. Inside a card that says Congratulations! May you always gain your heart's desire." The gift though is perhaps not very knightly, or squirely, though it might be squirrelly. It's a backstage pass for the next HIIK concert. "We're in studio still, finishing up our new album," Zani says. "But I thought maybe you'd like to join us backstage, when we get back on the road."

Jarek eyes the hammer, but smiles at it. "Chiron, every knight must earn his spurs, his shield, and his sword… or in your case hammer. But no knight would be a knight without this." he offers over the package. Small, simple and unadorned. When opened it will reveal a flask with the House Peake crest on it. Sleek black with gold embellish.

As he sees the presents being opened, he steps over towards the others now, steps a bit slow as he does. And while doing so, Tristan holds a present in his hand, although he waits for the moment, letting other hand over their presents first.

Agnes looks touched at the gifts, and she smiles at the weapon, tears welling in her eyes at the thought Brigham put into it, then laughing aloud over the panic button. She kisses Jarek's cheek at his additional kind gift as well.

"Oh!" Charlie pauses, "Five seconds!" She steps away to the gift table, grabbing her package and handing it to Lorelei. "Will you give this to him when there's a chance, please?" She smiles apologetically, though her eyes only flash at Lorelei. The hammer takes most of her attention. But she manages to make it back to Darious without falling into him. "Sorry, I just wanted to make sure he got it." Her present, which is not likely to explode, is small, and will reveal itself to hold a set of tools with instructions. They're tools to keep Chiron's new armor clean and repaired, and those requiring power use only the heat of his hands to work.

Darious bows as Charlie excuses herself to make sure Chiron gets his gift and smiles when she returns. "Tis quite alright my lady. " as he hold her hand in his as his other is placed at the small of her back and gently takes her around the dance floor. "Tis been a long time since I've done this and Im pleased that I've yet to step on thy lovely toes."

Chiron just looks at the hammer, a little shocked. "I uh… wow. Thank you, Lord Brigham. I don't know what to say…" He takes the hammer in both hands, feeing its weight. "I'll have to learn how to use it… and give it a name." He smiles, offering the hammer to Agnes to hold. Next he opens the card, and smiles at the backstage pass. "Oh, Zani… you didn't need to do that!" He says excitedly. "When's the next concert?" He bounces a little as he says it, apparently picking up some mannerisms from his sister. He takes the flask from Jarek next, smiling. "Thank you, Young Lord Sir Jarek. I'll put this to good use." He looks over to Aidan and reaches out for his present, giving him a smile as well.

<FS3> Charlie rolls Dancing: Failure.
<FS3> Darious rolls Dancing: Failure.

Lorelei fumbles with the gift thrust at her and she'll sigh, excusing herself to stand and walk over to hand the gift to Chiron, "This is from Lady Charlie." She'll force a smile, handing him the gift.

Charlie smiles happily, finally able to tear her attention away from the hammer and focus on Darious. She blushes from the compliments, shaking her head, "They're not lovely." A small giggle, "I rarely had time to wash them before we came, I'd been outside collecting fresh leaves this morning for Deet and lost track of the time. They're probably still dirty." She manages to dance alright at first, keeping her feet and remembering where her hands go. But then she has to look at the hammer again. "I wond-oh!" And that's when her feet get tangled, possibly in her dress she won't remember after, and she stumbles against Darious.

Darious is smiling at Charlie and is in mid move when she seems to have lost her balance and falls into him, throwing him off balance as he instinctively wraps Charlie up in his arm as he falls and makes sure to protect the young lady from injury by taking the brunt of the impact. He manages to keep her safe and her dignity for the most part intact. "you okay.. " is the first thing that comes to his mind as he looks to Charlie and smiles softly.

Tristan moves over as well now, handing over his present a little bit after Lorelei hands over the one from Charlie. "I'm not that good at coming up with gifts," he admits, as he offers a brief grin to Chiron. "But I hope this is fitting." The present, when opened, is a knife, of the kind that people use in the woods. The hilt of the knife has been made to look like a horse's head, and on the blade, there's engraved the letters C and Q.

