11.01.3013: Splitting Hairs
Summary: Devon comes to Mare Maris to advise Reena on changing her hair color. The talk marriage, babies, and work.
Date: 01 October 2013
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Reena's Apartments — Fathom Keep, New Atlantis
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01 November 3013

Reena has spent several weeks on Mare Maris, taking turns with the other members of Kadmus' family, sitting in his hospital room. She's read aloud to him, quietly sat embroidering, and handled all of her work on the Notice Project from the guest room she was given to stay in. She needs something to brighten her day up, so she's asked Devon if she could come by and help her change her hair color, since her newlywed cousin seems to do it often for herself. She's in her room, wearing a simple dressing gown in pale blue, and looking out the windows at the fish swimming by.

Devon has been keeping to her married life duties in House Khournas, only visiting Mare Maris when she can no longer excuse herself from her brother's hospital bed. Her mother has been impossible to deal with on a daily basis, her eldest daughter perhaps unable to cope with the guilt. When Reena requested she come by, she managed to align her duties neatly enough to give her a few hours away from Imperius. Now, she arrives to her cousin-in-law's chambers, buzzing the door.

"Enter!" Reena calls, triggering the door lock to disengage by voice command. She turns to smile as Devon enters. "How is the newlywed life treating you, cousin?" she asks with a small, tired smile. She moves over to give the tiny woman a hug. "Victor really seems happy underneath his usually gruffness."

Devon steps gracefully into Reena's chambers with a flutter of her own sea-colored dress. Her pale green hair is drawn up into a french braid and twisted bun with wisps of forelocks against her forehead. She smiles lightly toward the woman, stepping up to embrace her cousin gently. "It is… well enough. I've already annoyed Jevon… I think that means I'm part of the family." She offers the woman's forearm a gentle squeeze. "I won't tell him you suspect he is happy… he will have to reject the idea."

That gets a chuckle from Reena. "If Vic gets cranky, give him a cigar. Always makes him happy. As for Father, it's not hard to annoy him. I would think it was a pod person if Jevon wasn't annoyed at something," she notes. She reaches for a lock of the green hair. "You wear all colors well, but I'm thinking of going something a bit…Volen-ish. Blonder."

Devon has the poise not to wrinkle her nose at the idea of handing Victor a cigar. It is a habit that the Ash Witch is dedicating to either ignoring or breaking. She does offer a bit of a smile at the words about Jevon, and she bobs her head gently. Then she laughs at the words of going Volen-ish. She quirks her brows a bit. "Is that so?" She asks, the question laced with a touch of laughter.

"Do you think I can make lighter hair work?" Reena asks curiously. "I'm hoping it will help me blend into the family a little better. Right now I stick out like a sore brunette thumb," she says with a chuckle.

Devon tilts her head to offer the woman a gentle smile. "You shouldn't change your hair color because you wish to blend in," she says lightly as she steps up to take a seat near that ocean-filled window. "Now, if it is something you wish to do because you want a change, that is different."

"If I'm being honest, I need a change. I need, something, or I'm going to go stir crazy waiting for your brother to wake up," Reena says quietly, her careful expression fading to something less happy and more weary.

Devon frowns. "You do know that you are not at all expected to maintain a constant vigiliance at Kadmus's bedside, Reena… no one would dare say a word if you decided to spend more time in the Crescent." The newlywed Khourni offers the woman a gentler smile. "I could even argue that it isn't very Volen to do so. Mother gets away with it because she's Peake."

"Your family might not say anything, or mine, but the press would be all over it. Nitrim has them lapping up anything negative about our family, and I don't want to add to it," Reena admits. She lets out a small breath. "Truth be told, I'm hoping my being attentive in this might warm your brother up to me some. I'm at a loss really, to figure out how to otherwise."

"Perhaps so," Devon says after a moment. "I don't know what warms my brother up to anyone or anything. I'm expressing my concern for your own santity and happiness." She offers a bit of a smile toward her before she breathes out a small exhale. "About your hair," she says, offering a segue.