Brigham, having done what he came to do, and as an added pair of bonuses had pie /and/ got to watch dancing people fall over themselves… It's time for him to bail. Past time. People are getting roudy, there will likely be drinking, and none of that is interesting to him in the least. He uses the cover of the falling couple and the gift giving to make a hasty exit… … …plus he has this nagging feeling he left something in the forge…

Agnes looks to Jarek with a small smile. "Maybe it's time for the crotchety old Knights to leave the young kids to the rest of their evening?" she offers him. She goes around the room, goodnighting all, hugs Chiron and Charlie, kisses Brigham's forehead, and heads out.

Chiron looks at the blade, smiling, "This is more than fitting, Lord Sir Tristan. Thank you." He examines the blade before putting it by his side, and takes Charlie's present from Lorelei before looking over to see Charlie and Darious collapse on each other. Chiron turns to Zani and gives her a worried look. "Glad that didn't happen to us…" Chiron also hugs Agnes as she leaves.

"Oof!" Charlie and Darious go down! But at least she doesn't hurt the poor man! Giggling, she works to disentangle her feet from her dress and herself from the poor knight. "I'm fine." She laughs, "I /told/ you I wasn't a good dancer!" Once on her feet again she offers him a hand, turns to hug Agnes goodbye and waves. "Night, Auntie! Thanks for the party!"

Jarek nods to Agnes, "Granted we'd need to find some crotchety old knights, ‘cause I'm looking at beauty right now." he bows to the rest and then takes, without offering or asking, Agnes' hand in his. He'll go with her where ever.

Darious stands up and is still laughing a pleasant tone as he grins. "Well I did mention I too was a bit rusty. I am just happy that you weren't hurt." as he takes up Charlie’s hand and if allowed kisses the knuckles.

Zani chuckles at Chiron, and then she says, "Well, that's the problem, I'm not exactly sure when the next concert will be. But - that will get you in to whichever of the next ones you can make." She glances over at Charlie and Darious, just making sure nobody needs first aid, and then she grins at Chiron. "Adds a bit of excitement I suppose, but I'm just as happy to not have fallen, I'll admit."

Lorelei looks over to the fallen couple, but since there doesn't seem to be any injuries, she'll leave them be. She'll quietly make her way back over to Bey and Taryn. She'll each for her piece of pie, not having touched it yet.

Balius will quickly jab his fork at the pie, brooding at the table now. He'd forgotten a gift. Of course there'd be gifts. Not particularly interested in the dancing, he'll still be at the table, seeming to at least have averted the worst of his moping.

Tristan looks a bit relieved as he hears Chiron's words. "Use it well, my friend," he offers after a few moments of pause. Looking around, he pauses as he sees the ones falling over while dancing. "That's why I don't dance…" he offers a bit quietly, before he takes a few steps over to see if the two are doing okay.

Chiron grins at Zani, "I will do my best to make as many as I can!" He says as he opens Charlie's gift.

Taryn winces at the pair collides then crashes. He then looks between the siblings and their less than festive moods. He looks at Lorelei and Balius, "Okay… so what's with the long faces? I thought this was supposed to be a happy occasion."

Charlie laughs. Her eyes go a little wide (and her cheeks a little pink) at the hand-kissing, but she doesn't pull away. She does, however, step to the edge of the dance floor. "Are you hurt?"

Darious shakes his head, "If anything, my pride for not being a better dancer, but other than that, I’m well. I’m just happy to see you aren't injured." As he's still lightly holding onto Charlie’s hand as she steps towards the edge of the dance floor and joins her.

Charlie shakes her head, and once the pair are off the dance floor looks around. "Oh!" Pointing to Chiron, she exclaims, "That's from me!" And without further ado she runs over toward her new friend. Aparently pulling Darious with her.

Zani laughs softly. "You may be sick of us after one, but at least you will see what really happens." She steps back out of the way for the gift giving and opening, though she doesn't go too far, watching to see what else Chiron gets curiously. And keeping him company. Though she does look over at Lorelei, Bey and company after a moment, curiously. What's going on over there? And then there's the incoming Charlie who hopefully won't be football tackling someone on her way.

Chiron smiles at Charlie's gift, testing it out. He watches Charlie barrel though to him and he laughs. "Thank you, Lady Charlie, this is quite a thoughtful gift, and will make cleaning Sir Agnes or my armor /much/ easier." He looks around to make sure there are no more gifts, then looks to his siblings and frowns, knowing why at least /one/ is upset.

Lorelei looks up from her pie at Taryn and will force a smile, "It is a happy day….it's just a lot to take in." She'll reach and touch his forearm, almost like she's trying to ground herself, before turning to Bey, "Hey…this really doesn't change anything. Chiron was going to go fight, not matter what. He'll be safer with this training." Is she trying to convince Bey or herself? "And I'm going to be putting my 2 weeks. I'll be able to help at the ranch, so there will be no stress on your schooling. It's all going to work out fine." She moves her hand from Taryn's arm to Bey's.

Charlie beams at Chiron, "You really like it? Oh, good!" Her smile is turned to Zaniyah as well, and she is able only for a moment to resist before greeting the woman, "Hello! You're Zany Zani, aren't you? I love your music. Are you Chiron's date?"

Darious stands beside Charlie and as of yet is still holding her lovely hand until she decides to break contact.

Zani watches the incoming freight train, her amusement showing at the excited new arrival. "Yes, I'm Zani," she says, with a smile. "And thank you. It's always nice to meet a fan." She glances over at Chiron for a moment, and then back to Charlie, nodding her head. "Yes, I am Chiron's date for this evening. And you're Lady Charlie I hear. A pleasure to meet you. And Lord Sir Darious, I think? You play guitar very well."

Balius will stand up, exasperated at the announcement from his sister. Confusion and frustration flash on his face as it contorts briefly. He knows he's not mad at his sister, she's just trying to help. "Loree, I wish you wouldn't…" He takes a deep breath and addresses Taryn. "I'm very excited for my brother. I was just reminiscing on things in the past." He'll turn and go to look for a drink somewhere.

Tristan goes back to listening now, staying a little to the back as he does. Not speaking much at the moment, it would seem.

Taryn looks between the two siblings. He frowns slightly as they both seem to be both happy and unhappy at the same time. Maybe that's just how siblings act. He pats Lorelei's hand, before she moves it. Then as Balius heads off in his search for libations, he looks to Lorelei, "He doesn't really deal well with change, does he?"

Chiron frowns as Lorelei talks about quitting her job, but doesn't touch the subject. As Charlie begins to ask Zani questions he grins as well as turn a little red. He stands up and puts all of his gifts on the table, and he scratches his head, unsure what should be done about the food and other party things.

Lorelei shrinks slightly at Bey's dismay. Her eyes going down, "No….no he doesn't. He'd prefer we all just stay on the ranch." And then she'll frown, "At least, I guess him and Chiron…" Apparently her staying not the ranch isn't good enough? She'll sigh, looking over at Taryn, "Sorry. Guess I make for a lousy date, huh?" Her eyes are watching him though, trying to pick up on something.

"Doesn't he?" Charlie beams at Zani, then smiles at Darious. "And we had a very good adventure on the dance floor, too. Did you see? He totally kept us from hurting everyone else on the floor." She nods soberly, then brightens again and turns to Chiron, "Can I see the hammer, please?

After pacing a bit and finding ale of some sort, Bey will have calmed down and made it back to the table. With an apologetic look on his face, Balius will sit down in silence, pondering the entire situation. He seems to have relaxed slightly, any trace of frustration having faded for the moment, probably filed away for later discussion.

Darious smiles and nods. "Thank you.. I just dabble but on occasion I seem to do ok.." As he tells Zani with a warm smile.