Reena waves a hand dismissively. "I'm fine, Devon. I've been getting a lot of work done without my family distracting me with drinks and cigars and bar fights," she quips with a small smile. "Really though, it's not a hardship. New Atlantis is beautiful and I'm getting to explore it some, and get a feel for the Volen people." She heads over to the dining table where she has a bunch of hair coloring product set out. "This is the stuff I bought, I trust your taste in the shade of blonde." She plops down into a chair.

"If you say so," Devon says, though she honestly sounds unconvinced. Then she offers a bit of a smile in mutual understanding before she sweeps up to her feet once more. She steps up to the table to look over the colors, and she tilts her head a bit. "Since you are not going for my more… unusual pallette, you'll need to do some highlights to help make it look natural." She glances toward Reena. "I highly recommend a professional. Whitening and temporary dye… well… it is meant to look unnatural."

"Oh," Reena says, looking a little disappointed. "I'm sure there are lots of fine hairdressers here?" she asks. She pushes he boxes of product around a bit, chewing on her lower lip. It was a ploy to spend time with her new cousin and future sister, and to see a friendly face on Mare Maris. "I'll make an appointment then."

Devon notes the disappointment, and a bit of pink touches her cheeks. "You wouldn't want me to try to color your hair," the Ash Witch says bashfully. "I would probably end up coloring your hair green." She tugs at her own green forelock meaningfully before she tilts her head a bit. "Doesn't mean that our time has to be cut short."

Reena looks relieved that Devon isn't going to hurry off. "Oh, good, I'm glad. I've been getting a lot of work done, but it's been a bit lonely too," she finally admits. "Want some tea?"

"Tea would be great," Devon says lightly as she relaxes into her chair once more. There is a long lapse of silence as she considers the woman's rooms. "How is the Notice Project going?" She asks conversationally.

"Very busy. We're having our first official work day soon." Reena gets up and moves to the kitchen, setting a teapot on the stove and preparing the cups and tea leaves in the balls she has for that purpose. "We're going to start repairs on the existing air, water, and climate control systems in the Black Sector, and break ground for the community garden." She glances over her shoulder with a lopsided smile. "How are things in the Blackspyre?"

Devon nods dutifully at her cousin's words, hands gently laced together in her lap. "At least you are keeping yourself busy," she says with a gentle quirk of a smile. She watches her move about the guest room with those pale, glass-colored eyes. Then she shrugs a bit. "It is… well… the Blackspyre. My most exciting moment was working the kitchen inventories," she says with a bit of a chuckle.

Reena chuckles. "Better you than Beth. She would probably decide fancy food was overrated and everyone in the place needed to live on whiskey and burgers going forward." She does know her sister. The teapot whistles and she fills the cups, adding the bobbing little tea infusers to them and carrying them back to the table. "Is Father going to make you Castellan? I think it would take a lot of stress off Beth."

Devon laughs. "Well… perhaps… for now, I merely assist your father where I can…" There is a momentary pause, almost sheepish pink coloring her cheeks. "It will probably be something I can focus on more when I'm carrying the first of Victor's spawn." She smirks a bit.

"Working on that already?" Reena asks with a grin. "I look forward to being an aunt again. I did a lot of Mikky's etiquette training while Beth was out with the Drakes, whacking things," she notes. "I'd love a little niece."

"It was something we had discussed before the wedding," Devon offers with a bit of a smile. "I'm not a soldier these days… there is nothing stopping us from having our first child." She braces her chin on her palm, watching the Khourni woman. "Perhaps a girl, perhaps a boy… I don't mind either." She pauses. "Victor doesn't fancy himself a father, though."

"He might say that, but it's just his insecurity talking," Reena says, quietly, as if afraid her cousin may somehow hear her all the way on a moon. "His father, Carron, was a bit," she looks for a polite word and can't really find one, "of an ass. He drove his children hard into knighthood and he was a mean old bastard. He's afraid of becoming his father. If you show him he is his own man, he'll get over it."

"Victor has said as much," Devon says in reply to the words about Carron. She frowns. "I suppose if anything… Victor and I are united by our rather alienating fathers." The Ash Witch offers a vague smile before she nods her head a bit. "I intend to show him that he is good father."

"Good. I just want him to be happy. He's my best friend, always has looked out for me, and I feel like I'm deserting him sometimes." She sips her tea and smiles, letting the conversation turn to more mundane things.

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