Zani notices Chiron blushing but manages to take a moment to smile at Darious. "Next time, let me know," she says, "I'll bring my keyboard and play along with you." That said, she nods to Charlie. "If you will both excuse me, I should take my leave though. I've got to get back to the studio or we'll never get to that next concert." She pauses to lean closer to Chiron and whisper something, before she pulls back to say, "Thank you for inviting me, Squire Chiron. It was an honour. You should be very proud of yourself." She takes a moment to wave over at the table where Lorelei, Taryn and Balius are at, and then slips out.

Whatever Zani whispered to him turns him redder then a tomato. He stands up to face Zani and says, "I.. uh… Yeah, I'll /absolutely/ make the next show. And uh… if you find some free time before then, let me know. Maybe we can get dinner or something? Perhaps see the sights of Arboren… or somewhere else if you prefer." He scratches the back of his head as she leaves. When she's gone he realizes /just/ how red he is and he moves back to his table to his hardly-touched pie. Maybe nobody will notice him.

"Thanks for coming!" Charlie calls after Zani, "I hope we can talk again!" She grins at Chiron once the musician is gone, "She's so nice! I'm so glad you got to bring her." Then she beams at Darious, "Isn't it wonderful? Chiron and Zany Zany, Auntie and Sir Jarek." She sighs happily, her eyes following Chiron to the pie. "Ooh! There's still pie!"

Tristan blinks a bit from where he's standing, as he sees Chiron go that red. "Red isn't one of the Peake colors, is it?" he remarks to the man, a bit thoughtfully. Shaking his head as he makes his way back to the table as well, looking for his glass there now.

Balius will finish his ale and stand. He'll give his sister a brief hug and say softly. "I love ya sis.”

Darious chuckles softly as Charlie mentions all the pairings and ends up on pie.. "Yes it was nice meeting her, it’s an honor to have her praise my clumsy attempts at performing."

Balius will finish his ale and stand. He'll give his sister a brief hug and say softly. "I love ya sis, just want us all to pursue our dreams at the same time" and he'll nod at Chiron before leaving.

Lorelei blinks and will hug Bey back. She'll softly tell him, "I know. It's ok. I am."

Charlie moves over to the pie, releasing Darious' hand to get herself a second slice. "You were fine, silly. Pie?"

Darious smiels as he moves over to claim his pie from Charlie. "Sure, never have been one to turn down a good pie." As he smiles sweetly to Charlie as he takes his first bite.

Chiron glares playfully at Tristan "No. No it's not." He begins to eat his pie that he's not been able to touch till now. He gives his sister an apologetic look, but doesn’t say anything to her.

"Thought so," Tristan replies, as he looks a bit unsure of what to say again now, before he finally adds, "So, it was a good evening, then?"

Lorelei watches her younger brother go, before turning back to her own pie. She's mostly just mashed it with her fork at this point. Taryn seems to have fallen into a food coma, so she looks up to give everyone else at the table a small smile.

Darious continues to eat his pie and can’t help but glance over as the lovely Charlie and then back to his pie, but soon he looks to Chiron and smiles. "Chiron as it was a bit short notice for the invite I wasn't able to get your gift ready as of yet but soon I'll present it to you. " he tells the new Squire.

Chiron nods, his face beginning to return to its natural color. "Yeah, I'd say it was a good evening. It was a lot of fun…" He says, finishing up his pie. "Thank you again for coming, I know that large gatherings like this aren't your thing, so that means more to me then you could know. At least the lights didn't go out, eh?" He laughs, turning over to Darious. "No need to worry about it, Lord Darious. Your last name is Arboren, correct?"

Tristan smiles a little as he hears that. "Yes, at least they didn't go out. If so, I'd start suspecting Young Lord Saimhann being a bad influence on lights." A brief pause, before he adds, "But I meant every word I said earlier. You and your siblings are some of the best friends I could ever ask for, so I had to come, to repay a bit of that."

Lorelei looks at them all, nodding to herself as she realizes something and then takes a deep breath. She'll give Tristan an honest smile, "And you are ours. And we appreciate you being here, it does mean a lot, to all of us."

Darious finish's his pie and nods, to Chiron. "Last time I checked I was." He gives a warm smile. "And it’s no worry at all, a new squire needs a prize and I'm going to make sure it’s a grand one," he says honestly. "You and your sister both have been most kind to me, and it's only right I return some measure of that kindness back to you."

Chiron smiles again at Tristan, "Thank you, Tristan. That means a lot, to me and my siblings." He says, turning to Darious, his smile vanishing. "I don't know if you know this, and I don't mean to just presume to know what your intentions were, but uh…" He pauses a moment before continuing. "Lady Charlie is your cousin."

Tristan nods a bit as he hears the words from both Lorelei and Chiron, before he offers them both a smile now. "You'll be a fine squire, and then a fine knight, Chiron. I know that."

Lorelei exhales softly and will reach for her water to take sip. She's starting to get a head ache, again. A hand goes up to rub her temple softly and she'll try to pay attention to the conversation around her.

Darious looks to Chiron and smiles still, "My intentions sir, was to show the lady a good time and that is all." He doesn't seem upset at all about the question. "More so due to the fact she is family. I've yet to find someone worth chasing, nor as it come to my knowledge of anyone wishing to chase me. So it’s my duty to be polite and respectful to anyone I'm with noble, or not." He looks to Lorelei and asks, "Are you ok Lorelei?" a touch of concern etching his voice.

Chiron nods to Darious, smiling, "That is very honorable of you, Lord Darious." He smiles, sighing a little as he watches his sister rub her head yet again. Lastly he turns back to Tristan. "I do the best I can, and I guess that's all anybody can ask for."

Tristan smiles a little as he listens now. "That's all anybody can ask for yes." Going silent again now, looking between the others.

Lorelei blinks, looking up at Darious, "Yeah…it's just been a long day." She'll give him a small smile, "I probably shouldn't have worked on Thunder today. Training horses takes a lot out of a person." She'll look between the remaining guests, "I think I may retire for the night. Early morning chores."

Darious nods his head and smiles, "Well please rest well and I am thankful for being allowed to attend." He faces Chiron, stepping up and clapping him on the shoulder. "Your gift will be worthy of you good sir and I know you'll put it to good use. " he nods to Tristan and smiles. "Though I too should be heading back as I have a bit of work myself to accomplish."

Chiron smiles to Darious, "Just know, you don't /need/ to give me a gift. However, I won't say no…" He says, smiling. "Thank you for coming, My Lord. I much appreciate you coming to celebrate with me." He looks at Lorelei, and frowns sympathetically. "Did you want me to walk you home, Sparrow?"

"I think I should be calling it an evening as well," Tristan replies, after a few moments now. Looking between the others for a few moments. "Was quite nice."

Lorelei looks to her brother and then stands up, "No…I can make it on my own. You should stay till everyone's left." Good etiquette? OR is she still mad at him? She'll turn and bow to the two nobles, "Lord Tristan, Lord Darious. Thank you for coming. Hopefully we'll run into each other again soon." She'll smile at both and then make her way out. Without saying goodnight to her brother. Good chance she's mad.

Darious gives a slight wince as he catches the reaction of Lorelei and cocks his head. "Well thank you Chiron and I will see you later." As he turns to leave as well. Collecting his Guitar and if allowed escort Lorelei a bit of the way before she dismisses him.

Chiron just sighs as his sister leaves. Yeah, she's still upset, but that's to be expected. He scratches his head and says, "Well… I gotta get all these things back home now…" He smirks slightly as he contemplates pushing the "help me!" Button. He turns again to the remaining two guests. "Thank you all for coming, and I'm sure we'll talk later."

Tristan blinks a bit as he looks between the departing Lorelei and Chiron, but doesn't say anything now. Offering a bit of a smile to Chiron, he grins, "We'll talk. See you later." And then he heads out as well.

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